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May 23, 2018, 02:26:06 AM

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Author Topic: The Guild of Damocles - [Superheroes, All Welcome]  (Read 377 times)

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The Guild of Damocles - [Superheroes, All Welcome]
« on: April 23, 2016, 08:55:05 PM »

Heroes have stepped out of the shadows and into fame and fortune. With the discovery of the meta gene in 2024 the occurrence of these 'metahumans' has tripled. These days it's hard to find a major city without some sworn protector - and a whole host of villains to go along with him. Some say that when we toyed with DNA and discovered the meta gene we played God, that we opened Pandora's Box and we let out all the real evils that lurk within the hearts of men. Give someone power and -bam- instant supervillain. The heroes were always that glimmer of hope, though. They have t-shirts, merchandise, theme restaurants, and licensed 'marital aids'. They're the new celebs.

But where you have your A-Listers like Captain Atomic and Lady Grace, you've also got your B-Listers like Dark Cloud and Skeleton Key.

This isn't about the A-Listers. Or the B-Listers.

This is about the C's. Those folks that aren't perfect enough to make the front page or even the back. These are the folks that are too quirkly in personality, too strange in behavior, too weak in power, or just plain not interesting enough. They go largely ignored, even by the cities they swore to protect. They fight off petty thugs, purse snatchers, and the occasional villain trying to step up to the big leagues. They're the bottom rung. They're not even allowed within the League of Champions, the Earth's organized hero collective.

But what happens when an invading alien force approaches Earth and abducts all those heavy-hitters? When a massive alien warship descends upon the planet and it births thousands of alien soldiers they soon overwhelm Earth's mightiest heroes - while ignoring those deemed 'not a threat'. As the aliens begin to prepare the planet for their rule, these lowly C-listers must rise up together as one and show their betters just what they're made of.

Welcome! The Guild of Damocles is intended to be a superhero game featuring original characters fighting together to save the world from an alien invasion so mighty that even the likes of top-tier superheroes could not stop. This will be a story about the scrappy underdogs rising up to save the day, about quirky people with odd personalities learning to work together to overcome all obstacles, and about strange superpowers being used in creative ways. If this interests you or you have questions, please post below!