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Author Topic: Shameless Requests of Deviance (M Seeking F)  (Read 5165 times)

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Shameless Requests of Deviance (M Seeking F)
« on: April 23, 2016, 04:36:14 am »

Request Thread | On’s & Off’s | Apologies & Absences | Inspiration

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Pleasure to meet you! You can refer to me as Eikichi, or Eiki, and welcome to my request thread. I consider myself a detailed and literate writer and I enjoy both reading and writing in my free time. Before glancing below at my prompts here are a few things to keep in mind when writing with me. If you'd like a more detailed preference list feel free to click on my Ons / Offs (see link above).
  • Post Quality – I prefer to write long paragraphs. This usually means anywhere from 3+ paragraphs or a minimum of around 500 words. Typically, though, I write as much as my partners give. I am quite flexible on the post-length. I understand that, sometimes, 500 words doesn't really work. As long as you don't give one-liners and put in effort, you'll have my focus and attention. Frequent short posts will make me lose interest. Sorry, my muse is a fickle bitch.
  • Post Frequency – Admittedly I'm not the most reliable when it comes to posting frequency. Sometimes you might be lucky enough to get anywhere from 4-5 posts a day. Sometimes you might have to wait a week or two. Mostly it depends on how busy my personal life is at the time. I make a point of being in contact with my partners to keep them informed.
  • Post Clarity – I do prefer proper grammar in posts. Now I'm not a stickler for getting every single detail right. As long as the post is literate and is easily understandable, I won't mind a few errors ear and their. (;p No, but really don't do what I just did. Please.)
  • Prompt Ratios – I know that a lot of people like ratios. If I had to consider a decent ratio. 60:40 Would be the most accurate for my writing as far as story vs sex is concerned. I love drama, character arcs, and turmoil just as much as I love foreplay, sexual tension, and filthy sex. But I'm not a fan of labeling prompts with ratios so you won't see that in any of my stories. Granted some of the sex scenes might linger for a couple posts to long, but I believe that most stories have a healthy mix of both smut and plot. At least, erotic stories. I do non-smut stories, and pure smut stories, but when reading my prompts expect a healthy mix of both smut and plot.
  • Romance – I'm absolutely terrible at romance. Hot and sexy? I can do that without even thinking about it twice. When I take up romance stories, I always take longer to respond to them as I need to be in a particular mood and have my muse cooperate. I do love a great romance but, well, I might not be the best partner for them. Though, I try my best!

Plots below will have a label of anywhere from 1-5 stars, as noted below by the indicator. Typically most plots will settle somewhere between 2-5. Plots with 1 star as plots that are currently taken but I'm still interested in writing if someone can convince me to pick up a second edition!

Very Low:       
Very High:

Images in prompts are for inspiration; no face-claims are set in stone except for stories featuring canon characters!
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Re: Shameless Requests of Deviance [Work in Progress] (M Seeking F)
« Reply #1 on: April 24, 2016, 03:00:15 pm »


Compromise in Novigrad

Setting: The Witcher Universe (Post-books)
Concepts: NC/EX – Long-term/One-Shot
(Click for details)
Based around the city of Novigrad, a few months after the arrival of Triss Merigold and Yennefer of Vengerberg. Mages, witches, and non-humans are under the persecution of the city-guard, townspeople, and Witch Hunters. They give no safety and security to the people of Novigrad. Instead, these groups are under constant persecution. The eternal fire is relentlessly persecuting the magically inclined, while the religion continues to seep into the hierarchy of Novigrad. Many mages find that even the friends they depended on have turned to the eternal fire for guidance, rejecting alliances of old. The 'free city' of Novigrad is no longer free. The Sorceresses worked together to hide away many of the mages and witches within the city but are unable to help them escape from Novigrad. The sorceresses look for aid in evacuating the once free mages of Novigrad but are cautious in trusting the once 'kind' people of Novigrad. With no other choice, the two sorceresses turn to the shadier parts of Novigrad to find the help they need. They desperately try to make contact with Novigrad's shadier elements, only to find that most were unwilling to help with the price the sorceress's offered. The two sorceresses returned to their inn one day to find a letter waiting for them.

Dear Sorceresses,
Upon the request of mutual friends, we have come to the agreement that the magic wielders within our city require out aid. While their plight has been, for the better part, ignored, those of us who remember the free streets of Novigrad and all that it entailed can no longer stand for the injustice done upon those who lived among us as friends and neighbors. We request your presence for a discussion of the aid we can provide, for the next week, I shall be waiting at the abandoned warehouse on the southern edge of the docks. I shall meet you alone, unarmed. I would say I expect the same from you, however, you are never unarmed.
Guard Captian Lambert Therin

Notes: For this particular story I was looking to go the more extreme route with rape and control. As for the partner in question, I would prefer if the partner had some understanding of The Witcher. The story can be started as a one-shot and then go further depending on the preference of the partner. The original concept of this story also calls for the female writer to play multiple female characters, but if you'd prefer to focus on just one that will also be applicable! This request does linger more on the fantasy fulfillment sector but I hope to find a partner that is looking for a corruption story based on these two characters.


A Thrall’s Service

Setting: Contemporary, Fantasy
Concepts: BON/NC (Submissive Male) – One-shot
(Click for details)
He wasn't the club going type. He was a graduate student who'd worked his ass off through college and law school. He was done with the hard-working, done with studying. He could finally enjoy what he'd earned after eight years of hardship. In a week he'd head in for his first day as an intern at a prestigious firm, his future was looking bright. His friends had convinced him, the night before graduation, to go out partying with them. Most nights, in these kinds of situations, he would have been in his dorm studying his ass off. But now? He could finally kick loose. He could party and burn off some of his anxiety from months of studying and anxiously waiting for his applications to return.

He got to enjoy himself, but he wasn't ever going to forget that night. Not because he'd gotten so wasted he'd been blackout drunk. It wasn't because he woke up half-naked in bed underneath a woman. A woman who, by the way, was probably the most breathtakingly beautiful woman he'd ever seen. It was the blood coating her lips, dripping from her fangs and her chin, that he wouldn't ever forget. That self-satisfied look on her face. The fact he'd woken up, not drunk or hung-over, but with a piercing pain in his neck where he'd later find two bite marks. The beautiful woman on top of him had crimson eyes that stared at him like he was a prime piece of meat.

His plans for the future were tossed to the wayside. His eagerness to get his professional life underway was now curtailed by the woman who kept him at beck and call. His family life, his friends, all of it would fall to the wayside whenever and wherever that dark temptress wanted him and he had absolutely no way to resist her.

Notes: This is a bit of a weirder concept for me. It has all the stuff that I would consider a staple for one of my plots. A clear corruption angle followed with a dominant and submissive. I saw it's weird because, typically, I stay far away from submissive roles. But for this prompt, I am looking to explore playing a submissive character. Because of that, however, I'm going to be quite picky about who I decide to take this story up with since it's been a long time since I've written anything other than a dominant. Patience is appreciated!

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Re: Shameless Requests of Deviance [Work in Progress] (M Seeking F)
« Reply #2 on: April 24, 2016, 03:02:02 pm »


The King's Ward

Setting: Medieval
Concepts: NC/BON/EX – Long-term
(Click for details)
As the Lord of his estate there were many responsibilities thrust onto him. The one duty he never expected, however, was being trusted to take care of a ward half his age. Upon the death of her parents, the young woman had been entrusted to the King as part of her father's will. As a long time servant to the royal family, the King was happy to make her a ward. The King spared no expense on her. She received the best education, the best schooling, and the best training of her future responsibilities. On her eighteenth birthday, the King sent her back to her estate so hat the current Lord of the manner could begin prepping her for her duties. Legally, she would not be able to take charge of the estate until she came of proper age, twenty-four, or if she married. But the King had thought it would be best to introduce her to her duties early so she could become acquainted with the land that would be under her care and the people she would soon be serving as Lady of the estate.

The current Lord of the manner, who the estate was entrusted to after her parent's death, was none other than her father's right hand. A man who, as far as she was aware, was an honorary member of her family and someone she could look upon as an uncle. Even the King had assured her of his trustworthiness. How wrong they were about him. While it was true that he'd served her father faithfully, for many years, he'd become frustrated at how her father, more and more often, refused to entrust responsibilities to him. His growing arrogance, and dissatisfaction, gave him no other choice than to take the Lord and Lady's life by arranging for their carriage to have an unfortunate 'accident' off a cliff. Then, while their daughter was away as the ward of the King, the duties of the estate had fallen on him and he'd become drunk with the power. Needless to say, he was quite perturbed that in a few short years the daughter of the Lord would once again steal his acquired title.

