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Author Topic: Jesters Ideas for 2016  (Read 2211 times)

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Jesters Ideas for 2016
« on: April 28, 2016, 07:30:13 AM »
Please find below some of my current cravings. I hope to organist them better sometime.

Please let me know if you are interested in any of them.

My Husband the Rapist
I am looking for someone to play the wife of a Rapist. I am wanting to not just cover the sexual side of this relationship but also the emotional and everyday life as well.

I imagine the couple being a very normal and loving couple normally. Perhaps too loving. I would like to see the wife accept her husbands faults and maybe actively encourage it. I see her becoming his alibi and covering for him.

It would start in one of two ways:

1. He Rapes her and she refuses to tell anyone (she liked it).. She even begins to taunt him and dress in a way to encourage him. After a while she encourages him to rape other women and becomes his alibi. She then even helps him and begins to let other men rape her.
2. She finds out that her husband rapes someone and covers for him. She knows he does not stop and goes to watch and again covers for him. She even helps setup situations for him and gets excited watching and finally begs him to rape her too.....

This could not just be for husbands but could also be... friends, brother, or father. And he could also do more than just rape....

Get in touch if you like any of the ideas.

"An Innocent Affair?"
An innocent affair?

Is there such thing as an innocent affair? Two colleagues who often go on business trips realise they both have feelings for each other. Maybe they are both happily married or maybe just one of them is? Both of them do not want to risk a full blown affair. But is their such a thing as an innocent affair?

I am wanting to roleplay the innocent affair between the two of them. There will not be any sexual contact between the two but i do forsee lots of exhibitionism and suggestion...

1. I imagine the female being very willing to change her clothing and hairstyle to please him. How far will she go?
2. I imagine they flirt with others with a hope of making the other jealous.
3. Perhaps they silently watch the other but neither of them acknowledges it.
4. They share beds on business trips but do not touch each other. Perhaps they masturbate next to each other?
5. They man watches her with other men? Perhaps in a bar or club or even by the side of the bed? Alternatively we can him jerk off as she tells him about it?
6. Exposing each other in public places.
7. Buying naughty things for each other.
8. Maybe he convinces her to seduce his wife so that they can finally be justified?

Surely this is all ok if they do not actually touch?

Maybe we could add a twist to the game?

Victorian Tales
The Victorian era of British history (and that of the British Empire) was the period of Queen Victoria's reign from 20 June 1837 until her death, on 22 January 1901. It was a long period of peace, prosperity, refined sensibilities and national self-confidence for Britain.

Like every period in history the time was full of sordid tales......

1. Leaving the Convent.

A nun is a member of a religious community of women, typically one living under vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. The Convent has been her home for many years and is all she has known. But after being caught masturbating or performing a sexual favour on another nun she is forced to leave and never to return. But she is not allowed to leave wityh nowhere to go. The Mother Superior has arranged for her to serve a retired headteacher known for his passion for discpline and corporal punishment..

Where she once gave God her love and devotion she will now be expected to give her new master love and devotion. And if she will not give it willingly then it will be taken from her.

2. The Governess

Governesses are highly-educated individuals who fill the role of both teacher and academic mentor for the children. They structure an education for their pupils which usually offers greater breadth and a higher standard than a school education can.

Traditionally, governesses taught "The three Rs"[6] to young children. They also taught the "accomplishments" expected of middle class women to the young ladies under their care, such as French or another language, the piano or another musical instrument, and often painting (usually the more ladylike watercolours rather than oils) or poetry.

