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October 27, 2016, 10:01:22 AM

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Author Topic: Beast in an NWoD/Chronicles of Darkness game  (Read 265 times)

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Offline eternaldarknessTopic starter

Beast in an NWoD/Chronicles of Darkness game
« on: April 29, 2016, 08:09:13 PM »
I just got my copy of Beast: The Primordial and after reading the book cover to cover a few times, i'm dying to give one od the Children a shot in a game. I'm perfectly happy joining an existing game as the sole Beast among other supernaturals or mortals, or even playing in Beast-only game or beast/mortal, although I am most interested in playing a Beast alongside Changelings or Mortals. I think the idea of the Lost finding a creature that can actually protect them from and contest the Gentry on even terms or a mortal in need of protecting from something very bad (Whether the mortal knows it or not) sounds like the makings of a great story, with all the difficulties that come with a creature of primordial terror trying to be a specific person's personal monster while also feeding his Hunger and avoiding would-be Heroes.

I'm open to either a solo tale, a larger group game, or a small 2-person (and a GM) game. As always, love stories get me every time, so any romance elements will get my attention instantly. Any interested GM's and other players should reply here or PM me.

Sample character i'd like to play:
Steven Walker

Background: The child of a successful lawyer and an actress, Steven Walker was born with all the advantages in the world, and would have grown up to live a normal, happy life if he hadn't witnessed his parents being savagely murdered in their own home at the age of just ten years old while he hid in a closet, helpless to do anything about it. That event left Steven an orphan and destroyed his sense of safety, and it took him much of his lonely childhood to regain it, only to have it shattered when he himself was the victim of a near-fatal shooting while he was returning home from a movie late one night, left bleeding on the ground and once again helpless to do anything. Steven survived, but in the haze of a coma he found his way to the primordial dream and his Horror, finding to his surprise that he no longer feared the dark or the unknown, and the deal was struck - steven awakened again as one of the Children, and began his crusade to make the cruel and wicked who would prey on innocent people have reason to fear.

Thus far steven has only intervened in small ways, leaving his comfortable apartment to patrol a crime-ridden urban neighborhood at night and leaving muggers, rapists, and monsters beaten to a pulp (but still alive, because the dead can't tell stories about the monster that strikes from the dark) in his wake, but he watches the news and knows that there are worse things out there. He won't stand for it - the predators of the night need to be taught to fear the dark, and he is just the one to teach that lesson, though the people who foolishly walk the streets alone must also come to fear the dark, and thus they must fear him as well - for their own safety.

Concept:  Trust fund kid turned vigilante
Family: Eshmaki
Hunger: Hunger for Power
Legend: Vicious
Life: Loyal

Aspirations: 1. Protect the innocent
2. Learn the weaknesses of all supernatural beings
3. Control my city with fear

The Horror: A man-sized, formless shadowy creature with eyes that glow crimson in the dark

Intelligence 2
Wits 3
Resolve 2

Strength 3
Dexterity 2
Stamina 3

Presence 3
Manipulation 2
Composure 1

Mental (secondary)
Academics 2
Computer 1
Investigation 2 (Crime Scenes)
Occult 1
Politics 1
Science 1

Physical (primary)
Athletics 2 (Long-distance running)
Brawl 3
Drive 1
Larceny 2
Stealth 3

Animal Ken
Intimidation 3 (Terror tactics)

Close Quarters Combat 2
Grappling 2
Parkour 2

Other Merits
Resources 2 (Trust fund investments)
Safe Place 1 (Loft Apartment)
Retainer 1 (GM Chooses)

Kinship: None

Lair: 1
Traits: Poor Light (Minor). Mirages (Major).
Layout: Heart - Burrow - Chamber

From the Shadows (Eshmaki)
Looming Presence (Anakim)

You Deserve This
You Must Obey

Willpower: 3
Size: 5
Health: 8
Speed: 10
Defense: 4
Initiative modifier: 3
Satiety: 5
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Offline eternaldarknessTopic starter

Re: Beast in an NWoD/Chronicles of Darkness game
« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2016, 01:24:27 AM »
Still looking! Surely there must be some group of characters out there who would love to have a friendly monster around :)

Offline Pumpkin Seeds

Re: Beast in an NWoD/Chronicles of Darkness game
« Reply #2 on: May 13, 2016, 01:25:10 AM »
Finally got a copy of this book.

Offline eternaldarknessTopic starter

Re: Beast in an NWoD/Chronicles of Darkness game
« Reply #3 on: May 13, 2016, 01:30:57 AM »
Finally got a copy of this book.

I am absolutely in love with this game. I've been playing a bit in a solo story as a Beast, but I think they really shine when they're dealing with other supernatural beings and non-beasts. The one i'm currently playing is the bodyguard/enforcer for a motley of changelings, but i'd like to try a Beast with other types of characters, too.

Offline eternaldarknessTopic starter

Re: Beast in an NWoD/Chronicles of Darkness game
« Reply #4 on: June 23, 2016, 12:11:39 PM »
Bumping this, as i'd still love to play it.