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Author Topic: Diesel Heart's Literary Corner  (Read 1550 times)

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Offline Diesel HeartTopic starter

  • Her touch is a pain I can't wash off, only long to have again like a drug. I'll happily be an addict then.
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Diesel Heart's Literary Corner
« on: April 28, 2016, 07:23:25 AM »
While I am open to writing smut from light-hearted vanilla encounters to extremes, I am not interested in having it be the focus of a story.  If you are someone seeking a one-shot or have an intention to dive straight into the sex, I am not the partner you seek. Thank you for understanding and good luck with the search.

P.S:  If you want to write with me, please send me a Private Message instead of posting on this thread.

Diesel Heart's Literary Corner

Current Status :  Selectively Searching
Muse Status :  Active


     Salutations, fellow writers, to my personal slice of Elliquiy. I want to start by saying thank you for deciding to visit this thread and invest some interest in my presentations or story-writing potential.  I doubt you came here to read a lot of trite details other writers on Elliquiy write on their Interest Threads but I acknowledge the sentimental value and gesture of good faith in doing it.  I am a twenty-five-year-old male with over a decade of writing experience but it's not something I took seriously until just a few years ago.  I am still learning and always will be, fortunately.  However, in that decade I have been able to discern what attracts me to a story and what doesn't.  This extends into my interests and preferences in other mediums of entertainment like cinema or video games.  You will find this information below since it's relevant to writing a story with me.

Posting Guidelines
  • At average, you can expect three-to-four paragraphs per post from me.  I also consider myself a literate writer, meaning I endeavor to put proper grammar, spelling and punctuation in my posts.  While I don't expect my partner to be perfect, having the common sense and effort to make the effort is required.
  • I lean towards long-term stories with substance, plot and the character development as the forefront of focus.  The more detailed and visceral the complexity, the more interested I become in writing it.  This requires us to communicate thoroughly about what we want out of the story and to determine our pacing.
  • I'm not a paragon with keeping up with this but I take an endeavor to promise a post a week.  I used to extend this into two weeks but I've learned that a lot can happen in that time frame and a lot of the muse's initiative takes a considerable toll.
  • I do expect a certain level of quality that goes beyond writing etiquette as mentioned above.  This doesn't mean I am expecting you to match me in any capacity.  What attempts to make to match, improve or otherwise is on your own initiative.  If there is something I see as wrong that's not satisfying my writing attempts or other compatibility issues, I will let you know.
  • I like to write in third-person, whether in present-tense of past-tense.  I am not my character, after all, so any writing that implies otherwise is going to be an immediate red flag.  Additionally, I will only ever focus on a character at a time with a supporting cast used to enhance the strengths or flaws of said character.
  • As I mentioned above, I am here to write with an emphasis on story and character development with substance.  I treat it all as a work of art where I toss my heart and soul in with the only expectation being an interest in how things proceed.  This means I find it insulting to treat any character as a subject of sexual gratification.  I will write erotica, something completely different from smut for me, but it will never be the focus.

My Characters
  • I can and will play both male or female characters and I can play submissive or dominant.  However, please understand that my exposure to the real scene of BDSM is very limited.  For the longest time, I have played more submissive characters but recent events have given me the opportunity to play the other role.
  • I will not play cookie-cutter type of characters.  What I mean by this is having them be transparent.  I like complexity and a sense of dramatic realism to be present with them.  They are flawed while not appearing to be and have secrets they'd rather take to their grave just like anyone in real life.  Do not expect them to make a perfect romantic experience.
  • My characters tend to be intellectual and, more often that not, 'abstract minded'.  They challenge the normality and think in perspectives most may not consider.  I love to 'simulate' strange dispositions and present a varying degree of psychosis as well.  You may find these elements below in the Character Repository.

Ons & Offs

Disclaimer:  My Character may have differences in what is listed below.  If something is not listed below, consider it a maybe or flat out no.


Focus on Story
Character Development
Realistic Anatomy
Romantic Tension
Consensual Sex
Vanilla Sex
Oral Sex (Worship)
Short Partners (1-3 foot difference)
Small Breasts (A-B Cup)
Large Ass/Hips
Short/Dark Hair
Interracial Couples

Rough Sex
Risk of Pregnancy
Public Indecency
Risky Locations
Multiple Partners
Toy Usage
Bondage (Ropes, Collars, Leashes)
Anal (Plug, Rimming)
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Offline Diesel HeartTopic starter

  • Her touch is a pain I can't wash off, only long to have again like a drug. I'll happily be an addict then.
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  • Join Date: Dec 2012
  • Location: in the heart of another.
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  • Pain that you can't live without; that's Love.
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Re: Diesel Heart's Literary Corner
« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2016, 03:24:26 PM »
Serving Precipice
Historic Erotica Action Interracial

On June 2, 1859, Japan was forced to open up the Port of Yokohama after signing the Treaty of Peace and Amity under American Navy Commodore Matthew C. Perry's applied pressure.  The Shogunate's power is threatened which leads to political turmoil, economic instability and friction between natives and foreigners.  On October 13, the United States Navy officially establishes itself in the Kannai district of Yokohama.  The story begins there, revolving around a stationed twenty-nine-year-old Lieutenant Commander of the United States Navy helping the Japanese adapt to Western naval technologies and a newlywed to a drunkard, abusive bureaucrat.  When she's getting a public beating for not being the ideal wife, he interferes and fights off the bureaucrat.  As a result, they are both targetted for assassination and have to work together in order to survive.  When the tension becomes too much and his commanding officer gets involved, they end up meeting with a daimyo for added support and get whisked into a dangerous game of political intrigue.  Not only will they have to survive, but they'll have to test a budding romantic interest through the upcoming Boshin War.
  • I can play either role in this story, though I have a preference in the male.
  • This is a long-term story that will span over the course of years leading into the Meiji Restoration.  I have high demand for this story and expect a considerable amount of brainstorming, communication and literary skill.