The governess occupied a uniquely awkward position in the Victorian household, because she was neither a servant nor yet a member of the host family. A governess had a middle-class background and education, yet was paid for her services. As a sign of this social limbo she frequently ate on her own, away from the rest of the family and servants. By definition, a governess was an unmarried woman who lived in someone else's home, which meant that she was subject to their rules. In any case, she had to comply with prevailing Victorian social standards which were rigid and unforgiving i.e. maintain an impeccable reputation by avoiding anything which could embarrass or offend her employers. If a particular governess was young and attractive, the lady of the house might well perceive a potential threat to her marriage, and enforce the governess' social exclusion more rigorously. As a result of these various restrictions, the lifestyle of the typical Victorian governess was often one of social isolation and loneliness, with few friends. The fact that her presence in the household was underpinned by an employment contract emphasised that she could never truly be part of the host family. However, being a governess was one of the few legitimate ways by which an unmarried middle class woman could support herself in Victorian society. Not surprisingly, her position was often depicted as one to be pitied, and the only way out of it was to get married. Unfortunately, it was difficult for a governess to find a suitable husband because most of the eligible men she encountered were her social superiors, who preferred a bride from within their own social class, particularly since such women generally had better financial resources.

This particular Victorian Tale will focus on the Governess being expected to give her charges a sexual education as well. Maybe even the master of the house as well.

3. To Cuckold a Lord

Newly married to the riches and most powerful Lords in the Country she had everything she wanted. Money, dresses and influence in the highest of social circles.  Her husband owned and ran very profitable mines manned by South American and African Slaves. Slavery had been abolished in the United Kingdon in 1833.

However a visit from a black foreman changes their lives forever. The Lord is blackmailed by the foreman out of significant land, money and the right to fuck his wife one day a week. The young wife is now expected to fuck the black man one day a week while her elderly husband watches. What starts off as a hardship quickly becomes a transformation for her as she begins to love the two foot long cock and once a week becomes much more regular.

4. The Unfaithful Wife

ENGLISH society has been termed a pre-eminently "dinner-giving society." And certain it is that it is especially the custom in England for friends to cement their intimacy by partaking of the social meal at each others' houses.
     Despite of being so generally practised, the art of dinner-giving, in this country, is far from having attained the degree of perfection to be expected from the number and wealth of its votaries. The millionaire too often lacks acquaintances of congenial tastes, and is compelled to fall back on gorgeous profusion to bestow lustre on his table. On the other hand, a person of more slender means is liable to fall into the error of supposing that his friends do not care to dine at his table, unless he imitates the surroundings of the wealthier classes. It occurs to comparatively few persons that the chief charm of a dinner-party lies in ease of manner on the part of the host and hostess, together with all the arrangements of the entertainment being in accordance with the income and the natural mode of living of the entertainer.
     The very circumstance of friends being assembled by invitation should guarantee that especial care will be taken to provide for completeness in every detail connected with the repast; but beyond this effort extraordinary expenses and excessive exertions need not be made. It is not needful that a host should for a few hours appear richer and more refined in his mode of living than he really is. Such attempts deceive no one, and can only have for result diminution of self-respect on the part of the pretender.

This particular tale will focus on the hostess using the party to cheat on her husband with a particularily well endowed servant, guest or wife of a visitng Lord. While he is entertaining the guests in the Lounge she will be in the Library, the bedroom or in the garden being ploughed from behind by anyone willing.

5. From Whore to Lady

Beginning in the late 1840s, major news organisations, clergymen, and single women became increasingly concerned about prostitution, which came to be known as "The Great Social Evil". Estimates of the number of prostitutes in London in the 1850s vary widely (in his landmark study, Prostitution, William Acton reported that the police estimated there were 8,600 in London alone in 1857). When the United Kingdom Census 1851 publicly revealed a 4% demographic imbalance in favour of women (i.e., 4% more women than men), the problem of prostitution began to shift from a moral/religious cause to a socio-economic one. The 1851 census showed that the population of Great Britain was roughly 18 million; this meant that roughly 750,000 women would remain unmarried simply because there were not enough men. These women came to be referred to as "superfluous women" or "redundant women", and many essays were published discussing what, precisely, ought to be done with them.[25]

While the Magdalene Asylums had been "reforming" prostitutes since the mid-18th century, the years between 1848 and 1870 saw a veritable explosion in the number of institutions working to "reclaim" these "fallen women" from the streets and retrain them for entry into respectable society — usually for work as domestic servants. The theme of prostitution and the "fallen woman" (any woman who has had sexual intercourse out of marriage) became a staple feature of mid-Victorian literature and politics.

