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Author Topic: Back with a vengeance! [sub M looking, MxF, FxF, ponies, furries, humans...]  (Read 1694 times)

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Offline NarmondurTopic starter

Well, not exactly with a vengeance, but I'm back at least, hopefully to stay, and I hope to find new partners here! :D If you wish to know the reason to my prolonged absence, go ahead and ask.

Right, so this is my request thread. It has developed plots, less developed plots and pairings, it has fandoms and somewhat original ideas, it has smut and story, it has EVERYTHING. Almost.

What do you get then? Well let me tell you. I've been RPing for years now, both on forums and via IMs. I can write very descriptive, long posts that take days to make, but I can also do short posts for the rapid nature of IM roleplay. It all depends on the plot and your own preference, so please let me know. I'm also very happy to take part in your ideas, so if you have something you'd like to do, don't hesitate to ask. In brief: Be your preference short posts, long posts, plot, smut, or any combination of the above, go on and throw me a line!

Let's get to the meat of things, the all important plots! You will undoubtedly notice that I like to play a sub, and yes, that is indeed the case. Should you wish to play a sub as well however, feel free to try and persuade me. If the idea is good or your persuasion stat is high enough (nerd jokes for the win!!!) I might agree to play dom. You never know~

Some of the plots below will involve ferallions and you might wonder what the hell that is? Well wonder no more, for the answers to your questions are all located here! You can find all the forum posts I've done, by topic, here (as I've not written anything in E the link leads to a different roleplay site)!


The thread was bumped on 2nd of May 2017

DISCLAIMER: All characters in all the scenarios below ARE 18+

Some of these plots are more developed than others, but all are equal! Gather round, and take your pick!

"We have a very strict immigrant policy."
She - well, at least ferallions thought the creature who had so unceremoniously crashed to the surface of their planet was a she - had awoken the curiosity of the ferallions. Who was she? Where had she come from and why? Would others follow? Would the said others be terribly awfully upset if the local fauna had her for snack? What to do to her? The last question was most important. She was a complete alien, who knew what she could bring with her. They couldn't let her give away the coordinates of the planet. Jagreh sighed, hoping this wouldn't end up being an execution. He knew the nine other ferallions behind him shared the same thoughts. If she could just behave...

"This is generally not how you make first contact."
Jagreh swore. It was a quite long string of curses too, but he did have a reason. Crash landing to the surface of an alien planet half the galaxy away from friendly space was certainly not a thing to laugh at. He didn't know where he was, he didn't know if the place he was in would be in any way healthy, and to top it off, he had probably broken something. He was bleeding at least. He started limping away from his downed fighter. a ship flying through the atmosphere was a magnificent sight and he was certain that if there was a single soul who knew what it meant, he would probably pretty soon have a bunch of whatever-the-natives-of-this-planet-were-s flocking around  him. He would prefer having the element of surprise on his side, rather than on theirs. If he only could hide before they would find him...

"You will tell us everything you know, won't you?"
She was displeased. This war against the cats had not gone how they had planned. Not only had they NOT been primitive barbarians with bows and arrows like she and her superiors had presumed, they also fought with such passion and zeal that her species' army might as well hit their heads to a wall. They were in a stalemate, or something closely resembling a stalemate. The cats refused to take the offensive, instead striking them back again and again and again. Within those two years the war had raged, not one of them had even seen the ground of Ferallii, much less managed to mount any useful offensive. The war would have to end, one way or another. Finally their intel department had managed to find out something useful: Jagreh, a ferallion from one of the northern clans and the captain of the Great Mother, was the man carrying most of the responsibility over ferallion war effort. In addition, he was a personal friend of the monarch and enjoyed much respect within his people. He would know the ferallion intel and he might even manage to get the two species to at least reach some semblance of a peace treaty. Traditional interrogation methods had not been fruitful so perhaps it was time to try out alternative methods. She gave an order to capture him. She would have a lot of time to work on him - or perhaps let others work for her - once he was their captive...

"Most interesting specimen..."
It had taken them insane amount of time, effort and resources, but a black op strike had finally succeeded! They finally caught one of these "ferallions", as they called themselves. The specimen was... feisty. According to that pesky corporal this alien managed to fatally wound all but one of the soldiers in the group that finally succeeded, and even that one soldier barely made it back home alive. Apparently the man saw something that drove him out of his wits. All of this was irrelevant now. They had a ferallion!! And they would start studying him today!

