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October 21, 2017, 06:16:55 PM

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Author Topic: Diesel Heart's Literary Corner  (Read 1956 times)

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Diesel Heart's Literary Corner
« on: April 28, 2016, 07:23:25 AM »
While I am open to writing smut from light-hearted vanilla encounters to extremes, I am not interested in having it be the focus of a story.  If you are someone seeking a one-shot or have an intention to dive straight into the sex, I am not the partner you seek. Thank you for understanding and good luck with the search.

P.S:  If you want to write with me, please send me a Private Message instead of posting on this thread.

Diesel Heart's Literary Corner

Current Status :  Selectively Searching 2 Partners
Muse Status :  Active


   Welcome to my Request Thread, fellow writer, and my personal haven for all things roleplay. You may call me Diesel Heart and I'll be your guide through this thread. Allow me to express gratitude for deciding to pay a visit even if you don't find anything worth your investment. Now, I sincerely doubt you came here to read over the same trivial introduction others have typed up so I'll bypass the bulk of details. However, allow me to establish a few details about my personal well-being to alleviate any misunderstanding there may be.

    I am a twenty-five-year-old male with over a decade of writing experience but it's not something I took seriously until just a few years ago. I am still learning and always will be, as all of us are. Moreover, in that decade I have been able to discern what attracts me to a story and what doesn't. This extends into my interests and preferences in other mediums of entertainment like cinema or video games. You will find this information below since it's relevant to writing a story with me. I have a very thorough F-List as well that you can ask for via private message. As I approach the next chapter in my life, I must give a warning that my posting frequency may be sporadic at times. Over the next two years, I will be attending college in order to become a children's teacher before moving to Tokyo, Japan. After that move, the sky is my limit. So, with that said, there is a potential of absences in my future. I will aim to update everyone accordingly, of course. With that out of the way, let me tell you about writing expectations.

Posting Guidelines
  • At average, you can expect three-to-four paragraphs per post from me., but I always aim to prove more. I also consider myself a literate writer with an extensive vocabulary. All this means is I endeavor to put proper grammar, spelling and punctuation in my posts. with a format toward 'professional paragraphs'. While I don't expect my partner to be perfect, having the common sense to make the effort is required and appreciated.
  • I lean towards long-term stories with substance, plot and the character development as the forefront of focus. The more detailed and visceral the complexity, the more interested I become in writing it. This requires us to communicate thoroughly about what we want out of the story and to determine our pacing. I don't mean to imply I enjoy an extensive cascade of plot twists just for the sake of mixing things up but I'd prefer our characters to relate to potential readers, touch upon real-world issues even in fictional or fantasy settings, and paint a story with emotional attachment.
  • I do expect a certain level of quality that goes beyond writing etiquette as mentioned above. This doesn't mean I am expecting you to match me in any capacity. What attempts you make to match, improve or otherwise is on your own initiative. If there is something I see as wrong that's not satisfying my writing attempts or other compatibility issues, I will let you know.
  • I like to write in third-person, whether in present-tense of past-tense. I am not my character after all, so any writing that implies otherwise is going to be an immediate red flag. Additionally, I will only ever focus on a character at a time with a supporting cast used to enhance the strengths or flaws of said character. This means I can play multiple characters but only one will be my main focus. The rest are there to enhance him and the story.
  • As I mentioned above, I am here to write with an emphasis on story and character development with substance.  I treat it all as a work of art where I toss my heart and soul in with the only expectation being an interest in how things proceed. This means I find it insulting to treat any character as a subject of sexual gratification. I will write erotica, something completely different from smut to me, but it will never be the focus.
  • I can and will play both male or female characters and I can play submissive or dominant.  However, please understand that my exposure to the real scene of BDSM is very limited.  For the longest time, I have played more submissive characters but recent events have given me the opportunity to play the other role.
  • I will not play cookie-cutter type of characters.  What I mean by this is having them be transparent.  I like complexity and a sense of dramatic realism to be present with them.  They are flawed while not appearing to be and have secrets they'd rather take to their grave just like anyone in real life.  Do not expect them to make a perfect romantic experience.
  • My characters tend to be intellectual and, more often that not, 'abstract minded'.  They challenge the normality and think in perspectives most may not consider.  I love to 'simulate' strange dispositions and present a varying degree of psychosis as well.  You may find these elements below in the Character Repository.

Ons & Offs

Disclaimer:  My Character may have differences in what is listed below.  If something is not listed below, consider it a maybe or flat out no.