This Victorian Tale will focus on a young beautiful "Fallen woman" who is rescued by a rich powerful Lord who will marry her and turn her into a Lady after regularly enjoying her mouth on his way to Church.....

A deviant six month sabbatical
Even though you are on the plane you do not really believe it. Even to the last minute your phone was ringing with questions from the office and your family had all crowded around you at the airport blowing kisses and arguing amongst themselves.

Its a relief to be in the first class seat with a glass of champagne. Today is the first day of your sabbattical. its starts now.

Before you were a successful professional business woman with a large family that rely on you. You haven't had a holiday in years and now finally you are on day one of a six month Sabbatical. You are on a direct plane to Male in the Maldives. In your hand is a letter that you need to open just before landing. The idea is that you use the plane to relax and calm down. You have left the organisation of the sabbattical in other hands. You got the idea from a friend who recommended it. She did not reveal anything about the holiday but instead insisted it was the best thing she ever did. So you booked it....

I am looking for someone to play someone who is stressed. Someone who needs a break and a holiday. But not just a holiday from work, or from the family. A holiday from herself. Someone who wants to lose all ability to make decisions, to think for herself and who no longers needs any worries. It might mean changing parts of yourself.

Ideally I imagine your character to be middle aged, married, a mother and a powerful businesswoman. A dominant who has never considered being submissive to anyone. The point is.... you find it very easy and welcome it.

The story will unfold....

Kink friendly. I mean if your character has no choice then why should you?

The Coffee Shop - Seeking fellow customer/waitress
We see each other every day without fail. I am the good looking guy dressed smartly and you can feel my eyes on you the whole time. I have a usual seat and from there I can easily keep an eye on you. Sometimes I read and sometimes I just enjoy a drink or have my laptop out working. I wish I could tell you that this is one of the best parts of my day. You just seem so nice and friendly and well you are so pretty. I find it hard to concentrate on what I am doing sometimes as I look at you across the shop. I know you feel the same because we often catch each other's eye and its obvious there is an attraction between us.... Something is holding one or the other back. Even though its obvious that we want to get to know the other but for some reason neither of us can take that leap.

Two strangers meet every day in a coffee shop. They chat, flirt and enjoy the simple friendship that they share. However they are both in their middle thirties and both find themselves increasingly attracted to the other. The flirting grows and finally one of them suggests a date.....

This is a simple everyday romance story with a twist. One or both of the pair is a pervert. A hidden nasty secret that they would not want to share with anyone. It risks the tentative friendship and it might ruin the chance of love and romance?

I would love for the young lovers to continue even when they found out the matter how disgusted they may be. Maybe they are divorcees or widowers and really want to find love...

Please PM to discuss further. I would like to discuss a kink/fetish/perversion that one or the other has and they try to live with together. I am looking for someone to either play another Coffee Shop Customer or perhaps the waitress and am happy for her to have a kink as well. I am flexible as to whether they are old, young, married or single.

Please enquire as to what perversions I am considering. Can be mild to more extreme.

Toy in a box Ltd - Your personal customisable sex toy... It will blow your..mind
  Toy in a Box Ltd

Thankou for ordering your toy in a Box. A Toy in a box includes:

A Toy - Default setting set at factory - either male or female but fully customisable at the touch of a button.
Toy Remote Controller.
(No batteries required)

The Toy is unlike any other sex toy that you have ever had before. She/he will provide you with pleasure and or sexual pain and their only limits are yours. Toy will provide you hours and hours of fun that no "Human" partner will ever supply.

Reasons to choose "Toy" over our competitors.

Maintenance and Cleanliness:You dont need to worry about maintenance either because all of our "Toys" are self suffecient and you certainly dont need to clean them after use. So throw away those wet wipes!

