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Author Topic: The Monsters Den, various prompts inside! (M/F Seeking F/SheM/TG/DG/Futa)  (Read 710 times)

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Prompts - Fun with words

Format is :Name of Prompt: My Character - Your Character | Potential kinks involved, ? Means optional. Strike-through means temporarily closed for business!

Note: Still getting set up, so I know a lot of these are rough around the edges. If the general ideas/kinks are of interest to you, check out my writing samples in the second post, which are much better written. Should give you an idea of what you're in for. Despite the fact that some of these look like smut-filled trailer trash prompts, I really do like a good story when it comes down to it. Also, though some things here might be quite twisted, this is all intended to be fantasy and I never mean to upset anyone.

If none of these really tickle your fancy but you still think we get along great in regards to likes, dislikes, and expectations - shoot me a message and we can work on something more original, together.

: FANCY PROMPT The Kalaasi Syndicate: MC: FemM/M - Submissive or Feisty YC: DG/Futa | Cruelty/Slavery/Noncon/Extreme/Romance/Petplay (Multiple Partners)   ***
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The Kalaasi Syndicate was one of the grandest empires of its time, its reach vast and its armies strong across a number of large land masses. The Kalaasi Domini were the ruling class, tracing their bloodlines back to the very first Domina and the gifts her lineage offers. Any true-blooded Domina was 'uniquely equipped', said to be the best of both sexes. Larger than the average man (in more than one way), and more voluptuous than the average woman, these amazonian women were powerful warriors and intelligent predators. These blooded elite formed the governing core of the empire, and to keep their power from becoming too dilute, were forced to maintain strict breeding protocols and rules of inheritance.

Not every child born of a 'mother' Domina would maintain the blessing, in fact it was quite rare for the bloodline to manifest. Given their unique endowment, Domini did not bear children themselves, and instead maintained several concubines to carry their potential children for them. Those born male and female were discarded, usually gifted to barren peasant families to help work the fields. Some might assume that this would cause issues with inheritance, but those born without the blessing are not seen as children of the Domini in any regard. Each Domina would be allowed one blessed heir to take control of their fortunes, but could pay an extreme amount of wealth for more if desired-though this was quite rare.

All Domini are powerful, ambitious, and *hungry*. They strive for excellence wherever possible, more than willing to rip it from the hands of someone weaker. They are a dangerous people, seeing all those who aren't their sisters as their enemies. This has allowed them to rule much of the known world, though they often fall victim to their passions.

Once a heir has been conceived, Domini are *forbidden* from lying with their concubines, lest more heirs be born into the Syndicate illegally. Domini remain sexually active well into their later years, needing to sate their carnal appetites regularly or fall victim to foul moods and poor decision making, causing them to turn on their sisters. The Syndicate, deeply steeped in tradition, maintains the ritual *Ayissa Corello*, or the "Covenant of Flesh", a special 'coming of age' event that helps address this issue for Domini who have conceived a heir.

For this tradition, a massive party is held; plenty of food, wine, and entertainment is available, and all other Domini in the region must attend. Males from all over the region are gathered by the attending Domini, washed, and presented to the celebrating Domina, who must choose one to be her *Kieta*, or 'mate' for life. Young males are the most oft chosen for this position, as they are more mentally pliable and physically pleasing to older Domini, and are less likely to have any major ties to people or land. Each attending Domina must present her stock of potential Kieta, and it is tradition to gloat that her males are the absolute *best* of the region, and will make excellent lovers.

This tradition not only acts as a mark of honor for older Domini, but serves to strengthen ties between sisters and provide a dedicated receptacle for the Domina's frustrations and aggression, allowing her to keep a clear head while not producing new heirs. Kieta are not husbands in a typical sense, instead being treated more like prized pets rather than an equal partner. As such, Kieta are frequently decorated in jewelry, make up, and fine garments to show off their Domina's power. Some Domini pride themselves in how feminine their Kieta are. In addition to these more mundane things, Kieta are subject to the whims of their mates, potentially undergoing extensive body modifications to make them more exciting, appealing, or 'exotic'. Older Domini frequently host "passion parties", where one designated member brings their Kieta to be shared among the Domini for the night, often likened to the "breaking of bread" other nations do.

