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Author Topic: Craving the dark & extreme! (Seeking Futa/DG/T/Etc. character partners)  (Read 1954 times)

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Offline FurredMonsterTopic starter

Intro and O/Os

Thanks for stopping by! First, a link to my O/Os. Kinkwise I'm quite flexible~Just because something is on my Ons doesn't mean it has to be included.

Post Length, Frequency, and Perspective.

In regards to post length, I tend to match that of my partners, but I won't artificially inflate a scene more than it needs to be. If all that is needed is a simple reply and perhaps a bit of descriptive posturing, that's what will happen! Left to my own devices, I tend to produce 1-3 paragraphs depending on the scene.

Frequency is somewhat variable~Usually once a week, sometimes multiple replies a day if I'm free. Occasionally there will be big downtimes followed by lots of activity.

Perspective varies. First or third, either is fine.

Genders that I play as and what I'm looking for.

I'll play, in order of preference, feminine males, transgendered (MtF), 'normal' male, female. Occasionally I'll play animals and gender nondescript alien creatures. What I'm looking to play opposite of~Any reasonably feminine character sporting a cock (or multiple) and balls. While many of the prompts below look purely smut oriented~I do enjoy a good story and will work towards a cohesive narrative with a partner!

Posting Mediums

PMs or thread.

Scene Ideas and Writing Samples!

Below you'll find an assortment of prompts. There's a title, kinks that I think are relevant (optional ones, or ones up for discussion are marked with a ?), a 'summary' description, and occasionally a writing sample. I'd like to play any of these.

Sold into an arranged marriage with two older women. (Age Gap, Reluctance, Training, Obedience, Noncon? Romance? Raceplay?)

I'd actually love to do this with two partners, each one playing a 'wife'. If you might be interested in that, let me know!

Looking to play a young and *very* pretty male who's sold by his politically/financially overambitious mother into a marriage with two older (30-55) women. Obviously, as per the thread title (and discussed in the story setup), these women are sporting rather generous endowments between their thick thighs, and can't wait for their new lifelong companion that they maintain complete legal ownership over.

While a healthy serving of marital sex is an obvious, I'd like to explore some of the more nuanced aspects of the relationships. What are my duties as a demure little house-husband? What are our 'date nights' like? How deep down the rabbit hole do my wives kinks go?

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Mom always told me I was real pretty, but that was about the only good thing she had to say. She would spend a good amount of money making sure I had nice makeup, sleek clothes, and a proper 'feminine' education. Instead of learning craftsmanship or any of the more 'manly' arts, my time was relegated to cooking, house maintenance, tailoring, and the like. I didn't mind really... Just at times it felt like my life had already been laid out for me, and in all truth it was.

A proud business woman of noble heritage, my Mother was always looking to get the better part of any deal. While I could tell at least some of the time that she loved me, I knew deep down that I was another commodity to be bartered and traded away. That's why when I found out she had, for all intents and purposes, 'sold' me into a marriage to two older foreigners, I could only be so surprised. She said she had my best interests in mind, but, being no idiot and sifting through her office, I found they had set up a substantial amount of business with her company after our marriage documents were finalized. "Best interests" my plump little ass.

The carriage ride took two weeks, making it's way through several small towns towards the mountainous destination where my new wives lived. During that time I had purchased two books about their exotic culture~hoping to at least prepare myself for what my new life entailed. The results weren't great... First of all, 'husbands', or *Eleesa* as they were referred to in their native tongue, were the sole property of their wives. Second, and related to the first, is that they had absolutely no rights. None. Their entire lives were governed by the whims of their wives. Digging into this fact, I could only find that *Eleesa* were given to women as their own by a divine covenant with their god. A little unsettling.

Lastly, given the mystifying gender ratio of their race, it wasn't uncommon that several women, often lifetime friends, would 'marry in' with a single husband. Oh~And their women were 'extraordinarily equipped'... That should prove interesting.

At the end of the journey, I slumped out of the carriage, dressed in my white cotton robe, and hauled my two cases full of every cherished belonging up to the door. The estate looked nice~A large stone mansion set into the scenic mountainous countryside. At least that was a plus.

Seeking gamemaster for a tale in the post-apocalyptic wasteland (Gamemaster, Fallout, Wasteland, "Open World").

