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April 17, 2021, 03:43:45 am

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Author Topic: Blast from the past (F seeking M)  (Read 768 times)

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Offline PollydactleTopic starter

Blast from the past (F seeking M)
« on: April 13, 2016, 01:00:05 am »
I'm looking to find a partner for a couple of plots that I have played before (long time ago) and would love to revisit again. I'm looking for someone who can be detailed, provide moderate length posts, and can post at least a few times a week. If you are at all interested in either, I'd love to hear from you and get something started to drop me a line!

Lost at Sea

As children our characters were very close, mine the daughter of a very wealthy business man and yours the son of the families maid. They didn't understand what was expected of them and that their friendship was doomed from the start based on their social status, they promised to each other that they would always be friends and nothing would ever come between them, promises that couldn't be kept. As they got older things started to change; my character was faced with pressure from her family to be a certain way, and being friends with the maids son wasn't part of that. It was hard for her to push away someone she had been so close with, but she desperately wanted approval from her father and so she became incredibly rude towards her old friend, turning into what could only be described as a rich spoiled bitch. Somehow it made it easier for her to make him hate her than it was to outright reject him.

Years have passed, my character is now on her way to being the next in line at her fathers business, your character continuing on his own family tradition in working for my characters family just like his mother had. The summer comes and in celebration of her success her father has arranged for a trip to their private island somewhere in the Pacific, a chance to relax and soak up the sun before work really got into full swing. She was set to arrive before everyone else, the private jet at her disposal, and her old childhood friend is given the task of seeing to her every need, much to both of their great displeasure.

Something goes terribly wrong on the flight, however, and while flying over the ocean the plane goes down. The pilot and crew for the most part die on impact, and if it weren't for her old friend she would have joined them. In the chaos of the crash somehow your character managed to save mine and take her to an island that wasn't far away from where the plane crashed. She was injured on the impact, but thanks to him she survived and they are left to fend for themselves on this large, deserted island. Given her injuries, the girl is unable to take care of herself, relying on him for everything. At first he goes along with it, but old feelings start to resurface. One night he tries to kiss her and is rejected, and this makes him snap, unable to handle it anymore and not caring about the consequences, he was going to take out all of his frustrations and hurt out on her and there was no where she could go.


Your character is a man who has chosen to live a life of solitude, living inside a quite woods that existed alongside a large city. Aside from his occasional trips into the city to refill his supply of booze, he opted to not leave his house. He is haunted by his past (exactly what his past is can be up to you, or I have a few ideas) and has turned to alcohol and drugs to numb his pain and get through each day. One day while on his way through the woods back from a supply run he stumbled across something he would have never expected. Deep into the woods, farther than most city dwellers ever ventured, he came across a girl, naked and badly beaten laying on the ground. At first he thought she was dead, but upon closer inspection discovered that she was still hanging in there, albeit just barely giving the drastically dropping temperature and her wounds. Without thinking he jumps into action, taking the young girl back to his lonely home and taking care of her. He nurses her back to health, only to have her wake up and have absolutely no idea who she was and what had happened to her.

I am hoping for this to be more romantic than anything, with both of them helping the other. Just as they both start to be on the mend, though, the people who had originally tried to kill her start poking around again, not happy that they had failed at their job. Why they tried to kill her and what she might be involved in is open for discussion.

If there is anything you want to change about either of these or if you have any additional ideas I am all ears!