Customisation: Every Toy is fully customisable from their colour and length of their hair to gender and physique. Choose your dream sexual partner and hop on!

No limits: Any sexual desire will be fullfilled by Toy.

Security: Once you have named your toy then she/he is yours and will obey your every command.

Intelligence: All of out toys have the very latest intelligence chips and will learn and learn and could if your not careful replace your friends and loved ones.

I am looking for someone to play my care-free toy.  Here are a few spins on the story that could be interesting:

1. A lonely man collects the large box for his neighbour when he is out and brings it into his own house. Intrigued he opens the box to find the young man inside. Not realising that the man is customisable and horny as hell he plays with the boy before playing with the remote and realising his mistake.
2. The box arrives in error at a family house. But over the course of the weekend each member of the family finds the box and each experiences something different...
3. A standard order. A man receives order and plays with the customisation till he finds something he likes....

We can adapt any of the above to suit your interests.

But please message me if your interested in playing a customisable "toy". I am happy to discuss any twists or ideas you have.
Student to High Class Whore - The Journey
She was always so well thought of when she was younger getting good grades and in most of the school sports teams. She had so many friends and had such a positive future ahead of her so how did it all change....

I am looking for someone to play the tragic heroine of this game.

You will play a simple girl who takes the wrong turn and becomes a prostitute. I would like to chart her progress in the career either through story or diary entries or letters.

During the story I would like to explore:

1. Why did she become a prostitute? (Abusive family? No money? Lack of self respect?)
2. How did it start? (Blowjobs in boys cars? Daddy? Friends of the family?)
3. The first few months were so demeaning - (Fucked in alleys, made to do such sick things, first time doing anal..)
4. What are the risks? (abusive customers, meeting old friends or family?)
5. Payday (How does she spend her well earnt money?
6. Good customers (A story of Pretty Woman...well for a short time).
7. More than one customer? (A football team invite her round)
8. A couple pays better than one! (A married couple want a call girl)
9. The end.

I would love to look at anything else. I would enjoy her fall to shame the most. How does it happen. It can be as long and humiliating and degrading as possible.

Anyone need an explanation on how the diary entries would work then message me. Its only an option though and not a requirement.

Small breast humiliation - Seeking sub wife or daughter
I would like to do a game based on small breast humiliation. This would be a pretty standard relationship but the girl is made to feel humiliated by her small breasts.

It would be either a dominant father or husband with a sub wife or daughter.

We could include the following ideas:

1. SHe is forced to compare them with friends and family regularly.
2. She has to listen to him talk about her small chest to others and laugh at her
3. She would be made to dress to show off their small size, wear pushup bra's or no bra at all. Made to look really slutty.
4. On holiday she would be forced to go topless next to very busty women.
5. Made to dress and look like a boy. Maybe even styled like a boy and fucked like a boy.

Please get in touch. I realise this is pretty weird but hopefully someone will bite. x

Mother Molester
I am wanting to do a game where penetration comes rather later. We will focus on other ways for son and mother to enjoy each other.

Imagine the following possible scenes:

1. Imagine being groped and molested by your son when others are nearby and you cannot stop him.
2. Watching your son masturbate as you try on different outfits and underwear for him..
3. Being made to let your son inspect your pubic hair regularly.
4. Fingered to orgasm while you do the ironing.
5. Finally you watch tv while he enjoys your naked breasts.
6. Brought regular sex toys and made to demonstrate them to your son - Could be multiple scenes?
7. Forced to beg your son for an orgasm.
8. Forced to beg son to suck him off.
9. Made to fuck a stranger while your son watches. And then you listen to him tell you why he liked it.
10. Made to watch your son with his girlfriend and getting very jealous.
11. Punished regularly when pubic hair is not tidy
12. Dressed like a slut in front of his friends.

Anyway let me know if this kind of mother son relationship appeals.

The Perfect Boyfriend....
Just imagine if you were able to meet the perfect guy? You would have so much in common and you would get on so well. He would start off a friend and then a lover and you hope to one day marry him and have his children.