(intrusive, crazy experiments, medical fetish oh my~ This also gives a chance for a long stretching plot with a scientist falling for the ferallion they're studying.))

"Did they teach you that when you were studying diplomacy?"
Ferallions were taking quite a risk. They were preparing to form an alliance with another species. The negotiations were closing in and nerves of several high status dignitaries, not the least bit because the top brass of the Great Mother had invited to participate into the negotiations! The great Mother officers!! Sure, they were decorated officers but the one with most noble blood in him was a disowned son of a southern lord and the most high ranking of the four was a commonborn! The outrage! However, the queen wouldn't have any arguing against their right to be there, so the lords had to resort to their fate. Hopefully their new friends would be as understanding as their own queen...

(themes in this one are diplomacy and arranged marriage. I would most prefer if Jagreh for instance was married to someone in the other species, forcing him to live on a foreign planet, in foreign culture, but it can be done the other way round as well, no problem. Your character could also be a diplomat who falls for a ferallion while that is not exactly all around proper....))

"For a monster you're quite... fluffy."
A village was blackmailed by a monster in the forest that was growing a short distance north from the village. Story told that the monster had came into the village many years ago and forced the villagers to make a promise: A girl that was born during that year was to be given into the forest when she came to age, as a gift to the monster. If the monster wouldn't receive his gift,  or was otherwise unsatisfied of it, he would unleash the horrors of the forest on the village. There were legends of what was inside the woods but no one knew for sure. All that was known about it was that whoever entered, never came back. The villagers agreed once the monster had shown them a glimpse of the horrors that would await them should they fall. Those who had met the creature kept their lips sealed about what he had been like, but ever since then the villagers spoke of him in hushed voices that had clear undertones of fear.

16 years has passed since the first -- and thank heavens, only -- visit of the monster and the dreaded day had come. The girl would have to leave that night...

((this is somewhat of a peculiar plot. The fantasy version of Jagreh will be the monster, and since his appearance is the same as sci-fi version, he won't look too threatening. He seemingly lacks any desire to take pleasure from his present. His motives for this act are a mystery and he will act very differently than the girl might expect. Despite of Jagreh's lack of interest, this plot will involve a lot of forceful sex, since  there are quite a bit of different creepy crawlies in the forest, both male and female, who would want nothing more than to have a try at that sweet human pussy. We will discuss about the nature of said creepy crawlies, as well as a certain plot  points that I'm having in mind, but this is the initial idea. Jagreh will still be a sub in this.))

"I was doing just fine before you came along!"
Centuries of war in between anthros and humans have torn the land into two. The anthros live in forests while humans have built great cities of stone, surrounded by thick walls. No one really remembers why the war was started and both sides have committed atrocities beyond count. Maybe there was a clear line in between the aggressor and the defender, the good and the bad guys, but the line had blurred ages ago and once black and white had since gotten grey. Both side generally despises the other but the despising doesn't go as far as to waste their potential. Humans generally held captured anthros as slaves for labour or pleasure, and killed them when they outlived their usefulness. No human actually knew what happened to captured humans. Rumours ranged from enslavement to being eaten alive. It was even rumoured that anthros could perform an excruciatingly painful ritual and turn humans into the likes of anthros. As a general rule both sides hated each other but there is no rule without exception. There was a man, a ranger, spending most of his time in the forests, carefully balancing on the path of neutrality, refusing to take any part to the fighting. That day his resolve would be tested though, as he comes across an anthro being violated...

"Welcome to our world."
As anthros started appearing into the United states, the government was first accepting of the new labour and tax payers. However, as more and more human/anthro relationships came to light and as anthros became taking more influential positions in the society, conservative political wing started a propaganda campaign. As many humans were starting to get bitter towards anthros due to lost jobs, husbands and wives, the human citizens responded remarkably well to conservative wing propaganda. As the next election came, conservatives steamrolled the democrats, taking a crushing victory in the elections. First thing they did as a dominant party, was to force through a legislation which stripped anthro of their civil rights, effectively making them outcasts. Newly formed government also founded secret organization to keep both pro equality and pro anthro parties in check. Coupled with high profile propaganda campaign which painted anthros as savage, inhuman beasts who didn't have any rational thought in their brain, and to whom death would be a relief, the government was free to systematically hunt down and kill the anthros. They didn't go down without a fight and since then, USA has been faced with a guerrilla war. Twenty years has passed since the initiation of the hunts, and a small squad is sent to assassinate the leaders of the anthro side...

