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Author Topic: Shameless Requests of Deviance (Dom M Seeking F)  (Read 2669 times)

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Shameless Requests of Deviance (Dom M Seeking F)
« on: April 23, 2016, 04:36:14 AM »

Request Thread | On’s & Off’s | Apologies & Absences | Inspiration

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This introduction will be significantly brief, and far less detailed, than the one located at my On’s & Off’s thread linked here and up above. If any of the prompts below, my writing style, or simply the kinks I use catch your interest then I encourage you to visit the O/O’s page to get more info. You’ll also find my current status as to whether or not I’m accepting New Roleplays and the index at the top of the page will also provide you with my A/A’s thread.

With that out of the way below you’ll find brief description of the categories that I use for my role-play prompts. These are loose categories either designed to describe the setting, or general location, in which the role-play takes place. However even with those labels some prompts aren’t exclusive to a simple tagline, I simply place them into the genre that I feel best highlights the story. They can also be reworked independently of the setting, I’m not opposed to partner sending me PM’s about a certain prompt and how they would be interested if the setting was reversed or altered. I’m willing to hear any of your own ideas or takes on my prompts and even discussing different ways we can adjust certain aspects to better mesh with.

I’ve always believed that a roleplay is only enjoyable when both partners are happy with the plot, the characters, and the theme. So I encourage my partners to tell me of any misgivings they might have with certain elements in order for both of us to better enjoy the roleplay. How you feel about a roleplay shows itself in your writing. It can be minute changes, or large ones, but I’ve always believed that how the writer feels about each and every piece of work is reflected in their words. So I will do my best to make sure that the prompts and stories we write together are only those that would give us both the utmost enjoyment.

  • LIGHT -      
  • BONDAGE -      
  • EXTREME -      
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Re: Shameless Requests of Deviance [Work in Progress] (M Seeking F)
« Reply #1 on: April 24, 2016, 03:00:15 PM »
The Fallen Angel
Setting: Fantasy, Modern.
Concepts: PBP: NC, Demons, Angels, BDSM, Master/Sub, Force, Manipulation.
For an eternity angels and demons have bickered over the lives of humans. Whether they were insignificant or significant, the life of each human was precious to them both. Their souls are regarded as the most precious object, and both angels and demons covet them. So from birth each soul is destined to spend eternity in damnation or salvation. The angels would like nothing better than take every humans soul up to heaven for salvation, yet many humans cannot be taken thanks to the sins their souls accumulate. Each human decides their fate through their life and all angels can do is watch as the humans either fall to temptation or stay pure and rise with angels. Yet each and every year less humans pass into heaven and this war for human souls continues to be lost by the angels.

But human temptation isn’t the only peril facing their souls. Since the beginning, both angels and demons have had a restriction placed on them. Neither was allowed to mingle or interfere directly in the lives of humans. However, the demons found a way around this rule. Now the angels watch helplessly as humans not only give into temptation but are also forced to watch as the demons corrupt even the purest of souls thanks to their access to the mortal plane. The demons also have access to the vessels they corrupt, using them as catalysts to further corrupt their human prey and a few rare vessels can even corrupt even the purest of angels.

The Spoils of a King
Setting: Fantasy, Alternate History
Concepts: PBP: NC, Bondage, Force, Restraints, Coercion, Blackmail.
He’s little more than a savage, taking whatever it is he wants from whoever he wants. His horde number the thousands, infinite and unrestrained. Each and every day he guides the horde through the countryside to raid and pillage new territory, gaining more land and suppressing the locals to his ruler ship. One of the many ways he finances his growing horde is to demand tribute of his newly conquered citizens. They pay him in gold by the bucket load and he expects nothing less as without it the horde would be nothing more than a rebellion against him. So those who can’t pay are executed lest anyone else get ideas. He doesn’t just take gold though as he’s willing to take goods; silk, food, grain, silver, weapons. Anything with a value. Of course that just so happens to refer woman too, as their value is just as immense as a bag a gold of the finest silk worms. Their jewels that can be used to barter with.

She was his property now. Whether she was a noblewoman, a commoner, a maid, or just a thief. Anyone who was sold to the Khan’s army was indicted to servitude. They might have been free woman to any other country, any other state, but as long as they were in the Khans lands they were little more than tools. Even if they escaped their captors, their rapists, they were branded and collared so that anyone who saw them knew who they were at a glance. They were slaves to the Khan, to be sold for money or used for pleasure. She had no idea the world she’d been tossed into. A new slave not even branded. Whether she was sold or captured, it didn’t matter. All that mattered was the profit they’d get off her; as it happened a rather wealthy captain had caught sight of the damsel.. and he was happy to buy her for himself.

The Last Vampire
Setting: Fantasy, Medieval.
Concepts: PBP: NC, Dominance, Force, BDSM, Control, Slavery.
Vampires came out of the darkness, exposing themselves to humans for all their worth. It wasn’t for peace though, or for openness, no the vampires revealed themselves for their own self-interest. They were tired of hiding in the shadows and using humans as occasional blood-bags. Instead they were now solely dedicated to controlling and cattling humans. It worked at first, for a long time. They spent decades capturing and turning humans into their personal blood bags before the humans began to resist. Decades of servitude gave rise to insurrection and resistance until finally they drove the vampires out of the nests they created. Resistance gave rise to war and no matter their numbers, or their ability to turn humans, the vampires couldn’t stop the tidal wave of hatred that seeped from humans. What took the vampires decades to build took the humans a few short years to tear down. Now the kingdom they created is in ruin and every vampire is hunted. Some are murdered, others are captured.

While it would be far more beneficial to murder the vampires before they could consolidate their forces once again. Yet vampire blood healed humans better than any magic or potion. Their bodies were sources of potent magic and could be used freely for spells or incantations without the limits that held back many human witches and wizards. So instead of being killed and executed many are captured and tamed. Whether it’s through magic, or simply defanging the blood suckers. There is also resistance, groups of humans loyal to vampires, corrupted by their mind. These humans seek to control vampires not just for their uses but to use them to create a new kingdom. They are far less gentle when it comes to taming, and using, said monsters.

The Summoning Gone Wrong
Setting: Fantasy.
Concepts: PBP: NC, Slavery, Magic, Bondage, Control, Manipulation, Breeding (Optional).
When magicians come to age, twenty-four, its common place for them to summon their companions. Each magician’s companions are personal, they vary from forest creatures to servants or magical creatures. These creatures become subservient to their master enslaved for the entirety of their master’s life, or their own. Dark magicians follow the same ritual, but unlike regular magicians they are far more likely to summon monsters or demons. These creatures are far more dangerous and extra precautions are made. Otherwise these monsters and creatures can break the seals holding them inside their summoning circle and murder their summoner. Though murder is the least of those magicians worry, after all these monsters have millennia of difficulty over previous masters to work out.

