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May 14, 2021, 01:26:01 am

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Author Topic: Digimon (M for F)  (Read 717 times)

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Digimon (M for F)
« on: April 14, 2016, 08:07:44 pm »
Hello all!

As the title blatantly states I'm looking for a Digimon RP!~ I've been really craving one recently and playing Cyber Sleuth has only skyrocketed that interest.

I don't require an extensive knowledge of Digimon for this, just how they can Digivolve which would be an important factor anyway. I myself have not watched Data Squad or Xros Wars/Fusion so don't worry about needing to be up to date on everything. I like to talk to my partners in general as friends and any Digivolution type would be a quick explanation so even then if you don't know a concept just say so if you'd like to know anything I'm talking about in this or as we play. Beyond that Digimon always was kind of random, with Digimon being able to naturally grow into almost any other Digimon and with me either making up my own Digimon or using some forms of one or two and making up the inbetween, I don't think there actually is much more needed to know about Digimon - my point being little prior knowledge required, just a fandom for the series in any capacity~ Furthermore please, please only apply if you plan to be active. Now I wont be a stickler and require like so many posts a day or week, but I would like to be able to get in more than one post each time we're both on and playing together. The biggest killer of roleplays I've had in the past was inactivity and especially for fandom roleplays if the story is good enough and it drops, the motivation to try again almost always dies with it. So while I don't require so much activity and I know I get busy at times too, real life and all that, please apply only if you know you'll be able to keep the rp going at a steady pace.

Story V Smut
Anyway onto the good stuff! For the story I'm looking for both heavy plot and plenty of smut. Really craving a more plot driven, action packed story but the story and dynamics of the characters fuel the smut for me so definitely a healthy portion of smut included of course.

Plot details
The big thing plot/action wise I want to accomplish here though is definitely exploring the different forms of the Digimon. Not the specific stuff like Tamers did with cards but the regular stages, armor, DNA Digivolution, what Tamers did do and the human partner fusing with them, Dark Digivolution, so on and so forth. I've always loved in old shows like that, the moment where they've been collecting all of these different forms and the like through the series only for that epic end moment of using them all. Things like Digimon and Megazords in Power Rangers, that sort of feeling always got me as a kid and it's what keeps me interested today. I think it would be fun to explore these options and build them up ourselves through our story though not too fast, I definitely am for keeping the progression slow and reasonable. The more smutty side would consist of Tamers together, Digimon together, Tamers x Digimon, and the like.

      - Story
There have been theories, fictional works, and conspiracy accusations alike detailing the possibility of other worlds out there, places not separated by distance but by dimension. Realms of untold possibility and wonder outside of our own, maybe even much older. No one, however, could have guessed that there not only was an alternate world out there, but one we created ourselves as a byproduct of technological progress - The Digital World.

The Digital World was created when the very first communication and computing technologies were created, data rampantly exchanged, created, manipulated, all such functions swiftly built the virtual space our data interacted with, as well as where it ended up when deleted. All types of data find it's way to this digital space and since it's conception it has influenced and been influenced by the data sent into it to create the vast and swiftly changing Digital World. It wasn't until the first AI experimental data came to be that the Digital World found the means to create and sustain a sort of seemingly digital life form, data that could think artificially and eventually freely collecting into the form of some sort of creature - a Digital Monster of sorts.

Regardless of the lack of proof towards it's existence, this world is out there and the implications of it's discovery could spell doom for both worlds if it is uncovered with the wrong intent.


While the idea is a bit underdeveloped, I have an idea for our antagonist to be the first to discover this world far prior to our characters stumbling upon it. They have come to know the Digital Monsters, or Digimon for short, and the way they can grow and become stronger, Digivolution as they have named it. For some reason or another, power, control, mere greed, they seek to take advantage of this 'Digivolution' for their own purposes.

Perhaps they seek to change their own data to the powerful form of one of these creatures using the Digimon to do so, or perhaps they simply wish to create the strongest Digimon for their own personal gain, but one thing is for sure - if someone or something can be sent into or interact with the Digital World, then surely... Surely something can come out of it and be used in the Real World.

If you're interested then please shoot me a PM, I would love to hear your ideas and interests and create a fantastic story together~ Hope to hear from you soon!
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Offline KoibitoTopic starter

Re: Digimon (M for F)
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2016, 08:45:13 pm »
Added story ideas.