((what I'm thinking of this is this: the members of the squad aren't really buying the government's claims on anthros being evil monsters, but all of them are tired of this war and just want it to end. I'm thinking that the mission goes horribly wrong and all but the leader of the squad die, while the leader gets captured. In contrary to fantasy version where the rumours about anthros transforming humans are indeed mere rumours, I was thinking that in this modern version they actually could transform him to an anthro. This would be particularly terrifying since he thinks that anthros kill because they can't help it, that they are sort of victims of a disease that makes them unable to listen to reason. Due to this, the transformation would be a terrifying experience and maybe he could need someone to help him to adapt... I don't know. Someone bounce ideas with me on this please.))

Below this point the ideas are a bit more vague but there's a lot of cravings down there!

"The bond is strong."
I would like to play something set in Alagaesia, the land where books of the inheritance cycle take place. I'm thinking of rider x dragon romance, where I would be the rider. If you could take influence from the dragon Saphira, I would be forever grateful to you because I love and worship her so much *fanboy squeak*

"Here, let me introduce you to my pets~"
What would happen if a dominate girl could control snakes? Please tell me via an RP on this.

"I think we still can survive this" // "Are you kidding me? She's a sartan!" // "Well... this is embarrassing..." // "Excuse me, you want to do WHAT with me???" (death gate cycle fandom)
For those who don't know, Death Gate Cycle is a seven-part fantasy novel series by writer duo Margaret Weiss & Tracy Hickmann, the authors behind fantasy series including but not limited to: Dragonlance, the Sovereign Stone and Darksword (if I remember the English title correctly). I personally prefer DGC the most.

I would play a patryn on this, and depending on the pairing and the opinions of the players, the setting could be either the Labyrinth or one of the sundered worlds (Arianus, Pryan, Abarrach or Chelestra, though Abarrach might not be that viable option) I find Nexus rather... uninteresting in this context, though the world itself is nice as heck.

Pairing could be patryn X patryn, Patryn X sartan or even patryn X mensch... even patryn X dragon is viable if you can tell me how the hell that is supposed to work. I'll play as a patryn and would like to play in a sub role, even though a patryn submitting to a sartan (or - goodness gracious -- a mensch) is an unfathomable thought. Maybe that's why it's so appealing. Both Patryn X sartan and patryn X mensch pairings offer great opportunities for those race play fans out there. Race play might be on my dislikes or nevers but in this case I'll do an exception.

I have some general ideas on the pairings... two patryns meeting in the Labyrinth, for example, and fighting the Labyrinth together... or perhaps two patryns are sent on a scouting mission, both oblivious of the fact that the other was sent too.

The more interesting patryn X sartan and patryn X mensch pairings could take place as a patryn is sent on a scouting mission, much similar to Haplo's but with the order to destroy any sartan that he encounters, and try to persuade mensch away from sartans' influence. More detailed plots will be brainstormed together with the partner, should I find one.

"This captain's job is more difficult than I thought..." (Bleach fandom)
I'm thinking of OC x OC, my character being a captain of a squad (the specific squad is open for discussion). Timeline-wise I'm thinking this would be during the time when the arrancar are the main enemy of the shinigami and visored are still mainly hidden. So pretty much a stalemate in the war in between Aizen's troops and the Shinigami. Again, even the timeline can be altered. The important thing is that I get to play in the Bleach universe. Your character could be my character's new lieutenant, or, if you want a lot of tension, even an arrancar, heck, espada even. I have a character ready for this, ask and I will tell you everything about him.

Note that you can play an existing character too if you want, just please, NO RANGIKU!!!! Arigatou gozaimasu. *bows*

Another note on the Japanese names. when I name my characters with a Japanese name, I will use Japanese format. That is, surname first. I just wanted to point this out to be on the safe side.