As per the title I'm looking for someone to take a more narrative/'world master' role in a 'fallout' themed roleplay, though I hope to make their efforts worthwhile. There's two characters I'm open to playing (one or the other), but first-background fluff!

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
**The Wasteland**

It was the 100 year anniversary of the third world war, the conflict that was the ultimate display of human hubris. Every hateful creation humanity could muster, apt at ending life, was released in a frighteningly short period of time. Advanced nuclear weaponry, kinetic orbital bombardment satellites, genetically engineered viruses and monsters, dangerous artificial intelligence... Every nation scrambled to unleash their uniquely crafted hatred on each other in a last desperate act of survival.

With that, humanity nearly erased itself from the board. Every major hub of civilization was viciously or intelligently dismantled in a three year long conflict. It was only when there was nothing of significance left to destroy that the armies of the world stopped hunting. Always resilient, the scraps of humanity did survive, but only as a shell of their former greatness. Great technological innovations were lost, and the resulting generations did their best with the scraps of their forefathers,

The new world is a dangerous place. All sorts of dangerous creatures, some human in origin, some not, lurk the wastelands. Large raider bands roam around, taking advantage of small settlements, raping and pillaging where they can. Still, there is some hope, and despite the state of the world, some people still help each other the best they can.

**Character time!**

**Cassy (T, 16):** Cassy is one of the many robust survivors making it day by day on the wasteland. While technically a 'boy', Cassy identifies as a rather sassy young lady. She's 5'1, with a slender and effeminate build~sloping shoulders, wide hips, and an ass that just won't quit. Sporting long red hair (often banded up in her distinctive pigtails), round brown eyes, and pouty supple lips~most wastelanders take her as a woman (as much as that means now) at face value. Good in bed and with a pistol, this young lady isn't above selling her body to make ends meet~often seducing feminine targets at the local bar for a few caps.

**Robin (M, feminine/androgynous appearance, 16):** Robin has been a technological prodigy ever since he could remember. The boy has an absolute thirst for knowledge, tearing through every technological manual and university level textbook he could get his hands on. He's an indispensable resource for anyone that houses him, the young male more then happy to fix that broken down water purifier, that old car that won't start, that communications array... He's quite willing to provide these services for a new book, a place to sleep, or even some companionship (of the non lewd variety)~sometimes he just fixes things for fun!. Robin is 4'2, having never quite hit his growth spurt (damn rads!), with ragged blonde hair that hangs an inch or two over his ears~accompanied by brilliant blue eyes and long dark lashes. His soft facial features and playful demeanor often give him an air of someone younger. Despite his brilliance, little Robin is quite naive in other regards.

The closet zoophile. (Consensual, 'Femdom on beast'?,Beast)

In this prompt I'm hoping to find someone who can play the role of a lusty animal lover. I see a lot of scenes requesting "I be raped by X, or taken forcefully by Y", and while I do love these, in this prompt your character actively craves that beastly seed. I don't have a fluffy backstory for this one, as I'd rather set the mood by working on a setup with a potential partner. I'm familiar with the 'anatomy' and happy to play dogs, horses, pigs, dolphins ~ and even some more exotic things with a bit of research. Will eagerly do a slice of life roleplay detailing your characters beastly adventures or a specific scene.

The beast in the woods. (Noncon, Anthro/Fur, Heat/Estrus, Beast-ish? Feral? MPreg? )

To me there's something innately intriguing about that feral-bestial mentality, where something operates on instincts and gut feelings rather than logic and rationale. Combine that with a bit of intelligence~And that's hot! In this scene, I'm hoping to find a humanoid-ish (at least the top half) character to play opposite of. Think driders, tauric creatures, anthros, and so on. Given the lack of available mates in the area, my character is taken as a breeding partner for companionship and stress relief. I think it'd be fun to explore this kind of relationship.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

The forest was a dangerous place, but I had never run into trouble as long as I had kept my wits about me. Today I had taken up a job collecting reagents for the alchemist, something I did quiet regularly... Spoiled Purple Caps was what I was after this fine afternoon. Not many people went into the forest and so there was no trodden dirt paths to follow, but I generally knew all the good places to look, which is why I managed to stay employed. Last fall I had found a small batch of the mushrooms growing near a large rock, and so I made my way over there, climbing through and sometimes over the verdant undergrowth.

