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Author Topic: Diesel Heart's Literary Corner  (Read 1335 times)

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Diesel Heart's Literary Corner
« on: April 28, 2016, 07:23:25 AM »
If you are looking for a smut-based story, this is not the thread for you.  I only seek character developing, story pushing partners.
Please reply to this thread via Private Messages only.  Thank you.

Diesel Heart's Literary Corner

Current Status :  Selectively Searching
Muse Status :  Active

Few comprehend what lies at the bottom of this weeping pit of tales. A veil of uncertainty permeates an endless abyss of darkness to prevent the mortal eyes curious gaze. All you can discern is a leap of faith is required to satiate the compulsion of discovery; to silence the temptation of mysticism. Do you take it?

If so, the fall is accompanied with a suffocating maelstrom of wind crashing into your understanding of cognition. Memories begin to fade, starting as blurring visions of heartfelt moments and the erasing of beloved visages until nothing is left but effigies and a blank canvas. Soon, there is all but one sound that heralds the inevitable precipice of change: an orchestrated threnody to commemorate your reincarnation.

Welcome to an exhibited collective of paths, each leading you into the eyes of another. I am Diesel Heart, the curator and chilling temperament to the kindling flames of passion and sensuality. You are one of many who dared venture into the obscurity of fiction where thought is transformed into words; where words blossom into an artistic picture and where artistic pictures become animated through force of will.

If you remain apprehensive and doubt your fidelity, then I encourage you to keep your wits and eyes open. Eventually, you will return. If you are the opposite and care to take the next step in curiosity, close your eyes and step forth. One of many immersive experiences awaits where you and I create a symphonic narrative with limits dictated only by us.

About Me & What to Expect

First and foremost, I am a relatively private person in most cases.  However, I am willing to disclose a few things about myself in this small segment.  My name is Justin E. Burroughs and I currently live in Meridian, Mississippi.  I'm a 25-year-old male with over a decade of writing experience behind me, though, I do not consider myself an expert by any means.  Starting next year, I will start taking classes in cosmetology, specifically for Nail Technician and the majority of my personal investment goes towards moving somewhere overseas.

When it comes to writing, I understand that I possess a large vernacular and attempt to strive towards perfect grammar and spelling.  The length of my posts average around 4 or more paragraphs and I typically write them with some margin of 'professionalism', meaning it is rare for any of them to exceed 7 sentences and falls into the 4 paragraph types.  My comfortable genres are Urban Fantasy, Romance, Superhero, Historic or Cyberpunk and I will also include Fandoms such as, but not limited to, Pokemon, League of Legends, Resident Evil, Supernatural, Star Wars and One Piece.  I am mostly interested in Male x Female relationships with bonus points for interracial but I do approach Female x Female and Female x Futanari at times.  As far as erotica content is concerned, I took a test which determined I am mostly a 'submissive vanilla' so take from that what you will.

Ons & Offs

  • Interracial
  • Oral Worship
  • Blindfolds
  • Light Bondage
  • Short Characters
  • Small Breasts
  • Short Hair/Bald
  • Tattoos
  • Piercings
  • Dark Clothing
  • Watersports
  • Scat
  • Vore
  • Beastiality
  • Incest
  • Large Breasts
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  • Think lightly of yourself and deeply of the world.
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Re: Diesel Heart's Literary Corner
« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2016, 03:24:26 PM »

Serving Precipice
Historic Fiction Erotica Action Interracial Slight Age-Difference

History Summary & Story Setting

For 220 years, Japan sustained an isolationist stance while political controversy continued to create friction within its people. It all changed when American Navy Commodore Matthew C. Perry appeared and bombarded buildings within the harbor of Edo Bay, demanding negotiations. Appointed government officials failed to reach a consensus between the Emperor, the Shogunate, and the foreigners and a compromise was reached resulting in the Treaty of Peace and Amity. Nevertheless, more political turmoil ensued and slowly bled into a national debate over government policy, public criticism, and violence. By no means helping stabilize Japan, it's economic and social status was drastically threatened and many peasant uprisings plagued the nation. Essentially, Japan faced a fundamental precipice of change. On June 2, 1859, the Port of Yokohama was opened and quickly became the base for foreign trade in Japan. The low-lying district of Kannai, a residential district surrounded by a moat, became occupied by foreigners treated with extraterritorial status. Friction between foreigners and local samurai become so tense that assaults and murders take place, such as the case of Russian sailors and collaborating Japanese on August 26.