You are an older Domini who has *finally* received a heir. It will be years before she is ready for your teachings, but in the meantime you look forward to acquiring your Kieta. I will be playing your new Kieta.

:Your new tentacle pet:   MC: Tentacle Creature - Trainable YC: DG/Futa/F |Tentacles/Bondage/Affection/Romance/Training
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Here I will play a cute little tentapet! It starts with a 'core' about the size and shape of a basketball, with four thick tentacles 1-2 feet long, and several thinner 1/2 to 1 foot long tentacles. It has two shiny black eyes, and a small slit like mouth with no teeth or other discernible features. With proper nutrition and care, your tentapet can grow to enormous sizes! For this prompt, you find a baby tentapet, and decide to keep it. It has it's own personality, desires, and fears. In addition it is very intelligent, and can be trained for practically anything! So, what does a girl like you train her pet to do behind closed doors?

This prompt can start off a lot of ways. A scientific experiment gone horribly wrong, a summoning spell gone horribly right, heck-it can just roll out of the forest up to your doorstep! This would be a fun element to talk about.

NSFW Muse Tickler 1
NSFW Muse Tickler 2
NSFW Muse Tickler 3

:Captured by a Minotaur Warlord: MC: Minotaur - Dominant YC: F/FemM/Futa (Furs/Monstergirls encouraged) | Cruelty/Slavery/Noncon/Con?/Beast/Petplay/Bondage/Power Switch?/Romance?   
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
You've been captured by the roaming minotaur army, and due to your exotic or delightful appearance, have been shipped off to the warlords fortress to be a part of his harem. He may not be the mindless beast some say he is. Will you endure the depravity of his lust and perhaps come to worship him? Or will you simply break, and become another abused member of the harem... He will need to choose a Queen at some point, and they better be as twisted as he is. There is really a lot of ways this can go. If you want to be used and abused, that can happen here. If you want a bit more story... I've been toying around with the idea that a woman might come to love it, and eventually go so far as to join him in abusing other members of his harem. You don't get a gal like that everyday, so he takes her as his wife and Queen.

NSFW Muse Tickler 1
NSFW Muse Tickler 2
NSFW Muse Tickler 3

:What a lovely date!:   MC:M YC: DG/Futa/TG | Vanilla/Romance/Affection/Con   ***
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Prepare yourself, this is a really weird one. I'd like to take your character out on a nice normal date (perhaps a walk in the park, dinner, a trip to the beach) and get to know them. Like, actually develop deep character personality and history, and share them with each other. Of course after a nice date, they're going to fuck like rabbits. Partners should be willing to both top and bottom. This is intended as a short-term thing, but can easily blossom into something more.

NSFW Muse Tickler 1

:Mans best friend? Hah!:   MC: 3 Dogs - Dominant YC: F/FemM | Beast/Con/Self Bondage/Breeding   
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
An idea I've always found hot is that a successful woman with a competitive high paying job, and who is generally a badass in all regards, loves to come home and be fucked senseless by her three big dogs. Maybe she comes home, strips down, puts on her collar, and slips on a suit that binds her legs and arms, only allowing her to crawl on her knees and elbows. The dogs have their fun, she gets rid of her daily stress, then takes them for a walk in the dog park, all the while smiling at her unsuspecting neighbors. Short term, but happy to evolve it into something longterm with the right partner. If our successful woman turns out to be a bit of a zoophile, we can explore other animals and avenues of fun.


:Camping with Daddy:   MC: Dad YC: Daughter (Seducer) | Incest/Seduction/Reluctance/Persistence/Sleep Play/Handsy Daughter   ***
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Nothing better than heading out to the great outdoors, going for a long hike followed by a swim in the river... That's basically all this dad had in mind, but his nympho daughter has been waiting to be stuck with her dad in a tiny tent miles from anywhere for quite some time. He resists for awhile, but through her persistence and outright depravity (sneaky morning blowjob attempts), she eventually gets what she wants. Would actually love to try this with a *really* dominant daughter, a bit of dubcon and blackmail too-not required though. 

