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Author Topic: Searching for long-term, detailed roleplay (M for F)  (Read 4351 times)

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Offline vividimaginationTopic starter

Searching for long-term, detailed roleplay (M for F)
« on: April 07, 2016, 01:18:42 pm »
Thanks for taking a moment to peruse my request post. Though my ideas are separated into loose themes, you'll find many of these themes overlap from one story to the next and that there is much that remains constant in them. First, all these ideas take place in the modern era, and each of them is rooted in reality (as all the most powerful fantasies are). I write dominant male characters: they are particular, intelligent, and driven. Their successes are reflected in their lifestyles, but they are not outlandish. They are characters of depth, whose past experiences have molded them into who they are today. I'm very interested in exploring characters with that same kind of depth with my partners.

Most of my ideas are open-ended, and there is no set goal for each story. I prefer to work out the plot and emotional arcs with my partner, working together to create a story unique to us. These are merely prompts for the imagination, so if one piques your interest or if you think you have an idea that might interest me I hope you'll reach out to me (via PM - please don't respond to this thread).

Something for the Times

Isolation, Together

In a story not so unlike what we're all dealing with today: two people - traveling separately - find themselves on a vacation neither had expected. It was meant to be an escape, something quick and a means to escape the cold weather. Then things quickly spiraled out of control, and both find themselves far from the rest of the world in a place where there are no longer departing flights.

Of all the places to be isolated, this may be among the most beautiful and comfortable. These two couldn't be more different, and no one would expect them to find a bond. But, in this unique circumstance of being virtually alone in some beautiful locale, a powerful attraction emerges. And there's nothing stopping them from acting on it.

Guidance & Control

Easing her Troubled Mind
She had recently endured some kind of emotional trauma, something she couldn't seem to recover from. It seemed her mind was holding her captive. Anxieties and overwhelming sadness crept into her days, and while those close to her tried to "cheer her up," it seemed to only make the situation worse. She understood that they meant well, but none of them could understand what it was she needed, and of course she wasn't sure of that either.

She found herself reaching out to someone she hadn't been in touch with for some time - perhaps he's an old friend or mentor - someone she respects. He could sense something wasn't right, and he arranged for the two to meet. What happened was nothing short of incredible: the man had found some way to give her the respite from her pain she needed. She couldn't recall much, but it had felt liberating to have her mind cleared, her head emptied of all her troubles. It's an experience she would want more of, so she'd go back to him. Again and again. The two would become closer, and he would continue to help release her from her thoughts - something that could be simultaneously healthy and unhealthy.

(I want to make it clear that this, at its heart, is an unconventional romance. I'm not looking for a typical, naive "mind control" story.)

The Mentor
An incredible opportunity: A graduate student teamed up with a professor to learn first-hand about her field of study. But sometimes a recipe for success can also be a recipe for danger, especially given the many hours of one-on-one interaction, the occasional travels together, and the unspoken but undeniable attraction between the two.

Giving Him Control
She'd had to work so hard to get where she was. As the executive of a substantial company, she had been educated at some of the most prestigious universities, and she'd put in countless extra hours to work her way to the top. She'd endured the sorts of hardships none of her male colleagues had, working twice as hard as they did for half the pay. She was justifiably proud of how far she'd come.

An intimidating figure in the boardroom, she was known for her acerbic wit and hard-nosed negotiation tactics. She didn't suffer fools lightly, and her direct way of speaking had won her plenty of enemies. But even those that disliked her still respected her. She was the very portrait of persistence.

So no one would have expected, then, that a woman known for her controlling tendencies would be in a secret relationship with a dominant man, a relationship in which she willingly submitted. It was a welcome respite from her day-to-day intensity, and it's likely she'd only give control to this particular man. Only he was capable enough. Only he had earned it.