She’s broken into her master’s library, taking his summoning books to summon her own servant. Still far from the age where it’s appropriate. The summoning circle she’s drawn was done by the book, ancient texts which were never meant to be practically used. She’s talented, gifted, and under-appreciated. She believes that she can make a standard summon despite what her master says. However, the book she’s taken isn’t meant for light wizards. Not only is her magic the wrong type but the magic needed must be old, ancient. The runes she’s drawn are nothing more than child’s play to undo. She’s more than shocked when the companion she summons happens to be a demon. Yet the real shock comes when he breaks away the runes that keep her safe. Can she defend herself from this demon, or is she at his mercy?

The Hunted Hunter
Setting: Fantasy, Medieval.
Concepts: PBP: NC, Demons, BDSM, Combat, Power-play.
Knights are tasked with keeping the peace in the kingdom, some stationed in villages and other are more nomadic. They protect the surfs of the kingdom from waylaying demons and monsters and the occasional bandits and marauders. However there are more than just knights protecting the kingdom. The Kingdom also employs several monster-hunters tasked specifically to eliminate certain creatures before they become a problem for the kingdom. Some of these hunters however are frowned upon by the kingdom. Those that instead of hunting and killing their prey tame them to their whims. Not only are they considered dangerous to the kingdom but they are viewed as threats regardless of intentions. Since a monster, no matter how tame, is still nothing more than a murderous beast.

One such hunter has been spotted in the dark forest near the edge of the kingdom. The rumors report that one of the kingdoms most valued hunters has taken to taming beasts in the forest. A bounty is placed on him, one that any knight or fellow hunter can collect. Much like the monsters he used to hunt the bounty for him is the same. He is to be eliminated, not captured. The kingdom has no interest in hunters that have lost their way. Yet what could have made this hunter turn away from his creed? Are the reports false or has the bounty hunter simply grown tired of the whims of the kingdom and found something more better in the forest. A beast that could spell the end of the kingdom.

Defeating the Dragon Knight
Setting: Fantasy
Concepts: PBP:NC or PBP:Bondage, Coercion, Force, Power-play, Struggle, Peril, Adventure.
For the longest time dragons were considered the most fearsome of creatures. Wild divine beasts whose authority and domain was unquestioned and unchallenged. Now these fearsome creatures are no longer isolated to the far mountains or the deep plains instead, these beasts have descended into the countryside to terrorize the continent and citizens. Several expeditions have been made by adventurous to curtain the dragons from terrorizing the larger cities on the continent. After several of these expeditions only a handful the adventurers have returned and each of them were returned either scarred or broken in some form. A few of those adventures were left rambling, not about the dragon that had mauled them but rather about the figure who they claimed to have been riding the beast. With a black dragon slowly approaching the Kingdoms capital the expeditions have been put on halt and the adventures have been tasked with monitoring the perimeter of the kingdom with explicit instructions not to engage the dragon, lest the kingdom loose more of its adventures.

The ‘Dragon Knight’ is a young woman whose not only managed to tame the divine beast but whose intentions are to destroy and pillage as much of the neighboring kingdoms as possible before conquering them for herself. Any wandering dragons her and her steed encounter are tamed and sent off to act on her whims. The story takes place a few days after her dragon has invaded the Kingdom of Iavacan. Various adventurers and knights have been called back to the capital to sure up the defenses of the city. After learning that the dragons are being controlled by a single individual, the kingdom has sent off several lone adventurers to devise a plan of defeating the ‘Dragon Knight’ and hopefully freeing the dragons from her control. How the adventurers decide to go about this; is to their discretion. Whether they use magic, deception, or pure force. All they have been asked with is ending the woman’s destructive path, of course not all the adventurers might have the best of intentions when taking on this task.

Tribal Necessity
Setting: Historical
Concepts: PBP:NC/Bondage/Extreme, Force, Bondage, Coercion, Power-struggle.
She was powerful, dangerous, unchallenged. It didn’t matter what sort of beast, or man, wandered into their tribe her authority remained unchanged. It didn’t matter what threatened them; whether it was a dragon or a wandering horde of monsters. Under her leadership the tribe remained strong, intact. Her power grew to the point that it challenged those around them. Most importantly; it challenged his rule and his domain. To have such a powerful tribe living within his borders and to leave it untamed was a risk that he simply wouldn’t accept. So the only thing he could do was try to strike some kind of deal with the tribal queen. Of course his demands were quite high; her immediate surrender and submission of her tribe to his kingdom or for her tribe to leave his domain and find shelter in someone else’s kingdom.

Of course they refused the latter. This kingdom was their home, the home of their ancestors. They also refused to surrender to him and his kingdom, their pride wouldn’t allow them to give in to what they believed was a weaker force. So the negotiations ended with blood. Under the Tribal Queens orders they slaughtered all of the Kings knights, his diplomats, his servants, and then took that proud and haughty King as her captive. Now she could chose to try and take his kingdom with him as hostage, or force him into more suitable conditions for negotiation.

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Re: Shameless Requests of Deviance [Work in Progress] (M Seeking F)
« Reply #2 on: April 24, 2016, 03:02:02 PM »

The Painted Lady
Setting: Historical, Victorian
Concepts: PBP:Light, Seduction, Romance, Taboo, Affair.
She came from a wealthy family, extravagant and large. She was to be married off to another royal, someone who might to love her but that didn’t matter. Her marriage was one for the family, for their ties and money. She was someone who rarely had a need for anything, someone whose hands had never been dirtied.

He was the opposite. A man who had worked for everything, and gained little in return. A painter by trade, who made little day by day. Yet he was known all around. People came for his paintings, and he never asked for more than what he thought was fair. Little by little people asked for more and in turn he went from being the lower class to the middle. When he wasn’t painting, he was working around the house or drinking away his creativity in the tavern. Always trying to dull his vision, to rid himself of what he saw when he looked at everyone.

They were two people that never would have met, except one year ago when he was commissioned to draw a gala. It was there that they met and first spoke, for hours on end. Even when she was pulled away or when he had to return to his work they always came back to each other that night. In each other they found someone special. Yet it was fleeting, passing, easily forgotten. Yet neither of them forgot that night, where they talked for hours about the mundane and the extraordinaire. So when her father commissions him to paint her, when he’s left alone with her for hours neither of them knowing if the other remembers, what will happen?

