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Author Topic: Marvel Characters looking for Games  (Read 873 times)

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Marvel Characters looking for Games
« on: April 10, 2016, 05:43:52 PM »
I'm a huge Marvel fan, and I have a few favorites I love to play but rarely get the chance to. So, i'd like to find a solo game or even an appropriate group game for them. These are versions i made for other games that never saw play, and all histories and other details are open for discussion provided i get to keep the essence of what gives the characters their identities.

Black Goliath
Black Goliath
REAL NAME: William 'Bill' Foster
AGE: Mid-30's



William "Bill" Foster was born in Watts, Los Angeles, California. Biochemist Dr. Bill Foster worked in the Plans and Research Division for Tony Stark's Baltimore factory. He was hired to be the lab assistant of Dr. Hank Pym (aka Giant-Man). Pym was stuck at the height of ten feet for a time and Dr. Foster helped him find a cure to change his size back to normal.

Black Goliath

Dr. Foster moved to the West Coast to take over the research and development section of Stark International in Los Angeles and became the boss of the three brilliant scientists known as the Whiz Kids. At some point acquired the formula to "Pym Particles" which gave him the ability to grow in size like his former employer. Taking the name Black Goliath, he came under the control of the Circus of Crime, but was freed by Luke Cage who had come to rescue Claire Temple, Foster's ex-wife and then Cage's girlfriend. As Black Goliath he fought criminals such as Atom Smasher, Warhawk, Vulcan, Stilt-Man (who transported him to the planet Kirgar using his Z-Ray) and the Hijacker. Black Goliath later assisted the Champions of Los Angeles, then joined the group part-time as their technical advisor. After the Champions disbanded, Black Goliath, along with a large group of other heroes, joined the Defenders for only one mission before quitting the group.

Giant-Man II

Dr. Foster later joined the staff of Project Pegasus, the U.S. government's semi-secret energy research facility. While there he revealed his identity of Black Goliath to the Thing, who at the time was working for Project: Pegasus. In the process of answering an emergency alarm, Foster decided to change his name to Giant-Man at Ben's suggestion. After working at Project: Pegasus for a short time Foster revealed that he was dying from radiation poisoning he contracted in his earlier fight with Atom-Smasher, though he continued to operate as a superhero, on one occasion teaming up with Spider-Man to battle the Meteor Man. Some time later, while on his death bed, Foster's radiation poisoning was cured by a blood transfusion from Spider-Woman, who at the time was immune to radiation, but lost that immunity after giving Foster the transfusion.

After being cured, Foster gave up the Giant-Man identity for a long time. He finally returned as Giant-Man when he assisted the West Coast Avengers in their battle against the High Evolutionary in the Savage Land during the Evolutionary War. Giant-Man later defeated Ant-Man's old foe Doctor Nemesis and Goliath (Erik Josten) in their scheme.

Foster soon gave up the Giant-Man identity and Hank Pym subsequently took it back for himself. Not too long after that, Goliath's ionic powers were disrupted in a battle against the West Coast Avengers. This caused an energy disruption which allowed a race of extra-dimensional creatures, the Kosmosians, to attack Earth. Although the creatures were ultimately repelled, the energy disruption and effects on the Pym Particles affected all who had ever been exposed to them, except Pym himself, causing them to lose control of their growth and/or shrinking powers.

After losing his powers, Dr. Foster joined the staff of the Centers for Disease Control. In this capacity he helped the Avengers deal with a bio-weapon released near Mount Rushmore.

The Last Return

Foster donned the identity of Goliath again (along with a new costume and without the modifying "Black") to first help the Thing deal with a supervillain (along with hitting him up for a research grant), then helped Spider-Man track down the Hulk in order for Bruce Banner to possibly deal with Spidey's cellular degeneration.

Civil War

During the superhuman Civil War, Foster was a member of Captain America's anti-registration Secret Avengers, adopting the alias of Rockwell Dodsworth. He subsequently appeared briefly amongst the cavalcade of other African-American super-heroes attending the wedding of the Black Panther and Storm.

Foster was killed by a clone of Thor during a battle between the Secret Avengers and Iron Man's pro-registration forces. Since it wasn't possible to reduce his body to normal size, he was buried as a giant, with Tony Stark (Iron Man) paying for the thirty-eight burial plots required to accommodate him. His death affected the balance of forces in the war, leading several previously pro-Registration or neutral figures to change sides, most notably the Invisible Woman, the Human Torch, the Black Panther, Storm and Spider-Man as well as many others questioning Iron Man's cause.

