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February 23, 2019, 06:52:03 AM

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Author Topic: Lovers After War [Fantasy][Romance][Human x Dragon-monstergirl][M seeking F]  (Read 905 times)

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Offline Moon Hound HatiTopic starter

Hello and welcome to my latest request thread! First of all, take a moment to read my O/O's, preferably the other one too, to see if we're compatible on at least a few areas. Not everything in there needs to be a kink of your own, per se, but it's always nice to know where we both stand. I'm seeking someone to play the female in the ideas found below.

Now, for the idea I have! Keep in mind that this is a basic idea and can be expanded and discussed further, if you happen to have any ideas of your own that you feel could be good additions to the concept.

Oh, and please send a PM and DO NOT POST HERE!

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A century of war draws to a close, with peace treaties signed between humans and dracanis, a humanoid species that evolved from the dragons of yore over the course of hundreds of thousands of years. Naturally tensions remain between the people of both species, so initiatives are setup by the leaders to help stimulate kinship between them. One such initiative is the creation of a new division where humans and dracanis work together to investigate and halt new threads that rise against either or both of their species. Appointed as the leaders of this new joined army division are two “heroes” from the last days of the war.

He is a dread reaver, ones who wield dark and deadly magic, along with the physical prowess of a master assassin and warrior. They are a rare breed by themselves, but he was in a class of his own. Not only was he a man that had many brave dracanis warriors shaking in their proverbial boots on the field of battle, but he was also the bane of many of their leaders, having slain many who were infamous for their cruel treatment of humans, both civilians and prisoners of war alike. This earned him the nickname “The Punisher,” as he showed no mercy to those truly vile and evil. Rugged and scarred, he represents the unyielding, unfaltering resolve

She, meanwhile, is a proud princess of the dracanis, seventh and youngest child of the emperor himself. Taking blade in hand to defend people and country, she strode onto the battlefield, surprising both friend and foe with her natural battle prowess and ability to wield the dragon’s breath, a type of fire magic innate to all dracanis, but mastered by only very few. Now is she is known as “The Maiden of Ash,” for ash was often all that remained of enemies she faced.

Now you would think that a pair such as them, with their experiences of the war, would not get along very well from the get go, but nothing seemed further from the truth. While both are formidable warriors on the battlefield, whom work with level heads and an almost eery calmth, they are quite different people in private. Both playful and boisterous, they get along almost instantly upon meeting     neither having crossed blades with the other on the battlefield before. They are drawn to each other and fall in love, igniting a passionate romance that is kept secret from the world for now as they work together as leaders of the new joined division.

\/    \/    \/    \/    \/    \/    \/    \/    \/    \/

So I am looking for someone to play the dracanis princess on this post-war adventure where they get involved in many things, from possible new threats to their species to political intrigue and many other things. In my mind I have set this story in a sort of late medieval/early renaissance fantasy world. Humans and dracanis have been the dominant species of that world for a long time and it is partly because of this that the hundred year war started in the first place. While other species exist in this world, such as dwarves, elves, fairies and whatnot, they are not as widespread or politically powerful as the humans and dracanis. Aside from the obvious difference in origin and appearance, there are also other factors that set human and dracanis apart from each other. While the later is physically somewhat stronger on average, can use their wings to fly and possess innate fire magic unique to them, the former is technologically more advanced and have the potential to learn many more forms of magic, from elemental magic to necromancy to illusionary magic and so forth.
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Offline Moon Hound HatiTopic starter

Unfortunately my partner for this has lost her muse, so I am once again looking for a partner to play out this idea.

Offline Moon Hound HatiTopic starter

Giving this a summer holiday bump.

Offline Moon Hound HatiTopic starter

Still searching for the right partner for this.

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Offline Moon Hound HatiTopic starter

Giving this a nudge. Still looking for a suitable partner!