"The Force is strong with this one." (Star Wars Fandom, obviously :D)
Anything involving star wars where I can stick my Jedi master incarnation of Jagreh into. Inquire for details, please :)

"Alien encounters." (Can involve Star Wars, Star Trek or Mass Effect)
Ferallion x SW/ST/ME mashuop. Yep. I'd like to bring star wars characters, the enterprise, or mass effect characters into contact with ferallions, or the other way around.

"A new family."
Yakuza themed RP. For this I have a distinct plot. A man, a foreigner, who had immigrated to Japan at a very young age, got into the underworld of Tokyo and joined one of the largest yakuza factions, quickly rising in power and eventually gaining the position of second in command. However, someone murdered the leader of the yakuza-clan, mentor and father figure of this young man, and he got framed as murderer of his own oyabun. This forced him to flee his own clan and start wondering the streets of Tokyo in search of a new clan. In my mind, your character could play a female oyabun of a clan, and maybe this clan was responsible for the killing of my character's oyabun? They would not know that this man was from that clan and my character in turn would be oblivious that your character's clan was responsible for the murder. Of course this is just one plot device and of course your character's clan could be completely unrelated to murder. Maybe it's part of an inner power struggle inside the clan?

"I haven't seen your kind before."
I want to do an student x student pairing with a little twist. A Finnish student comes to study in the States, as an exchange student in university or high school. This Finnish student would be in a wheelchair. He's quite nerdy, interested in computers as well as history and philosophy, and sufficient if not highly skilled at maths. He is also rather shy around new people but kind, happy and social person once you get him to open up. Your character... well, she can be anything. You want this to be a fluffy romance thing? We can make it happen. You want bullies and nonCon? Also fun. Let's have fun with school setting! This idea can also be done as a student x teacher pairing. If I take the teacher role, MC will proably be an IT teacher or a music teacher -- or both!

"Would you love a monster?"
Something involving monster girls? GIMME MONSTER GIRL SMUT!!!!!!!!!!!

"They said friendship is magic... does this count as friendship?"(My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fandom)
Something really silly here: Pegasisters ohoy! I want to do an RP involving my OC pony, a nerdy and shy unicorn. If someone feels comfortable playing the mane six that would be great, but I'd love me a Twily or (especially) Fluttershy. Please make Fluttershy secretly a dominant, please? And who knows what adult books Twily has in her library... of course other pony fandom characters are fine as well! To be abused by Gilda...

"I wanted a pet for companionship but this is a bit much you know!"
I'd like to sorta do something where my character, either walking or in wheelchair, acquires a cat. My character could be a bit lonely student and he wanteed a cat for company, letting her sleep next to him and stuff. What would happen if he one day wakes up next to an anthro cat?

"Is this what you call 'being an animal lover'?"
I've found an odd craving to try bestiality (female, dominant animal either a canine or a feline) where the animal too is sentient but not necessary capable of communicating. Due to smutty nature of this idea, I'd prefer this to be done in chat or IM, though it is possible it could be made into a forum RP

"Welcome to the test center. We will proceed immediately."
I played Portal 2 last night and found myself thinking of a horny GLaDos (sorry for any spelling mistakes) or horny ANY supercomputer AI in charge and in total control of some sort of scientific facility. I want to know what kind of possibilities there is, what can this AI do to her prisoner/test subject, and what happens when she gets aroused. This can be set in Portal universe with male test subject being GLaDos' latest discovery, or it can be totally different kind of facility (we can get pretty dark here  too if that's your thing). Extra points if you can pull off GLaDos' personality (anyone who likes to verbally abuse a sub should enjoy) but that's totally not necessary. However imagination is. I want wild ideas. This can further develop into a romance too.

"Of Angels and Demons."
I don't really have a cohesive arc in my brain about this, but the idea seems appealing. Here goes: I found myself interested in supernatural and divine, and albeit humans vs furries plot taken into modern day and age could contain supernaturals, the emphasis on that is on anthros. This one however. I want this plot to be teeming with angels and demons of varying power levels, ghosts, spirits, haunted dolls and vampires. And everything else supernatural, divine, hellish and/or magical. I play a young mage, a very competent young mage who has great power, but is still struggling on some aspects of the arcane. One of those is summoning. Considering that you can't learn unless you try, he decides to craft together a summoning spell, to summon himself a spirit familiar, maybe a guide, a mentor or a teacher, or just plain someone to talk to. He does a slight blunder during summoning and happens to summon a demon of some sort. Of course the leaders in heaven are quite upset at this and send an angel to deal with the demon.