Bill Foster was last seen in Pluto's realm, refusing to accept death's embrace while holding out possible hope for a resurrection. After Apocalypse's return, Fosters grave was found empty.

Powers, Weaknesses and Abilities
Size Addition: Foster's body is saturated with Pym Particles which interact with his brain to enable him to grow to gigantic height. The growth process requires the rapid acquisition of bodily mass, presumably from an extradimensional source. This extra dimensional mass fortifies all of his cellular tissue, including his bones and muscles, enabling him to support his increased weight, and giving him superhuman strength.  He is currently capable of growing hundreds of feet tall exceeding the heights of even the tallest buildings in New York.

Density Control: Foster has learned to manipulate pym particles in a way no other user can, and is able to increase his body's density in much the same way he uses to change his size. By accruing extradimensional mass and fortifying his body with it, he can make his body extremely hard and durable to the point where it is immune to most types of damage and weighs up to 165,000 pounds (sixteen and a half tons) at normal size and even greater weights at larger sizes.

WEAKNESSES: At higher density foster can become too heavy for some sources to support his increased weight.

PERSONALITY:  After years operating as a superhero and his death and subsequent return after the effects of the Civil War, Foster has developed a healthy mistrust for would-be dictators and revolutionaries both.

Abilities: Foster is a brilliant scientific researcher and inventor and one of the world’s leading biochemists. He has some military training and experience in military combat.

Skilled Combatant: Foster is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant using a special style of unarmed combat at increased size. When he is giant-sized he takes advantage of his own massive form and uses attacks that would either throw them off balance or render them unconscious before they could concoct a better strategy against him, and he utilizes his density-control powers to evade or withstand powerful physical attacks.

Strength level: Foster has the normal human strength of a man of his age, height, and build who engages in intensive regular exercise. Foster's strength varies according to the height he achieves: at 10 feet tall, Foster can lift (press) 1000 pounds, at 25 feet tall he can lift (press) 10 tons. The higher Foster grows the greater his strength and durability become. At 100 feet tall, he can lift (press) 100 tons, and he can exceed Class 100 strength at heights beyond 100 feet tall.

Henry Pym/Ultron
REAL NAME: Henry Pym
AGE: 35



Faceclaim: Aaron Eckhart

Dr. Henry "Hank" Pym, is an American biochemist with extensive knowledge in various scientific fields. Pym discovered a rare group of subatomic particles, which have become known as the "Pym Particles." Pym was able, through the application of magnetic fields, to entrap the particles within two separate serums. One serum would reduce the size of persons and objects, and the other would restore them to their normal size. Pym tested the reducing serum on himself and discovered it was more powerful than he had expected: it reduced him to the size of an insect.

Pym undertook a study of ants, and theorized that ants communicate through psionic / electrical waves transmitted through their antennae. After months of work, Pym succeeded in creating his first "cybernetic helmet," which would enable him to communicate with the ants.

After an alien being from the planet Kosmos killed Pym's colleague, the scientist Vernon van Dyne, Pym revealed his secret identity of Ant-Man to van Dyne's daughter Janet, who wished to avenge his death. Pym taught Janet how to use the gas within which he now contained the "Pym Particles," and which he used to shrink himself in size, and through biochemistry, gave her the ability to grow insect-like wings when she used the gas to shrink herself to insect size. As the Wasp, Janet van Dyne assisted the Ant-Man in finding and defeating the murderous Kosmosian.hey were two of the founding members of the Avengers and were part of the group that discovered the frozen form of Captain America, bringing the World War II hero into the modern world.

Pym next developed a series of capsules containing the Pym Particles which he and van Dyne used to grow or shrink to various heights; he also developed capsules that enabled him to grow to greater than normal heights. Thereafter, Pym preferred to use his power to grow to giant size for crime fighting, and called himself Giant-Man.

Eventually both Pym and van Dyne could change size simply by willing themselves to do so, due to their exposure to Pym Particles over the years.

Pym began experimenting with robotics and created a robot with the potential for high intelligence. The robot turned against its creator and later became one of the Avengers' greatest adversaries under the name of Ultron. Its evil deeds would long plague Pym with guilt, especially since, as he was forced to admit much later, he had used his own brain patterns as the engram basis of Ultron's robotic mind.

