The Anti - Suffragette Movement Act of 2050 in the UK

Started by Jester, April 28, 2016, 06:33:34 AM

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The act was passed unanimously. Women's rights in the United Kingdom have been abolished.  All of them. No longer can women vote or gain employment. Women throughout the country are now objects and possessions of the men in their family. Single women have been rounded up and allocated to single men.

It was not just men who helped pass the bill. Women also felt that men deserved their women to be submissive. Up and down the country women changed their attire to look sexy and slutty. Some women would chain themselves to park fences and offer their bodies to passing men.

Women were the cause of the recession that lasted two decades. They needed to learn their place.

It would be difficult for women who were once free to get used to the new situation. To find that they are now effectively possessions of their fathers, husbands and sons. It would be humiliating to have men choose your clothes. For men to touch you and grope you on trains as you do the shopping. Rape would become common place and incest not rare.

You are a woman. A mother, sister, daughter or wife or an employee. But you are now a possession.