The Auction
When most men's marriages fall apart, they might count on their friends taking them out for a night of drinks as a small gesture of concern. But following this man's divorce, his friend flew him halfway across the world. It was all in order to "clear his head," according to the friend, but as he stepped into the dark room filled with cocktail tables and an illuminated stage, he suspected something unusual might be taking place. When the first young woman was led out, wearing only small pieces of lace and a number, he was curious. But as the emcee began to call out enormous monetary amounts, and as the shadowed figures seated in the room raised their hands in turn, it quickly became clear just what the purpose of this gathering was.

The sound of the gavel echoed through the room, concluding the opening round of bidding. And as the woman was led off stage - sold to some unknown man - a tear cascaded down her cheek. It was appalling. The next woman was brought up and summarily sold as well. Then another. The man stared at his friend with a quiet seething rage, unable to determine whether he was more disappointed in his friend for bringing him here or for the auction hall existing at all.

When yet another young woman was paraded on stage, the man acted. He could not afford to bid on every girl, not at the incredible sums each was being sold for, but he could manage to bid on just one. And so he did, raising his hand again and again as he looked at the girl's fear-filled eyes. The gavel rang out, and he was the "winner" - the owner of this young woman who seemed to be in shock from the ordeal.

He didn't know what the next step would be - he hadn't made it that far in his thinking yet. But he did know that this girl would not suffer the same fate as the others. He would see to it she was cared for and that, above all, she was safe.

The Benefactor
He'd arranged the scholarship to assist the underrepresented in their quest to pursue a graduate degree in the United States. One student, a female international student, would be granted the prestigious fellowship, one that would allow all her expenses to be paid. The award was even accompanied by a handsome stipend: far more than most other scholarship recipients would receive. The endowed scholarship was considered a noble offering, and he'd been lauded for his generosity upon its establishment.

While he'd waived any oversight into who was granted the scholarship, he was invited to a banquet at the beginning of the school year in which the scholarship recipients were recognized, along with the donors. Given that this was the inaugural year for the fellowship, he accepted the invitation. As he entered the room, he felt even older than he was, since it had been decades since he'd been in school himself. The students seemed to have a glimmering optimism in their eyes, as well as a strong determination, and he was proud to be associated with such a prestigious institution.

What took him off guard, though, was the young woman who approached him and introduced herself as the recipient of his generosity. She had a unique beauty, and a delicate, graceful way of carrying herself. By the end of the banquet, highly impressed, he suggested the two meet again. And so began an unlikely and highly inappropriate relationship.

A Lasting Memento
Their attraction had been instant. He'd seen her the moment he entered the lounge, having just finished a busy day in this city far from his home. And while he sat and enjoyed some cocktails with his associates, his eyes continued to drift towards her, admiring every inch of her and paying close attention to every detail of her appearance. She was younger, perhaps far younger than he, but he felt her gaze on him as often as he moved his eyes over her. So when his companions headed back to their hotels for the evening, it wasn't a surprise when he approached her.

The night was incredible, though when she left his hotel in the morning both knew they would never see each other again. He'd given her his business card, but she assured him she would not bother him. This was simply an evening for them both to blow off some steam, to unwind and enjoy themselves, and life returned to normal for him as soon as the sound of her heels faded away down the hall.

It was weeks later that he got the call. He was in his office, and the voice on the other end was soft and shaky. "I'm...pregnant," she managed to eventually confess through tears. There was a long moment of silence before he replied, his steady, confident voice not indicating any of the confusion he felt. "I'll come see you. Don't worry. Everything will be OK." Their fleeting moments together had created something that bonded them together in a way neither was prepared for. This was not supposed to have happened. Their lives were on such contrasting trajectories. But now they would need to come together again, no doubt reigniting the feelings and pleasures they'd felt that one evening spent together.

Her Secret Admirer
When she had stepped out of her home she had no intention of impressing anyone. Meeting her boyfriend for a bit of shopping, it wasn't a special occasion in the least. She had worn casual clothes, and didn't bother with her hair and makeup.