:Shortstack enslaved by Family:   MC: Father and two sons (Dominant) YC: Shortstack humanoid | Noncon/Rough/Bondage/Slavery/Beast?/Monstergirl/Nonhuman/Fur/Gangbang/Fantasy Setting   **
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A small farming family consisting of two young men and their father stumble upon you, a small but curvaceous humanoid. For whatever reason you're an enemy of them-a mysterious woodland creature blamed for ill weather, a lone goblin, a gnome who's flying machine crashed into their barn - To be discussed! They decide to capture you, using you to satisfy all their carnal desires (and help with chores!), making you the new 'woman of the house'. Too small to fight back effectively, you settle into your new life.   

:Prison Bitch: MC: FemM/F - Submissive YC: DG/Futa | Cruelty/Slavery/Noncon (Multiple Partners)   ***
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
For this idea, your character would be a rough type who did something terrible to earn a very long or life imprisonment in an all Futanari/DG prison. You managed to strike a deal with the Warden to get an outside piece of meat on the inside. The best part though is that your prospective slave has been completely wiped from the public record, and the guards have strict orders to ignore her (though might have a run at her if you share!), so you can do anything you'd like with your new cell mate.

:Aunt needs a new pet at the Farm:   MC: FemM/F - Submissive YC: DG/Futa | Incest/Cruelty/Slavery/Noncon/Beast/Petplay/Bondage   ***
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Essentially, a well hung Aunt (YC) decides to kidnap her 'niece' (MC), deciding once and for all she'd like a good fucktoy to have on the farm. Besides, she can just lock her up in the basement whenever her sister comes over-she'll never know. I'd like this to involve dehumanization, petplay, and letting the local animals have a run, as well as eventual stockholm syndrome on the part of the niece.

:Shipwrecked on a strange island, taken in:   MC: FemM/M/F YC: DG/Futa (Monstergirl) | Size Difference + Whatever you decide! Could be romantic, could be not. As long as you're playing a well hung monstergirl type   ***
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
My character is shipwrecked on an island, the only survivor of a terrible storm. Your character lives on the island with others of her kind, and takes me back to her place of living as a curiosity. Here I'm looking for monstergirl characters like centaurs, goo-girls, lamias, driders, octogirls, and so on. The monstergirls should be much larger and stronger than humans however. Maybe I'm sold into slavery as a piece of fuckmeat, maybe I'm kept as a quirky sweet pet and showered with affection. Perhaps I'm even treated as an equal, and integrate into their culture. Up for discussion!

:So, why did you want to be a pokemon trainer again?:   MC: Your loyal pokemon YC: F/FemM/Futa | Pokephilia, Con, Size Difference   *
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
You were quite a talented pokemon trainer, sporting many badges and a wide array of pokemon from all over the world. You own your own ranch where your companions are allowed to roam free, outside of their pokeballs, enjoying the weather and playing with each other. An observant person might notice you only have male pokemon, though no one has really ever called you out on it. Truth be told, you love being ravaged. You can't wait for midsummer when your Nidoking is riled up, his biological clock yelling "Breeding Season", and stepping into his pen wearing only a pair of cutout jeans. Your Rapidash is another fun one~though you did have to set up a little station to keep you strapped in... You have so many different kinds of pokemon to take care of!

:My lusty mother:   MC: Your son YC: F/Futa mother | Reluctance, persistence, evolving relationship, handsy drunk mom    ***
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Her little boy just turned sixteen, and mom can't help but notice what he's packing between the legs. In this prompt I'd love to explore what it'd be like living with an overly sexual mother. Sure he's used to her crude jokes and still giving her a kiss on the lips before bed, but lately she's been acting a bit weird... Coming into the bathroom while he's showering "just to grab something", her hand resting between his thighs during couch snuggles and movie time, a few strange "I'm cold, come warm me up in bed" requests at night. Dear old doting mom isn't going to take no for an answer, her ultimate fantasy a young eager cock available 24/7 at home. Plus... What a better bonding experience, hrm?

