Orc Cuckold Parties

Started by Jester, April 23, 2016, 03:02:57 AM

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"We have to welcome the Orcs into our fold. They have proved their worth and they have protected us throughoht the troubles." The village elder tried to calm the angry mob. They stood outside the home of the Orc ho had just moved into a new plot of land.

The Orc was a war hero but racism was rife in the Kingdom and many village folk did not like the idea of an Orc living amongst them. But there was nothing they could do now.

Some of the women of the village however were not so sure he should be so ignored. He was ever so big, so strong and powerful. Oh and so very tall.

it was rumoured that an Orc's cock was not shorter than 10 inches........

The Orc was here to stay......... And the men would have to put up with it. And the women well.....This is their story.

I am looking for a married village woman who begins to lust after the Orc Blacksmith. Its dangerous with such a racist village with a racist family but it could mean she gets the fuck of her life.....