He glimpsed her from across the way, immediately curious about this girl. A man of distinct taste - in women especially  - her look made her stand out among the crowd. And so he kept his eye on her, evaluating not only her appearance but also her relationship with the young man she was with. Her boyfriend seemed disinterested, bored and even frustrated by the girl at times. It was clear to this observer that her boyfriend had no idea how to treat her.

The next day she'd no doubt be surprised to find the wrapped box and card on her doorstep. The fine piece of jewelry was accompanied by a mysterious note that read only 'From an admirer." She knows she should throw it away, but perhaps she thinks there could be no harm in wearing something so lovely. She knows better, but opts to try it on for a night out. And the next day she would find another gift on her doorstep, starting a mysterious cycle that escalates until she eventually meets this very persistent admirer.

Unearthing a Diamond
She was a young woman when he first spotted her, a pretty but rather nondescript girl by the standards of many. She was living a life that could only be described as typical: a job working retail, a small apartment in the city, and a few friends. His life was far from typical: traveling the world and enjoying a lifestyle few could afford. After their first conversation he was already sure that he had to have this girl. His friends would have wondered what he saw in her - she's not of the same class, not the glamorous type a man such as him goes for. But he saw something inside her none of those other women had, something special.

He takes her in, and as they become closer that inner beauty that drew him to her begins to manifest itself as outer beauty. His friends would no doubt eat their words when they saw her later on, since she would put their wives and girlfriends to shame. She is not only beautiful, but the bond the two have developed has made her entirely loyal. And all the while he cherishes her, his polished jewel. His prized possession.

Climbing the Social Ladder
She was an ambitious and hard-working girl, one who had toiled all her life, just as her family had for generations. She was born in a country where it was incredibly difficult to climb out of one's caste, and though she had dreams of somehow working her way into the upper class, she dared not mention her ambitions to anyone around her.  In her small world, hope was considered a dangerous thing. So she continued to labor in her family's small  business, plotting her rise to the top all the while.

He was an outsider: an American with wealth who stood out wherever he traveled in her country. He was, to many in this region, the epitome of success, and he found himself on the receiving end of far more attention than he was accustomed to back home. He was also very much alone.

When this man came into her world, she opted to make her move. This was her ticket, and she wouldn't miss the opportunity without putting forth an effort. He'd be flattered by her attentions, but he's also not naive. He understands exactly what's happening here, he simply doesn't mind. And so these two will fall into their roles in this unique arrangement, one in which both benefit. And over time, the arrangement becomes a true relationship, despite the whispers and gossip of naysayers all around.

Lost and Found
On her 18th birthday she had vanished. There had been no warning signs, none of the usual indicators that she may be in trouble or that she may be planning to run away. They'd found only a history of email exchanges between the young woman and a man, one they couldn't identify.  Her single mother was too lost in her own world to bother looking for her daughter for more than a few months, and 5 years later the missing girl was all but forgotten.

One person, however,  had never stopped searching for her. Perhaps this girl is her sister, perhaps a best friend, but she never relented in her pursuit of the truth. Finally, after following false leads for years, she finds herself knocking on the door of a large estate far from her home. The woman that opens the door is barely-recognizable, her look completely changed, but it is her, the girl missing for so long. And she has absolutely no desire to leave her new home, her new world, the new life he has created for her.

Rather than this being the story of a search for a girl, I see it as a story about what has happened in the intervening 5 years. This could be done with flashbacks, or it could start from the beginning and move to the point where she's found. Alternatively, it could be told from the point of view of the friend/sister, who must slowly come to terms with what this girl's world is like 5 years later.

The Model (A Story of Obsession)
She had been discovered before she'd even finished high school and had quickly secured several modelling jobs for various designers. The busy schedule of a model had prevented her from living the life of a normal young lady: she'd had no time for going to the movies, having girl-talk with friends, and she certainly didn't have time to date. In her photos she looked so sophisticated and mature, and she did come across that way in person as well, but because of her early success there was something left unbalanced inside her.

