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Author Topic: Sci-Fi or Fantasy, anyone? [mul]  (Read 738 times)

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Offline BayushiTopic starter

Sci-Fi or Fantasy, anyone? [mul]
« on: November 30, 2008, 12:09:40 AM »

I'm sure a lot of you know me in one way or another.... as I'm often in the Chat.

Anyways.... I don't have any real one-on-one's outside of large games, and would love to get one, or more, going.

Before going further, please view my On's & Off's, or if you want more detail than provided there, I have a Rabbit Hole profile(it's listed for a character, mind you, but it applies to me in general).

So... my ideas aren't terribly 'concrete'. I like my stories somewhat open ended, so we have more room to be creative, and to let the story grow as we move along. I'm providing general ideas below... although they are not definite or set in stone.

I'm a big fan of Science Fiction and Fantasy both, with particular titles within the genre's being my overall favorites.


Science Fiction

  • Star Trek - This can involve just about any particular humanoid-alien species, although I tend to avoid playing Klingons and Cardassians. Any Era from late TNG and on is good with me. I prefer to not play canon characters, going with originals.... we don't even have to involve Star Fleet.
  • Star Wars - Again, I prefer to avoid canon characters, although if someone wants to play Mara Jade(pre-Skywalker is fun, post is just as fun also), I'm game. I'd play one of several different species: Human, Twi'lek, Dathomiiran... and possibly something else. My memory of all the varied Star Wars species isn't so great... Jedi Characters are all and fine, and if in an NC-based plot, Sith vs Jedi would be excellent fun.
  • Huh? - I'm sure there's others, I just can't think of them now. I'll add to this list if anything else comes to mind.


  • AD&D/D&D3.x/D&D4.x - I can play most species, provided they're humanoid and intelligent.... Human, Elf, Dark Elf, Aasimar/Aasimon, Tiefling, various Fae folk. Nothing furry, please.
  • Warcraft - Based on the game World of Warcraft, I'd likely want to play a Human, Night Elf, or Blood Elf. The other races just do not interest me, as a personal player-character. Your race could vary.... Human, Night Elf, Blood Elf, Orc, Tauren, Troll, or Draenei. Sorry, but Undead... well... ugh. Also, the short folk just don't interest me. (Tauren only for NC plots, please)
  • Middle-Earth - I would almost invariably choose an Elf. Your race could be pretty much anything but Hobbit. Short folk just don't interest me, sorry.
  • Warhammer Online - I would choose either a Dark Elven Witch Elf, or a High Elven Shadow Warrior. Your race could be anything in the game, save maybe Dwarf and Goblin. Prefer opposing faction for NC plotline fun.


(Any of these should work with any of the above, and many of the below mix together as well)
  • Rape - It's obvious how this would apply. I enjoy the thought of rape, where in RL it isn't all that fun. Where that rape leads to, who knows?
  • Bondage/Domination - On its own, this can be fun. But combine it with rape, and it can become even better.
  • Slavery - It's obvious, isn't it?
  • Romance - On it's own, Romance is quite boring. Combined with, say, rape and/or Bondage/Domination, it can lead to an excellent story.
  • Hatred - Excluding Romance(although it can somehow involve Romance at some point), Hatred can spring forth in the heart of the one subdued, or a spurned lover.
  • Epic Adventure - It's pretty obvious, and yes it can somehow be tied in with any of the above.... or several of the above.

I'm pretty game to try out any of the above... just so it's noted that I do not play males(just can't get into their mindset). Also, I prefer to play submissive, especially in a game involving Rape, Bondage/Domination, and/or Slavery.

I'm sure there's more out there that can be tried. If you get a thought in your head for a game, just PM me! :-*

Forgot to mention.... I am a lesbian in Real Life, but I do not hold such stringent convictions here on E. While I prefer F/F games, M/F is acceptable(but not for a romantic game). If M/F, I very much prefer that there be at least a large element of NC involved. Thanks!
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