This story will start on October 13, 1859, the date of the United States Navy official establishment in 1775 at Yokohama's Kannai district. It will revolve around two main characters before, during and after the Boshin War. A stationed twenty-nine-year-old Lieutenant Commander of the United States Navy helping the Japanese adapt to Western naval technologies and a seventeen-year-old newlywed to a drunkard, abusive bureaucrat. When she's getting a public beating for not being the ideal wife, he interferes and fights off the bureaucrat. As a result, they are both targetted for assassination and have to work together in order to survive. When the tension becomes too much and his commanding officer gets involved, they end up meeting with a daimyo for added support and get whisked into a dangerous game of political intrigue.

What to Expect
  • A story-rich, long term roleplay with an interracial relationship of slight age-difference.
  • A relative amount of historic accuracy to capture the atmosphere of the Bakumatsu Era and late 19th Century.
  • The inclusion of NPC's and drama to mix into action and romantic scenes.
  • Communication and discussion about the storyboard of each 'chapter' of the story.
  • Assistance to create your character to fit within relative parameters for historic reference.
  • One to Two posts per week on average (subject to change with life developments).

My Character

Name: Thomas E. Greene
Age: 29
Occupation: Lieutenant Commander of United States Navy
Height: 6'1" (185.9 cm)
Weight: 196 lbs (88.9 kg)

Thomas Greene was born on August 27, 1830, as a fraternal twin of a large plantation owner in Mississippi. Alongside his older brother and twin sister, his early life mainly consisted of being raised on the plantation which left him isolated from neighbors. He learned of other places through his studies under a private tutor from the north, prompting his desire to travel after finding out his brother would inherit the plantation. At the age of seventeen, he traveled beside his tutor north and enrolled into the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. During his years at sea during tutoring, he served as a Master-of-Arms aboard the USS Mississippi in the Mediterranean Sea.

In 1852, Thomas graduated as an Ensign and remained stationed on the Mississippi as a division officer. For the next two years, he sailed under Commodore Matthew C. Perry to Japan and befriended Lieutenant Commander, Johnathan G. Reyes. After the Treaty of Peace and Amity was signed and they returned to the United Sates in 1855, he surpassed all the prerequisites for examination and earned a promotion to Lieutenant. For the next six months, he stayed ashore while learning the necessary skills to command on a small warship, the newly commissioned USS Rogue. After the ship's completion, Thomas was deployed out to the Chinese coast in order to support the East Indian Squadron during the Second Opium War.

Together with newly appointed Captain Johnathan G. Reyes, Thomas, and the USS Rogue went sent out to patrol known Chinese pirate routes after receiving word about the results of the Battle of Ty-ho Bay. Rogue would see it's first taste of combat when they entered the Bohai Bay on October 12th, 1855 after an American vessel was sunk by the Oi Jia Pirates. As the approached the mouth of the Huang He River, they spotted three junks with armaments accompanied by a single lorcha. Rogue set anchor two miles and Thomas sailed closer with its cutter for a closer look. When they were spotted by those onboard the junks, they began to immediately open fire while starting to move. Fortunately, the shots were not well aimed and Thomas managed to get the cutter in close-quarters and board one of the junks while they waited for Rogue to engage.

Onboard the Chinese junk, Thomas cut through the pirates alongside his men where they came face-to-face with its leader, Oi Jia. She proved to be ferocious in battle and fought them off long enough for her to abandon ship with the pirates' flag in hand and transfer to another. With Oi Jia making a retreat down the Huang He River, Rogue closed in on the other vessels.  Using the overtaken junk's cannons to further suppress the pirate, Thomas and Captain Reyes led through crew to victory without a single injury or casualty.  However, they found a handful of Americans had integrated into the pirate crew and were questioned.  With Oi Jia trapped within the Huang He River, for the time being, Rogue sent a despatch boat to Shanghai to report.

For the next three years, the USS Rogue continued to have skirmishes with pirates and support allied forces during the Second Opium War.  On November 18th, 1858, they docked and stationed at Shimoda, Shizuoka and Thomas met with Consul Townsend Harris and his translator, Henry Heusken.  At this time, he was under review for his actions against the pirates during naval warfare and received his promotion to Lieutenant Commander.  Using the resources available to him, Thomas began to study the Japanese language in order to assist production and communication between the Navy and the government.  He also took the time to write to his family and catch up on things, letting them know all about his naval achievements.  On June 2, 1859, Thomas was relocated to Port of Yokohama where he decided to purchase a lot of land in Kannai.
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