A Villain's Rise to Power - M/M [need sub/bottom or switchy bottom, not picky]

Started by Observing Trifles, April 12, 2016, 08:44:11 PM

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Observing Trifles

The Setting

This story would take place in a Star Wars-esque sort of universe - not an exact duplicate, just drawing inspiration, so knowledge of or interest in the Star Wars universe is not necessary - full of political intrigue and corruption, following a pair of not-so-good-guys who want to rule the world. No heroes here. For this story, I would play a top and am looking for a bottom.

The Characters

Arkaniel Alegre is a wealthy career politician with eyes on an empire in which he reigns supreme. Not above twisting a few arms and greasing a few palms to achieve his ends, his greatest strengths are his passion and charisma, which he uses to advance in the polls. When our story begins, he is the Senator of Sr'nida, a lush forest planet in the Third System, a wealthy corner of the galaxy that houses the Galactic Senate. Arkaniel will be a top.

Sayir is Arkaniel's bodyguard and occasional mercenary. Although he possesses no political title of his own, he is Arkaniel's unofficial second-in-command and loyal confidante, one with far more humble beginnings. Sayir will be a bottom, and this is the character I'm looking for someone to play.

Where We Begin

During the beginning stages of Arkaniel's rise to power, the Senator's journey took him to the desert planet of Raan, a region in the outskirts of the galaxy known for both its abundance of natural resources and its unofficial status as a haven for gangsters, bounty hunters, and other renegades. While there, he intends to engage in illegal trades and build alliances with a powerful clan of gangsters and cutthroats, hoping to strengthen his growing regime.

It's by coincidence that on his trip, he meets Sayir, who at this point in life is a dancer and pickpocket. They meet at a grand feast held by the gangster clan, where Sayir's performance wins Arkaniel's interest, and the Senator's ambition wins the dancer's respect. Through a series of events we can discuss when we begin, Arkaniel will discover the performer's hidden talent in hand-to-hand combat, and their working - and personal - relationship will begin from there.

Where We'll Go

I want to develop Arkaniel's rise to power and Sayir's many roles as bodyguard, confidante, and romantic partner. The pair will not be heroes by any stretch of the imagination. They will be men with ambition, men who will stop at nothing to achieve their goals, loyal only to the cause and to each other.

With the right writing partner, I'd like to develop the universe a bit more. The political end and so forth. It will be fairly plot-heavy, but I'd also like to focus on their relationship as well.
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