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Author Topic: Looking for a F x F RWBY Game  (Read 696 times)

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Looking for a F x F RWBY Game
« on: April 17, 2016, 06:46:04 PM »
Name: Lark Enciel
Age: 17
Sex: Female
Orientation: Bisexual
Height: Short
Weight: Athletic
-Arc-en-ciel is French for 'rainbow'
-Lark's Aura is rainbow-colored
-Theme; High Speed Battle

Lark was born and raised in the kingdom of Atlas, where she was the daughter of a mid-level robotics engineer named Roy Enciel and a communications specialist named Beverly Enciel. Both parents, like many in Atlas, were fascinated with technology. Lark's parents, more than most, were almost obsessed with the possibility of removing humans from the battlefield and from the fight against the Grimm. They dreamed of a world where automatons could wage man's wars for him and no human ever need be harmed again. That dream, sadly, is still quite far off. As is their dream of having Lark follow in their footsteps. She was never any good at studying, much less leaning complex robotics or engineering. Lark could barely make toast without setting the entire house ablaze. "Are you sure she's your daughter?" was something strangers often said to Roy and Beverly. Lark's interests always leaned to the more physical side of things. She was always running, playing sports, or getting into fights at school and was once even suspended for hoisting a known bully up on a flagpole by his underpants. This feat made her a hero, briefly, until the boy's underpants ripped and he fell, breaking his leg. Then it was slightly less heroic. Lark's parents pressured her for years to study in their field, but would often enter their daughter's room to find her miming punches from some old kung fu movie or dancing to some new music video.

Eventually, they gave up and Lark started to realize she was going to disappoint the two most important people in her life. So, after some pleading, she convinced them to let her apply to Beacon academy. Agreeing, Lark's parents tutored her on engineering and this time she actually paid attention. When it came time to craft her own weapon at Signal Academy, Lark managed to do so - without injuring herself or others. A minor miracle. Once that rough patch was out of the way, Lark actually passed the rest of the warrior training with flying colors and was off to Beacon.

Lark might very well have some form of ADHD. Lark wants to do something, anything, all. The. Time. She hates being cooped up indoors and prefers to be able to roam on her own. This will certainly clash with her desire to be a Huntress and kick serious ass. Even when she's standing still she's tapping her foot. She is a huge fan of competition and always gives everything one hundred percent. She hates to lose. Lark also knows that she's pretty damn talented and has let that go to her head a bit; she is convinced of her own greatness and that she will become the best Huntress that Remnant has ever known. Knocking her down a peg every so often might be good for her. While, as stated above, she appears self-centered, it is only over minor things. When it comes to things that matter and are of utmost importance, she is one of the most selfless friends you could ever have. Loyalty to one's friends is a matter of grave importance, perhaps even pride, for Lark. Pushing around one of her friends will bring down her wrath like nothing else.

Lark fights with a self-taught style of martial arts that is like Lark herself; overly flashy and showy, with the overblown exterior hiding something surprising. She fights with fists and feet, using her hands and arms to deflect attacks and her legs to administer powerful counter blows. She mixes these martial arts moves with break dancing. There is quite literally no other practitioner of this insanity in the entirety of Remnant. Lark basically develops it as she goes along and sometimes just makes things up on the spot. She has yet to come up with a name for it. For it's showy nature, though, it can often catch opponents off-guard as they try to figure out how to react to blows that arrive with little to no tell. These skills combine wonderfully with her weapon; a pair of boots enhanced with Atlas tech that allow the heels to fire powerful shotgun-like blasts. These 'Cloud Kickers', as she calls them, can punch holes in almost any Grimm at close range and are even powerful enough to propel Lark herself into the air.

As a semblance, Lark can manipulate her own mass. While this does not affect her physically (ie; it won't make her fat or rail thin), it will affect how easy she is to move. She can make herself almost lighter than air and allow herself to achieve running speed almost unmatched, or do the opposite, making herself heavy enough to nearly sink into the ground. Using this creatively, Lark can add extra force to her blows by making herself heavier, or dodge attacks and move quickly by making herself lighter.

What I'm seeking is a chance to pair Lark up with someone as they both begin their first year at Beacon Academy. Naturally, they'll wind up as partners and have to deal with each other as the year goes on. We could make the other two team members NPC's, or change things up a little lore-wise and say that the teams are now made up of pairs instead. Your character could be similar to Lark or it could be someone the polar opposite of her. Or perhaps something between. I'm aiming for a story full of action, adventure, and budding romance where the characters slowly get to know each other and love slowly blooms between them. If this sounds like it interests you, send me a PM! Thanks for reading!