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October 23, 2016, 07:07:00 PM

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Author Topic: Ice's Character Repository & Request Thread  (Read 1011 times)

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Ice's Character Repository & Request Thread
« on: April 28, 2016, 07:23:25 AM »

WardenIce's Character Repository & Request Thread

Current Status :  Selectively Searching

Few comprehend what lies at the bottom of this weeping pit of tales. A veil of uncertainty permeates an endless abyss of darkness to prevent the mortal eyes curious gaze. All you can discern is a leap of faith is required to satiate the compulsion of discovery; to silence the temptation of mysticism. Do you take it?

If so, the fall is accompanied with the suffocating maelstrom of wind crashing into your understanding of cognition. Memories begin to fade, starting as blurring visions of heartfelt moments and the erasing of beloved visages until nothing is left but effigies and a blank canvas. Soon, there is all but one sound that heralds the inevitable precipice of change: an orchestrated threnody to commemorate your reincarnation.

Welcome to an exhibited collective of paths, each leading you into the eyes of another. I am WardenIce, the curator and chilling temperament to the kindling flames of passion and sensuality. You are one of many who dared venture into the obscurity of fiction where thought is transformed into word; where word blossoms into an artistic picture and where artistic pictures become animated through force of will.

If you remain apprehensive and doubt your fidelity, then I encourage you to keep your wits and eyes open. Eventually you will return. If you are the opposite and care to take the next step in curiosity, close your eyes and step forth. One of many immersive experiences awaits where you and I create a symphonic narrative with limits dictated only by us.

First and foremost, I would like to take an opportunity to thank you for taking the time to read through this. I know some of us have busy schedules and lives beyond the keyboard of a computer. I can only appreciate the investment and interest with wholehearted sincerity.

With that said, I'll provide a little information about myself. My name is Justin E. Burroughs, a twenty five year old male from Mississippi and I have over a decade of writing experience under my belt. Throughout my journey into the world of literature, I have learned an ample amount of wisdom with credit towards innumerable people that provided insights and examples. I still believe I'm an amateur at best and continue to strive towards a perfection I know to be impossible. Writing is a passion of mine; one of the highest, in fact and I contemplate making a career of it.

While I won't make a career here on Elliquiy, I find plenty of prospects here. It is here that I hope to learn, grow and practice my trade alongside individuals with similar interests. Each and every writer provides a new experience and I have no discrimination. However, while I am open to learning a new genre of writing or immersing myself into something outside of a comfort zone, I have preferences at the time this monologue is written. That comfort zone is likely not hard to guess as you scroll through my Character Repository; I have a preference on writing as women but this is not what I am limited to.  I am looking to broaden my perspective. My reasoning behind that is essentially an enigma. I believe it may be a subconscious side-effect of having no father figure and observing the maternal examples in life summon a strength I fail to achieve. Women are more interesting to view the world as, I suppose. This is but a theory though and it may be entirely false. Nonetheless, theorizing the why does not disrupt me.

What you can expect from me is an interest in story over anything, including sexual based content. I am not against the inclusion of steamy erotica but I will not engage in pointless smut without appropriate context. As a writer, I consider my characters an expression of art and extension of myself. Placing them in such a scenario for the sake of arbitrary hedonism is something I frankly find demeaning to their fictional integrity. When it comes to the writing itself, I have a predisposition to harshly judge myself and allow emotional ebb to control my muse. This provides an unfortunate tendency to wane my ability to articulate properly. In such an event, if you are currently writing alongside me, I humbly ask for a poke of motivation or reminder. It would be appreciated.

In respect of that, I am an understanding person who does not have some unrealistic expectation to read a posting from you every day. In fact, I will be content with a single post every two weeks. I would like to believe that quality is more rewarding and engaging. This does have its fine print however, as most things do. With the disclaimer of viewing quality above quantity, I do expect a certain length within a posting. Although, again, reading three or more paragraphs is not unrealistic in my opinion. After all, humanity has a varying number of sensory experiences every waking moment. Our character, as extensions of ourselves, should have the same. Allow me to visualize them as realistic as possible. Let me connect and feel them as tangible.