She met the older man while traveling for a shoot, and the two hit it off immediately. He felt a guilt within himself that she was too young for him, but still he was drawn to her sweetness and her beauty, and also to her intensity. And so the two begin a relationship, seeing each other on those rare occasions when they're on the same continent. Eventually, as their connection deepens, her imbalanced personality begins to show. She behaves at times irrationally, other times obsessively. The two have an incredibly-intense physical relationship, but it's clear to him that something isn't quite right about her feelings for him. They're too much. He should call things off, but he cares for her too much to break off their relationship. So he stays with this girl as she becomes more and more dependent on him, more obsessed.

Temptation & Infidelity

The Affair
He's a man who should know better. He's well-educated, successful, and seemingly-happily married. And yet, well into his marriage, he finds himself attracted to another woman. She, too, should know better. She's in a similar situation to him. And yet the two cannot help themselves. It could be that they work together: she may be his business rival, or perhaps his secretary. In any case, the two begin to take bigger and bigger risks, discovering pleasures they never knew existed before. She'd begin to live a sort of double-life, behaving and appearing differently for him than she does for anyone else. And as the affair goes on, the pair become more and more tangled in each other. It's not healthy,  but they cannot resist.

She Doesn't Belong to You

It was innocuous enough at the start: a simple "hello" in passing. They were both far from home, enjoying the relaxation of the warm air and the ocean breezes, and the carefree atmosphere led him to be a bit more outgoing than he normally would be. He couldn't remember if she'd even said anything in reply, but he did remember the subtle smile she'd offered him. It was a smile he experienced a few more times that same day, as the two crossed paths at the resort.

The simple greetings and exchanged glances soon escalated, though. It wasn't as if she'd hidden the ring on her finger, and he'd certainly taken note of it, but the two ignored it, allowing themselves to indulge in their attraction. In time they find themselves entangled in each other's bodies, as he enjoys this woman - forbidden to him - and as she gives herself to someone she does not belong to. There would be regret afterwards, of course, but not so much that they aren't tempted to meet again, and again...playing a very dangerous game.

Saved from an Arranged Marriage
All her life she'd wanted to escape her mundane life here in this village halfway around the globe, to explore the world and experience all it had to offer. So it was crushing when her parents explained that they had found her a husband, someone from a neighboring village she'd never met before. Her feeling of dismay only grew when she eventually met the young man. He was not some brute, as one might expect from so many clichéd stories, and in fact what he was she had deemed far worse: he was weak. Weak-minded and weak-bodied. She couldn't stand for it. And once she meets another man - one who makes her feel like she's never felt before - she'll know she needs to escape.

This is the story of this girl finding what it is she wants, and who it is she wants. Whether she actively seeks him out, or whether he finds her, she'll eventually be untangled from the promise her parents have made. But not without a fair deal of complications.

Mixing Business and Pleasure

The Photo Shoot

Specializing in the art of boudoir photography, the he had gained a reputation as one who could make any woman feel like a model for a day. Beyond merely possessing a good eye and solid technique, he was a man who could make a woman feel comfortable, even if she was somewhat bared to his lens. He shot primarily those who were not used to being on display for the camera, and his clientele included both housewives looking to present their husbands with a unique gift, and other women simply looking to capture and preserve their innate beauty.

His latest client was one that had not sought him out herself. Her friends, sensing she was in need of an exciting and confidence-building experience, made the reservation for her. And while she is at first hesitant, he quickly puts her at ease, building her confidence with each snap of the shutter. In fact, he makes her perhaps too comfortable, because he will put aside his professionalism and find himself truly tempted by a client for the first time. What the camera captures may be quite different from his usual shoots, but perhaps it is even more beautiful.

The Maid
Now that he was alone, the spacious home had slowly fallen into a state of disarray. The many bookcases had collected dust, his laundry was piled in heaps in the closet, and the wood floors no longer sparkled in the daylight as they once had. He was constantly in his home office, and he rarely prioritized housekeeping over his work. It was his niece that had become concerned during a recent visit, urging her uncle to do something about the situation. He, as usual, refused, as he was not one to accept help when offered. The niece, however, was just as determined and stubborn as her uncle, and arranged for a housekeeper to be sent over.