For several years, Pym had been in love with Janet van Dyne, but because of his repressed personality, and her abundant wealth, he resisted expressing his feelings for her. One day while working in his laboratory, whilst thinking of the fact that he wanted to marry van Dyne but couldn't, Pym accidentally dropped and smashed some vials containing various unknown gases. The released gases wreaked a radical temporary personality change in Pym, what could be seen as a severe case of schizophrenia. He took the new identity of Yellowjacket, claimed that he had murdered Henry Pym, kidnapped van Dyne, and proposed marriage to her, as Pym had long wanted to do. Realizing that Yellowjacket was really Pym, Van Dyne decided to play along, fearing that she would worsen his psychological condition if she did otherwise.

Pym renounced his power to became a giant due to its continuing physical and mental strains. Scientific research had always been Pym's preferred career and he no longer found the excitement in crime fighting that he had earlier in his career, and he'd begun to have periods of tension and depression. He began to feel that he had never made a scientific discovery equal to his discovery of the Pym Particles in the several years following that event. Moreover, he was plagued by guilt over creating Ultron. As a result, he was overcome with a sense that he was a failure as a scientist, judged by his own impossibly high standards.

Astonishingly, Pym was now virtually penniless, since his books were out of print and he had somehow exhausted the money he had earned from his patents. He had rejected van Dyne's offer to help him get back on his feet with monthly checks, though pym did eventually recover on his own.

Pym began to investigate what he did wrong with Ultron, and apparently found the answer when he infiltrated Ultron's base of operations to talk to him. Ultron notified Pym that during the years of isolation he had discovered Hank's memories in his systems, and thus Hank's subconscious hatred for humanity, determining that he had been created as nothing more than a manifestation of Hank's subconscious hatred for humanity. When Ultron was distracted, pym used a modified version of his pym particles to phase through him and fought for control. This resulted in Ultron being destroyed, but not before he uploaded his own personality engrams and merged them with those of Hank Pym.

Powers, Weaknesses and Abilities
Size Addition: Pym's body is saturated with Pym Particles which interact with his brain to enable him to grow to gigantic height. The growth process requires the rapid acquisition of bodily mass, presumably from an extradimensional source. This extra dimensional mass fortifies all of his cellular tissue, including his bones and muscles, enabling him to support his increased weight, and giving him superhuman strength. Early in his career this caused health problems due to the strain, and he was subject to various limitations on his size and the duration of his transformations but now his body, saturated as it is with pym particles and fortified by the cybernetic Ultron cells, is able to withstand the transformation with no adverse physical effects aside from the effects on his brain chemistry. He is currently capable of growing hundreds of feet tall exceeding the heights of even the tallest buildings in New York. He can grow past the barriers of the "Microverse" to enter Overspace, a point above and apart from all other realities where it is possible to confer with abstract cosmic entities.

Density Control: Pym's body has been saturated with special cybernetically active cells which are capable of interfacing with his body's pym particles,  allowing him to shunt or accrue particles of mass. Thus pym is able to control his density and solidity in much the same way he uses to change his size. By shunting a non-critical portion of his body's molecules away from him, he can become a weightless, transparent, intangible wraith, unable to be touched by solid matter. By accruing extradimensional mass and fortifying his body with it, he can make his body extremely hard and durable to the point where it is immune to most types of damage and weighs up to 165,000 pounds (sixteen and a half tons).

WEAKNESSES: Pym suffers from severe bipolar disorder and mild schizophrenia from both exposure to pym particles and his constant struggle with Ultron's personality, weaknesses that are exaggerated when he grows (he becomes brash and arrogant while enlarged). A psychic or other being with emotion-manipulating abilities could easily exploit this weakness.

PERSONALITY:  Pym has a subconscious inferiority complex and sense of self-loathing that he projects onto the rest of humanity, a trait that can be easily exploited by the sufficiently clever or those with emotion-manipulating powers. His personality is a mixture of his own traits and the personality engram of Ultron, so he often openly displays his contempt for organic life. Despite that fact, he still fights to protect humanity for some inexplicable reason.

Abilities: Scientific Genius-Level Intellect: Dr. Henry Pym is one of the world's foremost biochemists and also possesses considerable expertise in numerous scientific fields such as subatomic physics, robotics, cybernetics, programming, emergency medicine, optics and entomology. His high I.Q. makes him one of the nine smartest people in the world capable of rivaling others such as Reed Richards and is regarded by the Eternity as the Earth's "Scientist Supreme".

