My Life as a Mind-Controlled Maid [F/Futa for any]

Started by Datawych, April 20, 2016, 07:00:33 PM

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Emily knew that she was due for another shift, but she still had not adjusted to the shock of being called. She fell asleep in her own bed, but when she awoke, she immediately knew that she was back inside The Office.

This can't be happening. Not again. Denial. The first stage of grief.

She stood up, looking to escape from her prison before they could do anything. Certainly there was some way out of this room? Some tiny weakness that had been overlooked that she could exploit?

The closet door slid open of its own accord, revealing the uniform - if it could really be called such - that had been selected for her.

They expect me to wear THAT? Well fuck them! I won't do it. Anger. The second stage.

A small compartment opened in the back of the closet, revealing speakers that began to emit a pleasant, calming tone.

"N-no... please don't... I'll... uhhnnn..." Bargaining.

When she came to, she was wearing her uniform and holding an empty tray. Several of her 'coworkers' were busy getting things ready for that evening.

Is the rest of my life really going to be like this? Can nothing be done? Depression.

The first pair of clients had walked through the door. Both of them were wearing custom-tailored suits and had the air of people so powerful they could do whatever they wanted.

Emily looked at the two of them, hating every fibre of their beings and everything they represented. Her conditioning forced her lips into a welcoming smile. "Hello, sirs. My name is Eden, and I'll be taking care of your needs this evening. And I do mean all of them." Acceptance.

My Life as a Mind-Controlled Maid tells the story of The Office, a mysterious organization that abducts women and mentally conditions them to serve as the perfect waitstaff/playthings for the ultra rich and powerful.

Our protagonist is one of The Office's newly-acquired targets. She is unconditioned or mostly-unconditioned, but slowly begins to find that her life inexorably leads back to The Office in order to perform her 'duties'.

Story elements

  • Maids
  • Hypnosis-mind control
  • Abduction
  • Non-con/dub-con
  • Degradation/humiliation
  • D/s
  • Exhibitionism

PM me if you're interested!