It was a rare occasion when the doorbell rang, so he would be curious as he swung open the large front door of his home. He might be even more curious when he sees who is on the other side, the maid who will be spending her days - and nights, perhaps - in his home.

The Personal Assistant
The ad online was rather cryptic, stating only that a woman with a bachelor's degree was needed for a personal assistant position. "Must be willing to travel, and to be away from friends and family for long periods of time; Must be willing to work long hours; Must be committed to excellence. Will be compensated quite well for good work." No pay was listed, only an email address was given.

The man who has posted this brief ad lives far from most of the world - a wealthy, reclusive man who lives mostly alone in a beautiful estate. He has been through a number of assistants recently, but no one knows why. Each assistant signs a non-disclosure agreement, and it's said by the locals that he must pay them well because none of them have ever so much as uttered a word about what goes on at the house. Some say the man is eccentric, an artist; others think he is a businessman, perhaps trading in illegal jewels or narcotics. There is no shortage of rumors about the man in the estate, but of course they are only rumors. No one knows the truth.

The girl who sees this ad wouldn't know any of this, of course, she would just be looking for a job, for adventure and travel. Perhaps her curiosity gets the best of her, and she writes him, starting a chain of events that would forever change her life.

The American in Asia
He is a man who lived the American dream: He'd become a highly-successful businessman, lived in a beautiful house with a beautiful wife, and had the respect of his friends and colleagues. He has some wonderful qualities: he works hard, he is handsome and fit, he is direct and headstrong, and he brings a creativity to his work that has led to his success.  But those same qualities sometimes manifest themselves in negative ways: he can be demanding, myopic and unsympathetic. His world view is narrow, and the only part of the paper he seems interested in reading each day is the financial section. It hadn't always been this way, as he is a well-read man, but lately he's been focusing only on his work.

It came as a shock, then, when he was told he'd be moving to an East Asian country for three years (it could be Japan, Korea or China), in order to expand his business's presence there. He'd never been that far away before and, frankly, he had no interest in going there. His world consisted mostly of his home and his office and the roads in between. This would be a severe change for him, something as far from his comfort zone as he could imagine. His wife was furious about it, emphatically stating she would not go. For months this created tremendous tension in their relationship, until the day he left - when she sent him off without so much as a kiss on the cheek.

Upon his arrival, though, things aren't what he'd expected. He meets someone - a woman - with whom he gradually becomes close. She is his translator, the woman who eases his frustrations at communicating with the foreign world around him. She teaches him about the culture, about the customs. She is not the type of woman who dates around. She's serious about her work, and goes to great lengths to ensure every job is done properly.  Perhaps it's because of her intense focus that she, too, is in an unhappy relationship, or perhaps she simply hasn't found time to find a man that interested her.  But he would certainly interest her. This woman brings out only the best qualities in him, and helps open his eyes to a larger world he'd previously ignored. She accepts his persona, even that side of him that is so demanding, and they fall into an intensely romantic and physical relationship. Because of her, the pangs of homesickness he felt so strongly slowly fade away, and he begins to feel "at home" in this foreign place.

The role could begin shortly after his arrival to his new home, upon their first meeting.

The Business Traveler
The man was a regular on the long-haul intercontinental flight, and could be found in the same first-class seat at least four times a month. The flight crews had come to know him by appearance, though he rarely spoke more than a few words to any of them. After many months of traveling this same route, the flight attendants had learned his routine. He preferred a glass of scotch with one cube of ice before takeoff, followed by another after dinner. Before landing, he took his coffee black. One stewardess in particular had served him more than the others, and while the two never spoke much, his stoic face at times seemed to soften just slightly when she was speaking to him, his lips hinting at a smile. She was the only one among the flight crew who had managed to have a conversation with the gentleman, short as it may have been. He would compliment her, often commenting on subtleties of her appearance: her hairstyle, her nails, or jewelry.

