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May 16, 2022, 03:18:46 am

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Author Topic: Canon Superheroes Looking for Partners (M for f)  (Read 1004 times)

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Offline jacobjonTopic starter

Canon Superheroes Looking for Partners (M for f)
« on: April 22, 2016, 08:28:39 am »
Below, I have listed a number of canon superheroes I'm looking to play. Rather than try to define plots for each of them, I figured it might be easier to figure out such things with a partner. Instead, I listed some potential partners for each character, and some details about how I would play them. I would usually prefer to pair each character with another canon character, but I've marked a few where OC pairings could work well.

Dr. Fate

POSSIBLE PAIRINGS: Zatanna and magical characters like her would be obvious choices. On the other hand, it could be fun to pair him with characters with no magical talent or knowledge whatsoever, like Supergirl.

BASIC IDEA: My Dr. Fate is very young and very inexperienced. Every time he puts on the helm, it is a battle of wills between Nabu and himself. After every battle, he finds it just a touch harder to remove the helm and retain his own individually. He's either looking for someone magical to help him control the will of the helmet, or he is inspired enough by someone non-magical that he is willing to put his individuality on the line to follow in their footsteps. I like to play up the price of using the helmet, which I think makes Fate a lot more interesting than other superheroes.


POSSIBLE PAIRINGS: Patty Spivot, Caitlin Snow. I'm open to more non-traditional pairings as well.

BASIC IDEA: My Flash is actually pretty close to the TV show one, mostly because the show did a pretty great job on his character. Barry is a genuinely nice person who dedicates everything he has towards helping people, both when he is wearing the costume and when he is at his day job. I prefer to put him in relationships where he can interact with the other character both as Barry and the Flash.

Green Arrow

POSSIBLE PAIRINGS: Black Canary, Felicity Smoak, Catwoman, and other street level heroes.

BASIC IDEA: My Green Arrow doesn't tend to be as dark and brooding as some of the more recent versions. He still takes his job seriously, but he isn't above making a joke during a fight, or allowing his surprise to show when something unexpected happens. I like to play him as a character who is on an unending quest for redemption. The old him wasn't a bad person, but he was a wasted person. The Green Arrow is determined to make up for lost time and do a lifetime worth of good in whatever time he has left.


POSSIBLE PAIRINGS: Rogue, Mystique, and possibly original characters. I've done stories that pair him with mutants he liberates from camps, and part of me wants to do a story before he embraces his destiny, pairing him with a human who kind of centers him. I think that would be tricky though.

BASIC IDEA: As you can tell from the picture, my Magneto is younger than most of his appearances in the comics. He's still getting a feel for things, and part of him still believes that Xavier's dream might be possible. To that end, I'm potentially willing to pair him with most female X-Men.


POSSIBLE PAIRINGS: Black Cat, Mary Jane Watson, Gwen Stacey

BASIC IDEA: I'm going to be honest and admit that I don't have a ton of experience playing Spider-Man, but those experiences were a lot of fun, and I am looking to do it again. I'm willing to play him as the traditional wall-crawler, or put him in the black costume if my partner wants to take a darker play on things.


POSSIBLE PAIRINGS: Miss Martian is really the only pairing I have in mind for this one, but I'm open to exploring ideas I might not have considered. (All Young Justice characters would obviously be over 18.)

BASIC IDEA: I tend to stick to the Young Justice version of the character. He's tormented and angry, but doesn't brood 24/7. He might not have been raised by the Kents, but he still has Clark's natural desire to help others.

Superman (Injustice Version)

To be clear here, I'm not looking to play the traditional Superman. I already have several wonderful games involving the normal Clark Kent, so this is more a request for a darker take on him. Story would be loosely based on the game Injustice, where a disaster levels most of Metropolis and effectively destroys Clark's personal life. The result is a much more proactive Superman who is much more interested in results than he is the rule of law.

POSSIBLE PAIRINGS: Just about anyone, really. It could be a hero going down this darker path with him, or even certain villains who can sense which way the wind is blowing and want to get on the winning side.

BASIC IDEA: I don't want to play the Injustice Superman as a "bad guy." Towards the end of the game, he has clearly taken it too far. I want to keep him more grey, focusing on actions that the general public can get behind, given their new focus on security. Things like sending Arkham Asylum inmates to the Phantom Zone, launching a preemptive strike against Darkseid, and things like that would all be fair game. This could lead to pairings that are more Dom/sub than the others on this list, as Clark knows what he wants, and the willing submission of a loving partner might help make the world feel less out of control than it currently does.