Things went pleasantly at first, he continued to do his duties as the Lord of the estate.  The young ward followed his lead but as the months went by the Lord began to notice just how disruptive she was being with the way he had run the estate in her parent's absence. So the manipulative man decided, that with no other choice in mind, he either needed to spend the next few years teaching his ward how to behave. If push came to shove, then the Lord would make sure that the second clause of her Ladyship benefited him and no one else. Besides.. there was no one to interrupt them and she was a blank canvas to be painted however he pleased.

Notes: I imagine the current Lord of the manner to be quite kind and polite to her as first. After a few months, which can be done through time-skips or flashbacks, the Lords attitude and behavior to the ward will gradually change. The exact method can be left up to your preferences!

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Re: Shameless Requests of Deviance [Work in Progress] (M Seeking F)
« Reply #3 on: April 24, 2016, 03:26:42 pm »


Corrupting the Past

Setting: Science-Fiction/Contemporary Future.
Concepts: NC/EX – Long-term/Episodic
(Click for details)
The year is 2035 and the world has quickly embraced the AR interface goggles that took the world by storm in the early '20s. The goggles provide an active overlay for day to day life that makes things easier. These 'augmented' goggles come in the form of visors, glasses, and even contacts. They were, colloquially, referred to as 'Disks.' Among their many benefits is the active recording feature which draws directly into the memory center of the brain, thanks to a few mandatory implants at birth. This allows for instant and total recall of almost any memory. One of the many reasons the device has taken the world by storm.
He is the CEO of a new tech company that has been releasing updates for the AR devices, focusing primarily on devices that have the accompanying implants to 'ease' access to memory centers and even allowing for the total immersion into memories. Needless to say, the company's stocks soared as the update soon became a mandatory feature for all 'Disks'. At the same time, an intelligence agency began digging into his company thanks to its shady ties to anti-military organizations and criminal syndicates. The CEO, however, was well prepared for the 'agent' they'd sent in to infiltrate his company. He didn't bother just removing her from the tech staff, instead, he had something more delightful planned for the 'Agent.' While his company allowed for the full immersion into memories the technology also gave the company, and their servers, full access to every memory that was stored onto the disks. A provision that his shadier backers had asked for when he initially started the company. His 'backers' had wanted to utilize the technology to influence every day people's decisions, even alter their memories and behavior. It had taken a few months of testing but they had just finished this new 'update' and now he had the perfect test subject.
He started slowly just influencing her everyday decisions and her behavior. He put small suggestions into her head as far as what she should wear, how she should act around her fellow employees, and so forth. Only after confirming the changes did he finally start to 'influence' her memories. Both corrupting, and editing, her most precious memories. He replaced them with rough, humiliating, and degrading versions of the memories that she once thought of as precious.

Notes: This story involves a slow start that will eventually evolve into a more episodic story as we shift from the present day to the Agents memories. This story can go a few different directions depending on the partner. I have some ideas for a more long-term corruption and ideas for more short-term smut/degradation. If the story appeals to you just message me with your preference or your own ideas and I look forward to plotting together.

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Re: Shameless Requests of Deviance [Work in Progress] (M Seeking F)
« Reply #4 on: April 24, 2016, 03:29:39 pm »


Deviant Triangle

Setting: Contemporary
Concepts: EX – Long-term/Episodic
(Click for details)
They'd always known him as a respectable friend. The good guy they could take out with them to parties and not have to worry about being judged or him embarrassing them. It didn't matter that he was straight, or that they were both dykes', they'd always gotten along and they enjoyed his company. They had no way of knowing that their best friend was a monster. A total misogynist and an anti-feminist. In truth, he was absolutely everything they hated in guys and exactly the kind of guy they were always complaining about and making fun of to him. They thought they were safe with him. They were certainly comfortable with him. They didn't even feel the need to cover themselves around him, sometimes. Because he was their friend, he knew they both didn't like guys, and they thought he didn't see them that way. So, none of them had any way of knowing that their 'best friend' had spent the last two years plotting about the best way to take advantage of both of them.
His plan started when he learned his two 'friends' were thinking about having kids. With one pressuring the other to consider artificial insemination. That was when his plot came together. It happened when he was alone with one of his friends at a party. She'd gotten drunk, like usual, and was relying on him to get her home safely. Since she didn't want to get groped by some half-drunk douche and preferred to have him around to keep other guys at bay. That was her mistake. He didn't take her home. He didn't even bother leaving the party with her. Since she was drunk, and a total mess, it was far to easy for him to get her in a room alone and get her into bed. She woke up the next morning, horrified and outraged. Naturally, her inclination was to go to the cops. But that's when he showed her all the stuff he'd collected over the years. The photos of her, and her girlfriend, that they hadn't even noticed him taking because they'd been so comfortable. Then came the kicker. He told her she didn't need to schedule an artificial insemination. He'd already taken care of it the old fashion way, just like she deserved.

Notes: Ideally this story will be a slow burn that focuses on one-girl at a time. The story will involve a heavy non-con and blackmail angle at the start, with one of the girls, before eventually shifting to a more forceful angle as he moves onto savoring both his friends rather than just one. Their will be a lot of darker themes as far as breeding and misogyny are concerned. I tend to take elements like rape and blackmail and play them quite realistically as far as emotional/mental impact. So for those scenes either expect a lot of dialogue and drama, or skipping past the most darker elements depending on my partners preference. Let me know!



Setting: Contemporary
Concepts: NC/EX – Episodic
(Click for details)
He's not a good man. Far from it. People come to him with their problems and he does his best to make sure they leave a little bit happier. As a licensed therapist, and a hypnotherapist, it's one of the few things that he can do to help people. But he doesn't help everyone. He couldn't remember when it started. No more than a year after he'd started taking clients, he'd started to see them differently. It didn't help that his clientele certainly encouraged the vices of his youth that he'd forgotten. Most of his clients were bored housewives that spent their time on his couch complaining about their husbands, their boyfriends, or their current boy toy. They were looking for him to explain why they were cheating, to give them a medical excuse that made them feel a little less shitty about themselves. Sometimes he got the odd cause of trauma. Usually, sexual trauma with some eighteen-year-old girl, or some girl fresh out of high school, wanting to have a long talk about what a certain man had decided to do to them or how they'd been taken advantage of. That was when he realized... that these women would barely need a push.
He was careful at first with which of his clients he decided to hypnotize. Only the ones with husbands that didn't pay all that much attention or were frequently out of town. But once he'd gotten a taste for it there was no going back. He started to use his clientele as his experiments. He made them explore their deepest kinks and their most twisted desires. He didn't discriminate either. As long as they were his type, they'd find themselves under his thumb, none the wiser to the fact that he'd gotten inside their mind and was playing them to his tune and his beat. If anyone knew what he was doing then they would have called him cruel. Not just for taking advantage of the married and taken women that came to vent but also for abusing the women that came to see him because of their trauma and how he turned their trauma into pleasure that he could use against them.
Notes: There are a couple of paths for this prompt depending on what kind of character you would like to play! A traumatized woman who's come to talk about her rape/abuse? A trophy wife that isn't sure what she's doing in her marriage. A famous woman who's fallen on hard times or an Instagram model that wants to vent about her hectic day. The sky's the limit!


To Purchase A Bride

Setting: Contemporary
Concepts: NC/EX – Episodic
(Click for details)
After several bad relationships and a failed divorce, he's given up on finding that special someone the traditional way. One day, while out drinking with a buddy in a similar situation, his friend decides to give him a break. He'd always wondered how his buddy managed to land his wife. A gorgeous trophy wife that seemed like she was everything his buddy had been looking for. His buddy had given him some spiel, after coming back from his two-week vacation married, that it had been love at first sight and they'd met on his trip. But now, after a couple of drinks and he venting his relationship problems, his buddy had decided to let him in on the real secret to his new wife and his happy marriage. Well… His buddy gave him a website to check out and didn't bother to explain any more than that. The first thing he'd done when he got home after that night of drinking was load up the website and started searching through it. It wasn't long after he'd loaded the sight up that he found an order form with a strange title.

'Purchase your perfect woman.'

The form was filled with some rather peculiar questions. Quite a few that he wasn't actually all that sure about. There were some that he expected, even if a bit crude. His preference for body type. Race. Ethnicity. He forms did give multiple options so that let him skim through all the choices until he settled on the top three. There were even some 'warnings' on the bottom of the form that the woman would be submissive and there were no dominant varieties. There was the option for the 'woman' to be more of a switch rather than strictly submissive but that was one of the things that their service had little to no control over. After filling out the form and going to submit it he discovered that the cost of the 'Purchase' was well over sixty-grand, that wasn't enough to break the bank for him but it also wasn't money he could just throw away on a whim. After half an hour of mulling it over with a couple of extra drinks, he decided to pull the bullet and submit the order.