This particular stewardess met him on a flight months ago in which she filled in at the last minute for another flight attendant who had called in sick. Shortly after, she found herself assigned permanently to this flight. She had assumed it was good luck, but she didn't know that the man had personally made a call to the airline's corporate office to recommend her for the international flight. It wasn't surprising, perhaps, that the airline took the man up on his suggestion, as he'd flown an incredible number of flights with them over the years.

And he continued to make these calls every so often, commending the young lady for her excellent service. Soon, she found herself promoted, enjoying the bump in pay that accompanied the raise. Still, the man never let on that her good fortune was due, in large part, to his commendations.

Over time, the unspoken bond and accompanying tension between these two builds. I have no doubt that they are forbidden to each other in some way: perhaps the airline has a strict policy of flight crews not fraternizing with passengers, perhaps one or both are in a relationship. But, eventually, the wall that separates them crumbles, and they are brought together, this strong older man and the impressionable young lady. Their relationship expands beyond the confines of the jet, and once he has her, he'll be protective of her and she'll be incredibly loyal to him. Under his guidance, she'll find herself undergoing a gradual transformation, discovering desires within her that she never knew existed. Over time, she would become completely his.

Mystery & Intrigue

You Were Warned

Her friend had been swept up in a whirlwind romance with a man who by all accounts was a perfect gentleman. Successful, wealthy, charming; he seemed the ideal partner. Sheʻd raved about him to anyone who would listen, recounting stories of travel, of gifts, of a lavish lifestyle and of a man who seemed nearly perfect. Sheʻd found the happiness sheʻd always wanted. Sheʻd truly fallen for the man, throwing herself into the relationship and withdrawing from her close friendships.

But then - suddenly - she was alone. Sheʻd ended the relationship abruptly, and seemed a different person that she had been prior to meeting him. Reticent to explain why sheʻd left, she told her close friend only that she would "never again" fall for a man as she had. But she refused to divulge what had brought the relationship to a halt. Whatever had taken place was a total mystery.

Not long after, her friend encountered the man, and his magnetic, charming persona drew her in. While her friendʻs warnings echoed in her memory, she found herself tempted - curious about him. She should have known better, but her curiosity gets the best of her in the end.

The Mask

Since the accident, masquerade galas had become the only events she would attend. She'd been a flawless beauty before that evening, and ever since she'd become a recluse. In her mind, the scarring on her face had taken her beauty from her, and she no longer felt comfortable in public. People stared. People gawked. So she began to work from home, and her social life collapsed. She only went out to social gatherings now if she was able to wear a mask, and that meant only once or twice a year.

He was a man not looking to meet anyone that evening. He only attended the event out of obligation to a friend. But when he saw her across the room, he was immediately intrigued, approaching her and starting a conversation. She seemed a bit anxious, but he eased her worries and the two eventually moved on to enjoy a night in private together. She insisted their masks stay on, and he respected her request.

The night was incredible, and he contacted her after, wanting to see her once more. Imagine his surprise, then, when she answers her door a week later wearing the mask once again.

(The roles in this story could also be reversed - with him being the recluse.)

A Marked Woman

She was the very embodiment of grace as she stepped into the dimly-lit room filled with well-dressed men seated at scattered tables, each wagering large sums on the various card games. Her slender body wrapped in a silk dress long enough to cover most of her body but tight enough to reveal her beautiful form, he had noticed her immediately. It was clear she belonged here, and it seemed she was overseeing the various table games in play. She was silent, and while her face was expressionless, her dark eyes showed a hint of sadness.

As she turned away, ordering a drink from the bar, he caught sight of a hint of color decorating her light skin, having been exposed by the neckline of her dress. He probably should have been focused on the cards in his hands, but he could not tear his eyes from this woman. And so he excused himself from the game, moving to the bar to order himself a drink, and approaching this woman who did not belong to him.

