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June 18, 2018, 01:13:37 AM

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Author Topic: Dark Fantasy/Cyberpunk/Magical Realism plots (Literate Writers only)  (Read 865 times)

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Offline shengamiTopic starter

Hello all,

Shengami here coming back from my hiatus. I had a few days and chatted with a few old acquaintances and ended up getting hungry for a certain plot. I haven't found anyone who was up for playing these plot lines, so I thought I would throw them out here. I will try to explain the world setting as best as I can, but I want to say a few things about that first. This is an original world concept in skeletal form. There is some meat on the bones and I have a general idea of the timeline for certain large events occurring as well as certain plots occurring behind the scenes. That said, as always, my world building is always in a loose, skeletal form until I get living, breathing characters involved in them. Their creativity and the curveballs they throw my way allow me to add stories and history to the skeletons. That is part of what I am looking for. The other part is to tell really awesome stories set in a world that is itself a really awesome story. I think that is something that everyone on the site, more or less, can get behind. As such, I am looking for skilled, literate writers to help in this endeavor. I have two or three major events stories that I would like to play out and am looking for 2-3 people to do so. The stories will be separate threads that may intersect a bit in storytelling, but will otherwise be independent. PLease, read about the world and the available plots then get a hold on me in a PM if interested.

Ars Draconica: Magic was released to the general public on December 12, 2025 at 6 a.m. in the morning by Sonnen Group in a limited edition run. It was not rediscovered, it did not well up from mother Earth, and it did not mean dragons and fairies ruling the world. Ancient Native American rites were still just strange dances in the desert, ancient Chinese marital artists did not start running on water, and noone calls themself a wizard that doesn't still play roleplaying games in their mother's basement. Magic is a commodity like gold, oil, or diamonds only far more important. It was invented by a man named Rudolph Sonnen in 2020, patented, produced, packaged and shipped worldwide. That first year was a test release of a crude Spellcaster device, a dozen spells themed on that old holiday song, and the first Draconica.

Draconica, the crystals which act as magical fuel, are produced by a secret, patented method kept fanatically secret inside the privately owned, operated, and staffed Plants. When they first launched product, Sonnen had two plants operational and a third has been brought online since then. Already, mountains of research and technological development has poured into the area in the dozen years that have passed since that launch. Much of the central information is still jealously guarded by Sonnen and that is causing problems. Magic, Spellcasters, and Spell Apps are causing seismic shifts in the political, social, and economic landscapes of the world. Already, civil wars, unrest, and worse are cropping up all over the world. Governments are doing their best to maintain status quo, the U.N. is working overtime to keep the peace, and the more powerful nations are eyeing their neighbors like never before. Sonnen has remained infuriatingly aloof from these divides and sells as they wish while the world's courts struggle to adapt to and decide how to regulate this new resource. Everyone agrees that something has to change; no one knows what will eventually change.

Even though chaos is rampant, things had been seeming to be heading in the right direction recently... that was until a systemic series of birth mutations began to be recorded across the world which were linked directly to the presence of magic. Called mutations as first, the pejorative term "mongrelman" begins to be used to lump them together as the world struggles yet again to adapt to a ramification of magic in the world. Now, the world seems to be heading to a multiple crises in economic, socio-cultural. human rights, and political fields. What might happen?

That is the world; here are the plots:

Idea One: Corporate Espionage
Your Character: An Agent for some political or economic entity, an investigator for a news group or policing agency, or a mercenary
Plot: Your character gets swept up in the vast shadow wars going on between governments, Sonnen, and a few other actors as who gets what is slowly fought out. Without revealing too much, your character will be employed to or end up trying to learn some of the secrets of Draconica. They may or may not succeed, but the things that happen along the ways should make for an epic story.
Notes: This is geared more to be an action adventure or intrigue style game. Gender of your character is moot and adult themes won't be central.

Idea Two: Social Fallouts
Your Character: Could be almost anyone...
Plot: The social ramifications about in the world as people adapt, study, master, and change magic in the world. Additionally, "mongrel men" are a new and serious factor in societies around the world. This plot takes place in Geneva, Switzerland and explores some of the civil rights issues that are being raised as people research the phenomenon surrounding Draconica. I have a few important civil rights and research issues that will crop up as we progress.
Notes: This one might have some romance and or adult bits.

Idea Three: New Type of World
Your Character: A Spellslinger of some variety
Plot: Your character is one of the people who have embraced Draconica and Spellcasters and uses it to work in one field or another. We'd talk about what field you want to work in. This one is a bit customizable, so we'd discuss the character and then we'd figure some things out. This is a bit more sandbox style.
Notes: Anything could happen...

So, read, be intrigued, pick a plot, and contact me... or don't. It's up to you, but only one person per plot for now...