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June 19, 2018, 05:43:31 AM

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Author Topic: Interest Check: The Sith Academy (Star Wars, Old Republic Era)  (Read 605 times)

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Offline PantheanTopic starter

I've seen a lot of titles related to Star Wars and even a few related to the Jedi Academy on the boards, but... I don't think I've seen one centered on the Sith. I want to see about joining or possibly running a group role-play centered around the day-to-day life of Sith initiates in the Sith Academy, where the characters are all either Dark Side Initiates or someone destined to become close to them. While major story events would be present, and characters would probably make moves towards grabbing the Darth title or even joining the Dark Council--or hell, maybe even taking the Imperial Throne--the focus of the RP would be slice-of-life and even messing around with Sith politics a little.

I am not particularly fond of the idea of GM'ing this, I'd rather be a player. The story would be highly freeform, and we wouldn't have to stick to canon events once the RP starts. A character could, for example, rise up in ranks and take the Imperial Throne--so long as that's not the focus of the RP. The kind of things the GM would have to do would be... organizing the players, keeping the characters and their stories intertwined (if people start drifting apart in-character, reign them back in somehow), deciding who wins a fight if one happens and dictating how powerful certain characters are.

Some basic rule ideas I have:
-No canon characters--choose all OC's. Leave the canon characters to the GM to use to create events as necessary.
-Only one character at a time (if they die, you can make a new one)
-Take part in the actual roleplay and don't just rush from event to event
-GM decides winners and losers in any in-character fights
-All characters must start at the bottom... as either Dark Side Initiates, or someone who could be one of their earliest friends (a slave, an imperial officer, etc). I think that even their first masters should probably be played by the GM, but that's assuming the GM has the capacity to do so.
-The GM gets to guide the RP through events... other players may make suggestions or confer with the GM, but should let them guide the story.

What character would I be bringing in? I haven't played a male character in a while, so I'm thinking...


The son of a Sith Lord (his mother), Zachary was left in the hands of his father, a space pirate who knew his way around a blaster until it was discovered that he was force sensitive. His father attempted to keep this fact a secret, and keep him away from the Sith Academy, knowing full well what his chances of survival were once he got there. The secret could not, would not last long, though. His mother discovered his aptitude with the force, and forced her legacy onto him, withdrawing him from the Imperial Academy using her position, and compelling him to go to Korriban to be trained in the Dark Side. He may have his mother's force sensitivity, but he has his father's quick wit and sarcastic charm. And his good looks? They probably came from both sides. And despite the fact that his mother was a Sith Pureblood, he came out remarkably human.

Prior to his entry into the Sith Academy at Korriban, he was training in the Imperial Academy, learning to take the place of an officer and hoping to one day take command of his very own ship and as such, has acquired a degree of knowledge about the politics of the Sith Empire as well as various planets, species and starships throughout the known galaxy. Despite his mother's position, he found himself quite often in trouble with his training officers for his habits of indulgence which included the hazing of underclassmen, excessive alcohol consumption, petty theft. He even once was held in the Academy prison for "borrowing" a Twi'lek slave girl and taking her off-planet.

Zachary also has an older sister. However, the only people who even know she exists are his mother and her former master... not her Sith master, but her former owner from before she herself entered into the Sith Academy on Korriban. His older sister was in fact rescued from slavery at the mere age of three--by a Jedi Knight. Though know one in the Jedi Order is aware of her family, and no one in her family is aware of her whereabouts, she is currently continuing ongoing training to become a Jedi Knight herself.