To close this excerpt of information, I would like to put forth one last expectation in addition to a simple request. The request is to avoid posting on this thread. If you wish to take the opportunity of writing with me, please contact me privately. Thank you. At last, my final expectation is to communicate with me. I believe taking an extra step to promote companionship only enhances the experience.

Current Cravings:
  • Horror
  • Noir
  • Cyberpunk
  • Historical (Eastern)
  • Erotica
  • Corporate Boss x Secretary
  • Vigilante x Detective
  • Journalist x Celebrity
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Offline WardenIceTopic starter

Re: Ice's Character Repository & Request Thread
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2016, 04:33:08 PM »

Character Repository

If any of them interest you, contact me and we can see how they would fit into a story between us.

"Never start a fire you can't handle."

Name:  Crowning, Emily L.  ||  Nickname:  Emmie  ||  Age:  25  ||  Gender:  Female  ||  Sexuality:  Bisexual
Ethnicity:  Caucasian  ||  Nationality:  American  ||  Date of Birth:  February 17, 1991  ||  Place of Birth:  Seattle, Washington
Height:  5'2"  ||  Weight:  122 lbs  ||  Hair:  Copper  ||  Eyes:  Blue  ||  Body Type:  Voluptuous (Ectomorph)

Applicable Genre(s):  Modern,  Slice-of-Life

Synopsis:  Emily is a freelance journalist that focuses on tabloid sensationlism for the sake of Horatian satire.  While her career can result in the spurn of some individuals, her intentions are rarely malicious.  At the end of the day, she wants to liven up a subjectively melodramatic society with a number of political stances fueling that desire.  She has other interests in photography, dancing and traveling with a hobby in collecting sea shells.

Sexual Information 
Role:  Switch  ||  Activity:  Average
General Preferences:  Romance, Monogamy, Commitment, Privacy, Tension, Foreplay, Vanilla-Sex

"Moderation is a fatal thing;  nothing succeeds like excess."

Name:  Bradley, Jason M.  ||  Nickname:  -----  ||  Age:  22  ||  Gender:  Male  ||  Sexuality:  Heterosexual
Ethnicity:  African-American  ||  Nationality:  American  ||  Date of Birth:  October 2, 1995  ||  Place of Birth:  Atlanta, Georgia
Height:  5'11"  ||  Weight:  207 lbs  ||  Hair:  Black ||  Eyes:  D. Brown  ||  Body Type:  Athletic (Mesomorph)

Applicable Genre(s):  Superhero,  Modern,  Action

Synopsis:  Jason grew up as the child of an undercover narcotics officer, living with the perpetual uncertainty of his father's return.  As a result, he became fiercely independent at an early age with an interest in making sure the family was provided for.  Fate had other plans however and after tragedy struck, he became an extrajudicial hand of the justice system.  His list of hobbiess include parkour and martial arts with an interest in psychology.

Sexual Information 
Role:  Dominant  ||  Activity:  Hedonistic
General Preferences:  Polygamy, Outdoor-Sex, Rough-Sex, Teasing

"If demanding the respect I deserve makes me a bitch, so be it."

Name:  Vescovi, Veronica A.  ||  Nickname:  'Nica  ||  Age:  23  ||  Gender:  Female  ||  Sexuality:  Pansexual
Ethnicity:  Caucasian  ||  Nationality:  American  ||  Date of Birth:  March 7, 1918  ||  Place of Birth:  Jersey City, New Jersey
Height:  5'7"  ||  Weight:  126 lbs  ||  Hair:  Black ||  Eyes:  D. Brown  ||  Body Type:  Average (Mesomorph)

Applicable Genre(s):  Noir,  Thriller,  Historical

Synopsis:  Veronica is a bohemian socialite in with a certain degree of leverage over Jersey City.  Arrogant to a fault with a shrewd disposition, she has no issues with manipulating strings in order to domineer events in her favor.  As a result, many don't attempt to incite reason to have the Vescovi Mafia taking a 'personal issue' with them.  Veronica has a plethora of hobbies ranging from singing and enjoying limousine rides through the city.