Notes: While the prompt seems pretty simple there are a couple of different angles I have for the story. One particular angle is that he's interested in being either a bit cruel, or lewd, with the 'wife' that arrives. Another angle I prefer to go down is that the 'wife' that arrives is actually a bit of a blank canvas. She speaks fluently and has a basic understanding of certain tasks, but otherwise, everything that about her is something that he can paint to his heart's content. Whatever he teaches her, or tells her, she'll pick it up quickly and won't question him. For those inclined for a darker angle, we can even have the service deliver while they still have a bit of fight in them.

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Re: Shameless Requests of Deviance [Work in Progress] (M Seeking F)
« Reply #5 on: April 26, 2016, 05:50:45 am »


Fallen Social Media Star

Setting: Contemporary
Concepts: NC/EX – One-shot/Episodic
(Click for details)
She was a star on the rise whether it was her social media accounts, her presence, or her general friendly behavior it was obvious that she was on the up-slope of what was trending. She might have guessed that one of the reasons for it was the way she looked, and her availability. When she found out her talent agents wanted to keep her relationship with her boyfriend a secret, she protested, but eventually, she consented to keep their relationship private. At first, it was just a bit of nit-picking, making sure her photos never included him too often so people just thought he was a friend.. but as she continued to trend upwards it became obvious her fanbase had a heavy male element. Especially a large segment of her fans that were obsessed with her body. As they had every right to be, considering even her boyfriend reminded her that she was a goddess. Of course, all that attention to her beauty, and fame, started attracting the wrong kind of attention. Her agents had warned her, that all females end up having to deal with the pervy Tumblr writers, the fan-fin writers, or the other social media stars that just wanted to objectify her. They mostly didn't bother her.. but there was one that got under her skin.

The reason for it was that so many of her fans, were also his, she hadn't known it at the start but her early fans had been sent her way by him. He had an Instagram account, an entire social media presence that was built on reposting other pictures with captions.. objectifying them. Before she'd known about him some of the perverted depths of internet-dwellers minds would never have crossed her thoughts, especially when it came to the level of fan-fic being written about them. He played his part well, the misogynist and the villain, encouraging others to objectify her. He'd DM'd her once, sending her a story that he'd chosen out of the batches that he'd enjoyed. He never knew whether she'd read it, but he did notice that she'd blocked him almost instantly. He also knew she was following him, no doubt to keep track of the things he said about her. But that only encouraged him to focus his attacks, his perversions, on her.

While he was certainly a bother for her, a problem she couldn't get rid of no matter how much she complained, she was starting to cope with it. Or at least, she would have been coping if it hadn't been for the stupid contest her agents had talked her into. The prize for the contest was a week for her.. as for the conditions all someone had to do was get enough votes through the agency's apps. When the agents had talked her into the idea initially, they promised that between her fans and the agents, they could likely steer the vote in whatever direction she wanted. She'd been all for the idea at first when her boyfriend had been snuck onto the ballot and thanks to the agency voting for him each day he'd garnered enough votes to be in the lead of the contest.. she'd finally get to spend time with her boyfriend, while she worked, and not have to worry about there being pictures of them together. What she didn't expect, and came to hate, was that three days into the contest a new name popped up on the top ten. It was him, the guy who'd been objectifying her from day one. The worse part was that he was creeping up the list, garnering more votes every day. The agency assured her that with only four days left there was no way he'd take the top spot, but that didn't stop her from feeling dread at the thought of him winning. After all, she was contractually obligated to spend an entire week with him. The winner chose the dates, the vacation spot, even the details for the hotel and the activities.

She'd unblocked him, just to rub it in that he wasn't going to win. She'd instantly regretted unblocking him, as the only reply he had for her taunting was a simple sentence that made her all the more anxious and stressed. "When I win, I'll make sure you know your body is nothing but a sex toy." It was arrogant, cocky, objectifying.. everything he was about. He'd said it just to get under her skin. She'd woken up the next morning to find he'd captioned another picture of hers.. and that he'd somehow worked his way up to the top three for the contest.

Notes: This is a story I attempted to write with another partner before they became busy. The model for the female lead can be discussed, though I have a preference so I'm hoping to find someone that would be interested in the pre-selected model. Nothing is set in stone, however, and I'm very much interested in getting this started so I'd be willing to compromise with several themes. The start will be pretty episodic in terms of them reacting to each other's social media posts, with the bulk of the role-play and smut being once the contest is over.


Tech Intern

Setting: Contemporary
Concepts: NC/EX – One-Shot/Episodic
(Click for details)
Like any self-respecting STEM student, he had a summer internship lined up at a big tech company in San Francisco. It wasn't all that exciting for a mid-western student to be stuck in a liberal suburban city but they were giving free meals, housing, and even paying for the relocation so there was no reason for him to turn down the offer. The weekend before he was supposed to start, while he was in the middle of unpacking, he received an email from his 'mentor' for the summer. He only took a glance through the email before loading up the attached itinerary. He saw that he'd have a few hours of orientation followed up by a 1:1 with his mentor for two hours in one of the conference rooms. It seemed a bit excessive for the 1:1 to last two hours but he figured that it was probably just that long in case things dragged along. At least, he hoped so. He didn't want to be trapped in a 1:1 for two hours.

He got a bit curious about his 'mentor.' It wasn't hard for him to google the name on the email and find a still active LinkedIn profile. He was surprised that his mentor was a woman, he hadn't realized thanks to the unfamiliar name in Korean, and started scanning through her profile. It was the most generic SF Bay Area Asian girl profile he had ever seen. Though, her resume was a little impressive. She'd interned at Google, Facebook, and apple. A graduate of Stanford and lived in the area… and from what he could gather. She looked like a total white cock slut. Her profile didn't say that but he was able to infer it. It helped when he searched some of her more 'attractive' photos and ended up stumbling on a deactivated tinder profile with the bio reading 'White & Black studs only.'

Finally, it was his first day. he sat through the boring-ass orientation about how the company was for entrepreneurs and innovators, how they were going to change the world, etc. He arrived at the conference, amusingly nicknamed 'Watchtower', a couple of minutes early, and made himself comfortable while he waited for his 'mentor' to show up. Not a second late she walked through the door, dressed quite professionally for someone working in a tech company. MacBook in one hand, coffee cup in the other, and smiling sweetly.

Notes: I'm looking for someone to play the mentor here, preferably as a Chinese/Korean face-claim, against my character. I'll likely be playing the male as a sort of alpha white male who'll want plenty of support from his mentor. Either help with programming, or someone to drain his rod. I would prefer for him to be crude and in-charge from the start of the short story but we can do a more slow corruption/force story if you prefer!


A League Of His Own

Setting: Contemporary
Concepts: NC/EX – Long-term/Episodic or One-shot
(Click for details)
People knew him as the Hero of the Age, commonly known as one of the golden heroes of the century. LightHand. A pillar of the Legion of Superheroes, LoS, and one of its founding members. He'd idolized by hundreds of people and heroes. He's been in the public eye for so long that his powers are well documented. His super-strength is noted as as the eight strongest hero. He has both flight and super speed. One of the things that idolize him above other heroes is how he always manages to make it in time to any distress. How his powers just barely help him succeed in some situations. But what people love, above all else, is that when he shows up to a scene to stop a villain almost no one ever dies. The few times civilians do get in harm's way, no one ever blames him. One of his favorite duties as a member of the LoS is the entry interviews. Something that he does with all the fresh recruits to the Legion. Needless to say, many of them are quite happy to have a face-to-face interview with one of the LoS's founding members. The man that can never do any wrong, the hero of the heart.

If only people knew the truth. Of the five members of the original Legion, he's the only man. That wasn't a coincidence. Nor was it a coincidence that over 75% of his entry interviews were with heroines rather than heroes. As informed as the public was about him, from his favorite meals to his favorite part of town to patrol, no one could have guessed that LightHand had an ability that he'd never shared or shown to the public. He used it frequently while he was on patrol. He even used it in fights with villains. It was just that no one had ever considered that maybe LightHand was more than just lucky. That he didn't arrive right on time. That everyone getting away unscathed wasn't the miracle that was the Hero of the Age. That he might just have the power of persuasion. A power that after years of practice was so strong that he could convince certain villains to weaken their strength, without them realizing it, that he could convince the bad guys to miss their shots. Or that the real reason those four pillars of the Legion had joined with him to make a League of Heroes was that he'd persuaded them. That wasn't even mentioning how he took advantage of those young, easily persuadable, heroines who he interviewed. The best part? He could even persuade them to forget everything afterward. He was the greatest Villain in a world that saw him as a Saint that could do no wrong.

