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Author Topic: Wanted - F/F Sci-fi/Fantasy/etc. [MUL]  (Read 834 times)

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Offline RubieTopic starter

Wanted - F/F Sci-fi/Fantasy/etc. [MUL]
« on: November 29, 2008, 05:58:52 AM »
Kinda hard to fit these all into one subject line.  Forgive me, as I'm still fairly new around here, but I figured I'd try to get my feet wet, so here goes.  Should one of these interest someone, drop me a line. :D

As I don't have a lot of time, I'm looking to do just one of the following ideas for now.  We can discuss scheduling further in IM.  If you have any ideas or suggestions along these lines you'd like to throw my way, by all means don't be shy.

Please check out my Ons & Offs.  All of these are F/F.  And they're in no particular order.


Zombie Apocalypse!

Background: We're the sole survivors in a fairly large city, riddled with undead/infected/zombies/whatever.  Think Dawn of the Dead.  We're both civilians, and have barely any combat expertise, though it's growing with every wave we fight off.  There's no telling what will happen in the end, but things are looking pretty grim for the both of us.

Setting:  We've barricaded ourselves in the basement of a local hardware shop, though we probably can't stay there too long.  We've already raided a gun shop nearby, so we're both armed to the teeth.  We're terrified, vulnerable, hungry, and exhausted as neither of us have slept in days.



You're the dean/headmistress/principal at a well-respected academic institution.  I'm a rebellious student, always in trouble for something, with terrible marks and a fairly slim chance at passing the year.  I've already attended plenty of detention, have been suspended on numerous occasions, but nothing seems to get through.

Setting:  I've been sent to your office yet again for some misconduct or another, to be determined.  It's late in the afternoon, and most of the staff and students have left already, save a few here and there.  You come to the conclusion that regular discipline isn't getting the message across, and that it's time to seek alternative methods, lest I run the risk of getting left behind, or expelled.


Battlestar Galactica scenario

Background: I'm a cocky Viper jock, Senior-grade Lieutenant, you're a senior officer of some sort, whatever rank you'd like.  The higher, the better.  Whatever area you specialize within the Colonial Military, you're extremely well-trained, and you abide to the rules by the book.  Most of the time.

Setting:  It's late at night, and you need transport from one ship in the fleet to another.  Most available pilots are sleeping, however my character is on nights, and appears to be one of the few available.  All Raptor pilots are occupied/asleep, so you order my character to make the trip.  My character isn't as familiar with Raptors as she is with Vipers, so her usual confidence melts away, and she's in a fairly vulnerable state.  Of course, along the way, I frak up and we wind up lost, somehow.  Jumping with incorrect coordinates, or however it plays out.  How your character chooses to handle this is up to you.


Warcraft scenario

Background: I'm Horde (Blood Elf), you're Alliance (Human or Night Elf).  My character is a powerful, but squishy spellcaster, yours is strong, plate-wearing fighter.  Seeing as neither character understands one another's native tongue, we'd have to get by in Common, so there'd be an obvious language barrier, and there'd likely be a lot more actions than words.  My character can deal insane amounts of damage, yet never attacks blindly, and usually only waits for a reason to defend herself (which often leads to her demise).

Setting:  Late afternoon/early evening.  My character is idly fishing along the shores of the Forgotten Coast.  It's what this character does primarily when she's not battling monsters or members of the Alliance.  Not because she has to, but because she loves it.  She's not in her typical fighting gear; she's wearing simple clothing and a fishing hat.  This is where you come along.  What happens next (battle, greeting, join me in fishing, drag me off to your place, whatever else!) goes from there.

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Offline RubieTopic starter

Re: Wanted - F/F Sci-fi/Fantasy/etc. [MUL]
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2008, 11:32:28 AM »
Updating:  The extra curricular has been picked up, so I'll be working on that for now before taking any other offers.  Thanks!