Next parts of the idea are a bit hazy but I do know this: I want there to be treachery in both heaven and hell, I want there to be factions on both sides with agendas that conflict with those of their brethren. Some might want to say screw the balance of the universe and annihilate the other side, others might be backstabbers looking to switch sides and some want to tug on correct strings to bring the war to earth and get mankind into the crossfire.

As you can probably deduce from that, I want a lot of political intrigue in this plot, and awesome magical battles with spells and explosions all over the place. However, I want this plot to have a lot of sex. A bloody lot. I want the demon, the human and the angel to form a bond and fight together against the threat that higher ups want to ignore... and also have an awesome threesome with the two female teaming up on the mage. All kinds of things might happen to them in the different realms too, let's let our imagination free.

I would appreciate if you could play the angel and the demon on this, but we can talk about that.

"To be a Kings(wo)man!"(Kingsman: the secret service/general gentleman spy thing, though watching the movie isn't required at all. Potential for a total of three people within)
I've probably watched the movie Kingsman: the secret service about once a week for the last month, and I never knew they made movies where you could have so much fun anymore. Well, they do, and I want to do something similar. My character is a part of a secret intelligence agency, operating at the highest level of discretion. Your character, depending on where we want this to go, and depending on your preference, is either a rookie introduced to the agency by my character to replace a dead agent, or the villainess of the story. This particular idea has room for third person to play either the newcomer or the villain, if there is interest. Otherwise one of us will take the third character. Or maybe the rookie is the villain? Who knows...

"You have yet much to learn, young one"
A vampire idea. Yes. Vampires. The exact specifics of the lore are negotiable, but these vampires don't sparkle, that's for sure.

My character would be an elder vampire, bitten at around twenty years of age hundreds of years ago. As this is the case, his strength as a vampire is immense. Only thing that rivals his strength, is his self discipline. You see, he prides himself in being able to keep his victims from dying (and as we know, you don't turn if you don't die, right? :) ).

We can take this into two directions. Either you are a younger vampire (as in more recently turned, see the disclaimer above, mods) whom he takes in as a protege, teaching what it means to live among people and not kill them.

Or... you could be a hunter, succeeding in the nigh impossible task of capturing this great vampire. What do you do? Will you humiliate him during his final moments? If you do, be careful: He's had centuries to practice his charm...

"Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry... for adults!" (Harry Potter fandom)
After the whole Voldemot trying to massacre a school full of minors incident, Hogwarts got a hefty amount of owls. As a result, they changed their policy. Now Hogwarts students had to be eighteen years or older, but previously seven year curriculum was condensed into four years and enhanced with materials on the most difficult of charms, challenging of transfigurations, most complex of potions.... and of course, on how to defend against the darkest of dark arts.

Now the Hogwarts has gotten a new defense against the dark arts teacher, trained abroad and only around 20 years of age. This will probably be an interesting year...

((plot was originally planned as OC x OC thing, but if someone can play dom Hermioine or Ginny to my OC, I would love that to bits!))

"Once upon a time in the west..."
I only have a vague craving for wild west themed. Wide, rolling prairies, horses, cattle, six shooters, sheriffs and outlaws. Gimme!

I want to play the stranger in town, or the outlaw, and your character can be whatever you wish. Do you want to play a cattle baron's daughter, or a marshall or bounty hunter, or maybe you want to be a ruthless outlaw, keeping an iron grip on a poor town? Let's have fun in the old wild west!

"In here anyone can be anything! ... so I became a Don" (Zootopia (AKA Zootropolis in le Europeland))
There is a new crimeboss in town, rumoured to have taken over most of Mr Big's syndicate. The entire underworld is in turmoil: Those still loyal to Mr Big are clashing furiously with those loyal to the newcomer and fights are breaking out on the streets. Due to her connections to the underworld, Judy is sent to investigate this newcomer undercover, tasked with bringing peace to the streets of Zootopia. What happens when she finds this new master criminal? What happens when this master criminal turns out to be civil, polite and very intelligent? What happens, if all he really wants is to protect Zootropolis from even greater danger - or does he? Does Judy slip too deep into her role... or does she have the means to salvage yet another life consumed by crime, just as she did with Nick?