Sexual Information 
Role:  Switch ||  Activity:  Hedonistic
General Preferences:  Monogamy, Foreplay, BDSM, Car-Sex

"If there is no one to help, go find someone to help.  That is compassion.  That is Bushido."

Name:  Torii, Sukome  ||  Nickname:  -----  ||  Age:  19  ||  Gender:  Female  ||  Sexuality:  Bisexual
Ethnicity:  Japanese  ||  Nationality:  Japanese  ||  Date of Birth:  July 4, 1563  ||  Place of Birth:  Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan
Height:  5'3"  ||  Weight:  113 lbs  ||  Hair:  Black ||  Eyes:  L. Brown  ||  Body Type:  Average (Ectomorph)

Applicable Genre(s):  Historical,  Wuxia,  Fantasy

Synopsis:  Sukome learned the virtues of bushido and trained in the arts of war at an early war under her grandfather's tutelage.  When she was married to a coastal jizamurai of Kyushu, she never expected the necessity of applying it would ever occur however.  Unfortunately, her husband was called off to war, leaving her in charge of his land.  While Sukome's hobbies include the typical assortment found in female samurai, she holds cooking in a special place of her heart.

Sexual Information 
Role:  Submissive ||  Activity:  Dependent
General Preferences:  Monogamy, Voyeurism, Tension, Romance

"What's wrong with lust? Do I tear my eyes out because I fancy someone?"

Name:  Hart, Ashley M.  ||  Nickname:  -----  ||  Age:  18  ||  Gender:  Female  ||  Sexuality:  Heterosexual
Ethnicity:  Caucasian  ||  Nationality:  American  ||  Date of Birth:  February 17, 1998  ||  Place of Birth:  Detroit, Michigan
Height:  5'6"  ||  Weight:  119 lbs  ||  Hair:  Blonde  ||  Eyes:  Blue  ||  Body Type:  Athletic (Ectomorph)

Applicable Genre(s):  Modern,  Slice-of-Life,  Horror

Synopsis:  The bustling streets of Detroit kept Ashley in a healthy, active lifestyle where she picked up a collection of hobbies such as skateboarding and dancing.  After two years of running track and field for high school and graduating, she was devastated at the news of moving south.  Despite her protests, Ashley was forced to leave everything behind her and now tries to make a life in a total contrast to familiarity.

Sexual Information 
Role:  Submissive  ||  Activity:  Average
General Preferences:  Romance, Monogamy, Commitment, Outdoor-Sex, Tension, Foreplay, Vanilla-Sex

"A career is wonderful, but you can't curl up at night with it."

Name:  Baptiste, Gerald A.  ||  Nickname:  -----  ||  Age:  27  ||  Gender:  Male  ||  Sexuality:  Heterosexual
Ethnicity:  Caucasian  ||  Nationality:  American  ||  Date of Birth:  June 30, 1989  ||  Place of Birth:  Fells, Mississippi
Height:  6'1"  ||  Weight:  182 lbs  ||  Hair:  Brown  ||  Eyes:  L.  Brown  ||  Body Type:  Athletic (Ectomorph)

Applicable Genre(s):  Modern,  Superhero,  Supernatural

Synopsis:  Thanks to his grandmother's career as a stagehand to a famous magician in the past, Gerald found a profound hobby in magic at an early age.  What started as simple card tricks and sleight of hand quickly developed into something far more until it absorbed the majority of his attention.  At age sixteen, he dropped out of school and moved to California where he began a life as a homeless street magician.  In present-day, he's launched a relatively successful Youtube channel and doubles up his time as a tattoo artist.

Sexual Information 
Role:  Switch  ||  Activity:  Hedonistic
General Preferences:  Monogamy, Commitment, Privacy, Tension, Foreplay, Vanilla-Sex
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Re: Ice's Character Repository & Request Thread
« Reply #2 on: August 10, 2016, 01:04:54 PM »

Story Requests

1.)  When the Smoke Clears
Noir  ||  Romance, Erotica,  Action, Suspense, Mystery;  FxF Negotiable

Background Information
The streets of Jersey City, New Jersey was a prospering manufacturing city due to immigration in the early 1900's.  Among those immigrants was Dimitri Vescovi, a shrewd man with high hopes for a new life.  He got his wish, but at the cost of being swept into organized crime with the Italian Mafia.  However, it wasn't long before he was the most powerful man in the city with a large territory under his thumb and an ample amount of political pawns in pocket.  His relationship with Mayor Frank Hague certainly didn't help matters either.  After thirty years of power, various enemies have surfaced to challenge him and one of them is about to send Jersey City into a state of panic.