Finding the sullen and rotten looking purple plumes, I crouched down and begun plucking them up by the shaft, surrounded by a stand of trees. The sound of a twig snapping-and not a small one either-caught my attention. Holding the soft stem between my fingers, I peered over my shoulder-only to find a rather large and hungry-looking creature staring me down just a few feet away... How had I missed that?

"Woah girl..." I said softly, standing up and raising my palms placatingly towards her. At least I think it was a her... There were breasts and feminine facial features, but as my eyes fell south I saw a rather meaty looking shaft and testes. "I'm just picking some plants... I'll leave right now okay?" I say, more to myself, as I edge slowly towards a nearby tree.

Infatuated with the teacher. (Romance, Age Gap, Infatuation, Dubcon (Teacher?), Dominance (As teacher gets more comfortable?))

In this prompt, I'd like to play a student who's utterly and completely infatuated with his much older teacher. There's no particular rhyme or reason as to why, but he's been struck by cupids arrow so to speak. The student would be sweet (and maybe a touch naive), always doing his best to make little romantic gestures and just begging the woman to give him a chance. My dream dynamic here is that while she's initially quite hesitant, he wears her down and the two start 'dating'. The teacher, not having had a relationship or even the chance to get laid in a number of years, slowly gets more and more demanding as she finds that her student won't say no to anything. So, it ends up playing out like a bit of a twisted love story, with the two parties genuinely craving each other.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Robin made his way into the classroom, gunning for that front row seat. It was usually left open anyway... Who wanted to sit that close to the front and the teacher? Well, he certainly did. Dropping his bag to the side, Robin gazed at Ms. Tote with genuine affection, a sweet smile tugging at his lips. Gosh she was beautiful. "Hi Ms. Totes, how are you today?" He asked softly, never breaking eye contact as he reached into his bag to retrieve a textbook.

She was always nice to him, and some days he could break through her professional facade and see the lonely woman underneath. Anytime he pushed too far however, she closed back up. Throughout the year he had been making some progress though, every compliment and 'friendly touch' breaking down that wall. If only she would let him in, he could help her feel as amazing he knew she was.

Class finished up, and the rest of the students filtered out. Robin pretended to be making some final notes, but was simply looking for a chance to talk to Ms. Tote's in private. As he dropped his textbook back into his backpack, his fingers found the stem of the rose he had brought for her.

"Happy valentines day!" He said, walking up to the desk and holding the flower out to her with a hopeful smile.

Love Dolls ~ The new product from the Alchemist-Surgeon brothers Beaker and Needle [EXTREME] (Ownership, Body Modification, Amputee Play, Noncon?)

This is a pretty twisted prompt! Essentially, a small city with very lax legality has allowed a company to turn prisoners (read: anyone who's performed a slight legal infraction, such as steal a fruit from a fruitstand) into surgically and alchemically modified 'companions'. Of course the local baron gets a hefty cut of the profits, and his subjects are scared shitless into submission. "Love Dolls" are frowned upon outside the city, but people still come in droves to buy them. Your character (or characters... discount for group orders!) orders a Love Doll.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Welcome to Beaker and Needle! The finest alchemy and surgery establishment in all of Batora. If you're interested in purchasing a Love Doll, please fill out the form below. Note that the subject of modification is listed first, followed by available options. Note that due to a high volume of orders, only males are available as templates~But don't worry, we can certainly make them as feminine as you would like. All dolls are injected with Clean System serum, meaning they produce no bodily waste. They still need to be fed however!

Teeth? (Original, Removed)

Tongue? (Original, Removed, Elongated, Extra Tongues (1-3, requires No Teeth)

Lips? (Original, Enlarged, Stitched Outwards)

Eyes? (Original, Alchemical Blinding, Stitched Shut)

Breasts? (None, Added~Size?)

Ass? (Original, Enlarged)

Hair? (Original, Total Alchemical Removal, Long haired ~ Note color and length here)

Limbs? (Intact, Pet Package ~ Everything past the elbow/knee is removed, allowing Doll to move clumsily on all 'fours', Bedwarmer Package ~ Everything at the shoulder/hip his removed, please note the increased maintenance for this model.)

Flexibility? (Original, Flexibone ~ An alchemical modification that 'rubberizes' the bones, allowing for extreme flexibility of love dolls, while reducing their physical strength.