Here are just a few of the reasons he is the perfect boyfriend.

1. You get on with his friends! - Well when you have a house party he ties you down and lets them take turns fucking you.
2. He loves to party! - He takes you out often, gets you drunk, dresses you like a slut and humiliates you in public! Maybe sucking a strangers cock in the toilets?
3. He gets on with your family... by fucking mummy upstairs at christmas.
4. He nevers gets angry - But he does relax by tyng you up and spanking your bottom!
5. He wants kids! - But they will be black judging by the amount of black men he lets cum inside you.
6. He is filthy rich! Partly because he keeps selling his girlfriend out.

Anyone want this catch for their boyfriend?

Over thirty and on the shelf.......From Caterpillar to Butterfly
(Seeking single frumpy woman to turn into a sexual beauty! - Possible Extreme)

She was over thirty and past it. He could tell she had no self confidence and very little self esteem. She did nothing with her hair, she ate badly and dressed in clothes for comfort and not fashion. But the world had missed her beauty. They had missed the shining personality inside and the beauty that could be raised with a little work, attention and effort.

I want to play this ladies landlord who owns the house that she currently rents in. He see's her boring drab life and seeks to bring some excitement into it. So when tragedy befalls he seeks to help her. He helps her both financially but also sexually and helps her open up and turn into the butterfly that she really is.

She will be surprised at first at his interest and desperate for help she finds herself experiencing a world she never knew existed.

In return for his help she finds herself

1. Providing sexual services
2. Changing her image and wearing clothes he provides.
3. Dealing with the shock and surprise of her family and friends. .
4. Watching her landlord have sex with other people.
5. Answering the door to strangers and doing as they ask..

And so on...

I quite like the idea that she becomes besotted with this man who has seen through her frumpy shy exterior and she is prepared to do anything he asks.

1. I like the idea of her being prepared to change her physical appearance e.g. Becoming dressed and looking like a tart or perhaps a boy?
2. I want her to be prepared to humiliate and embarrass herself in front of work colleagues, friends and family and prepared to lose them.
3. She has a sexual awakening with nothing too taboo.

So at the end of the story she is very sexual person getting involved in lots and lots of sexual deviant activities!

The Gangbang
Imagine a normal regular woman finds herself with an opportunity to be involved in a gangbang. How did this happen? Where and when does it happen? And what happens after?

Who could she be?

1. A lonely wife shared by a group in her living room?
2. A woman paid to fuck in the back of a van?
3. An office work flattered by her colleagues attention.
4. A tomboy camping with her male friends.
5. A bride shared by her husband on their wedding day.
6. A student fucked in her halls of residence.
7. A teacher seduced by her students

Other questions we can discuss are.....

1. Does it get out of hand?
2. Non consensual or consensual?
3. Is she impregnated?
4. Is she seen and caught by someone dear?
5. Does everyone find out and she gets branded a whore?
6. Is it filmed?
7. How many men can you handle?

Wife's Head. Very extreme (Do not read)
It was an accident.... or maybe it wasn't. But my wife nearly did not survive the road accident. Her body was a complete mess and they only just managed to keep her alive. Without her body and currently just a head my wife is coming home today.

I am able to order her a new body but of course I will need to discuss that with her.

I know some people have been talking and suggesting that my wife was having an affair. I will need to talk to her about that.......

I want to play a man who bring's his wife's head home from the hospital. The game will be one of revenge and humiliation and could contain the following....

1. Humiliation.
2. Forced exposure to husband having sex with other people and perhaps close to the wife with revenge.
3. Rape of the head.
4. Providing the head with a completely different body. Maybe one suited to humiliation and sexual desires?

Please get in touch if you are interested in playing the cheating wife .... now head.I would love to know your ideas for the game and the story on how you became a head. Maybe you are innocent and you have to prove it before its too late?

