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June 22, 2021, 05:28:16 am

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Author Topic: Reach Out To The Truth v.2 - Persona-Based Ladies Only  (Read 710 times)

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Reach Out To The Truth v.2 - Persona-Based Ladies Only
« on: April 24, 2016, 05:52:34 pm »

The sleepy town of Inaba. Nothing exciting ever happens here. Not usually. This year will be different. This year, you and your best friend start sophmores at Yasogami High. No longer at the bottom of the social food chain, avenues open up all around you and for once, you're really starting to feel mature. That is, until your best friend disappears one night. Vanished, almost as if into thin air. Rumors abound at school. Amongst the din you happen to pick out a really strange one; someone saw her on TV last night at midnight and she was acting extremely strange. That night you turn on the TV in your room. Nothing but static for a moment and then the screen flickers to life. There she is, looking and acting in a way you've never seen her before. Forlorn, you reach out and touch the screen.


You fall into a world that resembles the backstage of some old TV program. The place seems to stretch on to forever and a sense of utter dread washes over you. Bravely, you put one foot in front of the other and begin to walk. The corridors twist, turn, and gradually change into something you feel is a twisted reflection of a familiar place. Somewhere, you can hear your friend crying. Heading towards it with increased speed, you eventually stumble upon your best friend being tormented by some darker image of herself - the thing you saw in the TV. The friend that was not. They are talking, a heated argument between the real and the imagined. Your friend shouts something and the doppleganger laughs. It twists and convulses and changes, it is bathed in shadow and is then birthed as something new and wholly grotesque. The fiend lashes out at you and your life starts to flash before your eyes when..


A woman. A goddess. Arriving on golden threads, an elegant-looking white-haired woman of immense size valiantly blocks the blow with a pair of over-sized scissors. It's at once beautiful and strange. You sense another presence at your side. Fearing another attack you whirl to meet your new adversary, now filled with the determination to fight. Another shock; it's not a monster at all but Chisato Tunoku, a fellow sophomore and local bosozuku. A ruffian. "Charlie", she calls herself.

"Stand back," she says, "just stick behind me an' we'll get through this alive."

Advice from the school bully. This day keeps getting stranger. Little do you and your friend know that it's only the start of something even wilder.

Hello. I'm in the mood to start up a Persona 4 game and would like to have a bit more than one other person to play off of, so I'm looking for two people to join me in seeing if our characters can make their way through the plot of Persona 4 and try to rescue the inhabitants of the quiet town of Inaba. I'm looking for two ladies who are either familiar with the game or willing to let me explain some of the concepts to them, can post at least twice a week, and would like to help me put our own twist on the story. While we might not open with the narrative above, I'd like to start things at the beginning of the game - where the year is just starting and things are just starting to happen. Not only would I like this to feature a lot of action and mystery solving, but I'm interested in seeing a love triangle form between all the characters and seeing how that plays out, especially if we can create three very diverse characters. If this sounds like it interests you, go ahead and post here. Thanks for reading.