Bad Company - [Sci-Fi, FxF, Mecha]

Started by MissFire, April 21, 2016, 04:49:13 PM

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2070. London, England. Nations have merged and borders have melted away. Superpowers have combined, forming super-countries. The United States of The New Continent (USN) takes up all of North and South America, for example. Much of Europe has blended together to form the European Community. East Asia is now the OCU, the Oceanic Communities Union. You live in England where tension and violence are the words of the day. The local government is running a ship so tight it's choking the life out of your home and the EU as a whole is unable or unwilling to police itself on that lonely little island. You are the leader of the local group of rebels, waging information campaigns and geurilla strikes against Big Brother with whatever you can manage.

The invention of wanzers (short for 'wanderungpanzer' or 'walking tank') by the Germans decades ago, however, has massively changed warfare. With the government and police in posession of what are literally walking tanks, your revolution cannot meet them one-to-one, for if the violence escalates enough the wanzers will appear and your friends will be cut down by these two story behemoths.

You drown your sorrows often at Bad Company, a quiet pub with damn fine food and a penchant for old-style rock 'n roll. The owner, Sarah, a German transplant, has become a confidant and fast friend. You think you even might have a little crush on her. She can be a hardass and maybe a little bit of a bitch now and again, but she's generous, easy-going, and has a dry with that you appreciate.

Things change for you one day when you're sitting at the bar and gunfire rips through the street windows, turning bar patrons into swiss cheese. Panic erupts. You have a concealed weapon on you and draw it, opening fire on incoming LHRT (the London Heightened Response Team, known as 'the hurt') and take cover. Shots from over your shoulder. You glance over and see Sarah has a weapon too. Firearms are extremely hard to come by and you had to do quite a bit of work to supply yourself and your little ragtag band, so where did a bartender get one? The Hurt comes pouring in and just as you think it's over, Sarah drags you behind the bar, through a door, and down some stairs. You protest at her trying to protect you, saying that she should run.

"They're not here for you," she says. She turns the lights on.

It reveals a military-grade wanzer sitting in the basement. It's an old model, but armed to the teeth. It's something that could give your people an edge in the war. Sarah looks at you and she concludes,

"They're here for me."

Hi! Looking to find someone to play the rebel leader in this! Action, romance, adventure, giant robots! Sarah is a former soldier of the EU, part of an experimental corp of soldiers that tinkered with linking a pilot to his wanzer to improve reaction time. The experiment was a failure and all test pilots were destroyed. Except one, of course. Sarah. She managed to break away and escape and relocated to London. Her mech is outdated by modern standards but with it, you know you could even the odds, maybe capture more wanzers and start a real revolution. The problem is that Sarah is mostly concerned about escaping and doesn't care about politics.

You just want her for her robot.

She just wants you to help her flee the EU.

Maybe you can work something out.

"There are five possible operations for any army. If you can fight, fight; if you cannot fight, defend; if you cannot defend, flee; if you cannot flee, surrender; if you cannot surrender, die."
    - Sima Yi