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January 18, 2017, 06:33:42 PM

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Author Topic: Beauties and the beasts [M l for f] Anime themes  (Read 223 times)

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Beauties and the beasts [M l for f] Anime themes
« on: April 10, 2016, 12:47:39 PM »
I found that one day I simply found the idea of outrageously beautiful and sexy woman being in oerverted situations with lesser or ugly beings to be very erotic...I may take enjoyment from other things, but k take the most enjoyment out of these scenarios.

Hello, I am Broken. I am a long time role player and have been busy with my group to not even bother creating a one on one request area. If your interested in this group it is about sexy women who combat monsters by fucking them senseless, it's been good fun so far, and we would be glad to have more people in it.

Now that the self promotion is out of the way, I am seeking for people to partake in a different kind of smut. Where physical assets and attraction are quite one sided so to say.

I lavish in the idea of ugly people, or monsters for sure that ravage the bodies of bombshell worthy women. I have specific ideas because of this, and I will link plots that I really want to attempt with someone. You can see my one and offs thread for further info of what I will not do in these role plays.

And a further side note is that I use and expect anime images from my partners. I have grown to not be able to take joy from real life focussed photo's and can only take excitement out of anime themed settings and looks. If this is a difficult task to find an image I will help you out.

The Devoured +++
(Main kinks; tentacles, monsters, excessive cum, aphrodisiac, 3+penetration, sexy clothes)
A massive demon known as The Devoured has risen. It engulfs entire villages and towns with its unending hunger, absorbing people into its ever growing body as it goes on an endless rampage. A priest, a warrior, a cleric, and a nimble assassin are tasked with taking down the beast, but how can they kill something that large? And with a hide that constantly regenerates? Looks like they will have to take a trip inside..where the beasts body has a maze like system of rooms that will slowly weaken their defenses before they even get the chance to get to the core.
Old mans dream +++++++
(Kinks: Ageplay, buildup, sexy clothes)
A man so old and decrepit that he might as well look like a ghoul, runs an inn in the middle of nowhere. He inn is beautiful however, having a hot springs, a farm, and even a wonderful view of the ocean. A girl comes, and begs to stay, either by having no other choice but to stay there, or for her own reasons. The old man, taking a dark interest in the girls features decides that if she works for him, she may stay for a whole week, and after signing a contract she is put under employment of the old man, the innocent and naive girl then goes through tricks and perverted attacks that have to be accidents right? But as the down right lewd things that keep happening to her get worse and worse, is it really innocent mistakes? Or is he planning to do something to her?
The unfortunate traveller +
A setting in the more ancient times of japenese culture, this plot can center around a multitude of things. But mainly, two unnattractive ronin kidnap a rather beautiful girl of varying titles or ranks, and have heir fun with her. This is more of a short term rp.
Monster world +++
(Main kinks; anything goes)
No one knew for sure how it happened, but a dimensional rift opened, causing a myriad of events to occur. Soon enough the entire planet was now occupied by monsters from across the universe. Human civilization crumbled into safe zones where they have to keep he monsters at bay. But people have to go out at some point to either scavenge or fight to monster menace, some are either brave or stupid enough to venture out by themselves. This story consists of multiple characters over a system of revolving story's.

I will work on this over time, but as of right now his is how it all will work.