The Merchants Daughter
Setting: Medieval
Concepts: PBP: NC or PBP: Light, Dominance, Control, Travel, Adventure.
Unprotected convoys are always under constant threat from marauders and bandits. Even those with guards find themselves under attack from the growing bandit camps that grow bolder. To meet with this threat some merchants have taken to hiring the kingdoms knights for protection. While some hire bounty-hunters who are more accustomed to the paths and threats. Even with these precautions there is always the constant threat of attack and with war looming in the north the Kingdom becomes less and less interested in dealing with the wandering bandits, leaving the merchants to fend for themselves.

One particular merchant has readied his wares to send to the capitol. The items themselves are of immense value, being that the merchant is a gem cutter by trade. The gems however are hidden from those protecting the carriage. Pieces of carpentry and fabric set in the carriage to that it doesn’t draw the interest of its protectors or bandits. The only one that knows of the true worth hidden in the carriage is the merchant’s daughter. In order to protect his goods and his daughter the merchant has hired additional protection for the carriage. Yet anything can happen on the week-long trek from the outskirts of the kingdom to its capitol.

The Dark Sorceress
Setting: Medieval, Fantasy
Concepts: PBP: NC or PBP: Light, Dom/Sub, Struggle, Power-play, Bondage.
The hunter tugged off the hood of his cloak while taking the final few steps out of the forest and reaching the base of the jagged mountain. The mountain was lined with a series of caves and jagged cliffs. Yet regardless of that the bounty hunter continued to follow the path up the jagged mountain and making his way to the peak where the dark tower was resting. The bounty-hunter usually wouldn’t bother with such a laborious task but the reward had reached a point where it was now far too tempting not to try his luck. The bounty had been increased after the recent envy of knights sent to capture the sorceress had yet to return. Not that it anything other than their death was expected. After all the kingdoms knights were hardly suited to facing magic. No the knights were much more suited to fighting other knights or even bandits.

Perhaps they’d finally realized the fault of this and instead decided to simply increase the bounty on the sorceress. Now that it was increased, horrendously so since the bounty was little less than a kings fortune, and now dozens of hunters would no doubt descend on the mountain-top to capture the sorceress. Unlike many of them however he was accustomed to capturing magical creatures, so the sorceress seemed like little challenge.

He was wrong of course. Though perhaps he should have been more aware of his surroundings instead of being distracted by the climb.

Regardless as he passed one of the emptied caves bolts of magic would release from the pit. So that the bolts of lightning would cover his body and rendering him unconscious mid-fall. Fatal, if the trap also didn’t have a series of measures to capture the victim. So instead of a free-fall toward the base of the mountain he was instead rendered unconscious and pulled into the caves pit. Where he’d no doubt remain till the sorceress came down to retrieve the bounty-hunter.

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Re: Shameless Requests of Deviance [Work in Progress] (M Seeking F)
« Reply #3 on: April 24, 2016, 03:26:42 PM »
Escorting The Companion
Setting: Science-Fiction, Firefly Universe.
Concepts: PBP: Light, Adventure, Romance, Conflict, Dominant & Submissive.
It’s customary for most vessels bound for Alliance planets to have a companion. Not only does it allow transport ships to easily pass through the blockades around the planets but also adds some legitimacy to their enterprise. Infinity is a small ship, which requires only one crewman. The captain does everything, from repairs to flying the ship, and while most of his take might be legitimate there is a fair share of it that still remains illegitimate. It’s because of this that the captains taken to holding a companion on board the ship through hauls. Typically he has them remain aboard their ship and the hangar, so that the more illegitimate work is never seen by the companions that he discards after a few runs. It’s rare enough when he keeps the same companion for more than two runs and he’s yet to hold a single companion for more than four runs. Yet the Infinity continues to chug along, companion or not, driven along by its captain. A former Alliance commander, disgraced and disbarred who does nothing but attempt to drown out his memories of his service.

She’s the first companion he’s agreed to escort across the system. This won’t just be a few short runs across planets. No it’ll require multiple stops, and jobs, and no doubt worse jobs to make up the income to keep the ship running. It might not be pretty, but it gets the job done. But what does this Companion want? Why jump ship with a single-man crew who will no doubt be more trouble than he’s worth. Is she simply mad and looking for adventure in all the wrong places, or is the little Companion running away from something?

The Salvager
Setting: Science-Fiction.
Concepts: PBP: Bondage, Submission, Angst, Dominant & Submissive, Romance, Multiple Characters, Ménage.
Captain of a salving unit, a ship designed just for collecting debris. A crew of over thirty, all of whom either manage the ship and its facilities or are in charge of collection and breakdown of the jump that they collect. Their haul comes in from the debris they collect, sometimes from the scrap they sell and at other times from the haul they get out of the destroyed ships. It was during one of these salvage missions that they found her pod. An escape pod from a recently destroyed ship. No doubt shot and raided by pirates judging the scorch marks on the debris and the lack of supplies and items in the storage containers. The ship had been picked clean and all they had left to gain was the debris and her stasis chamber. Many of them assumed she’d been dead, that was the only reason the raiders would have left such a prize untouched. To which they could only be surprised after opening up the stasis chamber and discovering that the girl was alive. More than that she was the sole survivor of the cruiser that had been plundered and raided to the brim.

Aboard the ship now there’s a much larger problem to be had. What to do with the girl. They need to keep her away from the rather illegal work they do. Not only that but they need to offload her without giving themselves away to her or to the inhabitants of whatever planet they dump her at. But what if the unthinkable happens, if the little doctor who’s just woken up offers to join his crew? What has her so terrified of being returned to safety; the government, the raiders, or something worse?

Created For Them
Setting: Science-Fiction.
Concepts: PBP: Light, Romance, Plot, Manipulation, Control, Power-Play.
They were created to save lives, so that even the most injured of people could be brought back from the brink. But they aren’t completely human, not anymore. No matter how much of them might still be flesh, or how much might be robotics, their minds are changed by the process. Their memories gone, wiped, even if their personalities remain the same. The government shut the process down, deciding it was a failure. But for others the process was a complete success. Men and woman could now disappear and become cyborgs, the sex trade flourished and crime flourished with it. These cyborgs were stronger, smarter, and all around better criminals. But it’s in the sex department that these cyborgs sold. Woman, gorgeous and wonderful, were captured and changed. They were turned, some of their own accord and some against their will. Once their memories are gone and their bodies changed they’re sold to the highest bidder.