Stretchiness? (Original, Elastiskin ~ Alchemical injections allow extreme pliability of Doll's skin while maintaining tightness. Ideal for Doll's who are subject to frequent use and large insertions)

Pregnancy? (Original (None), Bellybulge Elixer ~ Permanent treatment that allows for male pregnancy)

Ring Grafts? (None, Yes please ~ Steel rings are grafted to the bone, protruding neatly out of the skin and allowing the Doll to be worn with straps or hung up when not in use.)

Brain? (Original ~ Please note that memory unmodified Doll's may resent their legally given punishment and attempt escape. Beaker and Needle take no responsibility for lost property, Dolly Memwipe ~ Doll's original memories are erased, given synthetic memories that they were always, and meant to be, a Love Doll. Doggy Doll ~ Doll's original memories are erased, Doll instead acts like an affectionate dog.)

Animal Features? (None, Animal Ears (Specify), Animal Tail (Specify), Facial Features (Specify), Fur (Specify)

Custom Modification Requests? (None, Other ~ Please explain your desired modifications in detail.)

Thank you for choosing Beaker and Needle! Your request will be processed quickly.

The Book Club on 304 ~ [EXTREME] (Noncon, Incest, Group, Amputee Play, Body Modification) Craving!

For this story, a single mother with rather depraved tastes finally snaps, intending to turn her son into a rather fuckable toy. She pulls him out of school, adds internal locks to all the doors, and places frosted-sound proofed plastic to the backs of all windows. She has a few weeks of unadulterated bliss~using her son day in and day out, relieving years of pent up frustration. When she's found out (either by a friend, her sister, her mother, etc.), instead of being turned in~the finding party wants some of the action. More and more people are invited into the fold, and eventually an impromptu 'book club' is formed, which is really an excuse for middle aged and older women to drink wine and take out some frustration on tight holes. One of the members is a surgeon, and soon membership fees are being used to modify the mom's meat' into an even more enjoyable toy.

I imagine this would be played out over a series of time skips, to really track the development of this. I know it's asking a lot, but I'm just dying to play this scenario, and would do everything I can to make sure you're enjoying yourself.

The Knight and her Squire (Reluctance/Dubcon, Noncon?, Romance? Duty, Servitude, Age Gap)

Here, a Knight is given her first squire, who is required to tend to all of her needs. How she chooses to look at her squire is up to her.... Property? Companion? Lover? As an optional tweak, I'd love to have a centaur be the Knight, if that's something you're up for-though a more 'human' species is totally fine.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Cal stood nervously in line with the another freshly trained Squires, shifting from foot to foot as anxiety gripped his stomach. Today was the day he would be assigned his Knight, the individual who he would devote himself to and spend the next years of his life with. Squire training had been surprisingly rigorous... Like any machine of war, Knights required a lot of maintenance. Cal had learned all manner of skills such as cooking, wound dressing, muscle massages, tailoring, armor fitting, weapon maintenance, and more over the year long program. While Knight's took all the glory on the battlefield, it was the Squire's that kept them running in top condition, and as such the best warriors were often quite close with their compatriots.

The Academy Leader, Matilda Escius, entered the stone hall~her back straight and hands tucked neatly behind her back. "Today is the day you're all being assigned..." She started, walking back and forth while eyeing the young stock of bodies. "Remember what I have trained you for, your obligations and duties to your patron and Kingdom. You will not deny your liege any requests, nor expose any weakness. You are friend, servant, and confidant all in one."

Letting out a deep breath, Cal swallowed to try and clear the bulge in his throat.

"Now. Cal, you've been assigned to Lady... -"

Your new alien suckpet (Sci-Fi, Bizarre, Alien, Light transformation (on you)?, Cum Milking, Sexual Exhaustion, Weird Things)

As a writer, I have a bit of an oral fixation~and enjoy pleasing my partners. In this prompt your character either stumbles upon, or orders (as written in the sample), a strange non-humanoid creature/plant. It needs cum to survive, and is rather effective at extracting it! Throughout repeated 'feedings', the creature slowly evolves gaining more autonomy, intelligence, and anatomy. To note, a big part of my kink for this scene is that your character is a dirty pervert who can't wait to use this thing~no noncon here! In fact, the more rougher/demanding you are with it/of it, the better.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

You hear the sound of an autonomous drone landing at your delivery sector, the chirp of your wristcomp confirming an arrival. Approaching, you see the rooftop doors closing just as the drone flies off, and an unlabelled metallic cylinder is left on the marked square alongside your weekly food delivery. It's fairly large... About a foot and a half in diameter and two and a half feet tall.

