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May 23, 2018, 12:33:15 AM

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Author Topic: Fantasy story ~ Ghosts, monsters, futas and darkly comical themes - (M for F)  (Read 329 times)

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Online KoibitoTopic starter

Hello potential new partners!

I have a story I've been really into for a good while, I've even had a fantastic rp in the passed stem from it. The unfortunate side is that after a while it stopped with no word, and after a good while I went back over it and figured it was time to consider it dropped. I've pretty much always had a craving for this and surprisingly to me I've been able to maintain this craving despite other inspirations coming or going. My point? I would like to give it a try again. Of course without word from my partner I do not wish to continue from where our story left off without their permission even if they did drop so it would be a new story with the same themes and at least my same character. I'll give my plot ideas and link to the original story below~


An old, run down village is discovered by a young maiden seeking refuge. This village, despite it's almost abandoned appearance, holds the population of a kind folk at wits end with the problems plaguing this town... Spirits. Overrun with the spirits of all kinds; the dead, nature, any such supernatural being, the village has become so dangerous that even venturing to leave could spell the end for any such brave enough to try and escape. The villagers hold up in the Inn in the middle of a town, one of the few safe places left, until the maiden finds her way there.

Upon discovering the predicament of the poor villagers the girl decides to help, venturing to the local church, one of the more overrun places and meeting one of the more... Vicious spirits and through unforeseen events the two end up bound together. The maiden now decides to rid the village of it's spirit problem, and her new companion is forced along for the ride - but that doesn't mean she'll make it easy either.


Our dear spirit companion had no name, for she is a spirit of malevolent lust until the accusing title of a 'Vile' being had a nice ring to it for her (My char). She is bound to our Maiden (your char) who only seeks to bring everyone, the people AND the spirits peace. Vile doesn't take kindly to being dragged along, told where she can't stay to haunt, along with being a spirit of sex who has needs, she refuses to let our young woman off with just some harsh words and annoying high jinks.

What I'm looking for

Basically this would be what we build the plot around. Kicker is, not all spirits are bad, in fact most just need a place to stay. The two will go on adventures throughout the town fixing problems day by day usually caused by spirits. As you may gather from the title this is a balanced smut to plot story, one with plenty of dirty shenanigans as a lustful spirit would have only one way to help out anyone~ The two will go on day by day on missions to clear out the town and find the spirits their place, usually ending up in some smutty predicament because of it - one such unused idea I'm still very interested in would be an old confection factory overrun with a female slime spirit that possesses the various treats for various forms such a slime girls made of marshmallow, chocolate, honey, and the like as one of the spirits they have to deal with. I think it would be a fun plot as they slowly restore the city, incorporating the not so bad spirits into day to day services, and as more companions are made - I like the end goal idea of wherever they stay being filled with roommates of the otherworldly kind.

The story will include monster girls and boys of various kinds that we can split among ourselves to play, futas (Vile will have such an ability). Here is the original story, enjoy and please give it a read as it's only two pages in and I wish to get across the themes and feeling of the story I'm trying to create. In the original, the living female lead was a sort of sexual granter, someone a wish could be made on upon her orgasm - something like this, a Priestess, Mage of sorts, any such character who would be motivated to help with the supernatural works best for this, but feel free to play whatever you like! Even a motivated normal human vs such a world would be fun, these are merely suggestions.

Who I'm looking for

As this is a story that I was really into that got dropped it's not the easiest thing to start it over for me. As such I will have to be a bit strict on what I need out of my partner, but it wont be ridiculous.

I absolutely need my partner to be someone who wont drop the story without communication and effort to try and fix any issues if they come up. I don't know if I'll still be interested if this story drops and I have to start over again so I need someone who will communicate if any issues arise. I also ask for a frequent partner, I wont hold anyone to any sort of minimum times per whenever to post, but I just ask that it not take weeks to get out a post. I know sometimes you or I may not be on while the other is, and so a post may only come once a day, but I would prefer if we are both on and communicating if we could try to get multiple posts out in this time. Again this is not a rule but I would like a partner who will go into this with at least that sort of mindset.

Of course the story will contain creepy/darkly sexy designs, futas, monsters - nothing grotesque but this story is not for the vanilla. If anyone is interested please shoot me a PM, I would love to finally get this story going~
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