The procedure costs a fortune, yet it can be done to anyone. A stranger, someone kidnapped or taken, but they aren’t the only one. For the right price they’ll turn anyone or anybody. A target, a husband, a wife, or a daughter. All it requires is the right price and just the right amount of time. Then afterwards they’ll receive them, gift wrapped and clueless. But for the right price they’ll even reprogram them with temporary memories. Make them believe that their either their wife, or partner, or even program them as a slave. But how long can the reprogramming last? What happens when the Cyborg remembers who they were and what was taken? What happens to them?

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Re: Shameless Requests of Deviance [Work in Progress] (M Seeking F)
« Reply #4 on: April 24, 2016, 03:29:39 PM »
Which Would You Like?
Setting: Modern
Concepts: PBP: BDSM ( PBP: Light is optional), Force, Power-play, Adultery, Deception.
It started out innocent, just having someone on the side. Someone that he could spend his nights with whenever his wife was busy with work or just too busy for to deal with him. He spent days, upon days, thinking about the wrong he’d committed. Allowing another woman to taint the relationship he’d so cherished with his wife. But this new girl challenged him, excited him. She wasn’t his mistress, but his slave. Subservient to him in way he’d have never asked for his wife to be. So the affair continued. Weeks turned to months until eventually their little affair had lasted an entire year.

He thought he was safe, that he had his life in order. After coming home from a business trip however, he realized just how wrong he was. He came home early, intending to surprise his wife. Only to find her in the throes of the sheets. Yet she wasn’t with another man, she was with his other woman. There they were together, both the woman he’d loved and lusted over lying in bed together in the middle of their passionate exchange when they noticed him. They were surprised, only momentarily, before they gave him a knowing smile and beckoned him into the bed to join them in their little exchange. What was a man to do?

The Older Man
Setting: Modern/Contemporary
Concepts: PBP: Light, Ageplay, Humiliation, Abuse, Coercion.
He’s a man who’s seen a lot of things in his life, including how a great majority treat or act around older men.  He’s been married, divorced, married again and now his prime years have just recently gone. He’s retired and fairly wealthy, a lonely man but there are still a few things that still bring a smile to his lips. Specifically the young personal servant who he’s hired to replace the old hag that used to manage his estate. The young 19 year old is still far too old to life, and while the man might be twice her age the pays too good to pass up. His extra tips might just be enough to withstand the abuse, but the more she puts up with it the more bold the older gentleman gets. Whether it’s choosing her wardrobe, or lack of one, or even inviting a few friends over to further humiliate the young woman.

She needs the money and the money is good, too good. But just how much abuse can she take before she says no? Or is the money she earns too good to resist, will it strip away any limits she might have?

The Birthday Gift
Setting: Modern/Contemporary
Concepts: PBP: Bondage, Coercion, Force, Slavery, Orgasm Control.
She’d always been a good girl, did her homework, went to classes, never back chatted, and did well in school. She kept being good through her life, even with the crashing amount of debt that her time in school created. With her parents gone and her college life behind her real life starts to drag down her wonderful attitude. She starts her dream job, but even that isn’t enough to lessen the debt that threatens to ruin everything she’s worked for. She gets a second job, and a third, doing her best to lessen the blow of her debt while also trying to maintain the dream job she’s worked so hard to keep.

One day she’s offered a substantial sum of money to sing “Happy Birthday” in a skimpy dress to rich businessman. She refuses at first, but weeks of being weighed down by the extra jobs, her dream jobs, and debt get the better of her. She completes the job and begins to do it regularly as it becomes an easy source of income. Yet even with how good the money it is, her debt is still overwhelming.

It was during one of her “Happy Birthday” performances that he catches sight of her. He has her agent offer her more private shows for substantially more money. Just like before she refuses, but he’s persistent. He looks into her and her life which leads him to realize how large her debt is. He isn’t afraid to use that, offering to help alleviate her debt in a much larger capacity than before. Only what he wants from her is much more explicit than just singing and skimpy clothes.

Worst Rival, Best Master
Setting: Modern
Concepts: PBP: NC, Control, Force, Submission, BSM, Memory altering.
The plot centers around a married woman (Or in a long-term relationship) who supports her husband in anyway she can. She’s done so for years, putting her needs before his. Every day she has to hear her significant other complain about his co-worker who he’s always competing with. Whether it’s for the better clients, competing for the same position or trying to make themselves look better. For the last two years they’ve better bitter rivals. Yet somehow your husband finally manages to get the upper hand, earning himself a three-month trip to another division of the company to be the interim-manager while the new location is built.

What they don’t realize is that it was all arranged. He purposely gave his rival the job, knowing that he’d happily take off and leave his gorgeous wife behind. For the last two years the only thing separating him and her husband was her. That wasn’t going to last long now. Only days after her husband is gone he comes around her house to check up on her, pretending to be one of her husband new assistants. Her goofball of a husband had always shown off pictures of her to taunt him, goading him because he wouldn’t be able to catch someone like her. However he’d managed to clone the phone, and all the dirty pictures of her that she’d given her husband for relief.

The Wedding Guest
Setting: Modern/Contemporary
Concepts: PBP: NC, Bondage, Force, Rape, Training, Slavery, Dom/Sub roles.
A fantasy boyfriend, and a fantasy proposal. Obviously her wedding could be nothing other than something out of a fantasy? She arrives a week early to spend the week preparing for the wedding. She arrives in her fiancés home-town and takes up residence with his brother for the week. He’s a gracious host, more than happy to drive her around town and help her prep for her wedding. Yet her fantasy begins to go astray when all the expenses of her wedding adventure catch up to her. He offers to help her of course, but after spending a few days watching the gorgeous young bride around his house he can’t help but lust after his brothers bride. Things only get worse when her fiancé gets delayed, turning her week of waiting now a month. A month where she can either go back home and wait or continue to live with his brother. A brother who has decided to take matters in his own hands when it comes to the frivolous bride. Not only to put her into her place but also tame the lovely girl.

What was a week of shopping and fun before her wedding has now become much darker. The first of which is her fiancé’s brother who at any moment could enact his carnal desires on her and take her by force. A brother who plans not only to take what purity she has, but also begin training her into being less frivolous and more subservient. She arrived as a bride-to-be, but when he’s done she might little more that his slave.