The Anti - Suffragette Movement Act of 2050 in the UK
The act was passed unanimously. Women's rights in the United Kingdom have been abolished.  All of them. No longer can women vote or gain employment. Women throughout the country are now objects and possessions of the men in their family. Single women have been rounded up and allocated to single men.

It was not just men who helped pass the bill. Women also felt that men deserved their women to be submissive. Up and down the country women changed their attire to look sexy and slutty. Some women would chain themselves to park fences and offer their bodies to passing men.

Women were the cause of the recession that lasted two decades. They needed to learn their place.

It would be difficult for women who were once free to get used to the new situation. To find that they are now effectively possessions of their fathers, husbands and sons. It would be humiliating to have men choose your clothes. For men to touch you and grope you on trains as you do the shopping. Rape would become common place and incest not rare.

You are a woman. A mother, sister, daughter or wife or an employee. But you are now a possession.

Scenes of Submission
I am looking for some games that include Male on female submission.  The stories would include bondage, corporal punishment, rape and other extreme themes.

The scenes I have in mind are:

1. Family Bondage - A son/brother returns home after several years away and slowly takes advantage of the female members of his family.  He could be a war veteran or he has returned from a mental hospital.
2. The Coffee Shop Date - They met at the coffee shop and your character was delighted to be asked out by such a good looking respectable man. However at the end of the night your character finds herself in a very different situation....... tied up, gagged and being used by the perfect date.
3. Anything for an A-Grade. Your character is at boarding school desperate to excel for her strict parents. This can all be possible as long as you keep your perverted teacher happy.
4. Office Slut - Years of hard work and excellent grades you never imagined you would be tied over office coffee table available for anyone to fuck.
5. The Sabbatical - A month on an island with noway to call home with just a bunch of like minded perverts. Lets hope it does not get out of hand.
6. Husband's Sin - It was a wonderful wedding but you are now his and he is going to prove it to you.

I would like to include lots of bongage, whipping, spanking ad groups. 

Let me know if you have some other cool ideas.

Awkward Scenes - Seeking F player for silly fun
Name: The Bookshop

Content: Silliness, slight n/c and exhibtionism.

Scenario: Its your first day in a bookshop and you are left to run the shop for the afternoon. The only problem is that you have a real problem with heights and get stuck up the ladder while sorting the top shelf......
This leaves a regular browser a chance to embarrass and humiliate you as he licks your pussy and asshole. He then blackmails you by offering to help you down...

Setting: A very quiet bookshop with a very hunky bookworm.

Requirements: Just a very sill short one shot.

Name: Stuck Mummy

Content: Silliness, slight n/c and exhibtionism, incest

Scenario: After a long day cleaning the family house it just takes one thoughtless move and you find yourself wedged tight under the bed (or other item of furniture). With just your curvy bottom and slender legs visible you know thatr you will need someone to come and help you.

Found by your good looking and cheeky son you realise that he is not going to release you immediately. Unable to move and escape you realise that the horny young man is going to enjoy himself first.  Big strong hands roam your body and explore every crevice before he finally releases his very large cock....

Setting: The family master bedroom

Requirements: Just a very silly short one shot.

Name: On the bus

Content: Sex with strangers, Public Sex,

Scenario: Every day you get the same bus to work/school. But today the bus is a bit busy forcing you to stand next to cute/ugly/old/handsome guy. The journey is a long one and before you know it you are bouncing against his hard cock....

Setting: Sex on a bus in front of the other passengers. Either with them watching or ignoring you.

Requirements: Looking for some silly fun on the bus. Inspired by

Name: The Stranger in a Dungeon

Content: Sex with strangs, BDSM,

Scenario: Every day you sit in the coffee shop/library/book store reading and enjoying time to yourself. Its a strange place to meet someone but there was an instant attraction and an animal magnetism that neither of you could deny. After a quick fumble you know you want more... lots more.

But nothing prepared you for the full scale BDSM dungeon in his basement.... Its exciting, scary but when you begin to wonder if he will ever let you go....