Notes: I have a couple different preferences for utilizing my morally corrupt hero. He can be paired up against a gorgeously sexy Villainess that he decides to have some fun with before tossing into jail. We can play a poor rookie heroine entry interview and all the ways he takes advantage of them in the privacy of that interview. To him persuading a pretty woman that he catches on patrol and wants to have a bit of fun with. This is one of those stories I'd be looking to take up multiple renditions since multiple scenes or stories can be set in this universe or with this character.


Taming The Domme

Setting: Contemporary
Concepts: NC/EX – One-shot
(Click for details)
There were plenty of people who simply called her the 'Owner.' A woman who knew what she wanted, and took what she wanted from whoever she wished whenever she wished. She had the right to do it. There was hardly anyone that could stop her from taking her conquests once they'd tasted her. It wasn't just that they wanted her but even the people that might stop her were simply helpless. Whether it was politicians, the daughters of counts or ladies, actors, or actresses. None of them could get rid of her. She'd made a profession of not just dominating people in the bedroom, but dominating them financially and economically. How could they have known that the dominatrix they booked to dominate them in bed, to fulfill their wishes and wants, had also ended up recording all of their misdeeds and their endeavors? Not to mention the things she took from politicians, to sell to reporters, or the secrets she whipped out of patrons that were tied to the bed and unable to resist her probing questions. She'd taken so many secrets, so much money, that the powers that be really couldn't afford to leave her walking free any longer.

That was where he came in. He'd been hired to tame the Domme. Not exactly an easy task considering her reputation and her insistence on being dominant in the scenarios for her clients. It wasn't long, however, before he established a workable background and tried to manipulate himself into a position where he could actually take advantage of the Domme. Of course, truth be told, all he really needed was for her to be encouraged by his background to pay him a visit. All he really needed was to get her in the same room. He'd heard that the Domme was a bit much to handle, but he chalked up most of the stories to nothing other exaggeration. He'd gone through most of the blackmail tapes, the ones she'd sent to her clients to intimidate, and he was confident he'd gotten a solid grasp of her methods. At the very least he knew this assignment wasn't going to be boring, the Domme was certainly a looker and the type of woman that would captivate his attention in a bar.

Notes: For this story I imagine quite a bit of a power-struggle angle for the initial scene where both the Domme and my character are trying to feel each other out. The exact route of how he takes control, or if he ends up under her, will depend on your preference. Let me know!

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Re: Shameless Requests of Deviance [Work in Progress] (M Seeking F)
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Perilous Journey

Setting: Fantasy/Wuxia
Concepts: NC/EX – Long-term/Episodic
(Click for details)
Sky-Spill Continent was filled with cultivators, demons, and soul beasts. In one of the seven dangerous territories, The Soul Wrenching Swamp, a group of four cultivators are making their way through the Soul-Beast Swamp so that each of the cultivators can find a beast worth making their companion for their Soul Space.

The leader of the group, nicknamed Prince, is the son of a noble who's off on his first adventure outside of his father's territory. But not quite so far from his father's safety. A sword cultivator and someone with noble backing he naturally decided to take charge of the group when they first met. The other members of the group offered no resistance, and as they made their way through the swamp Prince was always at the help with the other male in the group, Knight, at the back.

Knight was a cultivator that had 'sworn' loyalty to Prince's father, even if he wasn't too happy about his talent being stifled because no one within the country could have a talent that surpassed his son, Prince. Knight was a spear cultivator and after Prince took the lead Knight decided he would take them back and make sure the group wasn't being followed by bandits, wandering cultivators, of demons. Most of the time trouble came their way, it was Knight who took care of it.
The other two members of their group were two female cultivators. One was the fiance of Prince, Prince's father had recommended the two of them should use this opportunity to become closer and finally become Dao companions. The other female cultivator was the groups 'Navigator.' Since the Swamp was one of the seven locations on Sky-Spill Continent that were large enough for even experienced Masters to get lost cultivators with a natural sense of direction were deemed the group's navigator. Knight and the Navigator had a rather close relationship, which made the group a pair of two couples and complimented their dynamic nicely. However, as Prince waded through the murky swamp and sought for a Soul Beast that would compliment his sword, he didn't notice that further in the back both his fiance and the Navigator, had flushed faces as they lingered closer to the Knight.

A few days earlier, after Knight had found and bound a Soul Beast to him, both he and the Navigator had been joined together in his tent. The Navigator's lithe body was tied up with her ample bosom digging into the floor and her ass raised into the air. Her mouth was gagged so other than the sound of slapping and some muffled cries, it was impossible to know what was going on inside the tent. The flap to the tent had been left open since both Prince and his fiance were meant to be gone too fetch a beast for Knight to cook that night. Prince's fiance had returned to the camp early, and wandered past the tent when she heard the strange sounds. She stumbled on the sight of the Knight and Navigator.. and her eyes lingered on the Knights brawny and muscular body for a little to long before her face flush and she disappeared. Not before Knight had noticed, and continued to thrust into the Navigator despite seeing her. From then on, the Knight had started to take advantage of the Prince's fiance who'd shown such a reluctant interest.

Notes: This story will take place in episodic installments where we likely jump from scene to scene. Some knowledge of Wuxia/cultivation novels is appreciated but those elements can be removed. This story will likely involve a cuckold angle with the Prince character being an NPC. You can feel free to take up the role of the fiance, or the Navigator, if playing both isn't an option. I'm open to any ideas or amendments to the prompt, just let me know what you'd like changed when you message me! This is a system game and I have a home-brew system in mind for combat. A system that can also be amended for sexual elements if you prefer. Otherwise sexual elements will be done through writing, along with story, with the system adding to both the story and combat. If you intend to play through the system then we'll need to discuss creating the profile in PM's so you can choose abilities/arts along with your character(s) inventory.


Dungeon Leveling

Setting: Fantasy/DnD/Solo Leveling
Concepts: NC/EX – Long-term/Episodic
(Click for details)
Ten years ago, portals connecting our world to a world full of monsters and creatures of all kinds began to appear. Some people have acquired powers and the ability to hunt the monsters within these portals. They are called hunters. These hunters each have unique abilities that rank them from the weakest of hunters, F-Class, to the strongest of hunters known as S-Class Hunters. These ratings were also given to the portals that appeared around the world to measure the strength of the hunters that should challenge them. As the portals became frequent and more people with acquired abilities began to appear hunting became a profession that various governments funded.
Once a portal appeared, a group was assigned. If the portal wasn't cleared, by killing the boss monster inside, within twenty-four hours then the portal was fully 'opened' and all the monsters inside could invade the earth. Three years ago, the first S-Class gate appeared. The ten S-Class hunters that entered the portal never returned and twenty-four hours after it appeared… a single monster emerged.
That was the day the United States was almost destroyed by the S-Class Black Dragon that came out from the portal. Since then various countries have been pouring funds, manpower, and research into the portals along with creating training facilities for hunters. No one was willing to risk another portal opening and a 'monster' on the level of a dragon appearing.
Our story follows a D-Class Hunter through his adventures in exploring portals with various groups of hunters, friends, and victims. While a D-Class Hunter he underwent a rebirth, a rare event where Hunter's abilities evolve, and while trying to hide power boost be begins to exploit his fellow Hunters while exploring his new ability. The power to shape-shift into any monster that he has slain.

Notes: A darker story focused on dungeon exploring. The story can focus on how one female is abused by our D-Class Hunter or be more episodic/harem based by following various other Hunters who end up being victimized by the Hunter while he explored his ability. I imagine quite a few of these will be bad ends. Being killed in the portal means death, but these are monsters. Death is mostly for men, women experience a different kind of horror which, if they are lucky, grants them death. For anyone seeking this prompt I'll prioritize those who are interested in playing multiple characters, have no problems with kinks like bestiality, excessive cum, and breeding/impregnation. In my mind, it would either be set in South Korea/China but I'm fine with it taking place anywhere else you might prefer but my preference is for the hunters matched against the D-class Hunter to be Asian.

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Re: Shameless Requests of Deviance (Dom M Seeking F)
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This is not a typical request. Rather I am leaving this as an open request for anyone that is interested in writing with me but is interested in creating an original story with me, or as just an odd bit of information for those about to write with me. While I like to branch out into various types of writing, with varying settings and themes, generally speaking there are a few basics when it comes to writing that I thoroughly enjoy regardless of the story or plot elements that I will discuss below for anyone that is interested.

A typical trend with my writing for stories is that I enjoy writing darker prompts that revolves around dark themes and kinks. The main trend tends revolve around strong female leads being broken down by means of force, corruption, or brainwashing. Those are three very broad methods of how these strong women can be broken down. I’m keeping it broad as I find there are plenty of methods for that to be done. An example of strong woman, other than those with strong personalities, are characters such as superheroines, rulers, and leaders. While strong women are my preference for such stories, they are not a requirement, I’m more than willing to explore other options for the stories we come up with. Another trend with my stories revolves around having some sort of power dynamic, or general emotional distance between the two leads. I prefer the aspect of a power dynamic either to be done through Master/Slave, Dom/Sub, or general misogyny.