Twenty three year old Veronica Vescovi, Dimitri's daughter, has led a bohemian lifestyle up to this point.  Virtually anything she's ever wanted has been acquired and when it wasn't, she made an immediate effort to change that.  The last thing she's expecting is the tragedy waiting around the corner and when all the pieces are in place, she's left with little choices.

Possible Scenarios
A.)  The Romantic Story:  Dimitri turns up murdered in the dead of night while Veronica attends a party to fulfill socialite obligations.  When word gets out, a power vacuum opens while the Vescovi Mafia is in decline.  With a dangerous future ahead of her, Veronica needs to acquire an able-bodied individual as soon as possible.  The opportunity is provided when an attempt on her life attracts the notice of a plainclothes policeman, resulting in a case of protection.  What type of relationship can develop from them as danger lurks at every corner?  Who is behind the murder of Dimitri?

B.)  The Dark Erotica Story:  As a way to coerce Dimitri into a painfully difficult situation, a rival family or local gang successfully kidnap Veronica while she attends a party to fulfill socialite obligations.  It's kept on the hush-hush and the majority of Dimitri's efforts attend to keeping things that way so his reputation isn't questioned.  Kept captive for an indeterminate amount of time, Veronica's only contact is with dangerous men that can only see a vulnerable, beautiful young woman.  What kind of treatments will Veronica endure while her father negotiates for her release?  What if she's abandoned in the end and left to her fate as a personal toy to these men?

  • This is a long-term story that I will feature multiple characters in.  I may ask you to play a few as well but this is not mandatory.
  • It is possible that both possible scenarios are featured in the story.  Perhaps A turns into B, prompting the plainclothes policeman to work with Dimitri in order to free Veronica.  Maybe the plainclothes policeman has been undercover with the rival family all this time and decides to free her from captivity after taking pity, making B turn into A.
  • I am willing to brainstorm other scenarios for this story.

2.)  The Onna-Bugeisha's Memoir
Historical  ||  Romance, Erotica, Wuxia; Fantasy Negotiable

Background Information
The late sixteenth century introduced restrictions on overseas trade with China, giving rise to identified 'wako' (pirates).  While most of it was simply illegal trade not subject to the law of Ming Dynasty, a handful collective were violent raiders.  Most of them took refuge in the Ryuku islands, ports, castle towns and the most remote coast cities of Kyushu.  One of these more violent acts of piracy is on the doorsteps of another coastal plot of land in Kyushu just as the jizamurai of the region marches off to war for the local daimyo. 

This leaves his land in the caring hands of his wife, a young woman known to adhere to the tenants of bushido.  What is one woman to an entire group of pirates however?  They ransack the area in the hopes of resupplying the ship.

Possible Scenarios
A.)  The Erotica Story:  The pirates begin their ransacking of the town, prompting the minimal defenses to stand against them.  Things remain bleak but the jizamura's wife's impressive martial prowess attracts the attention of the pirate's captain.  After her defeat, she is taken captive as a personal spoil for him.  To their surprise, she simply accepts this fate for some reason and put her to use on the ship.  Meanwhile, the interest between her and the captain slowly become a nightly act of intimacy.  Are they falling for each other?  What happens when her husband returns and hears of what happened?

  • While I have some general story to be told, it is largely background with potential to alter and effect the focus.  Mainly though, the story will revolve around the jizamurai's wife and the captain of the ship you create.
  • I am looking for someone to play multiple characters in this story.  I'm giving you liberal control of the pirates themselves.  It can be safely assumed that it's not just the captain who indulges himself on the jizamurai's wife at the beginning stages of her captivity.
  • When I say 'Fantasy Negotiable', I intent to allow the possibility of integrating Japanese mythology or naval folklore.  Perhaps some of the crew isn't human?
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