((As far as this idea is concerned Nick and Judy are very good friends but nothing more. We could omit Nick completely, or he can work as a lifeline for Judy to help her keep a hold to her morals. The role of that clever fox must be discussed, as well as the precise route this plot will start on. Of course, sex will happen but we need to discuss when and how))

"It's okay Nick, you'll be safe with me..." (Zootopia (AKA Zootropolis in le Europeland))
What's this? A completely canon x canon pairing from me, a person who doesn't feel comfortable playing canon characters? Well, this is an exception.

This idea was inspired by this picture
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
(click here if the pick doesn't scale well on your device). For me, this picture is glorious, and the comments below on the website describe exactly why: This is a picture of Judy easing Nick out of his trauma while they both enjoy some luvins.

Now, the premise of the idea goes along these lines: Having been partners for a while and pretty much knowing about each others feelings, Judy and Nick decide to get together. It's a risky business of course, being intimate while also working as partners but hey, "try everything", right? While idly browsing the web on Nick's computer Judy stumbles on some very interesting information... Maybe Nick might be into something a little more kinky than Judy originally thought? However, when questioned, Nick laughs it off: No way he could be into something like that! He's a predator, big and strong and dominant, after all.

But that night, if Judy lays very still next to Nick, she might notice his sleep is quite a bit more restless than usual...

So, I want them to start experimenting, Judy easing Nick into something he wants to do, but because of a childhood trauma, is scared to. This plot could be a playground of roleplay within roleplay: They might recreate the childhood scene with a lot more kinky flair thrown in, play cop and robber and myriad of other things. Maybe Judy wants to tame a "savage" Nick, who knows? This would be a slice of life-y, fluffy plot with frequent sessions ranging from gentle and playful to cruel and humiliating scattered frequently throughout, played from the setup all the way through aftercare and to the point where they fall asleep in eachothers arms with a pair of blissful smiles.

This is a bit of a craving, but if you personally feel you really want in on this, come with a sales pitch. I generally dislike playing canon characters, and although Nick is easy for me to get into, he's still somebody else's character, which is why the plot above is a bit easier sell. Another benefit of coming with a sales pitch is that I know that you're as excited about this as I am.

"New Era of Darkness" (Harry  Potter)
Now, this is a simple idea that was spurned by a certain someone I met online, and it has potential to fulfil my cravings for the more extreme side of things, as well as be an interesting what-if situation.

What if no one could stand up to Voldemort? The wizarding world is plunged into darkness, mudbloods and muggles are hunted, and those with mixed blood, or sympathies towards 'lesser people' are regarded with suspicion. How does a certain wIzard manage in this world? This certain wizard is of mixed blood, but one of the best people in the department of magical law enforcement: Highly skilled with a wand, a master duellist and carries himself with the air of a true wizard. Only problem is that he has problematic political views. And then it turns out he has been responsible for the murders of some of the new governments most valuable witches and wizards. He needs to be made an example of. He's a blood traitor, worse than a muggle or mudblood. He wouldn't be just put down like a common dog or muggle. If death is too good for him, how will you deal with him?

((Okay, I think it's obvious that I'm going at some pretty freaking dark stuff here. Hard humiliation, raceplay, torture, complete and utter mental, physical and sexual abuse of my character to the breaking point and well beyond. If you feel like letting go and going utterly nuts, this is the idea for you. Send me a PM, we'll set the hard limits (I guarantee there will only be a few) and let's see how dark things can get.))

"Good ser, why does that log have teeth?"
He was a lord of a kingdom. Not a very respected lord, mind you, in fact he was anything but. His fellow nobles derisively called him "The lord of trees" while the commonfolk had somewhat more vulgar title for this man, rumoured to be laying with wolves at fullmoon. Try as he may, he hasn't manage to kill these rumours and some may have reached all the way to the court. Few people knew the full extent of his duties, choosing to instead make their own conclusions from what was said about the Warden of Wilderness:

"To safeguard the realm from the perils of the Wild."