Two Souls: One Heartbeat
Supernatural Erotica Dark Mystery

Seren Reyes was born with critical congenital heart disease, prompting a very tedious and stressful series of surgeries and special care needs throughout her life.  Shortness of breath and other complications that restricted physical exertion and an active lifestyle were just the beginning.  As a result, she was home-schooled and spent a considerable amount of time hospitalized for the care she required to stay alive.  Finally, the doctors came to the conclusion that her heart was beyond repair and they had a final solution to try: heart transplant.  Days after the successful operation, Seren was sent home to recover and given all the proper medications to make the process easier.  The last thing she expected to find, however, was the heart being haunted by its former owner!  Bound together and forced to come to terms with each other's presence, the two face a difficult trail ahead.  The ghost needs to pass on before lurking evil comes to claim him and Seren's the only one that can help.  The only complication is, he doesn't remember how he died.
  • I am wanting to play Seren in this story.  The sex and identity of the ghost is open for discussion.
  • The ending of this story can be tragic or have a happy ending.  It all depends on the choices the characters make and what we brainstorm, discuss and come to the conclusion on;  this can be a long-term story.
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Offline Diesel HeartTopic starter

  • Her touch is a pain I can't wash off, only long to have again like a drug. I'll happily be an addict then.
  • Lord
  • Seducer
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  • Join Date: Dec 2012
  • Location: in the heart of another.
  • Gender: Male
  • Pain that you can't live without; that's Love.
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Re: Diesel Heart's Literary Corner
« Reply #2 on: February 12, 2017, 10:30:08 AM »
Original Characters

Emily 'Emmie' Crowning
Social Information
Name: Emily Leanne Crowning
Alias(es): Emmie
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality: American
Age (Date of Birth): 22 (February 17, 1995)
Marital Status: Single
Civilian Occupation: Public Relations Manager
  • Adam Crowning - Grandfather; President of Crown Logging International
  • Nicole Crowning - Mother; Socialate
  • Vernon Crowning - Cousin; Cosmeotologist
  • William Shields - Father; Air Force
  • Janice Shields - William's Wife; Unemployed
  • Scott Shields - Half-Brother; Infant
  • Ashley Hayami - Best Friend; Hostess
  • Seijin Oogami - Ex-Boyfriend; Construction Laborer

Physical Information
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 127 lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Orange-Red
Body Type: Endomorph

It takes no time at all for anyone to discern that Emily is a genetically blessed young woman with a plethora of endearing and appealing qualities. At first glance, a delicate, freckle-faced visage is endowed with pleasant attributes and a pale-skinned, voluptuous physique bears an ample amount of curvature, particularly from the waist down. As an endomorph, Emily has a softer and rounder body with some difficulty in spotting muscle tone. Additionally, she is short and stocky to a degree. However, underneath the thickness of stored body fat is an athletic musculature retained through rigorous training and an active lifestyle. Unfortunately, her body type instills some limitations in flexibility.

Professional Information
Profession: Public Relations
Education (Scholastic): High School Dropout; Obtained GED at 17 and attended Washington University to earn a degree in Busines Communication.
  • Emily wrote for her school newspaper from middle-school up to her early high school.
  • After turning 16, she began attending socialite parties with her mother and was being taught how to present a public front to benefit the family business.
  • Aftern earning her Bachelor's Degree, she briefly worked for a local marketing company until being invited to another marketing and entertainment company named Hopeful Direction.

Personality Information

At the most basic core of Emily's disposition, she is a person of the people.  As a result, she has always been popular and engaged in social events or participated in extracurricular activities in school.  It's not hard to find her in the spotlight or being a supportive ear to just about anyone nearby when it's needed.  She's a social creature, striving to stay in touch with friends and the general culture of her local community.  Emily adhere's to the Japanese concept of the two social spheres, tatame and honne.  It encourages that working with others requires self-control that carries the rewards of pride in contributing to a group, emotional security, and social identity.  To help ensure this for herself, she tries to openly avoid competition or confrontation, promoting harmony within a group.

Emily can be described as exuberant or quirky. As a jovial individual that loves to be an outgoing social creature, she has developed a keen appreciation for pleasantness and clinging to passions.  There's very little difference between her casual self and business self, normally limited to mandatory professionalism in specific situations.  Otherwise, she's honest and transparent to a fault.  She won't go revealing secrets or private information out on a whim and holds the consideration of socially acceptable behavior to heart but she never developed a sense of having another type of behavior aorund certain individuals.  What you see is what you get.
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