The New History of You?
Setting: Contemporary/Alternative-Reality.
Concepts: PBP:NC, Entire History of You, Force, Manipulation, Corruption, Bondage, Coercion
The ‘grain’ is a technology designed to replace photography and improve retention. The grain is implanted behind the ears and records everything a person says, does, see’s, or hears. The memories can be played back either in front of their eyes, or on a screen. By the end of the decade the ‘grain’ becomes a customary addition to every newborn. The ‘grain’ has been implanted into every aspect of society. Modern recordings are done via the grain, security and police professionals use a person’s grain to track their activity up to 24 hours. The technology allows the users to always be recording everything they see, allowing them to playback any memory they desire.

This plot centers around the ‘grain’ no longer being as secure or as safe as people believe. Instead a group of individuals has manipulated the software of the grain to take advantage of its connection to the brain. This could be utilized in several ways; implanting new memories into someone using the grain, manipulating memories that the individual has, or even wiping away their memories and holding them ‘hostage’ to manipulate people. Regardless of how they use their new software they use the technology to manipulate various women with the grain to become prostitutes, live-in slaves, and product for them to sell. An underground market is now forming to establish several selling rights for various women who are considered ‘prime’ candidates.

Election Night Wager
Setting: Contemporary
Concepts: PBP:NC/Extreme, Blackmail, Force, Corruption, Coercion, Cheating (optional), Manipulation, Transformation, Political, Misogyny, Sexism, Humiliation.
Story takes place the day before the election at a large frat party at the edge of the university. Two college girls wander into the party and are surprised to find a rather heavy conservative presence at the party. After getting into an argument with a group of guys the girls agree to a bet over the election results with a group of conservative pricks. At first being cocky enough to exclaim that ‘Trump’ won’t get anywhere past 200 electoral votes and even bragging that that for every vote below 200 the guys will have to do whatever they say, with every vote above 200 being a minute where they are at the guys mercy.

Half-way through the night the girls up the stakes, enjoying their sense of victory they sweeten the bet saying that either party has zero restrictions if their candidate wins. Of course, as the election tide turns the girls begin looking for every way out of their bet that they can. The guys of course, have every desire to make the most of every single minute they have them. Especially since they want to show these liberal, feminist, college brats just how wrong they are about everything.

Peeping Tom Gone Wrong
Setting: Contemporary
Concepts: PBP:NC/Extreme, Corruption, Bondage, Force, Blackmail, Manipulation, Conversion, Threesomes.
He stumbled on them by accident, two religious girls doing what they should have known better to avoid. Yet, he didn’t call them out on it. Nor did he interrupt them. He watched them, unable to tear his eyes away from the sight and unable to imagine a better idea than having those lesbians serving him instead of each other. It was a wicked, impossible, thought. Yet he wasn’t able to deny the fact that the more he watched them the worse those perverse desires became. So eventually a new eye stumbled its way into his thoughts while he watched them; ‘what if he could force them to his will?’ It wouldn’t be hard, two religious girls like them would want to avoid a scandal. Otherwise their families, their reputation, all of it would be put in the spotlight. He didn’t even need to blackmail them both, immediately, instead he could just take his time with one before moving on to the next. All he needed was some leverage.. some evidence to blackmail them.

Luckily for him, the two dykes always met in the same room. The room he’d spent the last month peeping on, learning the intimacies of their body. All he needed to do was plant a camera in the room, get a little bit of audio, and he’d have plenty of material to use against the two Christian dykes’.  It was a shame they’d hate him once he pulled this stunt, but with all he had in store for them it really wouldn’t matter if they started out hating him. When he was done they’d worship him for correcting their mistakes.

Pictured Perfectly For You
Setting: Contemporary
Concepts: PBP:NC/Bondage, Blackmail, Photography, Blackmail, Force.
This was her shot at the big-time. Her first real modeling gig, her first shoot with a professional photographer. She was excited, nervous, and terrified all at once. She had no idea the interest he’d take in her, the lines he’d cross when he noticed her. How surprised he’d been to find that her catalogue was nothing but innocent and sweet shots, or how shocked she’d be when he had her branch out. They started out completely professional, just revealing a bit of skin here and there, the occasional sexy dress or outfit to improve her catalogue. Yet he continued to push her; having her take glamour shots, to expose more of that lovely body of hers for his camera.

She was too shy to switch to someone else. She’d already exposed so much of herself to him, could she really expose herself to someone else so easily? It was almost second nature now, stripping down for him whenever he asked. He began to start taking more risqué pictures of her, when his hands were on her stripping her and positioning her how he wanted for the pictures. Not that she minded, she was used to it. But how would she feel when she realized none of those glamour shots, those risqué pictures, those nude photos showed up in her catalogue? What had he done with them?

Groupies Dilemma
Setting: Contemporary
Concepts: PBP:NC, Coercion, Force, Manipulation, Adoration.
She’d become a groupie because she was enthralled. By them, their music, their presence. Everything about them captivated her, made her want to follow them, adore them, and worship them. When she’d been given the offer to join their tour bus, travel with them rather than followed on her own, she’d jumped at the opportunity. She couldn’t think of a single thing better than traveling with those she adored. The problem was; she didn’t know who they really were. It started out simple, to wear what they wanted her to. To show off her ‘assets’ for their motivation and entertainment. To show them how dedicated she was to them. She didn’t resist of course, she was happy providing them with whatever they needed. By the item their requests became inappropriate; it was too late for her to turn back.

Why would she turn back? She was happy to dedicate even her body to their needs. No matter how they used her, bound her, restrained her. She was living the dream she’d been wanting for so long. She was their personal groupie. Their personal toy and she couldn’t be happier.
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Re: Shameless Requests of Deviance [Work in Progress] (M Seeking F)
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Characters: While I’m comfortable with playing any of the current Doctors I would prefer to either play an OC Doctor or companion.
Concepts: PBP: NC/BDSM/Light (Up for discussion), Dom/Sub, Force, Adultery, Taboo Relationships, Training, ect.
It would be an understatement to say that I have an obsession for Doctor Who. As it’s undoubtedly the root with my obsession for both Sci-fi and History as the series is a splendid mixture of both genres. While I am interested in playing a few specific doctors I don’t have a natural inclination towards predetermined characters and companions. Instead I’m more interested in establishing original Doctors of companions that could be played. As mentioned above I’ve also experimented with the idea that the next Doctor incarnation could very well be female, allowing both of us to pick and choose a role that we think would be sufficient.

