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April 22, 2021, 12:19:44 pm

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Author Topic: Short or long term story, Female inquisitor male captive (M looking for F)  (Read 1186 times)

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Offline JaySwitchTopic starter

Hello all you lovely ladies!  I'm looking for a specific story type right now and was wounding if there was a woman that wanted to play it with me.  I'm craving a story where my male character gets captured by the enemy and is interrogated by your female character.  I'm envisioning bondage, torture, some fun sexual torture, and hot sex.  She can use her womanly charms on him as well as some of her more painful persuasive skills to slowly brake him down.  He'll fight her, but will he be able to resist her beauty once she's broken him down into a helplessly horny slave for her?  Will she be able to resist the good looking captive that can't help but find her sexy?

This can be a short one shot story of simply bondage, torture and sex, or this can be the beginning of a larger plot based story with eventual romance, or anything in between.  Here are some ideas...

Captured Rum
It's the 1700's and a rum running ship is destroyed against the rocks of an unexplored island after a hurricane. At least one sailor survives and is washed up on the beach.  He's taken captive by the female masters of the island.  Women are in charge here and men are slaves.  Their interrogator must find out if this man is the beginning of an invasion.

The Queen's (Empress') servant
A queen or empress is barely keeping her kingdom's, and her own head, above water with war against a long term foe and strife inside the kingdom.  One day a young (early 20's) thief / assassin is captured in the queen's chambers moments before she is to retire for bed.  What was he doing and who does he work for?  He's taken an oath and refuses to talk, let the interrogation begin!  IF this turns into a longer story he will have information about her kingdom that she doesn't even know and if she doesn't kill him and if she persuades him to come to her side he'll help her against internal and external threats.

Old Foes Forged Into Lovers
They had been on opposite sides of the battle field for decades.  The two best leaders of their people's respective armies it seemed like the only competition they ever had was when they faced each other.  Both in their late 30's or early 40's one was male and one was female.  He is betrayed and finds himself a captive of her armies.  Does she want to execute him?  Does she want to humiliate him?  Does she want to have some sadistic fun with him?  Does she want to get all the knowledge of her enemy kingdom she can from him?  If she has some fun with him, as he is a very good looking man, they may find that they have more in common then anyone else and that they understand each other better then anyone else ever could.

If Done Right Victims Don't Rat
There is a very secret way to gain entry into the most prestigious sorority house on campus; kidnap a male student and have your way with him.  If done right, he won't talk and you'll be admitted to the sorority.  It could be a quickie, or it could begin a long term relationship.

Evil Scientist Nurse vs. Unlucky Patient
He’s a patient recovering from a car accident.  She’s a beautiful young part time nurse while finishing up her PHD.  She runs experiments on the side and needs a male for her next series of experiments and observations.  He doesn’t need to be willing, just tied up and stripped.  Tonight she’ll be the only nurse or doctor in the ward, perfect for playing with the attractive male patient in room 301.  He’s asleep and will not wake up until she has him all tied up and at her mercy.

Space Femdom
A space woman dressed in a short silver skirt and silver bra with a ray gun comes down to earth looking for some much needed energy for her ship. (Elaborate as you like)  She finds the human male she wants, attacks him and shoots him with the ray gun which stuns him. He can either be immobile on the first shot, or it takes a few shots to knock him out.  Unable to move for a little while she takes him on her ship, strips him, and ties him up.  Now helpless she is free to torture and play with him as she likes.  The sexual energy that his body gives off as she plays with him refuels her ship.  To complete the refueling she has to make him cum. (how much fuel she needs is up to you.)

F / m
Female spy / enemy male spy
Policewoman / thief or petty criminal
Female Drug Lord / policeman
Super villaines / superhero
superheroine / super villain
superheroine / superhero
Female boss / male employee

If you have any ideas for a similar story line, please don't hesitate to ask if I'd like to play it!

I write 3 - 5 paragraphs a post usually.  I can't write every day, but I normally write 2 or 3 times a week.
I am a switch, meaning I like playing both the dominant role and the submissive role.  I'm heterosexual.  I only play males opposite females for sexual scenes.

I don't do excessive gore, vore, mutilation, bestiality, incest, and anything that should be in the toilet, stays out of the bedroom.  I don't like anal (The sight of a strap-on will end any desire for me to be submissive).  I don't find humiliation sexy, if you want my dominant character to humiliate your sub I will do that fine, but I don't enjoy humiliation in a sexual context.

Everything else goes though, sex, romance, costumes, sexy/slutty cloths, bondage, bondage-sex, rough sex, sexual torture, CBT, impact play (whipping, caning, spanking, ...ext), kidnapping, pseudo-rape, danger-sex, knife play, minor blood play, sexual teasing... and so on.

Ons and Offs

I hope this story sounds interesting to a fun and imaginative woman.  I'm a switch so if you'd like me to turn the tables some time, or have another story where this happens in reverse I'm up for that too.


Offline JaySwitchTopic starter


Offline JaySwitchTopic starter

I'm still looking...