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May 24, 2018, 01:11:29 PM

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Author Topic: A Scarred World (M seeking F)  (Read 314 times)

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A Scarred World (M seeking F)
« on: April 21, 2016, 02:17:43 AM »
Long, possibly rambling read ahead.  It's late and I wanted to try to get this out while it was still coherent, which isn't to guarantee that my telling of it will be.  This idea is an unholy mixture of the worlds of Person of Interest (TV Show)and Chuck (TV Show), with a bit of House of Cards (, Netflix show?) thrown in.  So here goes....

November 9, 2016.  The United States has elected a new president, and it wasn't who was expected to win (yes, the modern day parallels are intentional).  I'm looking to play a character who, while politically neutral, is glad to have sold his wares to the US Government before his election.  The amount of money he made off of the sale will have easily set him up and two generations of his family - assuming he ever has any children, anyways - for life.  But he's content to live in anonymity, and while many of the big movers and shakers in the department of defense knows who he is, anyone passing him on the street would have no idea who he was.

Which is an interesting thing, given that his expertise was in the field of finding and using the digital footprints of everyone around the world to track and predict human behavior, and writing algorithims and programs to use said information.  He didn't care at first whether what the government would use it for; they paid for it free and clear, and besides, surely nobody could use it for anything too evil, right?  After all, this is the United States, and this is a democracy.

Of course, MC didn't expect him to win the election.

Two years later, and before congressional elections, the president's political opponents mysteriously start disappearing.  While usually political neutral, ever since the election my character had become more active in trying to help people.  And so in addition to relocating to Washington, he start  a backdoor into the program he'd made for the government to try to find the same people they're after.  But after a couple of close calls, it becomes clear he can't do it alone - he needs help.

Specifically, a partner while he's behind the scenes.  And so, he tasks his program with finding someone who can help him out, and lo and behold, it gives him someone he didn't expect....who also happens to be a woman.  And in attempting to thwart the government and their increasingly authoritarian whims, maybe the two people - while trying to help a scarred world - can help each other find something as well...

So there's a lot here, and a lot I haven't said.  The dynamics of something like this would be tricky, both in attempting to build a coherent world and scenarios while still keeping most of the focus on the relationship between our two characters.  Again, without going into details my character, while able to take care of himself (he won't just be a bookworm), won't be the asskicker here - the female character would be.  Hence the similarities to Chuck.

As for what makes it like House of Cards, well... I won't spoil anything if you haven't seen the show, but suffice to say I'm intrigued by the idea of the government being on a downward spiral.  Our two characters don't have to focus on just fighting the government - there'd be plenty of room for crime prevention/stopping as well - but I didn't want it to just be stopping one murder to the next.  Involving the government means building stakes/tension, which is something I'd be missing when trying an idea like this before.

So, tl;dr: if there are any female writers who are interested in a role like this, or in this world, or think I make any sense at all...let me know.  None of this is set in stone, but I wanted to get this out before I forgot it.  We'd play this either on the forums (my preference on E), or by PMs if you'd prefer.