While I’d like to stick to primarily OC inspirations I do adore the reboot of Doctor Who, as such any of the post-war Doctors are ones that I would not only feel comfortable playing but would also feel familiar with. I especially enjoy the chemistry between the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond, typically I prefer it to be either set pre or post the revelation of her impending marriage as I find it give a refreshing bit of taboo to their dynamic.

Concepts: PBP NC/LIGHT/BDSM. Primarily OC characters played in the same fictional world.
If I had to choose between Sci-Fi worlds Doctor Who would always win. Yet Star Wars will always be the close childhood second of mine, but I say that having seen Star Wars in my teens as my parents thought raising me on British television was better. Not that I’m going to complain, I developed a lovely taste because of it. One of the reason I love the Star Wars in the disguised nature of its struggle between good vs. evil. While none of the Siths, Jedi, Grey Jedi, and other no longer valid iterations had distinct sides in their struggle many of their characters ferreted on the line of their principles. Which is why so many large variety of characters can be created from this lovely universe. Not to mention the tomes worth of knowledge from this franchise from its list of aliens, marauders, Jedis, Siths, Bounty hunters. As mentioned above I primarily focus on OC characters for this universe because the rich background allows for us to be was creative as necessary with our characters. I have no issue with my partners picking and choosing canon characters for our roleplay but for this particular universe I have no intention of using known characters.

Characters: Both OC characters and certain canon characters. Some convincing will be necessary.
Concepts: Primarily PBP Bondage & NC forcuses around themes of control and manipulation with some ventures into PBP: Light
This particular fandom is less about the overall universe and more about the individual characters. Some of the pairings don’t even have to be involved in their respected universe, I simply enjoy many of these characters as they were of great fascination to my childish mind. In respect to both Marvel & DC, and much like Doctor Who, I’ve spent so long reading about these characters that I feel familiar enough to be able to coherently write about them. While it might not be my immediate preference. I’d much rather prefer to write OC characters playing off canon characters. While there are a few odd plots that I’d be up to exploring many of these stories will be purely one-shots or smut centered prompts due to their sexualized nature. This of course can be discussed in PM’s along with any other issues that might arise in this story building.

One of the smaller things I’d like to momentarily mention is that many of these pairings & prompts are negotiable. I can be tempted into not only changing the pairing but also altering some of the prompts to better fit with the overall story.

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Re: Shameless Requests of Deviance [Work in Progress] (M Seeking F)
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I consider myself a very visual person. A good picture will literally make or break an idea for me. I spend hours looking for pictures for prompts, and even abandon prompts I can’t find a picture for. I spend more time looking for the visual than I do writing the prompt. They are that important to me. They inspire my muse and fuel it, I could get to the end of someone’s articulate and beautifully crafted post and if the picture they have for it is uninspiring I will end up turned off by the prompt. I’ve scrolled through countless request threads and I always hover those prompts that have images I enjoy. These don’t have to be overtly sexual or revealing, their simply images that catch my interest. It’s because of this interest that I’ve established a variety of pictures in this section. These are Visual Inspirations for me, and you. A collection of images that I think inspire creativity and evoke emotion or passion.

Some of these images are cropped and resized to highlight the parts I found enjoyable. Some of them come for old threads or prompts, or simply something I found while skimming Pinterest or while I’m looking through google. Many of the images gathered in this section are just images that inspire my muse in general. They aren’t the most engaging I’ve found but they are also images that I feel I should share to see if they evoke inspiration. At times I’ll skim over these images myself and if one evokes a particular idea that image will be moved to my request thread.


The image to the right may not change from day to day, it depends entirely on my muse and whether or not I find a suitable replacement for that image. It is not intended to be used for the purpose of roleplay but if it does evoke a specific plot or idea that you’d like to share with me than I’d be delighted to discuss the idea. However, it isn’t meant for that purpose. Instead, the image is there for me to share some of the images that caught my attention and provide them for anyone that wishes to use them. They can be used by you without my permission. They are images I’ve saved or found that I believe are too good to do unnoticed.

Because this has inspired by muse for the day it will not always contain an image. Instead, the Inspiration of the day can be literature or a poem I found intriguing. They are pieces that have cascaded my muse into responses. They bring out new ideas for myself and inspire me to continue writing on other topics and ideas.

That being said if I post an image here my muse has usually caught onto it and I’ve come up with my own stories based on the image. I also welcome anyone else’s input on potential stories and ideas that are waiting to be discovered. If a particular image has sparked a really engaging idea you’ll more than likely find a prompt further below.

If there isn’t a prompt below than the image has yet to make it to that stage, despite probing my muse into action. 

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Re: Shameless Requests of Deviance (Dom M Seeking F)
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The Soldier
Setting: Science-Fiction.
Concepts: PBP: NC, Force, Control, Dominance, Collaring, BDSM.
They are genetically engineered for war, or at least they were. Most of them are now dead, the rest have disappeared. Soldiers engineered to be stronger, faster, better than any normal man or woman. They are powerful enough to take on a dozen men or more, powerful enough to be considered threats if they aren’t kept in check. Yet most of them are dead. It isn’t of their own making, there wasn’t a defect or problem in them. No what killed them was what almost killed everyone. War. A galactic war stretching over centuries. War that destroyed millions of them, destroyed the planets were they were made and their homes. Yet they won, inferior technology and biology be damned. Those great soldiers won them the war, but the way to make them was lost. So the government did the only thing sensible it could with soldiers bred for nothing but war, they hunted them down and destroyed them. They made new soldiers, better soldiers, soldiers bred to protect the peace they created. Less flawed, more subservient.

Yet the old soldiers survived, five years after the war. There may a few, a couple hundred or thousand left, but they survive even hunted by the government they use to serve. They’ve made new names for themselves; as bounty hunters, thugs, mercenaries, assassins. They were bred to kill and almost all of them fall onto the path. They have nothing else for them. Their minds are bred for war; many might have fought the urge to fight and kill but there are still dozens more that have lost their minds to the urge. They are time bombs waiting to explode. A risk to hire but worth the risk, they are effective and ruthless. Yet some of them, some of them are just trying to survive and have a life.

The Proud Captain
Setting: Medieval
Concepts: PBP: Bondage, Dungeons, Force, Collaring, Slavery.
She was the captain of the elite knights. A vanguard which leads the frontal assault of each and every battle. However, they are betrayed. A few pieces of gold in the right hands gives the enemy their location. The enemy general sends off some soldiers to the camp, not to slaughter the knights but instead to capture the captain. She’s brought to him gagged and bound in chains. The general knows that she a wonderful resource. If he breaks her and controls hers then he can use her and her men to his own purpose. All he has to do is turn her to his side. Whether it’s with coin, or force, or blackmail. He’ll do whatever it takes to turn her to his side.