Desire Levels: *** = Oh my god yes please. ** = I'm excited for this. * = Fun, and I'll play, but I'm not dying to do it.

Pairings - What I'm craving

My characters on the left, yours on the right.

M/F x Any woman/en with something between the legs. I can honestly spitball pairings all day for this. Teachers, parents, law enforcement officers, nuns, nurses, monstergirls, demons or succubi... So on and so forth.

Various Animals x Woman/Futa/DG and so on.

Introduction - Thoughts and Ramblings

Hello everyone! I'm fresh out of the oven and excited to meet/play/frolic in the fields with some of you. I'll be updating this as the main hub for my requests and what not. If you can think of any suggestions or have any feedback... I'm all ears! Shoot me a PM about it. While I'm getting my feet on the ground, most of these will be vague ideas, and may be expanded to story style prompts in the future. I really really enjoy the process of setting a story up together, and hope to do so if you're interested in any of the premises.

Please check out the prompts and ideas. If you like what you see, learn a little bit about me, and my O/Os. I'll play via PMs, Chatzy, and on threads if you really prefer that. If you'd like a sample of my writing so you know what you're getting into, just visit the second post!

Me as a writing partner - Expectations

I'm pretty laid back, and am somewhat active now, less than I would like to be. I will write from almost any perspective, usually depending what my partner is doing and if I'm playing multiple characters. I don't really have a specific amount of paragraphs that I aim for, at least one or more, and rather match my partners preference. If I had to ballpark it, I'd say 4 paragraphs per reply is probably my limit-I like reactionary roleplaying, one scene flowing into the next organically without needing a lot of verbal fluffing. I'm open and honest, believing in communication first and foremost. I have no issues bringing up any problems, concerns, or cool ideas with my partners, and they shouldn't have any reservations for doing the same with me either. Nothing is aimed to be personal, just two (or more) people trying to figure each other out and make sure that everyone is having the best time they can. Most of all, you should expect to have fun!

If I'll be missing in action for some time, I'll try my best to let you know.

In terms of things I like... Well, I'm a weirdo looking for other wierdos to do weird things with. Anyone taking a look at the prompts can figure that out pretty quick. Dominance and submission are all elements of sexuality I'm exploring through this beautiful literary medium, and I'd say I'm all over the spectrum, capable of either as the story demands it. I do have a soft spot for playing as subbies with dominant well hung women though.  O:)  I happily play male and female characters, as well as what's between and on the outside.
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Writing samples - It's time for adventure!

James Mako smiled to himself as he walked through the massive cavern, the small circle of light cast from his flashlight  making shadows dance whenever it moved.  Ever since the initial scans from the survey vessel, he had been wanting to come down here and take a look for himself. Endless tracts of tunnels that snaked just under the entire surface of the planet-it had raised a lot of questions for him like; "Why are they there? Did something make them? Can I go check them out?"

He set the flashlight down for a second, looking at the small flickering display attached to his envirosuit as the wrist. All the readings looked good so far, both atmospheric and internal numbers were within normal range, though he only had enough air for about another two hours. With a sigh, his hands moved to his belt where he retrieved a small metal testing kit, and proceeded to take samples of the various fungi that were growing around him. Whenever he scraped some of the thick green carpet away, he was always surprised to find strange little insects underneath , that skittered away from opening as if it were a breach leading to vacuum. He had never seen any of them above the fungal layer, and wondered what the relationship was.

James continued to walk along, the soft green rug underneath shifting with each step. With his audio recorder he took notes on the various phenomenon down here, the large striations on the wall suggesting something had moved through here and carved away some of the stone, the unique chemical composition of the air down here, the lack of any other wild life... The ground suddenly shook with a violence, causing James to stumble to his hands and knees, flashlight bouncing off the ground and down the large sloping rock we was on.

