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June 27, 2022, 12:40:22 am

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Author Topic: Grg's Ideas (From Normal to Fantasy to More) [M lf F]  (Read 1018 times)

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Grg's Ideas (From Normal to Fantasy to More) [M lf F]
« on: April 10, 2016, 04:33:02 pm »
Hello and welcome! I'm grg and I'm looking for the one or the other RP. First of all, if you have any Idea in your mind that you want to discuss with me, just throw it at me, I'm always open to hear them, even if they don't fit perfectly.
So let's see, what do you want to know first? I think I'll give you the choice and I'll keep it as short as possible, I promise.
  • Settings I'm looking for.
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    • History
    Basically everything pre 1900 is a plus for me, especially European history back to the ancient times (Rome (city and empire/campaigns), Greece, Britannia, Vikings, medieval times, Renaissance and so on)
    • Sci-Fi/Future
    Not much to say, I'm open for nearly anything, from human-only/-dominated to a society mixed with aliens and what not. Also I'm a big sucker for what-ifs.  ;)
    • Fantasy
    I'm more then happy to put fantasy elements in any of my Rps, it can be a complete fantasy world or our world with fantasy elements (Magic, Gods, Elves, Dragons, Demons and so on) in them, it could be a historical one but also a sci-fi fantasy setting. (Why not? Space-elves anyone? ;D )
    • Shapeshifters/Hybrids
    Well, that's an idea I have in my mind for quite some time and I'd be interested in. Depending of the creature mixed into us either one of us or both would be shapeshifters (to a specific other form/creature) or hybrids between whatever and a human(-oid). I've got a few specific species in my mind but am open the most of them.
    Alternatively one us/we both could also be classical shapeshifters with (somewhat) free reign over our form, I think this would be a different setting with a different dynamic but I'll still put it here.
    • Fictional world
    So basically any world that isn't real for our characters where they can still feel anything that's happening to them, either it's inside a program is as open as the question if we or one of us is trapped in there or not and how much control we have.
    • Every combination of the settings above!
    And if you have something to throw into it, even better as long as it isn't a big off for me.  ;)
  • On/Offs (Roughly)
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    First of all, it's a big on for me to create something together rather than just acting out the idea of one of us. This can be achieved through planning out the story and world together or by just writing it out as soon as we have the rough edges and contributing somewhat equally. I like to write and figure out details about our characters and the world there in over time and adapt to changes we introduce through some ideas hat just come to our mind.
    I've gut no problem with stronger or more independent acting female characters in my stories, this mustn't translate into bed and I'm pretty much open for nearly any chemistry there as long as it fit's but I'd just like at least the on or other story where she can handle herself (and he probably to) most of the time and I kinda want have her tho have hair on her head, short hair is OK, though I prefer it longer but I just don't like the image of no hair at all. Other than that, just take a look at my preferences.
  • What you can expect from me. (And what not)
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    Well, first of all: communication. I like to talk to my writing partners, whether it's about our play or other stuff, if that's not something you want, that's certainly no problem but if you write me, I'll answer you.
    Writing length: Depends very much, mostly on my partner and the input I get but also on the day, there may be days and times where I manage to write 5 paragraphs from nearly nothing and there will be times where I struggle to write as much as you wrote (or even less) and if that's the case and I don't feel like it's good enough I might delay the post a few days until my writing flow is hopefully back.
    Writing frequency: I can't and won't promise anything. Most of the time you should be able to expect two or more posts a week, nearly always at least one a week but there can and will be weeks where I'm either to stressed out to write anything good (I'll probably still try anyway as long as it's possible) or I'm just on vacation without any intention to be on the internet. That said, there will be also times where I can post daily or even a few times a day if I have something to answer to.
    I'm understanding: If you have a problem and can't be in e fore some time or you're not happy with our story, characters or whatever, just tell my, I'll be able to understand it and it won't be an issue, even if it means a premature and of our story and I'll do the same. What would be even better is the possibility of working out the problems, changing something here and there, nothing's written in Stone.  ;)
    I'll be happy to research something if you want to write as authentic as possible and if I get something wrong or unrealistic, point it out and I'll try to rewrite the affected part.
    And last, I usually don't work with pictures. I like them, I like it if you bring them into the story, I'll maybe bring one myself if I can't find one and you want that, but I'm just not good and finding any I'm happy with myself.
  • What I'm looking for in my writing partner(s)
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    Be part of 'it' and let me also be part of it. We are creating a story together and I like a nice fleshed story, but it's no must but I want to create something together with you or else I can go just write it myself or read something. I also want you to let me understand what you want or the problem is, just be open if possible, I'll be it to. You don't have to write some minimum length of words, sentences or paragraphs, I prefer though it if you can keep it longer then just a few lines if possible. Also bring your own ideas and just try something out if you want to, the worst that can happen is that I ask you if it would be possible for you to change that part and the best would be both of us discovering whole new possibilities which wait to be played out.
  • Writing Style
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    Third person only!
    I prefer plot heavier stories over just smut based ones, that said, I'm still open to play the one or other smut based and/or shorter story if I've got the time left but I'll prioritize the more plot driven Rps. I RP mainly over the Forum but would be also open to PMs, Mails and most IMs except Skype as I use it nearly all the time for my real life stuff and neither want to switch nor to mix this.
  • My own Ideas (Count open/all:0/0) - In progress.
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    In progress.
V0.1 Still in Progress  ;)
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