Skilled Combatant: Hank is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant using a special style of unarmed combat at increased size. If he is giant-sized he takes advantage of his own massive form and uses attacks that would either throw them off balance or render them unconscious before they could concoct a better strategy against him, and he utilizes his density-control powers to evade or withstand powerful physical attacks. Has had some training in judo, karate and wrestling. He was also trained by Captain America in unarmed combat making him a very formidable fighter. A trained scuba diver. Capable pilot of aircraft ranging from conventional helicopters to high tech vehicles such as the Avengers Quinjets.

Strength level: Pym has the normal human strength of a man of his age, height, and build who engages in intensive regular exercise. Pym's strength varies according to the height he achieves: at 10 feet tall, Pym can lift (press) 1000 pounds, at 25 feet tall he can lift (press) 10 tons. The higher Pym grows past 25 feet, the more of his strength he had to use simply to support his own enormous mass. At 100 feet tall, Pym can lift (press) 50 tons. He is capable of Class 100 strength at heights beyond 100 feet tall, and formerly he could not maintain those gigantic sizes for long, but with the addition of his cybernetic cells and density control powers he is now able to maintain them indefinitely.

Ultron Armor: A lightweight adamantium armor capable of withstanding significant damage up to and including a thermonuclear blast, pym typically keeps this armor miniaturized on his belt when it isn't in use. The armors helmet has an improved version of Pym's insect-controlling technology, as well as a full suite of sensors covering the entire electromagnetic spectrum and numerous extra dimensional and even magical energies. Pym's armor has been treated with Pym particles so that it grows or shrinks and changes its density as he himself does.

Toolbot: The toolbot is a small, technological, handheld multi-tool device that stores hundreds of useful items such as a multikey, minicomputer, and energy sword which are all shrunken down to microscopic sizes with a computer programmed "smart chip" giving Pym the right, or appropriate tool in any situation.

Avengers Identicard: Hank uses it to access the Avengers Mansion.

KNOWN ENEMIES: Janet Van Dyne. Just about everyone.

This one's a longshot, but here goes.
The Sentry
The Sentry

"Instead of became about power. He was addicted to the Sentry. And he had just as much control over that as he did the other. So that answers the question right? Who is the Sentry? Who is the Void? It's what happens when someone who doesn't deserve power gets power. "

-- Lindy Reynolds

Real Name: Robert Reynolds
Age: Mid-30's
Affiliation: Avengers


Personality: The Sentry is weak-willed and suffers from numerous psychological imbalances. He wants desperately to be a hero, but his true nature constantly undermines him.

Chemically Enhanced Physiology: The Sentry's superhuman powers and abilities derive from a special version of the Super-Soldier Serum of which it's potency was increased thousands of times and altered making it much more potent. The experimental serum creates a phase-shift in his molecules, causing the Sentry to become partially out of synch with normal reality. The serum induces a photosynthetic reaction, resulting in a hyperstate of consciousness. His powers seems their basis in reality warping. Though most of his powers and their limits are still unknown, the Sentry has been said to have the power of a million exploding suns, and he has displayed several abilities similarly possessed by Superman. He is so powerful that Dark Ms. Marvel theorized in front of Norman Osborn that what happened after Scarlet Witch breakdown will be nothing compared to what Sentry will do. The Sentry's strength greatly varies depending on his appearances, and this was dependent on his mental instability. Spider-Man at one point casually remarked that he once stalemated Galactus, although there is no proof of him doing so, it was later stated by X-Man that him and the Sentry together battled Galactus. He was stated to be an Omega-Level Threat by Mister Fantastic, and Nick Fury's intel classified him as Power Level 10+.

Molecular Manipulation: Following a confrontation with Molecule Man, Robert discovered he has the powers of molecular manipulation which he had used to revert himself from the liquid Molecule man had turned him into. The extent of these powers are not yet known, but he was able to defeat the Molecule Man. However it should be noted that unlike Molecule Man, Sentry has little control of his powers. Since The Void and the Sentry are essentially the same person with differing personalities, The Void's own shapeshifting might be a result of the Sentry's molecular manipulation. Additionally Reynold's molecular manipulation ability theoretically would give him potential regenerative healing abilities as well despite his extraordinary invulnerability and durability. It has been theorized that the vast majority of his powers are derived from his ability to alter matter and energy and that he could simulate almost any superpower with enough practice and control. He seems to do this unconsciously as the void when he changes shape and power sets. It is also possible that he had survived from being disintegrated by Morgan Le Fay due to the same power. Since losing his agoraphobia, and therefore gaining full control over his powers (in Uncanny Avengers), he has been able to utilize his power to manipulate molecules to create Sand Golems capable of downing a full size Wasp. He can also use it in ways such as stopping a full-speed Mjolnir throw directed at him by Thor.