Due to vagueness of this, many consider being a Warden of the Wilds an easy job, and for this young lord it is an ungrateful occupationindeed, and much more hazardous than his peers give him credit for.

'The lord without land' was known  for his reclusive personality and grim demeanour, and the general distaste towards him by people in court was only rivaled by his own distaste towards the court and people in it.

Despite all of this, despite him being the laughing stock of his fellow nobles and despite wanting to stay as far away from cities as possible, he was in the capital of the realm. And as if through divine intervention, he stumbles in the middle of a sinister plot: Is that the princess of the realm being kidnapped??!!

((Okay, for this I'm planning the following: My character comes across a kidnap/murder attempt of your character, and upon dealing with the attackers discovers that they are closely affiliated with the ruling houses of nobles of the realm. As the ruler of the realm has grown old, the princess is expected to take the throne. The other nobles would rather have someone else on the throne however, and this is why the attempt on her life. Our two characters have to flee and soon finds out that the other nobles have placed a usurper on the throne of the realm. It is up to our two heroes to gather a force mighty enough to retake the throne.

The princess would have lived the life of royalty and only heard about my character through rumours circulating both in court and out on the streets. She wouldn't be used to rough life in the wilderness my character leads and wouldn't necessarily even like him at first (since he wastes no time with the usual formalities), and to make matters worse, they'll have to be dodging both the inhabitants of the wilderness and adversaries sent after them by the other nobles on their way up north to find supporters.))

"Oh I'll have Hell to pay for this..."
This idea is very vague. All I know is that I want a demon x demon pairing. My character would be on the higher end of the demon hierarchy, slightly above the middle level, and I want to do an RP where he interacts with other denizens of Hell, gets involved with the internal powerstruggles of the place, messes with humans and gets himself into trouble with the higher ups. Appearance wise he is a young human, jet black hair and pale skin, though he does have shapeshifting abilities. As far as personality goes you can expect Loki-esque tendency for trickery, and general attitude of a cunning, opportunistic, sweet talking gentleman. However, he does have his mean streak as well. Sorry I can't give you more on this but if the idea is interesting by all means let me know. :)

"They come from the north, sire!"
Now, this is more of a setup than an actual plot, but here goes:

There is a continent, divided by several kingdoms. Kingdoms are modeled after the middle ages, so kings and chivalric knights and the like. The kingdoms have their quarrels and infighting, struggling for power and influence, everyone wanting to unite the land under their own banner. As if the conflicts between the kingdoms weren't enough, there's another problem. Up north, in what seems to be largely hostile and impassable wilderness, there lives a people. A fierce people of warriors and barbarians, it is said, who fight like demons and kill without remorse. These northern raiders are like the plague, striking out from their godless hideouts to pillage, raid and plunder, only to disappear after committing their horrible deeds. No army seemed able to stand against them and mostly kings who vied for the continent only wished that a raid wouldn't happen during their reign...

That's the world I want to play in, as the chieftain of the Northmen. I model the Northmen largely after the romanticised account of vikings, and the stuff they sing about in metal songs (especially those of Manowar and the like). They are civilised in their own way, but the kings and their peoples would only have come into contact with raiders so that's all they know. The specifics of the plot can be discussed and the starting points could include (but certainly not be limited to):

- My character leading a raid, yours living in the unlucky city targeted
- Your character wanting to talk with the Northmen, in the hopes of getting them to side with a king/help usurp the throne for her
- Your character being a young warrior among the Northmen, maybe having gotten a fancy to the young (and single) chieftain
- My character being finally captured by one of the kingdoms.

These are just a couple of my ideas and I encourage you to think of a plot fitting into the world described above. If it wasn't clear, the era is a medieval one, we can also discuss some fantasy elements if you so wish. However, please remember that despite my character being a powerful one, I still want to play as a sub. Thank you :)

"Well, you can't really argue with that southern charm, can you?"
this is a kind of a slice of life-esque thing involving a sort of clash of cultures. My character would be a university student majoring in computer science. Quiet, scrawny, quite intelligent but quite an introvert as well, a city boy to the core. This is not to say he doesn't enjoy the country and nature in general, he isn't even necessarily opposed to getting dirty, it's just that he is abysmally bad at everything involving physical labour. He's not very strong at all and lacks much of the confidence required to work with animals. He's eager to learn, but simply not very good at farmwork. I think you get the point by now. His friend suggested, knowing his fondness of nature, that he should visit said friend's relatives in the country. I want to play a long term thing where the guy slowly learns new skills, becomes a little tougher, learns to live the country life while still keeping a hold of his scholarly ways. And maybe he manages to rub off into his host family as well, who knows?

