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Author Topic: Diesel Heart's Literary Corner  (Read 2155 times)

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Diesel Heart's Literary Corner
« on: April 28, 2016, 07:23:25 AM »
While I am open to writing smut from light-hearted vanilla encounters to extremes, I am not interested in having it be the focus of a story.  If you are someone seeking a one-shot or have an intention to dive straight into the sex, I am not the partner you seek. Thank you for understanding and good luck with the search.

P.S:  If you want to write with me, please send me a Private Message instead of posting on this thread.

Diesel Heart's Literary Corner

Current Status :  Selectively Searching 2 Partners
Muse Status :  Active


      Welcome to my little slice of Elliquiy, fellow writer, and thank you for investing a fraction of your time to express interest. I like to think that I've made it a safe haven where everyone can feel comfortable and focus on the reasons we're here. My name is Justin, but you can call me Diesel if that's too personal for you.

  With that out of the way, let's jump into the details, shall we?

     I start this with a confession I'm ashamed to admit.  I am a passionate writer but I have been struggling for over a year to properly express myself through it.  I suppose there is some inkling of harsh criticism I impose on myself but I am always trying to move past it.  I think I need the right partner; it's something everyone always preaches about, at least. Maybe that partner is you? It's why I've decided on returning to Elliquiy after yet another hiatus to seek you out.  I'm going through some life changes I'd rather keep to myself for now, but I need this.  Hopefully we can click and the information below is tailored to help you understand what I'm expecting.

Posting Guidelines
  • On average, you can expect three-to-four paragraphs out of me per post, but I always aim to provide more.
  • I consider myself a literal writer with an extensive vocabulary, meaning I endeavor to put proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation into my posting.
  • I prefer long-term stories with substance, plot, and character development as the forefront of focus.
  • I prefer third-person past-tense usage in my posting as I do not consider myself and any character I am writing to be one and the same.
  • I have a tendency to include a supporting cast of characters to highlight my main character, but this does not mean I am interested in playing multiple characters.
  • I write my heart and soul into a character and I find treating them as an object of sexual gratification as insulting to him or her.
  • I can play either male or female.

Ons & Offs


Focus on Story
Character Development
Realistic Anatomy
Romantic Tension
Consensual Sex
Vanilla Sex
Casual Nudity
Oral Sex (Worship)
Short Partners (1-2 foot difference)
Small Breasts (A-B Cup)
Large Ass/Hips
Short/Dark Hair
Interracial Couples

Rough Sex
Risk of Pregnancy
Public Indecency
Risky Locations
Multiple Partners
Toy Usage
Bondage (Ropes, Collars, Leashes)
Anal (Plug, Rimming)

Character Repository

Emily Crowning
Name: Emily Leanne Crowning • Alias: Emmie
Age: 21 • Date of Birth:  February 17, 1996
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual • Marital Status: Single
Height: 5'2" • Prominent Features: Large Derriere, Freckles

Born into the wealthy family of an industrialist tycoon from Seattle, Washington, Emmie has always lived a life of privilege.  Designer brands, exotic imports, and state of the art technology is no stranger to her household or lifestyle as a result.  However, to call her sheltered would be a gross inaccuracy.  Alongside her best friend, Emmie has experienced the same number of highs and lows as most people in the world and she fully understands what the weight of consequence to action means.  In present-day, she owns her own apartment in another state and works as a hostess for a local diner soldiering through life toward a new chapter.

Supporting Cast:
  • Masami Greene:  Emily and Masami met as infants since both of their families have been business partners since the 19th century.  They have shared almost every experience together and are nigh inseparable.
  • Vernon Crowning:  Vernon and Emily have had some rough patches, but they have a strong enough bond to make them seem like brother and sister despite only being cousins.

Gerald Rainey
Name:  Gerald Earl Rainey • Alias: None
Age: 27 • Date of Birth: June 29, 1990
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual • Marital Status: Single
Height: 5'11" • Prominent Features: Tattoos

A life of poverty was what Gerald's life would always seem in the suburbs of Jackson, Mississippi.  He spent his youth involved with gang violence, substance abuse, and neglecting to attend school hours in the interest of his future.  Despite the rugged lifestyle, though, he always had a habit of putting others ahead of himself and it usually kept him in arm's reach of returned kindness.  Eventually, this led to his escape and journey to another opportunity where life could be restarted.  In present-day, he handles his handful of vices while out doing odd jobs to pay for a small, rundown apartment.

Supporting Cast:
  • Jason Braddick:  Gerald met Jason after moving and they originally got into a fist fight at a bar until cops arrested them.
     When the dust cleared, they found they had a lot of common grounds.
  • Kristina Shields:  While he has never seemed interested, Kristina finds Gerald endearing and puts up with his perpetual getting into trouble.  She always offers him shelter and consolation when it's needed.
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