The communication suite in his helmet turned on. "James-We just picked up a high energy tectonic movement. You okay down there?" Officer Jenna asked, her voice calm but concerned. "Yeah Jenna I'm fi-"

He stopped speaking, actually he stopped breathing, as something gigantic burst through the stone high above him-sending a shower of rocks down below. A huge worm like creature crested through the subterranean sky, its thick plated body rotating slowly in the air like an ancient cement drum. James watched in awe as the angular head of the thing slammed into the opposite wall, it's whole body shuddering and quaking, but never ceasing it's rotation. Slowly but surely, it bore into the rock, it's body somehow flinging the refuse away at high speeds. Like some kind of terrifying alien rainbow, the thing was an arch high above, until all several hundred feet of it had tunneled through on the other side.

"James... James!" Jenna had been shouting at him. "Yeah-I'm going to need an extract shuttle Jen." James said far more calmly than he felt as he stood up.

Barthal sat atop of his rugged steed, a Mindovian Stormstep, one of the finest there was. His eyes were locked on the scene of carnage down below, the vibrant orange flames engulfing the houses and licking at the air above. “The Bandits are getting more bold my friend.” He said solemnly to his companion, who was riding up atop of his own, slimmer horse. The old man urged his mount forward with a click of his tongue and tap of his heels, coming to a stop before speaking. “Yes, with Lord Aladrins’ men required to serve the crown in the Crusade, the brigandy are more active than ever.” He said with a sigh, frowning a little as a hand moved to cradle an old injured hip. The Mindovian horse, Bolt, shuffled anxiously, the tackle around its head jingling. Barthal gave the horse a staying pat on the side of the neck before continuing. “Did he not think to leave some men behind to protect the villages?”
The older man chuckled softly, shaking his head from side to side. “You really should read up on your legislation, Barthal.” He muttered, gnarled fingers scratching at a peppery-grey beard. “The Royal Mandate requires a certain amount of troops, depending on the size of the land of the lord. Our dear friend Aladrin wasn’t much for the draft. Thought he was doing them all a favor, but look how it’s ended up.” He continued thoughtfully.

Barthal raised his hand up asking for silence, sitting straight up in his saddle as he looked over the edge of the plateau. “Groon, you see that?” he asks, pointing two fingers towards a small line of torches making their way away from the city. “That’s them-That’s the brigands. They’ve got some of the villagers too.” He continued, eyes now glowing with a soft grey aura as his magic burned, magically enhancing his sight.

Groon shifted uncomfortably in his seat, as he knew what was about to happen. “You want to go get them, I suppose?” he said, dragging out the words and rolling his eyes.

“Yes, give me a boost will you?” Barthal said quickly, not looking away from the bandits and villagers as he drew his sword frim his scabbard.

Groon let out another sigh. He was getting too old for this. Still, he raised his hands, arcane energy beginning to crackle between his fingertips, the tiny violet lightning bolts arcing in the space between fingers, as he began chanting the language with no words. After a quick minute, a small blue bolt shot towards Barthal, disappearing quickly. Barthal’s sword roared to life with the sound of static electricity, same phenomenon that was on the Wizards fingers now more violent and rippling over the surface of the sword.

“Good man!” Barthal shouted, before urging his steed over the edge of the plateau, heart racing as the thrill of prospective battle washed over him.

Orion looked over her shoulder at the massive lumbering creature about 100 feet behind her, and then down at the lines of troops walking around it-all of them giving it a wide berth. The chains rattled as it took it’s earth rumbling steps, a web of them stretching out from its body, connected at a series of crude iron rings. She chewed the inside of her lower lip nervously as she glanced down at the quiver in her hands, counting the arrows again-a nervous habit of hers.

“You alright?” the captain of the platoon called over to her in his rough southern accent. “Yeah… Yeah I guess. Why the hell does the Wizard want this thing?” She asked him, fetching a small piece of Jerky out of a leg-pouch and taking a bite.

“Part of some kind of ritual I hear. Needs to stab it through the heart with some sword fresh from the forge.”

Orion let’s out a sigh before she catches the captain glancing down at her chest. Raising a brow, she glances down herself, noticing a small bit of jerky caught between the crease of her chest. Dusting it off, she turned back to the captain, who had turned away-his neck reddening with a bit of a blush. She smirked, her angular lips coming to a small peak at the corner. “Well what’s the point of this ritual?” Orion asked, turning her eyes back to the trail.