As of late I’ve found that almost all of my recent stories tend to revolve darker themes. Some of those darker themes include; bad endings, violence, and rape. None of these themes are necessary, they are completely optional, for me to write a story but when thinking about a possible story, or plotting a story, revolving it around one of those themes makes it easier for me to plot. This involves the kinks some of which are; non-con, force, bondage, and manipulation and control. Not all, or any, of these kinks need to be included for the story to progress but for those wanting to write an original story I would recommend revolving the theme around one of those type of kinks.

An example of some of the scenarios/plots that I would list under this type of prompt would be;
  • A superheroine falling into the clutches of her nemesis/villain.
  • A Queen 'servicing' the enemy general after an Invasion.
  • A college professor who is blackmailed by her student or supervisor.
  • A doctor who finds herself the sick victim of another’s experiment.

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Re: Shameless Requests of Deviance (M Seeking F)
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Stories relegated to the Graveyard are not those that I have abandoned plotting over, but are those that will require some convincing and the right partner for me to pick them up again. They are either moved to the graveyard because they have been over-done and failed, or the idea itself has lost my muse's interest and needs to be reworked. If you have a fancy for one of these ideas, then convince me and I'll be happy to discuss it.

Graveyard of Prompts

Escorting The Companion

Setting: Firefly Universe
Concepts: Light – Long-term
(Click for details)
A Companion is a skilled, well-educated and well-respected member of a guild of professional courtesans/entertainers. While they do frequently engage in a form of state-sanctioned prostitution, they are nonetheless treated with a great deal of respect and deference by nearly everyone, though non-guild prostitutes are generally treated in the reverse, even if they are former Guild members. It's customary for most vessels, bound for Alliance planets, to have a companion on board for diplomatic purposes.

Infinity is a small ship, with four crewmen, that have been assigned to escort a companion from the one end of the Verse to the other. They'll travel to several places across the border, and throughout the core. The companion in question is assigned, by the Guild, for several diplomatic missions and this is just a standard service. However, she certainly isn't pleased with the Captain she's been assigned.

The Captain of the Infinity is the type of man who dislikes the type of services provided by the Guild. He's less than pleased to have a Companion on board and the two constantly butt heads. But he's hardly the man to turn the cash that the Guild has offered and the privileges that flying with a companion on-board offer him and his crew.

Notes:I'm looking for a partner for this prompt whose at least partially familiar with the Firefly universe. I imagine this story to be quite light and more of a slice of life focus. Many of the 'episodes' of the story are focused either on their day to life on-board the ship with the other crew members or their time on foreign planets. Another angle for this story was having the captain and crew be a typical 'Han Solo' type. Someone that prefers to earn cash legitimately but often resorts to smuggling, crime, and anything else that gets him the money he needs to keep his crew well off and the ship in working decision. Fuel doesn't come cheap in the Verse.



Setting: Contemporary
Concepts: NC/EX – One-shot
(Click for details)
Ever since the #MeToo movement had started she'd been a vocal supporter. Not just of the principles of the movement but a vocal opponent of all those who attacked and chastised the girls that came out. When the movement had started to lose traction, disappearing amongst the mass of day to day horrors and disgust, she had remained adamant to getting various girls' stories out into the public domain. She just couldn't accept how everyone could move on so quickly, how they could just ignore the horror those girls had gone through. It frustrated her, angered her beyond belief, but she remained adamant in her belief that all those responsible would get their comeuppance.

It had been months since the movement started and much of its progress had ended up slowing down to a crawl. There were still girls coming forward, but it was nowhere near as meaningful to the public at large. It didn't help that the girls didn't want to publicize it, they didn't want the same media attention or publicity, they just wanted justice. But without that media presence, the police had no reason to look into cold cases, and the public had no one to ostracize if they weren't following the story closely. She'd been so distraught over the future of the movement, so frustrated with the lack of progress, that one particular night she'd gotten wasted at her campus bar and heard complaining about the fact that she didn't have her own #MeToo story, complaining that if she'd had one she could have kept public outage and distraught and perhaps the movement wouldn't be where it was today.

Of course, how would she know that her words spoken in frustration would land her in so much trouble? That someone, who was more than happy to give the pretty girl her own #MeToo story, would follow her home. But the worse part was that this person had no interest in giving her a run of the mill story of assault. No, since she had been so desperate for it he planned on giving her a story that would truly leave her frightened and distressed. Well, least once it was over she'd finally be able to join in on the movement properly.

Notes: I imagine this as a quick and dirty one-shot. Likely pretty dark. Focused initially on the kidnapping and the rape scene. If possible also some videography/photography depending on partner preference.


The Wrong Bedroom

Setting: Contemporary
Concepts: NC/BON – One-shot
(Click for details)
The Governor's house always made a show of their annual party. Each year was a different theme, different from last year's anyway, and all the guests were expected to play to the theme. The governor always invited the same families to the party along with any politicians or businessman that were in town at the time. He was one of such businessmen. He'd gotten the invitation letter from the Governor's people right as he was about to leave town. Since his flight was scheduled for later in the day, he didn't see a problem with attending the party that evening, amusingly enough it was a masquerade ball of all things which meant he didn't have to go looking for any kind of costume or fancy dress. All he had to do was sent his assistant to go fetch him a mask for the party and then he was all set for the Governor's party. It was a rather uneventful night, for the most part. Lots of drinking and mingling. He even saw a few people disappear upstairs. The Governor had offered to let a few couples stay in the many rooms around the house rather than drive home drunk or let the magic of the party wear out. Since he had a plane scheduled for the morning, he decided to grab a room for himself. All he had to do was find an open room and make sure to close the door.
After a couple more drinks to wet his mouth he decided to head into the bedroom while carrying half a bottle of red wine that he planned to finish before passing out for the evening. He stumbled on a few locked rooms, unluckily enough, it seemed that quite a few couples had made their way into empty rooms while the festivities were still going on. Eventually, he stumbled into an unopen room and was about to flick on the light when he noticed a faint, warm, light flickering in the corner of the room. Candlelight. After noticing the light his eyes drifted onto the beauty that was laying on the bed. Barely dressed, and it looked like her robe had been discarded to the floor. She was still wearing her mask, and her back was to the door. That was when he noticed the young woman had her hand buried between her legs. Slightly amused he closed the door behind him, locking it, and started making his way towards the bed just in time for the woman to notice him. But far too drunk to recognize who it was.

"Sweetie... You made me wait."

Notes: Marked as a possible Non-con story but it will most likely be dub-con. I'd prefer to write this out as one long scene but short story. Can be done with just him taking her in that period after he steps into the room. Or a scene focused on the night, then the morning, before wrapping up the story. Dealers choice.


The Fallen Angel
Setting: Fantasy, Modern.
Concepts: PBP: NC, Demons, Angels, BDSM, Master/Sub, Force, Manipulation.
For an eternity angels and demons have bickered over the lives of humans. Whether they were insignificant or significant, the life of each human was precious to them both. Their souls are regarded as the most precious object, and both angels and demons covet them. So from birth each soul is destined to spend eternity in damnation or salvation. The angels would like nothing better than take every humans soul up to heaven for salvation, yet many humans cannot be taken thanks to the sins their souls accumulate. Each human decides their fate through their life and all angels can do is watch as the humans either fall to temptation or stay pure and rise with angels. Yet each and every year less humans pass into heaven and this war for human souls continues to be lost by the angels.

But human temptation isn’t the only peril facing their souls. Since the beginning, both angels and demons have had a restriction placed on them. Neither was allowed to mingle or interfere directly in the lives of humans. However, the demons found a way around this rule. Now the angels watch helplessly as humans not only give into temptation but are also forced to watch as the demons corrupt even the purest of souls thanks to their access to the mortal plane. The demons also have access to the vessels they corrupt, using them as catalysts to further corrupt their human prey and a few rare vessels can even corrupt even the purest of angels.

Election Night Wager
Setting: Contemporary
Concepts: PBP:NC/Extreme - Long-term, Episodic. Blackmail, Force, Corruption, Coercion, Adultery/Cheating, Political, Misogyny/Sexism, and Tension.

Story takes place the day before the election at a large frat party at the edge of the university. Two college girls wander into the party and are surprised to find a rather heavy conservative presence at the party. After getting into an argument with a group of guys the girls agree to a bet over the election results with a group of conservative pricks. At first being cocky enough to exclaim that ‘Trump’ won’t get anywhere past 200 electoral votes and even bragging that that for every vote below 200 the guys will have to do whatever they say, with every vote above 200 being a minute where they are at the guys mercy.