Focus on Story
Character Development
Realistic Anatomy
Romantic Tension
Consensual Sex
Vanilla Sex
Oral Sex (Worship)
Short Partners (1-3 foot difference)
Small Breasts (A-B Cup)
Large Ass/Hips
Short/Dark Hair
Interracial Couples

Rough Sex
Risk of Pregnancy
Public Indecency
Risky Locations
Multiple Partners
Toy Usage
Bondage (Ropes, Collars, Leashes)
Anal (Plug, Rimming)
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Offline Diesel HeartTopic starter

  • Write in the Feels Weaver of Red Strings
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  • Join Date: Dec 2012
  • Location: Her touch is a pain I can't wash off, only long to have again like a drug. I'll happily be an addict then.
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Re: Diesel Heart's Literary Corner
« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2016, 03:24:26 PM »
Serving Precipice
Historic Adventure Interracial MxF Romance
This roleplay is something I've been craving for a very long time.  While it is my most highly craved story on the list, I have high demand from the prospective writing partner to put emphasis on historic accuracy.  I will not be a stickler for details, but I simply have a prerequisite of research and effort.

On June 2, 1859, Japan was forced to open up the Port of Yokohama after signing the Treaty of Peace and Amity under American Navy Commodore Matthew C. Perry's applied pressure.  The Shogunate's power is threatened which leads to political turmoil, economic instability and friction between natives and foreigners.  On October 13, the United States Navy officially establishes itself in the Kannai district of Yokohama.  Lieutenant Commander of the United States Navy, Edward Earl Greene, has been stationed there to help educate the Japanese on Western ship-building techniques and technologies.  When a drunk bureaucrat is publicly abusing his newlywed wife for making a small mistake, he interferes and becomes the target for assassination.  Thankfully, the wife defies her husband to alert Edward ahead of time.  Both of them are tossed into a difficult situation that forces them to take the refuge of an unexpected ally and survive the unfortunate paths to the Boshin War.  If only they could ignore the budding romantic tension building between them.

I am looking for someone to play the female.  A lot of her character is left to my writing partner's discretion as long as it has some loose understanding of historic accuracy.  The only static element I'd prefer to remain is her development into a fierce fighter capable of supporting her new romantic interest through a dangerous game of political intrigue and the stepping stones of a war.  She would have to be eighteen at the least to suit Elliquiy rules, providing a slight age difference since Edward is intended to be in his late twenties to early thirties.  Elements of BDSM are applicable and open to discuss.  Other aspects of the romantic relationship are also up for discussion.

Confidence Tricks
Futuristic Drama BDSM MxF Tension

In society, it seems that years of influential advertisements and media exhibitions have inspired countless people to commit criminal acts or get-rich-quick schemes.  The call to glory, living the life of a lavish celebrity and having the financial liberty to do anything one can imagine is far too great for a bulk of the population to ignore.  Numerous victims fall prey to shady opportunities in hopes they walk away substantially more wealthy only to end up in a worst situation than before.  Within that group is Gerald Hart, the unfortunate heir to a family debt and young man subjected to a gambling opportunity to resolve it all in a single, long-term scheme.  Now, he finds himself a receptionist for Roy Enterprises, one of the most powerful multicorporations in North America.  The goal is rather simple: climb the corporate ladder far enough to earn the privilege of living in the upper district of the city and sign over all assets to the man the debt is owed to.  The last thing Gerald expects is to find himself playing submissive in an affair with his bosses wife.  Not only does he have to keep this dirty little secret away from his boss, he also has to contend with the supposed dirt she has over him.

To be straightforward, this is a story I'm hoping someone as an experienced domme will pick up, specifically a femdom.  It's foreign territory and something I'm willing to experience for the sake of experience.  I am looking for someone to play the bosses' wife, a woman of class unsatisfied with an older husband's lack of sexual activity.  She's craving some excitement in life and this newly hired receptionist seems the perfect candidate to manipulate and blackmail in order to keep things quiet.  Unfortunately, she's not the only one playing a con..

Red String Theory
Supernatural Suspense MxF Tragic Romance

There always comes a point in every person's life that the unexpected happens or, more appropriately, something that could have been avoided if more caution was exercised.  For Scott Reyes, it was finding out his girlfriend had a fatal car accident because they were arguing over texts while she was driving.  For years, the guilty conscious heavily weighed on him, inevitably inspiring him to shape up his life and walk away with as a teacher for children.  Years later, he's moved on from the grief and focuses on his new life.  When one of the children end up getting into trouble with their father at the school, he ends up being pulled into a broken household situation and sides with the mother.  At the next school event, he catches up with the woman and they discover a budding fondness for each other resulting in a date.  Little do they know, the ghost of Scott's ex-girlfriend has been watching him all these years and finally sees an opportunity for one of two endings:  vengeance or taking him back.  If she can't have him, no one else can.  What is Scott's reaction when he realizes his new girlfriend is acting strangely and giving plenty of ominous reminders of the past?

This story requires a little bit of creativity from my partner, as they will effectively be playing two characters at the same time.  The first character is the mother that Scott starts a new relationship with and someone coming out of one with a spiteful boyfriend.  The second is the spirit of his ex-girlfriend who has spent years with confliction.  All sexual elements are open to discussion as well as how deep or dark the possession will go.  I envision the begin normal enough with a vanilla sexuality and over time, the ghost's influence creates a more sinister playtime in the bedroom while doing everything in her power to force the woman to give in and allow full control.

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