“Makes the sword magic or something. They don’t pay us to know about these things.” He grumbled.
Some commotion started behind them, the rattling of the chains becoming more violent.

“What the hell…” Orion muttered, slinging her quiver over her shoulder and spinning around.

The beast reeled back into the air, men and horses that were holding onto the chains flung into the air as it let out a bestial roar.
In a blaze of movement, she had her longbow drawn and an arrow nocked, not to mention one already in the air. The arrow soared forward and hit the beast between a few of its stony plates, lost in the armored shell of the thing. It roared again, its anger and fury rich in the sound, before slamming a gargantuan fist down into the ground-earth and men alike sent flying from the awesome blow.

Rick Sanchova checked the power conduit leading towards his other half, the HUD on his suit visor indicating that there was some loss of power flow between this line and the towering Mecha standing in front of him. When he found the culprit, a small nick disrupting the integrity of the energy matrix, he pulled a small spray canister from his belt and coated the cut with a thick black goo. Within a few seconds of being exposed to the air, the black goo creaked and groaned as it shrank, hardening to form a tight electrically neutral seal on the line. With a smile, Rick dropped the line and went to stand in front of his machine.

Given the alphanumerical designation KB100 based on its development cycle, but commonly referred to as “KillBot-100” by the Mech Monkeys that piloted it, the hulking metal machine was one of the most dangerous weapons available to the United Nations. Near the shoulders two sets of twin linked guns, one pair of high volume six barreled slug throwers for tearing a man (or unarmored vehicle) in half, and one pair of low volume high velocity triple barreled “tank poppers” for dealing with medium vehicular threats, sat ready to kill. For enemy naval capacity, fast strike aircraft, or heavy vehicles, an X24 Gauss cannon was available, capable of punching hole through almost any piece of conceivable armor. Unfortunately it required the Mecha to be stationary, and the hydraulic stability clamps in its legs to be active to fire, limiting its tactical usage-recoil was a bitch. Always available however was the pneumatic grenade launcher tucked away quietly underneath, capable of slinging a variety of specialized munitions over 300 meters away. Anything unfortunate to get close could easily be torn apart by the massive metal claws powered by the large network of coordinated servos lining the metal body. The sleek black “Tartarus Shell”, some kind of magic ceramic developed off world in secret government labs, provided state of the art protection against ballistic, explosive, and energy based weapons. They didn’t quite have force fields…. Yet. All of this would be useless if it wasn’t for a top of the line sensory and computational suite, the two components working together to provide a stream of important information to the pilot, allowing for incredible target aim assist and evasive actions when necessary.
Rick sighed contentedly as he went over the mental checklist of badassery that stood before him. His eyes eventually found the exposed fusion core, and his heart jumped just the smallest amount at the dull blue glow. It was still strange seeing the reaction in front of him, atomic nuclei smashing together, forming something new, and shooting radiation off. The only reason he could watch the reaction was because of the way the containment field interacted with the radioactive decay. To think if that ever failed, he’d be a piece of barbecue in microseconds. It did have the added benefit of “Going Nuclear”, and making it very difficult to capture one of these. Due to the chance of a small nuclear explosion on an operation, Kill Bot operators were lone wolves, one man armies with a death wish.

There was no designated way to get into the cockpit, you simply had to climb up wherever you could. This lead to some interested movements to actually get inside the thing, and contributed to the “Mech Monkey” namesake. Rick climbed his way up, feet finding purchase on a few armor plates, and nestled himself into the cockpit personally fitted to his body. After wiring in, a push of a button resulted in a hiss of hydraulic pressure as the front of the Mecha hooked into the second, sealing him in. It was pitch black for a few seconds, until a multitude of video feeds and lights sprang into life.

“I wonder if I’ll day today…” Rick thought casually, the words more of a statement than a question, as after so many repetitions they had lost much of their weight.

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Updated with a new prompt (Shortstack) - Added images (Muse Ticklers) to a few of the prompts~Still adding more. Added "Me as a writing partner" section. Probably last annoying post (Sorry!)

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A new prompt, updated current feelings.

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Added new 'fancy' prompt, which a far more fleshed out story.