Half-way through the night the girls up the stakes, enjoying their sense of victory they sweeten the bet saying that either party has zero restrictions if their candidate wins. Of course, as the election tide turns the girls begin looking for every way out of their bet that they can. The guys of course, have every desire to make the most of every single minute they have them. Especially since they want to show these liberal, feminist, college brats just how wrong they are about everything.

The Spoils of a King
Setting: Fantasy, Alternate History
Concepts: PBP: NC, Bondage, Force, Restraints, Coercion, Blackmail.
He’s little more than a savage, taking whatever it is he wants from whoever he wants. His horde number the thousands, infinite and unrestrained. Each and every day he guides the horde through the countryside to raid and pillage new territory, gaining more land and suppressing the locals to his ruler ship. One of the many ways he finances his growing horde is to demand tribute of his newly conquered citizens. They pay him in gold by the bucket load and he expects nothing less as without it the horde would be nothing more than a rebellion against him. So those who can’t pay are executed lest anyone else get ideas. He doesn’t just take gold though as he’s willing to take goods; silk, food, grain, silver, weapons. Anything with a value. Of course that just so happens to refer woman too, as their value is just as immense as a bag a gold of the finest silk worms. Their jewels that can be used to barter with.

She was his property now. Whether she was a noblewoman, a commoner, a maid, or just a thief. Anyone who was sold to the Khan’s army was indicted to servitude. They might have been free woman to any other country, any other state, but as long as they were in the Khans lands they were little more than tools. Even if they escaped their captors, their rapists, they were branded and collared so that anyone who saw them knew who they were at a glance. They were slaves to the Khan, to be sold for money or used for pleasure. She had no idea the world she’d been tossed into. A new slave not even branded. Whether she was sold or captured, it didn’t matter. All that mattered was the profit they’d get off her; as it happened a rather wealthy captain had caught sight of the damsel.. and he was happy to buy her for himself.

The Last Vampire
Setting: Fantasy, Medieval.
Concepts: PBP: NC, Dominance, Force, BDSM, Control, Slavery.
Vampires came out of the darkness, exposing themselves to humans for all their worth. It wasn’t for peace though, or for openness, no the vampires revealed themselves for their own self-interest. They were tired of hiding in the shadows and using humans as occasional blood-bags. Instead they were now solely dedicated to controlling and cattling humans. It worked at first, for a long time. They spent decades capturing and turning humans into their personal blood bags before the humans began to resist. Decades of servitude gave rise to insurrection and resistance until finally they drove the vampires out of the nests they created. Resistance gave rise to war and no matter their numbers, or their ability to turn humans, the vampires couldn’t stop the tidal wave of hatred that seeped from humans. What took the vampires decades to build took the humans a few short years to tear down. Now the kingdom they created is in ruin and every vampire is hunted. Some are murdered, others are captured.

While it would be far more beneficial to murder the vampires before they could consolidate their forces once again. Yet vampire blood healed humans better than any magic or potion. Their bodies were sources of potent magic and could be used freely for spells or incantations without the limits that held back many human witches and wizards. So instead of being killed and executed many are captured and tamed. Whether it’s through magic, or simply defanging the blood suckers. There is also resistance, groups of humans loyal to vampires, corrupted by their mind. These humans seek to control vampires not just for their uses but to use them to create a new kingdom. They are far less gentle when it comes to taming, and using, said monsters.

The Summoning Gone Wrong
Setting: Fantasy.
Concepts: PBP: NC - OneShot possibly Long-term. Slavery, Magic, Bondage, Corruption, Power-struggle, and Degradation/Humiliation.

When magicians come to age, twenty-four, its common place for them to summon their companions. Each magician’s companions are personal, they vary from forest creatures to servants or magical creatures. These creatures become subservient to their master enslaved for the entirety of their master’s life, or their own. Dark magicians follow the same ritual, but unlike regular magicians they are far more likely to summon monsters or demons. These creatures are far more dangerous and extra precautions are made. Otherwise these monsters and creatures can break the seals holding them inside their summoning circle and murder their summoner. Though murder is the least of those magicians worry, after all these monsters have millennia of difficulty over previous masters to work out.

She’s broken into her master’s library, taking his summoning books to summon her own servant. Still far from the age where it’s appropriate. The summoning circle she’s drawn was done by the book, ancient texts which were never meant to be practically used. She’s talented, gifted, and under-appreciated. She believes that she can make a standard summon despite what her master says. However, the book she’s taken isn’t meant for light wizards. Not only is her magic the wrong type but the magic needed must be old, ancient. The runes she’s drawn are nothing more than child’s play to undo. She’s more than shocked when the companion she summons happens to be a demon. Yet the real shock comes when he breaks away the runes that keep her safe. Can she defend herself from this demon, or is she at his mercy?

The Dark Sorceress
Setting: Medieval, Fantasy
Concepts: PBP: Light/NC - Long-term. Dom/Sub, Struggle, Power-play, and Bondage.

The hunter tugged off the hood of his cloak while taking the final few steps out of the forest and reaching the base of the jagged mountain. The mountain was lined with a series of caves and jagged cliffs. Yet regardless of that the bounty hunter continued to follow the path up the jagged mountain and making his way to the peak where the dark tower was resting. The bounty-hunter usually wouldn’t bother with such a laborious task but the reward had reached a point where it was now far too tempting not to try his luck. The bounty had been increased after the recent envy of knights sent to capture the sorceress had yet to return. Not that it anything other than their death was expected. After all the kingdoms knights were hardly suited to facing magic. No the knights were much more suited to fighting other knights or even bandits.

Perhaps they’d finally realized the fault of this and instead decided to simply increase the bounty on the sorceress. Now that it was increased, horrendously so since the bounty was little less than a kings fortune, and now dozens of hunters would no doubt descend on the mountain-top to capture the sorceress. Unlike many of them however he was accustomed to capturing magical creatures, so the sorceress seemed like little challenge.

He was wrong of course. Though perhaps he should have been more aware of his surroundings instead of being distracted by the climb.

Regardless as he passed one of the emptied caves bolts of magic would release from the pit. So that the bolts of lightning would cover his body and rendering him unconscious mid-fall. Fatal, if the trap also didn’t have a series of measures to capture the victim. So instead of a free-fall toward the base of the mountain he was instead rendered unconscious and pulled into the caves pit. Where he’d no doubt remain till the sorceress came down to retrieve the bounty-hunter.

Master & Apprentice
Setting: Fantasy, Medieval.
Concepts: PBP: NC, Magic, Control, Manipulation, Dom/Sub roles, Teaching, Training.
He’d found her wandering in a daze, bloody and naked with fire clinging to her arms and legs for warmth, shambling down the King's Road. The elder warlock took notice of her immediately, not cause of the fire clinging to her soft and inviting body, but because of the color of the fire. The orange and red flames streaks with lines of red and gold, obvious signs of magic. Whether it was her magic that finally burned out, or the sight of another human, when the warlock came within hands reach of her the burning woman lost consciousness. While he could have left her on the King’s Road for any wandering knights or travelers to take care of, the magic she showed sparked his interest. So instead he covered her with his cloak and slung the woman over his shoulder before carrying her off with him.

The warlock’s curiosity eventually got the better of him. Not that he could be blamed, when one had to means to get whatever answers he wanted why wouldn’t he use it to his advantage? He laid her down to rest in one of the upper rooms of the tower. He set his things away in his own room, before closing the armory and casting his gaze out toward the edge of the dark forest. While he was curious as to the strange young woman his duty to the county came before anything else. He left her to rest in the bed while he took a stroll around the tower, checking the pits lining the tower. When he finally returned to her it was hours later and he came with a bucket and rag in hand.

He shed the cloak he’d placed on her from her front and began to clean her body. While using the rag to wipe away the grease, dirt, and ashes from her body he also began to peruse her mind for the answers he wanted. Yet when he tried to access her memories he found himself unable to get anything, it wasn’t that he couldn’t access her mind but rather that there was a wall stopping him from peering too closely. So instead he let her mind rest and finished cleaning her body. Once he was done he wrapped her in the sheets and left her to rest and recover from her use of her powers.

It’s been eight weeks since then and the little sorceress now resides with him as an apprentice. He teaches her powers and how to control them, and in exchange she takes care of the menial tasks around the tower. Yet even if he’s made her an apprentice he’s yet to tell her what he does; or explain the constant groaning in the pits around the towers.

Created For Them
Setting: Science-Fiction.
Concepts: PBP: Light - Long-term. Romance, Plot, Manipulation, Control, and Power-Play.