Dragging the rather heavy barrel inside, you punch in your order code on the cheap display affixed to the side of the container. With a sharp hiss releasing whatever pressurized gas this thing was stored in, the lid flips upward on it's hinges. Inside is your rather peculiar looking creature, some part alien animal, some part plant.

The base of the creature is simply a fleshy spheroid, currently flattened against the bottom of it's shipping unit. The main defining feature are three large stalks protruding from that base, arranged in the style of an equilateral triangle, with one meaty column at each vertex. While the base holds a significant portion of the things considerable mass, the stalks make up about 2/3rds of the height. At the end of each trunk there appears to be a closed orifice, the 'lips' of the thing, if the soft and pillowy epithelial at the tip could be called that, glistening just slightly. The base is covered with a myriad of small tentacles, anywhere from 2-8 inches in length, though they (currently) don't seem to serve much of a function. It has a dull-lavender color, the 'skin' smooth and warm to the touch.

Apparently noticing the lid has opened, the stalks begin to curl and sway slightly, padding at the edge of the open container. The tentacles at the base furl and unfurl as the plant-creature seems to have awoken.

Shelter from the storm, into the den [EXTREME] (Noncon, Group? Pigwoman, Subterranean world, petplay, training)

I've always wanted to run a scenario involving well endowed chubby pig women who manage to get their hands on a soft little human for all their rutting needs. They'd live underground in incredibly large tunnel networks, filled with glowing fungi and various other subterranean goodies. With no hope of finding a way out of the labyrinthian underground  (perhaps despite a few attempts), said human is forced to make a life amidst a number (or just one) large ravenous porcine.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Katt pulled his travel cowl tight around his head, wincing as a few drops of cold rain that had snuck by trickled down the back of his neck. The storm was sudden and fierce, the water falling from the sky nearly a horizontal sheet due to the wind pushing it along. The young lad had spotted a cave mouth just after the downpour had started, and had quickly scurried inside. Something that immediately stuck out to him was the many tracks left in the mud at the cave entrance, the two deep scores reminding him of pig feet.

"Must be some wild boar... Hopefully they won't be back before I'm out of here..." The young traveler muttered softly to himself, trying to leer further into the depths of his 'temporary' respite, but seeing only darkness.

With an uncomfortable sigh, he made his way after to the cave wall, squinting to see in the darkness and only afforded brief moments of illumination by lightning. Finding a smooth looking section, he slid down along it until his butt hit a cold, but dry, piece of ground. Leaning to one side in an effort to fish out a biscuit, his supporting hand hit something bloated~which then popped and deflated under his weight with a soft hiss. The smell was pleasant, though it burnt his nose a little.

"What was that?..." Katt mumbled, leaning down to inspect what was a now deflated fungi top. In just a few minutes, his vision blurred, and the petite male fell asleep.

~ ~ ~

His mind came back to him, though only partially. While his world was swimming around him, he could feel his back being dragged along the ground, something, or someone, having a tight handhold on his ankle...

The Elf Noble and his bestial slave lover (Power bottoming (me), teasing, orgasm control, transformation, forced aggressive topping (you), romance, stark size difference, control )

For this one, I'm tweaking my usual dynamic, because I think it'd be rather fun! Basically, a very pretty and very powerful Elf noble (my character) with rather 'unique' sexual interests falls in well.. What could be called love with a bestial/barbaric captive of his. He absolutely loves to be ravished and used, but also is quite keen on maintaining control. As such, there will be a lot of teasing, groping, denial, unwanted but delightful oral, and so on, until he let's you 'off the leash' so to speak. I'd desire a really anatomically unique captive for this scene, one much larger than the Elf.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Thaylan groomed himself in the standing mirror, an assortment of paints, oils, brushes and so forth littered on a table nearby. Elves were creatures of beauty and grace, and he'd be doing a disservice to his people if he didn't look at his very best. The young noble's vanity was somewhat justified however, as Thaylan truly was an attractive specimen. Long silvery blonde hair reached down to his shoulders, glossy and healthy, normally left straight or intricately braided if he was feeling particularly 'fancy'. His eyes had the perfect angular shape, large but with a slight tapering at the edges, a beautiful golden hazel in the iris, with naturally long eye lashes to compliment. His facial structure was angular yet soft at the same time... Defined along the bones, but rounded and innocent as his pale smooth flesh filled it out. The lips were plump, a faded pink that gave him quite a kissable look. He was below average in height for an Elf, standing only 5'4, but had wide hips, round shoulders, and a rather round bottom with thick thighs.

