The Muse Wants... (Seeking creative partners, any gender.)

Started by Phoenixrisen, April 21, 2016, 12:33:38 PM

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Hello, and thank you for taking a moment to glance in on my new thread. It's going to be a bit sparse at the moment, apologies. I shall start off with a little bit about what I'm looking for. I'm looking for creative people to write with, preferably multi-paragraph writers, though understand that on occasion shorter may be necessary to move things forward without controlling another writer's character. Coherence is more important than grammar, but I will do my best to provide both, so please do so as well. I'm looking for a flexible poster, I will do my best to respond at least once ever two weeks, with the possibility of more quickly, possibly much more, however there may be times even that isn't possible. If you're one to lose interest and ability to write a story if posting does not come quickly, please move on, we will not in the long term be a good fit.

When it comes to story, I'm looking for a writer that is willing and able to help throw kinks (nonsexual) into the story line, and who works best with a basic idea of the story we want to write without a huge outline. Expect the same from me. Having too fixed an idea of where the story will end up has rarely worked well for me. Not only does it tend to cramp creativity, in my opinion, but if I know what to expect next it takes some of the fun out of it for me. I'm also a plot heavy writer. I like some smut every now and then, but without the build up, it's just not nearly as fun. I am however a huge fan of sexual tension. Drama, in stories, is my bread and butter. Inner conflict, character growth, and forbidden, or other wise troubled romance, are some of my favorite things. I don't like things coming easily to my characters, not all the time, and torturing characters, emotionally, and sometimes physically is the surest way to keep my muse engaged.

When it comes to kinks (sexual), I don't do bathroom stuff, snuff of any kind, or heavy gore. Just about anything else, if it comes up of its own accord in game is probably fine. I don't negotiate sex scenes before game start. If there needs to be negotiation it can happen when the situation crops up naturally. Forcing characters into boxes is a huge turn off for me as a writer. I point back to being a plot heavy sort of writer, talking about the smut too early tends to make it a bigger part of the story than I would prefer.

Onward to idea(s). Please note any titles are for ease of communicating about them, and fully open for discussion when it comes to the roleplay itself, I tend to suck with titles.

Making Changes:

Leigh McAllister had spent her whole life running, hiding, and generally being someone who she wasn't. Not so much because she wanted to, but because it was who she needed to be to survive, but no more. Her family, everyone she'd ever worked with was gone, she'd only escaped the same fate because she'd learned to keep to the shadows years ago. A ghost with a price on her head and no one to watch her back, she's faced with only one option, to blend in with the general populace and ensure that no one learns of who she used to be.

Can one who has been running and hiding their whole life learn to be normal? Is trust achievable, and more importantly, is it safe? Can someone ever really break away from a life of intrigue without serious help?

Your character could fall into any of a number of categories, anyone from an everyday person who saves her from homelessness, to someone who also has a price on their head that she saves from an assassination/kidnapping, to a bounty hunter trying to bring her in/kill her. The possibilities are only as limited as our imaginations, so bring me your ideas, and we'll see what we can come up with.

That's all for now. I intend to keep using this thread, so for the sake of keeping things neat, please respond via PM.

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