Superhuman Strength: The Sentry's strength varies greatly and depends on his mental stability. The Sentry possesses vast superhuman strength, granting him the ability to lift (press) far in excess of 100 tons easily. He is one of the strongest beings in the Universe. He has demonstrated several astonishing feats of strength during his career, including easily lifting tremendous weights, ripping Carnage in two, taking Terrax the Tamer's cosmic axe and shattering it with his bare hands, lifting a cruise liner effortlessly, and his unrestrained power overloaded the Absorbing Man. The Void was even able to break the Hulk's limbs with relative ease, and the Sentry himself was able to easily kill Ares by ripping him in half. He can also absorb solar radiation for additional strength. The Sentry has yet to demonstrate an upper-limit to his strength, but he has shown that it can rival the likes of the Hulk, although this depends on his mental state. The Sentry has also shown enough physical strength to be able beat the Void into submission more than once with pure force when he was relatively stable, which shows a high degree of power.

Superhuman Speed: The Sentry possesses the ability to think, move, and react at superhuman speeds. He has been observed catching bullets and has also been seen moving far in excess of supersonic speeds; his speed on earth is enough to be gauged as fast enough to move at orbital velocity (5 miles a second). It should also be noted that the Sentry has numerously been depicted as able to fly to the sun in a matter of moments (where it takes light over 8 minutes). This shows that his speed during inter-stellar travels is several times in excess of the speed of light. He has recently shown the ability to travel an indistinguishable amount of lightyears in a very short of time in flight. Sentry's flight was described to be bending space and time through pure speed, and that the speed he was flying at was so fast that it was disorienting Thor, with the caption stating "The incredible process disorients Thor. Even a God of Asgard is incapable of disregarding such velocity".

Superhuman Stamina: Sentry's enhanced musculature is far more efficient than that of a human. As a result his muscles produce no fatigue toxins. However, his stamina greatly varies, depending on his mental state.

Superhuman Agility: Sentry's natural balance, agility, and body coordination are enhanced to levels that are far beyond the natural physical limits of even the finest human athlete.

Superhuman Reflexes: The Sentry can react at superhuman speeds exceeding several times the speed of Sound. Sentry was able to catch a sniper bullet from an advanced Skrull gun.

Superhuman Senses: The Sentry possesses vastly enhanced senses. He is able to hear almost any sound at any volume or pitch. The only Earth creature who can detect sounds at the frequencies he can is a blue whale (0.01-200,000 Hz). He has shown enough control to block out ambient sounds to focus on a specific source/frequency (He has demonstrated hearing a butterfly's heartbeat in Africa). The range of his eyesight is also far greater than that of a human being. He is able to detect a single person from hundreds of miles in the air and above cloud level. The full extent of Robert's other senses superhuman capabilities is unknown.

Flight:The Sentry possesses the ability to float by defying gravity, utilizing his superhuman speed to fly far above hypersonic speeds (above mach 10). He has demonstrated traveling to the Sun and back in a matter of moments which would require him to fly at speeds faster than light (or bypassing normal space through a hyperspace shortcut). And during the Skrull's secret invasion he flew to Saturn (about 746 million miles distance) almost immediately, which required him either to move at many times the speed of light (still thought to be impossible in this space-time) or to have bypassed space altogether thus giving the impression that he had moved faster than light-speed. He has also been stated to travel at many times the speed of light. At such speeds that not even a god of Asgard could withstand. Sentry has also been able to fly with such force to behead and kill Andromeda.