A Hidden Lifestyle
He had regularly appeared in the magazine's "Hundred Wealthiest People" list, but his listing had always been a mysterious one. There, on the glossy pages filled with professional portraits and long profiles, was printed only his name: no image, no biographical information. Since many others on the list were public personas, keeping the press busy chronicling their daily lives, he had been able to avoid the spotlight altogether. He chose not to live in the heart of a city, but far from most of society. In a place so remote, a man of his wealth could live whatever lifestyle he chose. He lived a life that was far removed from most, indulging his unique pleasures in extreme privacy.

Though he prided himself on his secrecy, one enterprising journalist would mange to find her way to him. She would be the first to have done so, and she will be the first to see how this man lives his life. She may be a seasoned reporter or an intern working her way into the profession, but either way she'll soon discover what wealth can afford a man, and it goes far beyond palatial homes and exotic cars.

The Agency
A story focused on an escort agency of the highest caliber. It's spoken of only in whispered rumors, and those who know if its existence say little of it. But some say the women spend months or years training, and each retires after her service with more wealth than she knows what to do with. I'm interested in exploring this place, imagining there must be an intelligent man who runs the operation. If the idea of a secretive, high-class agency such as this one interests you, do send me a PM.

The Hostess
As a wealthy and powerful member of the community, he had gained a reputation for his lavish parties. Incredibly exclusive, they were filled by other members of "The 1%," where party-goers dined on rare and exotic foods, sipped exorbitant cocktails, and mingled in his extravagant, elegant estate. He hired hostesses for each event: women whose duties included greeting guests, serving drinks and food, and the like.  An incredibly particular man, these hostesses were beautiful - each had a look at body that suited his own very distinct tastes. They were hired (and paid quite well) for their looks and ability to impress his guests. It was a completely superficial arrangement, and of course he knew that. He, himself, had never shown any interest in any of the hostesses before. To him, they were just vacant placeholders, serving their purpose by doing their duties at the parties. But then he met her. She encompassed his idea of complete femininity and beauty, and - a surprise to him - she had wit, humor, and was perhaps one of the most caring women he'd met. (The theme in this role is substance beneath superficiality.)

Inappropriate Pairings

You Have your Mother's Eyes
When a young woman loses what is most important to her - her parents - she is understandably lost, in shock. They'd been close, especially she and her mother, and she had no idea what to do without her. Her mother, perhaps foreseeing this, left a note with her will, one that told her daughter to go see a particular man if she ever needed anything.

The man is the mother's former lover, from many years before, one with whom she shared a deep romance. And the man knows nothing of this note. So when the young woman arrives at his doorstep, he'll be initially confused. But he'll recognize those eyes. And he'll take her in and ensure she's cared for. And in time the two will establish their own strong bond, one that echoes the one he forged with her mother.

Hiring an Escort
A highly-successful man has flown into a large city for an event, where he is to receive an award commending his charitable donations. Living alone, he has no one to accompany him on this trip, and - at the suggestion of a friend - he calls an escort service catering to the wealthiest clientele. He's not entirely comfortable with the arrangement, but upon meeting his "date" for the night, he quickly comes around. What neither of them expected, though, is that their night would be incredibly powerful, and that both he and she would be thinking back to that night for weeks to come. Eventually, they will seek each other out, and after many weeks of searching they'll finally find each other. The rest is up to us...

He's worked hard his entire life and has achieved incredible success, but something triggers a crisis in him. Some might call it a mid-life crisis, others may simply label it burnout. But, for whatever reason, he flees his reality, choosing to go abroad to some exotic place or another. It's there that he enjoys the company of a young woman, one he probably has no business being with because of their difference in age. It may start as a casual fling, but quickly develops into something much more intense. He would invite her on his travels, and the pair would move from one locale to another, deepening a connection that should never have been forged in the first place. This is a story for those who want to venture wide and far, geographically and emotionally.