They were created to save lives, so that even the most injured of people could be brought back from the brink. But they aren’t completely human, not anymore. No matter how much of them might still be flesh, or how much might be robotics, their minds are changed by the process. Their memories gone, wiped, even if their personalities remain the same. The government shut the process down, deciding it was a failure. But for others the process was a complete success. Men and woman could now disappear and become cyborgs, the sex trade flourished and crime flourished with it. These cyborgs were stronger, smarter, and all around better criminals. But it’s in the sex department that these cyborgs sold. Woman, gorgeous and wonderful, were captured and changed. They were turned, some of their own accord and some against their will. Once their memories are gone and their bodies changed they’re sold to the highest bidder.

The procedure costs a fortune, yet it can be done to anyone. A stranger, someone kidnapped or taken, but they aren’t the only one. For the right price they’ll turn anyone or anybody. A target, a husband, a wife, or a daughter. All it requires is the right price and just the right amount of time. Then afterwards they’ll receive them, gift wrapped and clueless. But for the right price they’ll even reprogram them with temporary memories. Make them believe that their either their wife, or partner, or even program them as a slave. But how long can the reprogramming last? What happens when the Cyborg remembers who they were and what was taken? What happens to them?

Tribal Necessity

Setting: Historical
Concepts: PBP:NC/BON/EX – Long-term
(Click for details)

She was powerful, dangerous, unchallenged. It didn’t matter what sort of beast, or man, wandered into their tribe her authority remained unchanged. It didn’t matter what threatened them; whether it was a dragon or a wandering horde of monsters. Under her leadership the tribe remained strong, intact. Her power grew to the point that it challenged those around them. Most importantly; it challenged his rule and his domain. To have such a powerful tribe living within his borders and to leave it untamed was a risk that he simply wouldn’t accept. So the only thing he could do was try to strike some kind of deal with the tribal queen. Of course his demands were quite high; her immediate surrender and submission of her tribe to his kingdom or for her tribe to leave his domain and find shelter in someone else’s kingdom.

Of course they refused the latter. This kingdom was their home, the home of their ancestors. They also refused to surrender to him and his kingdom, their pride wouldn’t allow them to give in to what they believed was a weaker force. So the negotiations ended with blood. Under the Tribal Queens orders they slaughtered all of the Kings knights, his diplomats, his servants, and then took that proud and haughty King as her captive. Now she could chose to try and take his kingdom with him as hostage, or force him into more suitable conditions for negotiation.

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Stories that are Taken are currently being written. Typically I don't write multiple stories but if you can provide a good reason, or a reasonable alternative to make the story different, I would love to hear it.

Taken Prompts

Hell House

Setting: Contemporary
Concepts: NC/EX – Long-term
(Click for details)
The horror of Hell House was no mystery to the physic or the scientific community. Many attempts had been made to discover why the building was too frightening. The first endeavor to uncover the truth of the house was done in 1921. A team of seven had entered the house armed with provisions, mediums, and scientific equipment. When the supply team arrived a week later to restock provisions for the scientists the group had unfortunately discovered that all members of the team had vanished. Seven people who'd completely vanished into thin air. Investigative teams were called into the house to discover the disappearance. With several prominent scientists missing, along with an heiress, the government had taken an interest and scoured the building. They'd even done the unthinkable. They'd destroyed and dismantled, all the way from the attics to the basement, only to discover no traces of the scientist's remains. Eventually, the entire affair had been relegated to the scientists bailing out on their research of the house. With no house standing there the matter of Hell House and its hauntings were forgotten until a new house was erected in the same spot in 1925 by a wealthy aristocrat.

The house became the gala of extravagant parties, pure decadence, and luxury. That lifestyle became the nature of the house for about half a decade. Until that unfortunate night in 1931 when an entire party of the countries rich and famous was subjected to the true horrors of hell house. Of the hundred guests in attendance only around half a dozen had survived the three nights of terror inflicted by the Hell House. When the police eventually arrived, rescuing the survivors, they found the remnants of corpses all around the house. A picturesque reminder of the carnage and debauchery that had taken place during those nights. By 1950 the house had been relegated as a disaster zone. No scientist or spiritualist would dare step into the house. Even the most orthodox of religions had refused to purify the house. The little chapel that had been built into the remodeled house was left to waste away in fear of the house's horrors. The ancient house stands erect, waiting to claim its newest victims.

A coven of witches who've made their way into the Hell House. Are they there to purify the house? Do they think their dark magic will protect them from the haunting and they can transform the Hellhouse into their base of operation? What the coven didn't know, and all those scientists and spiritualists had failed to realize, was that the house was not haunted. Rather the ground itself is plagued by a demon. A demon that prays on anyone foolish enough to sleep on its land for even one night. It was reasonable to think the house was haunted. All the prior inhabitants had been subjected to extremely different hauntings. Hardly something that could be caused by one being, one person. It had to be the house, or perhaps a nexus that trapped all those that died and added them to the haunting. No one could have guessed that it was a malignant demon responsible.. and now that demon had set its eyes on the delectable coven that wandered into its home.

Notes: Depending on the preference of my partner this 'haunting' can consist of one girl being subjected to the demon or multiple girls in the coven. My preference for this role-play would be to play either a humanoid demon or one that would manifest within their minds. The latter results in more possibilities but please tell me your preference!


By Royal Edict

Setting: Medieval
Concepts: Light/BON – Long-term/One-shot
(Click for details)
She is 30 years old, and her marriage to the first Baron was decidedly unsatisfactory.  Her first husband's taste did not run to women, and they kept this secret through ten uneasy years of blackmail and manipulation, and it is rumored that her husband's death might not have been accidental. The people of the barony, however, seem to be sympathetic to her more than resentful, and their only concern over the baron's death is that it leaves them vulnerable. 

She intends to make certain that her new husband, and her people's new leader, has both the ability to rule and appetites as strong as her own -- and what the king doesn't know won't hurt him.

The Elisha Barony was the final outpost of the kingdom.  North of the farmlands, to the mountains that lay beyond, savage tribes of goblins, orcs, and other monsters roamed freely, and the wilderness proved a refuge for outlaws and thieves, providing they were resourceful enough and strong to carve out their territory and defend it.  The King would likely have let this northernmost outpost of civilization revert back to the wilds, except as one of the exterior outposts it served as one of the many lines of defense for the kingdom. Even if abandoned the territory would provide suitable land, and housing, to any invading armies that decided to use the barony as a stepping point to invading the kingdom. This was why the King sent his daughter to marry the baron and establish not only a lasting connection to the Barony but would ensure that there would be nothing to worry about in the future.

Now, thirteen years later, the Baron is dead, and she, the Baroness, is without an heir.  She believes herself perfectly capable of maintaining the barony alone, but the king does not agree.  He commands that she must choose a suitable man or he will choose for her.  The man who will become the next baron must be strong enough, ruthless enough, or clever enough to hold the kingdom's land against all threats - including those from within and pledge his loyalty to the King.

She made the mistake of letting the King choose for her.

Notes: For years the King has been unsatisfied with how the Baroness has been handling the land so he plans to send his most trusted man to help rein in the wild Baroness. He is a man of noble birth. The type of noble who is indignant to the cares of the people that Baroness has been caring for. He'll be crass, downright rude at times, and far more interested in her body than her opinion. No matter how much she despises him there's nothing she can do, anymore, this man will marry her and become the Baron of the estate. He'll be the master of her assets and all her fortune and he's made it clear that he'll also be the master of her.


The Bad Uncle

Setting: Contemporary
Concepts: NC/EX – Slowburn
(Click for details)
He was a scumbag. But a scumbag with a lake and a vacation cabin. Her parents, his brother and sister-in law, had told her that if she visited the cabin for the summer, she should just try to stay out of her Uncles way. Luckily, of the many times she visited over the years, she'd only ever run into her Uncle once and that was when he'd been at the vacation house with a female companion. It had been a bit awkward but her Uncle had left the next morning and paid her no mind. Despite that, whenever they had family get togethers, it didn't change the fact that her uncle sometimes paid a little too much attention to her. The reason he was paying so much attention to his niece? All the recordings he had of her. He usually did 'business' deals at the cabin and took some of his female friends out there. So, as a bit of fun, he'd set up cameras around the cabin. Cameras that were also put into all the rooms, even the guest rooms.

It was the start of summer and his niece was vacationing in his cabin again, alone this year rather than with friends like she usually did. It was around the same time that some of his business partners had started to 'demand' for their money back. Money had been tight for him, as of late, and his gambling problem had only made things worse. But, 'relaxing' one evening to a video of his niece, he came up with a plan to work off his debts and even make a quick buck. All thanks to his naïve little niece that would be staying at the cabin for the summer. How much would some of his friends pay to get a piece of her? Of that young, sexy, little niece whose body was practically a walking cock-tease. He could even rent her out for a few nights. But he'd have to pay his niece a visit first and lay down the law. He didn't want her running off to the cops, or to her parents. Luckily he had a lot of material on her, over the years, and after 'tasting' for himself once he'd have a very nice video that would surely keep her quiet for what he intended.