This is designed to be a more slow progression. Designed around bondage and blackmail instead of force or rape. Each day his men will retrieve her from her camp and bring her toward him. She can’t resist him; he’ll use her family, her men, and anything else he can get his hands on as leverage. The more they meet the more he slowly brings her to his side, whether it’s from the constant threat or the fact that the way he binds her, beats her, and controls her starts to arouse her. Her mind slowly molded to not only accept the abuse, but even enjoy it.

A Helping Touch.. Turned Rough
Setting: Modern
Concepts: PBP: BDSM/NC, Seduction, Flirting, Bondage, Temptation, Dom/Sub.
It had been an innocent offer to help the burly man that was currently doing up her husband’s newest property. She was on site every day, bored with little else to do than finish picking and choosing where certain rooms were to go and what parts of the large little estate just needed to be torn down. Her husband had decided to renovate the entire building, which had been falling apart at the seams, even going so far as to add another wing to the little estate that he’d cleared out just for her. Amongst all the workers, in and out of the little house, but on one particular day she’s curious as to what it is the men are up to.

Most of the workers are off duty today, the only one on sight is the foreman using his time to go over the various plans while also cleaning up some me of the debris scattered around the place for the next day. They spent little more than a few minutes together, talking, before he made the offer. He saw she was curious and eager to help, so he offered to spend a few hours after the crew left to help her renovate the inner rooms. He spent some of that time working with her, but the longer they spent together the more intimate they became. Eventually they stranded into forbidden territory, what started as a suggestion for her to tone down all her clothing graduated into small touches or strokes. It didn’t take long for the right touch, and the right kiss, to send them off to the horses. Maybe she didn’t expect him to be so bossy in bed as bossy as he was on the field, but eventually she begins to do more than just like it. She looks forward to their evening excursions, no matter how dirty she might end up getting.

The Graduate Program
Setting: Modern/Contemporary
Concepts: PBP: Bondage, Coercion, Force, Money, Submission, Public scenes.
A fresh college graduate now enters a graduate program at a university she’s always wanted to visit. She’s offered a spot in their program along with a place to live and a list of professors that she can work under as a TA. Yet it isn’t all wonderful because while they offered her a spot in the program and a place to live she’s still very inexperienced compared to her peers. She was accepted because of her interview and the fact that the interviewers happened to enjoy her personality. One of which happens to be on the list of professors for her to choose to work with over the next semester.

The professor himself gave her a wonderful view partly because of her looks and partly because he could. As someone with tenure he was constantly pushing the boundaries at his job to see what he could get away with. Though tenure or not he would probably have been fired by now if the university knew what he did with the TA’s they assigned him he’d probably have been silently removed from teaching and the university. He only took female TA’s because of how innocent and susceptible they were. They were willing to do anything to do well in the graduate program, and since his word carried so much weight it made his TA’s the perfect puppets to do with as he pleased. Recently he’d decided started abusing his TA’s further, tying them up and using their bodies as art using rope. He wanted to see just how far he could push a TA before they either broke or submitted completely.

House of Discovery
Setting: Modern/Contemporary
Concepts: PBP: NC, BDSM, Master/Sub, Force, Rough, Adultery, Exploration/Training.
She’s had the same boyfriend since high school. At least he used to be her boyfriend but now was her fiancé. Whenever people look at them or talk about them, they assume just how happy they might be together but she hasn’t been that happy in years. She loves him yet she wants to find a way to spice up their relationship. Which over the years has become bland and stale, with little to no romance and sex. Her best friend recommends to a bdsm club. At first she has no interest in going into the club but her curiosity finally gets the better of her.

He’s an experienced trainer, he’s spent the last two years at the club training young woman into giving in to their more perverted fetishes. While neglecting his own darker desires. The club has rules to prevent relationships forming between trainers and submissives. Which doesn’t help him or his problems when it comes to finding his own submissive. It also doesn’t help when he’s put in charge of showing a new applicant around the club. The first session is always based around the showing new submissives all the features of the club and different types of training they could be involved in. The more he shows the naïve and innocent girl around, the more interest he takes in her.

Though it might just be because she’s the perfect image of what kind of submissive she wants. She might be naïve and new, but he just wants to put his hands around her and teach her how to please him. Regardless of the fact that she’s not only taken, but soon to be married. There’s something about her that makes him want to break each and every rule that’s designed to keep her safe.

I’ve had two paths for this roleplay, one where he convinces her to keep coming back and exploring not only her kinks but the master/slave relationship that begins to form. The other path for the roleplay is based around the idea where he begins dictating where they take her kinks, and instead of exploring her desires he instead trains her to meet his needs and wants.

Submissive Co-worker
Setting: Modern/Contemporary
Concepts: PBP:NC, Adultery, Affair, Bondage, Possession.
Another affair based roleplay, only this time either only the female or both of them could be the ones involved in the affair. They are two co-workers who are married and are unsatisfied at home. They’ve always been close friends and over time they begin venting their issues to each other. Not only about the problems with their spouses but also their wants from their significant others, kinks that they can’t discuss with their partner. Eventually it goes beyond just talking about their needs and wants. Instead it becomes about exploring those same kinks and desires with each other while also attempting to maintain their work life and home life.

As their affair becomes more explicit and more active, it starts to cause problems at home. Where the affair was always only meant to be sexual and adventurous, it’s become personal and emotional. It transforms from a dom/sub roles and becomes an emotional affair where they care about each other more than their previous partners. Their work becomes disturbed, their home life a wreck, but as long as their together things makes sense. But how long can it last?

Setting: Modern/Contemporary
Concepts: Seduction, Romance, Hate-relationship.
The Federal Bureau of Investigations employs several agents to infiltrate criminal organizations. These agents use ‘Legends’ alias’ that are crafted by the government to protect their agents. Sebastion was one of their best, too good, his Legends vary from terrorists and members of the mafia to secretaries. Hundreds of Legends hand-crafted by the government and memorized by him, entire lives rattling around in his head for him to use. It’s because of his familiarity with his Legends and his skill that he’s given one of his toughest assignments. He isn’t tasked to infiltrate an extremist group or organization, instead he’s asked to infiltrate a foreign government agency.