Nigh Invulnerability: The Sentry is, for all intents and purposes, almost completely impervious to harm, unless he wills himself to be killed he has shown no direct weakness. He has been seen surviving extremely harsh atmospheric conditions, including the vacuums of space. Nick Fury has stated that so far S.H.I.E.L.D. has yet to find a way to kill him, and even Iron Man's scanners found no physiological weaknesses in the Sentry's body. Like all of his abilities, his durability depends on his mental state, he can go to completely no-selling Class 100-level characters but as soon as he wishes himself dead he could be killed in an instant, notably in Siege where he asked Thor to kill him. He has also been damaged when he requested to Hulk to punch him during the Green Goliath's takeover of Manhattan to prevent himself from destroying everyone on the Earth.

Photokinesis: It may be theorized that the Sentry also has the superhuman ability to generate, control, and emit light. This ability to produce hard-light constructs may be similar to those of Dazzler when it was revealed that the Void is just an expression of his repressed persona, and thus his creation, he has also used it to block an energy blast from Terrax.

Light Projection: By conscious control over the light he produces, he can control its direction, frequency (color), amplitude (intensity), and duration. The Sentry can produce numerous effects with the light he manipulates. He can simply cause a bright glow all about his body. He can create a pulse of light on the order of several tens of thousands lumens of power per second (the sun produces at most 10,000 lumens of brightness at noontime), which temporarily blinds people with its brilliance. This ability has been proven to be able to calm down the Hulk.

Energy Blasts: The Sentry can generate light, heat, force, and other forms of energy as powerful blasts and explosions of a yellow color. These blasts are usually generated from the hands and eyes. The maximum power of these blasts is unknown. It has shown previously to be capable of burning Hulks skin and levelling city blocks. He has also shown the ability to emit Omnidirectional blasts that were able to eliminate a large group of Andromeda's soldiers.

Psionic Abilities: The Sentry possesses powerful psychic and mental powers mainly used for holding his physical form together, (though it is not yet known whether the Sentry can use them the way Professor X and other psychics use theirs). The only psychic abilitiy he has displayed so far was implanting his memories inside Paul Jenkins' mind. The Sentry was able to erase himself from the memories of every being on the planet, with the help of CLOC, Dr. Strange and Reed Richards.

Healing Factor: The Sentry can heal himself from virtually all injuries. He twice came back from being molecularly dispersed, during his fights with the Molecule Man and Morgan le Fay.

Resurrection: The Sentry appears to be able to bring the dead back to life under extreme emotional distress. After Ultron murdered his wife, Sentry was able to resurrect her by simply touching her. It does not appear he has control over this power, as he was shocked by his ability to do such an act. This may also extend to simply healing others' injuries.

Genius Level Intellect: Robert is very intelligent. He is capable of using his powers to detect all substances in a single object and thence determine how much of what substances make up an object. He is adept with mechanics, architecture, machinery, tracing energy sources, cybernetics, robotics and computer science. He used his great intelligence to construct his Watchtower as well as everything inside of it. Since he has never been very wealthy, it is likely he recovered all of the substances required for his Watchtower's construction from many different areas of the Earth or (perhaps) other planets as well. Once he collected the right amounts of the different substances he needed, he would then forge them into the materials and technology he needed. His other inventions include CLOC and the Watchtower.

Strength level
Class 100+; the Sentry possesses superhuman strength enabling him to lift well over 100 tons easily. He has been able to stalemate one of the most powerful incarnations of the Hulk while weakened by his Agoraphobia, destroy the Shields of Dr Doom and even contain a Cosmic Cube for a while before it was absorbed into the Sentry's body. Marvel dubbed The Sentry as the world's most powerful superhero at some point in time.


Due to his condition, Robert suffers from many weaknesses:

Psychic Assault: The Sentry has a fragile psyche and is readily susceptible to mental manipulation. Although if he is relatively stable he can resist such manipulation, as he has in the past when Dr Strange tried to convince him that the Sentry wasn't real and that it was an illusion, stating that "he was always too powerful for this type of magic".

The Negative Zone: The Sentry is at his weakest in the Negative Zone. His powers and health gradually deteriorate the longer he is inside the zone itself and even worse, his counterpart/nemesis The Void's powers increase to maximum.

Average Fighting Skill and Lack of Control: For a person with no formal combat training, Robert is to be considered at least an average combatant, being able to dodge a point blank punch from Thor then deliver a solid uppercut to such an experienced combatant proves at least a reasonable degree of skill. However, in comparison to Combat Expert's, he still falls short. This was once exploited by Hercules. He also doesn't seem to have complete control over all of his abilities, as he didn't even know he was capable of Molecular Control until his battle with the Molecule Man and was genuinely shocked after reviving his wife from the dead.