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May 23, 2018, 02:28:50 AM

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Author Topic: Royal Punishment [Extreme kink heavy, bestiality, watersports, pain]  (Read 477 times)

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Offline RumataTopic starter

It is the year 500 A.F., exactly a half a millennium since the Gods of this world fell at the hands of a man who wanted to transcend this plane of existence. The battle had made the world cry as the skies turned to blood and magic was forever corrupted without the Divine to keep it pure. Since then, many upstarts had risen using magic to leave trail of death and destruction behind. Even more so, the great Empire had fallen too because of magic, leaving hundreds of thousands dead after its fall.

But the last great act of the last Great Emperor was to declare magic as a sin and crime against all mankind and all living beings. Now, even if the Empire is just a shadow of its former self, the nations and races of the world all uphold that law as sacred and paramount to the survival of life on earth. So much so that Knightly orders of Men, Ranger companies of Elves, Paladin conclaves of Dwarves and even Warparties of Orcs had formed to hunt down magic users and stifle the flame of magic where ever it may surface.

Though many more had died during the Great Purge after the Fall of the Empire, preceded by the Death of the Gods, magic was not completely gone from the world. Way in the south of the continent lays a large island comprised of many city states. To it's east an archipelago of smaller islands protects this large land mass from the Orc Hordes. The archipelago is ruled by the city state of Li' and it's brave king, who for decades had fought back invasion after invasion from the Orc Warlords.

Now, the legendary king grows old and tired, coming close to the end of his long life with no heir to his throne. His only daughter, the young Princess, cannot inherit due to the laws of the warrior like nation of Li'. So a tournament is held at the capital, with the winner being promised the throne of the kingdom and the hand of the Princess. The Princess herself, despite being of unprecedented beauty and wit, also holds a dark secret. She is a magic user, one of the few remaining in the world.

She desires no man not of her choosing to have her hand, so she enters the tournament under disguise to win the right to choose her own husband. Through magic she fights all the way to the final round, where she faces a notorious warrior and warlord from the frozen north. The Warlord being a secret bastard of the King and half brother of the Princess, thought dead by the King and unknown to anyone else but him. He defeats her and reveals both her true identity and the fact that she was using magic.

According to the Ancient law of the Empire, passed 100 years ago, the Knights, Nobles and common folk present demand her life. Extreme torture until death as the law demands, with no King or man able to break or prevent the law from being enforced. But the Warlord proposes and exchange, her life be spared and she be wedded to him. In return she would be punished until the law is sated, her torture would be daily and it would be delivered by anyone. By the knights, by the nobles, by the common folk, by their beasts, her body would become the object of her payment and she would pay dearly for her transgression.

Hello there, first of all this is a heavy, extreme kinky story. It will contain a lot of smut with story as well, but the smut will be rather intense and commonplace.

The Princess will see a lot of abuse from all those around her, being force to pleasure anyone in any way, including animals. She would be turned into a veritable pain, piss and fuck slut.

As for kinks, the following I would like very much to see, as they are the main focus of the story for me: Branding, Sexual/Perverted Tattoos, Excessive Genital/Nipple/Nose Piercings, Heavy Physical Punishment, Pregnancy/Lactation, Anal/Vaginal Fisting, Gaping, Dirty Talk, Incest, Bestiality, Objectification, Excessive Cum, Cum/Urine Marking/Inflation, Watersports, Being kept covered in fluids, Multiple Insertions, Gangbangs, Extreme Humiliation/Degradation, Cervical Penetration, Pet Play.

More details can be found at the first link in my signature. I do not mind playing either the Princess or those torturing her!

PM me if you are interested in this story.