After applying a bit of blush and eyeliner, Thaylan cocked his head-satisfied with what he saw in the mirror. Grabbing a lovely red robe from a hook nearby, he had just slipped it over his shoulders as a knock rattled his door.

"Yes? Come in." He replied smoothly, sighing as he turned to see who had entered. Gallan, his military adviser. "My Lord... We've captured a creature that had been raiding farms near the Elysia river. Shall we get rid of it?" The older man said, giving a curt, but respectful bow to his Liege.

"Perhaps... Let me see the thing that has been causing so much trouble in my domain first." Said Thaylan, wriggling his feet into some slippers as he followed Gallan down the hall.

The Prison Pits of Galdrun, and an escaped experiment. (Group, Abuse, Noncon, Survival, Friendship, Romance?, Twisted Dark Things, Fun, Fantasy Setting, Non-humans, Naivete)

This is something I've been thinking about for awhile. A type of prison system that is completely underground, where the only way in or out is a heavily fortified vertical shaft. Likely in an abandoned mine, or something of that nature. Instead of being barren of life however, the place has a self-sustaining ecosystem~glowing fungi, edible mushrooms, so on and so fourth. The prisoners have their own society, the subterranean prison more like a city where the undesirables get to set their own rules.

The character I'd like to play would be a young 'male', not that he knows it as such, and at any rate he could be easily mistaken for a girl. This character would have been orphaned, taken to a secret lab, and magically modified before given rigorous combat training. Small, unnaturally flexible, incredibly durable, an enhanced healing ability, and hand crafted to be effeminately beautiful, K-4 was intended to be a deadly weapon of intrigue. Yet, K-4 escapes! The freedom is short lived however, as the little thing finds itself waking up as it's lowered into the prison system. What would a bunch of bored prisoners do with such a pretty little thing? Assuming they could subdue it, of course. There are alternative routes for the prisoners to enjoy themselves, the lab-born weapon not having the faintest clue of social norms and easily manipulated. I'd love if someone would play the prisoners here, as many or as few as they'd like. Given this is a fantasy setting, some of the prisoners could even be driders, centaurs, lamia, or whatever you imagine!

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

The small body, barely 4'9 and gracefully slender, ran through the woods, bare feet hardly making a sound as heel hit dirt. The hounds were in quick pursuit, their bloodthirsty yowling growing every closer. K-4 was fast, but the hounds, like K-4, were modified creatures, and as such he'd have no hope of outrunning them. Spilling out of the bush and onto a roadway, the 16 year old lab product looked around nervously for an out. A carriage was rolling along, only about thirty feet away, crates of various foodstuffs and clothing piled loosely on the back of a fenced platform. Glancing over it's shoulder and quickly scanning the tree line, K-4 then dove into the back, worming and contorting it's body between the wooden boxes.

It was a tense hour, the "Retriever" coming quite close to the cart, but it seemed K-4 had made it's escape. Worn down and exhausted from days of running, the modified human soon found itself asleep.

K-4 awoke quickly, it's entire body tensing up to the sound of voices. They were close... Right outside the cart. K-4 kept it's head down, and listened~the cart beginning to shudder as a mechanical sound picked up.

"Alright it's all hooked up, send it down." Someone said.

"Keep the crossbows trained in case some of them go for the ropes again." Another added sternly.

The platform lurched, and K-4 had to bite it's tongue to stifle a cry of pain as a box slid from it's perch and wedged itself between two others~the point pressing harshly into K-4's taut stomach. Pinned, K-4 tried in vain to move the box~It was amazingly agile, not strong.

Suddenly, the light began to dim, and large natural stone walls rose up around K-4 as it was lowered down the shaft of Galdrun prison.

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