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April 16, 2021, 06:20:40 pm

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Author Topic: Female wanted for 'Escort'-related RP, with a very profitable twist or two!  (Read 999 times)

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Offline CarlcjjohnsonTopic starter

Hello! :)

Here are a few ideas that have strayed across my mind recently for a two person RP. In reality, they all revolve around the similar theme of escortship, to coin a phrase of my own ;) As such, I imagine that they could easily be brought together if needs be.
I think that it's quite an interesting angle to work from here, and with the right partner (which I'm sure is amongst the women of this fantastic community somewhere!!) it could really work out as I imagine it, maybe even exceed what I have in mind.

The staple character would obviously be the female, whereas I'd be playing her various clients in a sort of 'revolving door' scenario. I personally think that an outgoing, opinionated girl in her 20s would work nicely, but from a personal standpoint, I'd really love my counterpart in the scenario to be a little more mature. I'm talking major MILFage :P
I just think that this way, the woman would have a more realistic air of superiority, that she really is more experienced and higher up the food chain than the men who pay for her services. As if she truly deserves to be paid for what she's doing.

Idea No. 1: The neighbourhood escort. The hottie who entertains men of all ages, giving guys their first sexual experiences, maybe flashing the horny teens who can't keep their eyes off her and whatnot, giving them a non-sexual dose so as to satisfy their hard-ons. This is the most self-explanatory option of the three  8)

Idea No. 2: The woman in question plays a 'Financial Dominatrix', a self-proclaimed sexual 'Princess' or 'Lady' (Google one, you'll see what I mean). All her life she's been ogled for her killer body, and now she's biting back, having turned it into a rather lucrative business venture, advertising herself as a thing to be worshipped by submissive males, in a relationship where cash is king. I'm talking about guys who long for female intimacy, and on seeing her as their perfect match, empty their wallets at her command. It could be as simple as bringing a form of tribute to a regularly-scheduled session, to having a Standing Order set up so as to regularly pay money straight into her bank account, to paying her bills, to selling their cars, giving her the money and walking everywhere so as to get in shape for their female superior (Yes, I'm running with whatever comes to mind, but that merely reflects my enthusiasm for this!!)

The kicker in the equation? The guys don't necessarily get sex, or even an orgasm out of it. Giving her whatever she wants is just a means to get her approval. They are, all the while, inferior throughout. Her men are merely walking ATMs.

Idea No. 3: Similar to idea No. 2, in that there's a domme for hire, although it doesn't necessarily have to be in the financial sense. Perhaps she has certain regular clients who merely seek the Domination they can't get from their spouses. Perhaps she teases them rather menacingly, with her word being the only thing seperating them from being allowed to cum, to having to pay for a session the following week and waiting to see if they can earn the right next time around ;)

Alternatively, we could mould the three together somehow, creating a character that dabbles in all of the above aspects of keeping men company, and becoming richer for it. In case you haven't noticed, I have a money fetish :P

You can see what I'm capable in this thread. This is another RP that I concocted recently, and it's doing great!! Ijust want to get a little more personal in RP, so that we can truly make the scenario our own.

VIP Room at the Sin Bin:

Let me know if anything that I've said here interests you or if you have any ideas you wouldn't mind putting forward yourself.

For the record, I'm only looking for females to play females. That's just my preference.