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May 23, 2018, 11:32:21 PM

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Author Topic: Seeking DMs & GMs for solo adventures! (Pathfinder, D&D 3.5, Ex3, and many more)  (Read 367 times)

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Offline indarkestknightTopic starter

At the moment I'm looking to be a player in a solo/one-on-one, which is to say I'm looking to play a character rather than a cast of characters. Mainly interested in playing a male character, though playing a futanari isn't off the table. In terms of smut, interested in playing opposite female characters, but also potentially futanari and physically effeminate males (colloquially known as 'traps').

The following are the scenarios I'm most interested in at the moment.


I'd absolutely adore if anyone would be willing to run either the Razor Coast Adventure Path or The House on Hook Street Pathfinder Module for me. Razor Coast is a swashbuckling setting/adventure path that blends D&D/Pathfinder and Pirates of the Caribbean with a healthy dose of Hawaiian/Polynesian flavor by Frog God Games designed for levels 5 through 12. It was nominated in the 2014 ENnies, and a Razor Coast supplement including optional adventures that can be added to the main adventure path was awarded Silver in the Best Adventure category.

My ideal character concept for Razor Coast would be the heir of the Shaw family, founders of Port Shaw, a settlement on the Razor Coast around which the adventure path revolves. Having seen how the colonists exploit the indigenous population, the Shaw heir desires to leave behind a different legacy than that which the rest of his family has. He wants the Razor Coast to be better for having Port Shaw, wants Razor Coast to be better for having had him and the Shaws in it. Leaning towards paladin, but other character classes aren't out of the question.

The House on Hook Street is set in Old Korvosa, where the border between reality and dreams – and nightmares – is growing thinner. A horror-mystery adventure thick with the occult, designed for levels 6 through 9. Character concept for this adventure isn't as complete as the one for Razor Coast.

Though it wouldn't be a very good fit for either of the above, I'm also itching to play a villain protagonist, specifically an Insinuator paladin. Especially interested in using Augment Summoning, Summon Guardian Spirit, and a Rod of Giant Summoning to bolster the Outsider Servant. Open to either Golarion as a setting or homebrew settings. If you have a particular idea for a solo campaign this character might be a good fit for, by all means, pitch it to me!

Open to having either of the D&D concepts below adapted to Pathfinder as well.

D&D 3.5

The concept I'm itching to try out with this system is an arrow demon armed with a pair of bows of the solars (from Book of Exalted Deeds) taken from defeated solars, working as a mercenary in the Blood War and the wars between the various demon lords of the Abyss. Could be based in Sigil or Plague-Mort, the Gate-town leading to the Abyss or the World Serpent Inn or Union or some other place that could function as a neutral ground. Ideally, the setting would be the Great Wheel of Planescape.

I also have another concept that's a little further out there – an awakened living wish, an archmage's magnum opus. Though it was originally meant to act as the archmage's regent over the demiplane the archmage created and filled with awakened living spells, it instead created a simulacrum of itself so it could explore the wider multiverse, though it must conceal its true nature; demon lords and archdevils would doubtless have designs on it, were they to learn of the existence of such a creature. For now, it disguises itself and plays the part of a wandering wish-broker, or perhaps sets up shop in Union (anywhere but Sigil, where it might risk discovery by the infamous information broker Shemeshka the Marauder.) Again, ideally, the setting would be the Great Wheel of Planescape, though I wouldn't be averse to having it act as an agent of Mystra in Faerun. (For anyone willing to adapt this to Pathfinder, I'd be absolutely pleased as punch if I had the chance to play a mythic living wish.)

Open to having either of the D&D concepts above adapted to Pathfinder as well!

Exalted 3rd edition

The long wait is over, and Ex3 has been released! Eager to play, though I don't have a solid character concept in mind just yet. Not confident enough with the system yet to apply for a group or to try to play Storyteller for this. Definitely open to discussion on the location and the character.

Vampire: the Requiem

I always liked the story seed for Dropped Like a Stone, a vampire mystery story/detective story. Would be interested in playing it out.

A less detailed idea, but given the new rules for Revenants, the idea of a clan-less vampire who eventually becomes part of a clan over the course of play intrigues me.

Not impossible to combine the two, of course, but could also be kept separate.

Could also be convinced to play a ghoul for a sufficiently compelling vampire.

System preferred (VtR 2nd edition/Blood & Smoke), but I wouldn't say no to playing it out freeform.

Vampire: the Masquerade

While I've never played Bloodlines, I've heard great things about it. Jeanette Voerman and her twin, in particular, intrigue me, from what I've heard of them. One idea would be to play a ghoul in service to either of the Voermans (or both). Another would be to play out something vaguely along the lines of the Bloodlines origin, with an illegally sired vampire whose sire is executed by the Prince, keeping however much or however little of Bloodlines' plot intact as you want, though ideally I'd prefer the Voermans to remain.

I am, admittedly, far less familiar with classic World of Darkness than I am with the new World of Darkness, so I'd be willing to freeform in the classic World of Darkness setting or to give V20 a go.

I am, of course, open to suggestions. Interests include Pokegirls and superheroes, among others. I am broadly familiar with Pathfinder, D&D 3.5, pretty much all the New World of Darkness / Chronicles of Darkness lines, and Scion (particularly fond of the JSR homebrew). While less familiar with it, I am willing to give the Godbound beta from Sine Nomine a go if approached with a sufficiently compelling idea.