Setting: The coffee shop or library for a quickie and then an exploration of some BDSM and kinks in the Dungeon.

Requirements: This could turn dark and would love to explore some extreme BDSM if someone would like....

Name: The Hitchhiker

Content: Sex with strangsr, BDSM, Non con,  group

Scenario: In the middle of nowhere you get a lift with a van driver. You know you may need to pay with some fun but you did not expect to be kidnapped and shared with his friends... .

Setting: Middle of nowhere in the back of a van.

Requirements: This could turn dark and would love to explore some extreme BDSM if someone would like....

Stolen Sex Tapes (Possible extreme)
Imagine finding that your apartment has been broken into. One thing has been taken and one thing only. Your collection of Sex Tapes.

Who are you?

1. A happily married wife and mother
2. A bride soon to be married
3. CEO of a National Company
4. Running for Senate or Parliament
5. A Major Film Star or Model

What are you doing on the sex tapes?

1. Soft core porn with your partner?
2. Harcore BDSM?
3. Gang fucked by a large group of men?
4. Cheating on your partner with his best friend?
5. Videos of you being beaten and raped?
6. You being treated like a toilet?
7. Willingly fucking a pet?
8. Being bred by a black guy?
9. Are you really a lesbian?
10. Are you family slut?

We just need to decide..

1. Who has stolen it?
2. What happens next?
3. And what does it mean to your situation if it is leaked?

Celebrity Slutpig Sex Tapes
We have all seen the sex tapes of the rich and famous celebrities. But in reality have these sex tapes not actually been really quite tame?  How about if one of these tapes were actually pretty extreme?

How would you like to see your favourite celebrity used, abused and treated like a slutpig for the world to see? The sex tape could be from their own online storage and stolen by hackers which means the celebrity was happy to be treated like a useless slutpig? Or the sex tape could be released by the celebrities kidnapper and rapist?

Which celebrity would you like to play? Or perhaps you would rather play an original character but the abuser is a celebrity? Imagine Russell Crowe abusing your character for hours or Cristiano Ronaldo abusing her on his yaught in the middle of the ocean? 

The Friendly Local Drug Dealer
The Friendly Local Drug Dealer
James was your standard 18 year old College Student. He was loved by his family and friends and well respected at College and throughout the small town he lived in.  James was rather geeky and a little quirky and very intelligent. As the age of fifteen he had converted his dad's double garage into his own laboratory. James sold and dealt in "legal highs" from the age of fifteen that he manufacuted himself.  There was currently no law that could stop James and he was making a mint.

James could not only replicate the highs and lows of mainstream drugs but he also specialised in the more extreme and obscure drugs. Such as:
1. The Love Drug - Causes other people to fall in love with you. - Can be tailored.
2. Multiple Orgasms - The taker will be very sexually sensitive and be able to have lots of orgasms. 

And so on....

James is so liked and trusted that all and sundry will buy his drugs even close friends and family... But obviously he is not that nice and lovely.

I am looking for people to play one/some or all of the following:

1. Stoned Family - Hooked on even light drugs its amazing the slippery slope a mother and sister can slip down. As their addiction grows they offer more and more to continue their drug habit.
2. College girls - Colllege girls try and win favour and become very vulnerable after being given very heavy drugs.
3. Fit teacher - The hottest teacher gets hooked and unable to deny her students what they want.
4. Cops - The cops are bent and even they are susceptible to bribery.

And so on...

Would you like to be a drug addict and taken advantage of?
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New games added.

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Re: Jesters Ideas for 2016
« Reply #3 on: May 10, 2016, 02:54:45 AM »
Added Celebrity Slutpig sex tapes.

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Re: Jesters Ideas for 2016
« Reply #4 on: June 02, 2016, 09:51:22 AM »
The Local Friendly Drug Dealer is looking to corrupt some innocent people. See first post.

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Re: Jesters Ideas for 2016
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Still interested in "What a surprise?" I came here to play a shemale anyways.