I don't usually like to tell my partner what kind of character to play, but in this case I'd love you to take inspiration from these [ur=]two[/url] songs. Both links lead to youtube. Your character would obviously be the daughter of the host family. This is kind of a craving at the time of writing...

"Can't believe your kind used to rule over us!" (Pokemon?)
Okay, disclaimer first of all: I know very little about the franchise. I did use to watch it as a kid but quickly transferred to Digimon back when it came out in my country. Ergo, I need to resort to bulbapedia for information and details, and the actual layout of the world is unknown to me. However, this plot has piqued my interest with its many kinky and storytelling possibilities, so here we go:

I want to play in a world where Mewtwo's scheme in that one pokemon movie actually succeeded better than expected. Pokemon took over, pounding their former trainers and friends to the ground and creating a totalitarian, fascist rule where humans are treated as dirt, abused, raped, humiliated and killed on a whim and the airways are filled with "improved version" of history, describing the horrors humans put pokemon through. Dissenting pokemon are treated harshly and human sympathisers are seen as traitors to not only the state but the entire pokemon kind.

However, there is a resistance: An underground group within whom the old trainer/pokemon dynamic is rearing its head, if only a little more equitable than before. The goal of this group is to bring out a world where human and pokemon could coexist and live without one subjugating the other, but they are fighting against an entire society...

Okay, this is one of those darker things, both story and kink wise, so willingness to explore everything that is done to humans is a huge boon. Also, this gives me a chance to hopefully enjoy my biggest kink, the contrast. The idea that the cutest and fluffiest ones are actually the cruelest. Mmmm... I'm getting shivers just thinking about it... if someone would want to write a dark story with a possible tragic ending, while having patience for an ignorant pokeplebe such as myself, I would love that someone forever!

"Huh... I knew you were a crybaby and all, but really, the god of hyperdeath is actually a hopeless romantic. Well, the more you know..." (Undertale)
Frisk and Asriel for life!! Hey, they're adopted siblings so it's not really incest, right?

Yup, I want to do the best ship in the world, Asriel and femFrisk, both 18 obviously, with their relationship very much in the vein of this. Much cute fluffiness is expected, and maybe Asriel might be into something more.. interesting? Cuteness, loveydovey behaviour, embarrassed little cinnamon roll, kinky session and sweet, loving aftercare is involved. I'd like to start the RP without pre-established intimate relationship, with the confession coming pretty quickly and things advancing from there. We could also make Toriel x Sans a pre-established relationship. So much cute!!!!!!

In addition, here are my suggestions for...

PAIRINGS (with line under the character type I want to play)
First up, any of my male ferallions (preferably J)(sub) X just about anyone not human(Dom) XD

Mikori(Dom) X whoever you think might be a fun playmate for her(sub with a degree of struggling perhaps?)

the next thing is something I've wanted to try... Mikori X someone you think could force her to submit. Be prepared that she will use every trick inside and outside the book to struggle, even fight using lethal force with the intent to kill. The one forcing her to submit should be a female character. I'm sorry for the requirement but I can't play submissive female to a male Dom, it feels wrong to me and I just can't do it

Human(sub) X Anthro(Dom) (the Anthro can be whatever from furries to snakes, lizards or dragons.)

Human(sub) X female... tentacle... thingy? What do you call it? :D(Dom)

Anthro(sub) X Anthro(Dom)

Human(sub) X Feral anthro(Dom)

Anthro(sub) X Feral anthro(Dom)

Anthro(sub) X Demon(Dom)

Human(sub) X Demon(Dom)

Anthro/Human(sub) X something I have not yet mentioned :3(Dom)

More ideas will probably appear once I think of them. And please, don't hesitate to contact, either in this thread, or via PM. I might be in mibbit chat too, or shoutbox so come check it out!
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