The Exotic Dancer
She had stumbled upon the job at the suggestion of a friend, one who had worked at the same establishment for a time. The city was an expensive place, especially for a student, but by dancing for a few hours each night she'd found that she could more than afford her rent, her tuition, and more. She'd been employed at the high-end gentleman's club for months now, and was more than comfortable dealing with the clientele: giving that small coy smile from time to time, whispering into an ear every now and again. She knew what she was doing.

He was in town only briefly, and a friend brought him to the place against his better judgment. Sitting down with a cocktail, he was offered dances by the various women, though he politely declined each of him. When she stopped by to see him, though, he couldn't refuse. She was the very embodiment of what he defined as beautiful. She sat with him in private for what turned out to be hours: drinking with him and dancing for just him. He was entranced by the girl's beauty, and in an inebriated state he even foolishly wrote his phone number down and slipped it to her before stepping out of the club. The next day, nursing a slight headache, he chuckled at the gesture, thinking of how cliched it was. So it was a surprise, then, when later that day his phone rang with a local number he didn't recognize.

8a and 8b
He was sitting in the first-class section of the plane, having just boarded and stowed his things, when he felt a tap on his shoulder. A soft, sweet voice whispered in a foreign accent, "Excuse me," and he looked up to find a lovely woman standing beside him. He stood and let her into her window seat, then took his own seat. He was an observant man, and noticed her impeccable appearance: clothes, jewelry, hair, all seemed to be meticulously planned out to subtly match, and it was clear that this woman was one who paid attention to even the slightest details. He also took note of the enormous diamond on her finger, not surprised at all that some wealthy man had reserved this woman for himself.

He normally made it a point never to speak to the person beside him on a plane, too many times before he'd ended up in hours-long conversations that he couldn't escape from. But something made him want to say something to this woman, and it confused him because it was completely out of character for him to do so. But he glanced over, her diamond earrings glinting in the sun that poured in from the window, and he spoke in his low voice, "And what is bringing you to the States?"

He never knew that his simple question would put something in motion that could not be stopped. He wouldn't have ever guessed that he and this woman would become incredibly close, that he would have to protect her from an angry lover, that he would have to help her mend her emotional wounds (the result of years of psychological abuse), that they would travel the world to escape her past, and that he would eventually bring a smile to her sad lips.

The Ballerina
They had met when they were young: He was a young man just out of high school. He'd been accepted to a number of Ivy League schools, but turned each offer down in favor of traveling the world. She was a young ballet student, the first from her country to be picked to study at a famous French academy. They'd met at a cafe in Paris and hit it off almost immediately, spending a few weeks together exploring the city and exploring each other. But their budding romance was cut short when she was forced to go on a world tour with her company.

They'd never forgotten each other, nor the experiences they'd shared, and kept in touch over the years, meeting occasionally when they could. Over the years he became a wealthy man, and she a famous dancer. They both had relationships with others, but it seemed they were always on each other's minds. And whenever they met, which was infrequently, they rediscovered that relationship they found years before, and she became his again. She felt she belonged to him, and he felt that she was completely his.

(For this story, I imagine us jumping between time periods, visiting the two during different stages of their lives: from their first encounters to their lives decades later. I'm seeing her as a submissive woman, but only to him.)

Snowed In

It was meant to be the briefest of meetings, a mundane exchange in which she would stop by his home to sign a document or to pick up some item. Whatever the reason for her visit, it was entirely innocuous. The snow had been falling all day, but this was nothing unique for the area. There seemed to be no need for concern.

But the snow continued to fall, drifting across roads and making it far too dangerous for her to attempt the drive home. There was nothing inappropriate in his offer for her to stay at his home for the evening, he was merely being a gentleman. But by the end of the evening he will have exposed the part of himself that was far from gentlemanly, and they may find themselves wishing that the snow would continue to fall.
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I've added a new idea, "You have your mother's eyes." If any of these ideas stands out to you, you're welcome to send me a PM. And if you think you have an idea that may be of interest to me, by all means reach out to me. I'd be glad to hear from you.