Accidental Stalker RP | Female Stalker/s Wanted (MxF)

Started by Silence, April 22, 2016, 04:58:37 AM

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Hi! Thank you for checking out my idea! If this one doesnt suite you, I have a few other similar ideas involving a female stalker so feel free to PM me if you are interested in hearing them or if this sparked a idea of your own.

Please don't reply to this thread, PMing me would be appreciated.

- Silence

Is she curious or crazy?
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Accidental Stalker (MxF)

All the kids are on break at university. Could be they went home for thanksgiving break, Christmas break. Fact is, most everyone went home to their families. The winter rolls in quick and harsh on the east coast, when you don't have anyone to go home to.. You are left at university by yourself. It can be a very lonely environment. But this isn't the first time you have spent the holidays at college alone.

But what if you find that you are not alone this year?

Out of the corner of your eye you swear you see someone, you did! You peer at them as they walk up a flight of stairs. Why is that strange.. Is it strange? After all, it's not like you know everyone on college campus. Are they following you? Is it over reaction and paranoia setting in or do you have ever right to be worried?

You decide to keep an eye on this fellow. But now the question is, who is truly the stalker? Afterall, you just followed him to keep a watchful eye on him, how did you know he was going for a swim or that he was going to shower afterwards? Arousal fills her, but she can't feel that about her 'stalker' can she? But.. He isn't looking, so it won't hurt anything right?

Yes, it's best to keep a eye on him from now on.

Or can two play that game?

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| The Inspiration! |

So I was watching the movie Kristy on netflix. About a girl who is alone for the holidays at college and on campus basically by herself (Thats all you need to know for the story, dont want to spoil the movie :) )

And I got to thinking, what if in a story.. A lonely, introverted girl who's few friends went home for the holidays.. Suddenly felt like she was being stalked. Except, she isn't and in turn becomes the stalker. The boy who is also on campus, is just another kid who doesn't have a family to go home to. Not even realizing at first that she is on campus, and when he does notice someone he doesn't think much of it. For the girl, does fear turn into obsession? After all he is kind of cute and none of the other guys ever look at her like they do the other girls. Watching him when he has no idea, seeing him naked what happens after she confronts him?

Maybe it turns into some sort of odd relationship, or maybe something else? Maybe he ends up fearing this girl? What if he begins stalking her as payback or some weird game the two play? I think watching the dynamic between them as time goes on will be fun, will it take a dark turn?

Plot ideas are open for discussion, I absolutely love bouncing around ideas with people! Just giving a general idea of what I have in mind