Notes: Ideally, I'd prefer for the story to focus around an Uncle that's more of the lecherous and distance relative type. I'm also open to the idea of the Uncle actually being quite friendly, someone that spoils his niece, who's forced to take advantage of her because of his feels/desperation. Partner preference! The angle of her being sold and shared can be removed or discussed depending on what you prefer.


Dirty Landlord

Setting: Contemporary
Concepts: NC/EX – Long-term/One-shot
(Click for details)
He'd been in charge of the small apartment complex for over a year. He'd just managed to snag the job thanks to a friend who was related to the complex owner. The complex was four blocks of double stories apartment buildings with his apartment off to the side of the compound with a separate building in the front of the apartment that he used for the business. The building had the mailboxes for each of the apartments, a little office where he kept a safe and the keys to each of the apartments. Rent arrived on time and there wasn't ever any trouble in the complex so it was a rather comfy job. The only real catch was that, as part of his duties, he had to glance through all the security footage. It was one late night, while he was in the middle of catching some rest, that he experienced his first real problem.

He came out of his apartment, only dressed from the waist down, to find one of his renters standing in front of them. He'd remembered the way she'd looked when she'd first come down to rent one of the apartments. When she'd applied to the apartment she'd made it clear that she was a foreign exchange student who just needed a place to stay for the year. She seemed rather nerdy and well-to-do so he hadn't thought much of letting her rent. Now that same goody-two-shoes girl was standing in front of his apartment door wearing an outfit that hardly matched with the image he'd had of her in her head. The outfit also didn't hide her curves, unlike the baggy sweater she usually wore. It was a clubbing outfit and judging from the way she was stumbling about, even though she should have been standing still, it was pretty obvious the little exchange student was drunk out of her mind. He was a bit bothered about the interruption to sleep but, since she was a tenant, he put up with it.

She told him about how she'd lost her purse and keys and wanted to be let into her apartment. He let her waiting outside, for a little too long, as he went to fetch the master key for her apartment. While walking her up to her apartment he was a bit amused with the way she stumbled, occasionally grabbed onto him, and even leaned into him because of how unsteady she was on her feet. But he still did his best to pay it no mind. It was only when he opened the door to her apartment and watched her stumble in that he was truly captivated. He watched that brazen exchange student saunter into her apartment, towards the bed that could easily be seen from the door she didn't bother to close before she started to strip out of her club attire and then collapsed onto the bed. Perfect little body on display and door still wide open. He wasn't going to let an opportunity like that slip through his fingers.

Notes: I can see this story playing out a few different ways. It has the potential to be a one-shot for those looking for a quick one and done. On the other end, it can be lengthened into a more thorough corruption story based around this young woman, who's usually quite a good girl and got talked into going to a club by her friends and ended up in this drunk and vulnerable state. I'd love to hear what sort of girl you'd like to play if you message about this prompt!

The Psychopaths Mind
Setting: Modern/Contemporary
Concepts: PBP: NC, Abuse, Bondage, Mental Trauma, Verbal Abuse, Coercion, Submission.
The federal court has placed him in the mental health facility as dictated by the judge in charge of his case. Not only is to he remain in the facility, be confined to a padded room and straight jacket to prevent him from harming himself or anyone else. Though there isn’t much of a worry of him harming someone else, he’s more interested in the former. A serial killer whose attorney managed to swing the mentally ill card to the judge and jury. So while he might have avoided the death sentence he’s also been charged to attend several court-mandated sessions with the therapist at the mental facility. Not only to judge his progress with his mental disorder but also to see whether or not he really is mentally imbalanced or if he’s simply a killer.

While the court and jury might have decided he was mentally ill, he’s far from it. He’s not just brilliant but a psychopath. The federal agents assigned to his case hadn’t been able to pin anything on him, and he’d been more than cocky about it. He all but told the agents he was the man they were looking for, taunting them with the fact they would never find evidence to put him away. He hadn’t expected them to plant evidence, or worse off for there to be no way to prove it was planted. Yet that’s all he had to do, prove the evidence was planted and he’d go back out and continue his fun.

This would be a more unconventional roleplay than just continuous string of thoughts or posts that follow a characters progression. Instead this would be a series of scenes done between the patient and his doctor. The doctor assessing his sanity and also his health while he’d simply be having fun with her. Playing with her sensibilities. This is very much a roleplay based on mental abuse. Since he’ll always be restrained or watched he’ll verbally convince her into do as he wanted. Breaking her mind, instead of allowing her to explore his.

Pictured Perfectly For You
Setting: Contemporary
Concepts: PBP:NC/Bondage - Oneshot. Blackmail, Photography, Blackmail, and Force.

This was her shot at the big-time. Her first real modeling gig, her first shoot with a professional photographer. She was excited, nervous, and terrified all at once. She had no idea the interest he’d take in her, the lines he’d cross when he noticed her. How surprised he’d been to find that her catalogue was nothing but innocent and sweet shots, or how shocked she’d be when he had her branch out. They started out completely professional, just revealing a bit of skin here and there, the occasional sexy dress or outfit to improve her catalogue. Yet he continued to push her; having her take glamour shots, to expose more of that lovely body of hers for his camera.

She was too shy to switch to someone else. She’d already exposed so much of herself to him, could she really expose herself to someone else so easily? It was almost second nature now, stripping down for him whenever he asked. He began to start taking more risqué pictures of her, when his hands were on her stripping her and positioning her how he wanted for the pictures. Not that she minded, she was used to it. But how would she feel when she realized none of those glamour shots, those risqué pictures, those nude photos showed up in her catalogue? What had he done with them?

The Painted Lady
Setting: Historical, Victorian
Concepts: PBP:Light, Seduction, Romance, Taboo, Affair.
She came from a wealthy family, extravagant and large. She was to be married off to another royal, someone who might to love her but that didn’t matter. Her marriage was one for the family, for their ties and money. She was someone who rarely had a need for anything, someone whose hands had never been dirtied.

He was the opposite. A man who had worked for everything, and gained little in return. A painter by trade, who made little day by day. Yet he was known all around. People came for his paintings, and he never asked for more than what he thought was fair. Little by little people asked for more and in turn he went from being the lower class to the middle. When he wasn’t painting, he was working around the house or drinking away his creativity in the tavern. Always trying to dull his vision, to rid himself of what he saw when he looked at everyone.

They were two people that never would have met, except one year ago when he was commissioned to draw a gala. It was there that they met and first spoke, for hours on end. Even when she was pulled away or when he had to return to his work they always came back to each other that night. In each other they found someone special. Yet it was fleeting, passing, easily forgotten. Yet neither of them forgot that night, where they talked for hours about the mundane and the extraordinaire. So when her father commissions him to paint her, when he’s left alone with her for hours neither of them knowing if the other remembers, what will happen?

Conquering the Elf Queen
Setting: Fantasy
Concepts: PBP:NC/Extreme - Long-term/Episodic. Non-con, Force, Corruption, Capture, Training, Bondage, Manipulation.

Their kingdom was meant to be eternal and everlasting. They were blessed with innate gifts that humans, goblins, orcs, and dwarfs could never even dream of possessing. They lived longer than any race other than, perhaps, the dwarfs. They were naturally gifted in archery, and combat, that the other races would need to train for years to acquire. Their biggest gift came in the field of magic, they were unrivaled and unmatched when it came to using the natural forces, and with it they reigned supreme and unchallenged. When she ascended to the throne, she thought that she would simply be another monarch on the throne. She never expected that during her reign that the other races would decide they had enough of the 'perfect' elf kingdom. The humans were something they expected, the elves had always had their fair share of problems when it came to the humans craving their land, what they hadn't expected were for the dwarfs to join with the human's pointless crusade.

It wasn't like the dwarfs and humans posed a threat to their kingdom. The elven legions were more than capable of handling their armies, even if it was a combination of the two of them, but they were nowhere near as successful as they hoped to be. So much of their army had been caught up dealing with those two invading forces that it left the kingdom scarcely defended to the wandering bands of orcs and goblins who raided the country-side and cities taking whatever scraps that were available to them whilst those large nations were busy with their pointless war endeavor. Months of unending war, of raids and conquering, of winning and losing had drained the elven kingdom more than she had dared to imagine. Now instead of simply being another Monarch, one of the many that were meant to come, she found herself as the last Monarch of her once proud kingdom. Not that being the last Monarch would have been something wholly shameful for her if she had died with dignity but she was even denied that.

Instead the Queen that was meant to rule for a generation, the Queen who was meant to simply pass in obscurity, was now bound to the wall of her own throne. She was blinded, and left kneeling there, with her arms bound above her head while she waited for her captors to make a decision about her fate. A decision that she knew she should dread.

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