MI6. A list of American legends in Europe, specifically the UK, have been leaked placing other agents in danger abroad. He’s been asked to infiltrate MI6 and gather any information he can on the link. His superiors tell him that it’s the only MI6 which had a record of each of the legends leaked. Yet if he’s caught, his government will abandon him. He isn’t sanctioned and the MI6 don’t take kindly to spies. His confidant in the MI6 is a senior legend whose been embedded in MI6 for the last ten years. Yet can he trust her?

Another aspect to this plot that I’ve been messing around with actually takes a large pull form the TV show Legends. It revolves around the idea that the federal agent begins to mix up the legends with his real life Where he isn’t sure where his loyalties lie or who he really is; an agent, a criminal, a terrorist.

You’re The Boss
Setting: Modern
Concepts: PBP: NC, Bondage, Force, Coercion, Seduction, Forbidden, Servitude, Blackmail?
He used her, there wasn’t any doubt about that. They met when he wanted to get off and almost always when it bothered her. He had a pension for interrupting her meetings, her work, making house calls late at night or just before work. He’d even had a lovely little pension of ordering her to his place and having her crawl around demeaning herself in just the right ways. But what he did to her didn’t bother her, or upset her, it only made her all the more aroused and needy. He was working her over to his schedule, his demands, and soon he’d have control over every part of her life and she wasn’t sure if she enjoyed it or was terrified by it. But it would happen, regardless, and she knew she couldn’t stop it.

They’d had such a simple arrangement at first. She’d found them while writing out her fantasies online, on forums, curious to find a man that would show her some of the perverse things that she fantasized about every night. She’d found him, or perhaps he was the one that found her, and propositioned him. They spend the first day together, testing each other. He fulfilled all those deep fantasies of hers, fantasies she so desperately craved. Perverse cravings she could never dare to speak for the sake of her career, her friends, and family. Yet he fulfilled those needs for her just as she’d so desperately craved. What she hadn’t expected however, was just how badly she’d needed them to be filled. At first she called on him, wanting to experience the same vigor as before. But slowly, he molded her to his liking. Those perverse things she’d so desperately wanted.. changed her. The very things she wanted him for, made her subservient to his desires. Maybe she hadn’t even realized it, or maybe she just didn’t care.


Master & Apprentice
Setting: Fantasy, Medieval.
Concepts: PBP: NC, Magic, Control, Manipulation, Dom/Sub roles, Teaching, Training.
He’d found her wandering in a daze, bloody and naked with fire clinging to her arms and legs for warmth, shambling down the King's Road. The elder warlock took notice of her immediately, not cause of the fire clinging to her soft and inviting body, but because of the color of the fire. The orange and red flames streaks with lines of red and gold, obvious signs of magic. Whether it was her magic that finally burned out, or the sight of another human, when the warlock came within hands reach of her the burning woman lost consciousness. While he could have left her on the King’s Road for any wandering knights or travelers to take care of, the magic she showed sparked his interest. So instead he covered her with his cloak and slung the woman over his shoulder before carrying her off with him.

The warlock’s curiosity eventually got the better of him. Not that he could be blamed, when one had to means to get whatever answers he wanted why wouldn’t he use it to his advantage? He laid her down to rest in one of the upper rooms of the tower. He set his things away in his own room, before closing the armory and casting his gaze out toward the edge of the dark forest. While he was curious as to the strange young woman his duty to the county came before anything else. He left her to rest in the bed while he took a stroll around the tower, checking the pits lining the tower. When he finally returned to her it was hours later and he came with a bucket and rag in hand.

He shed the cloak he’d placed on her from her front and began to clean her body. While using the rag to wipe away the grease, dirt, and ashes from her body he also began to peruse her mind for the answers he wanted. Yet when he tried to access her memories he found himself unable to get anything, it wasn’t that he couldn’t access her mind but rather that there was a wall stopping him from peering too closely. So instead he let her mind rest and finished cleaning her body. Once he was done he wrapped her in the sheets and left her to rest and recover from her use of her powers.

It’s been eight weeks since then and the little sorceress now resides with him as an apprentice. He teaches her powers and how to control them, and in exchange she takes care of the menial tasks around the tower. Yet even if he’s made her an apprentice he’s yet to tell her what he does; or explain the constant groaning in the pits around the towers.

The Psychopaths Mind
Setting: Modern/Contemporary
Concepts: PBP: NC, Abuse, Bondage, Mental Trauma, Verbal Abuse, Coercion, Submission.
The federal court has placed him in the mental health facility as dictated by the judge in charge of his case. Not only is to he remain in the facility, be confined to a padded room and straight jacket to prevent him from harming himself or anyone else. Though there isn’t much of a worry of him harming someone else, he’s more interested in the former. A serial killer whose attorney managed to swing the mentally ill card to the judge and jury. So while he might have avoided the death sentence he’s also been charged to attend several court-mandated sessions with the therapist at the mental facility. Not only to judge his progress with his mental disorder but also to see whether or not he really is mentally imbalanced or if he’s simply a killer.

While the court and jury might have decided he was mentally ill, he’s far from it. He’s not just brilliant but a psychopath. The federal agents assigned to his case hadn’t been able to pin anything on him, and he’d been more than cocky about it. He all but told the agents he was the man they were looking for, taunting them with the fact they would never find evidence to put him away. He hadn’t expected them to plant evidence, or worse off for there to be no way to prove it was planted. Yet that’s all he had to do, prove the evidence was planted and he’d go back out and continue his fun.

This would be a more unconventional roleplay than just continuous string of thoughts or posts that follow a characters progression. Instead this would be a series of scenes done between the patient and his doctor. The doctor assessing his sanity and also his health while he’d simply be having fun with her. Playing with her sensibilities. This is very much a roleplay based on mental abuse. Since he’ll always be restrained or watched he’ll verbally convince her into do as he wanted. Breaking her mind, instead of allowing her to explore his.

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Re: Shameless Requests of Deviance (Dom M Seeking F)
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Updated: Added a few more scenarios, finished 'Canonical' section, minor clarification and grammer modifications all around.

Added the following scenarios;
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Re: Shameless Requests of Deviance (Dom M Seeking F)
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Updated: Added a few more scenarios, moved old/taken scenarios to new section, various grammar corrections.

Added the following scenarios;

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Re: Shameless Requests of Deviance (Dom M Seeking F)
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Updated: Added a few more scenarios, feeling in a bit of a darker mood lately, various grammar corrections, removed several plots to the graveyard.

Added the following scenarios;