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Author Topic: The Perfect Partnership (Romance/Beastiality/Anthro/Possible extreme)  (Read 779 times)

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Tobias Greenfell enjoyed the trips into town. He wanted to secure a new customer today but not just from the outlying villages or the townsfolk but someone influential.

The Inns and Taverns of Durden Town were often full and enjoyed the busy trade routes that ran through it. If Tobias could secure even just one more of these Inns today he would be a happy man.

He secured the horses by his usual stand in the Market Square and began to unload his ware onto tables that he had used each week for the last few years. Tobias had moved to the area two years ago and had set up a profitable farm some distance away. It was a wonderful location and supplied both dairy, meat, wheat and vegetables to the townsfolk of Durden. Few had been there and seen the rolling hills and the flatlands where he grew his crops but those that do say it is a beautiful farm that is cared for perfectly and with strict control from Farmer Tobias.

His stall soon becamse busy even though it didn’t seem to have anything out-of-the-ordinary, yet what was there was the very best to be had. Such a high quality it was said he sold his produce to the King’s own cooks, that they sent a cart every three days to collect.

His milk was the richest, frothy and smooth, and wouldn’t turn for a whole week. His butter and cheeses were the tastiest, and deep gold in colour and fragrant. His eggs were as large as a clenched fist, and the yokes were succulent. The fleeces were large and so very soft. He sometimes sold simple remedies, but only in secret, and only to friends. Salves that would help a baby grow healthy in the womb, lotions to make the aches and pains of old age and a hard life ease, hard sweets to suck if there was trouble of the belly, a gel to keep the eyes from losing their vision.

The farmer was a mature man, entering his thirties. It was said he had been married before, but his wife had passed away. Others said he had never been married, and had come by the farm he worked by wizardry. No one knew for sure, and no one knew exactly where his farm was.

He was friendly – very friendly, and very cheerful – but he was not inclined to talk of himself. His hair was a deep honey blonde, that fell in loose, lazy curls down his back. His eyes were a dark hazel and his skin was softly tanned and smooth. He dressed in a white undershirt of thin cotton that showed his muscular tanned torso nicely. His leggings tight and showed thick thighs and were a mid-brown, and his shoes were a dark leather. He was muscular and tall, and very well looking. He had such a calm command about him many would stop what they were doing just to obey him.

Something caught his eye, today. Or, someone. A woman, who had walked passed his stall four times now. She was edging passed again. He poured a dram of milk in a shallow tasting cup and sip it. Thick and creamy and cool. He lowered it and sucked at his lower lip where a drop had clung. He looked up, finding her gaze on him at once and smiled. “Taste it. You’ll never desire another’s again,” he said in his soft, firm voice, lifting the mug he had drunk from.   

Who was this new woman?

For me this is a light hearted game. Could be con, non con, or extreme but will still be lighthearted. 

The basic premise is that his farm is not as it seems. The animals (maybe real/maybe anthro/human women) on the farm are very well treated by Tobias personally. It is a sexual relationship which helps ensure the animals milk, meat and produce is perfect.

The veg will be grown in fertilizer made from the happy animals and so his farm just bursting with productivity because he fucks and breeds his own animals.

I like the idea of him meeting a woman that he falls in love with and somehow has to encourage her to join him on his weird farm without anyone finding out his secrets. 

I like the idea of her maybe being a new shop-keeper with a business that would mean they can talk and share idea. Or maybe the daughter of the Lord or something like that. I think either brassy and confident would work or also shy and submissive.  Its up to you.  She could be a member of the Chamber of Commerce come to inspect him?

I thinkshe would ultimately be accepting, but I would like a bit of drama between realization and acceptance. I think this is key. It may even involve some extreme measure first?

She would catch him fucking an animal and I would love to include her being fucked by multiple animals to creat new produce! So please be open minded.

Anyway its all in the air really. 
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You have peeked my interest.   If it includes real animals,  it has to go in the extreme section  (which I hope it does) 

I usually play male roles, but am definitely cconsidering this.