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Author Topic: Spy Ideas and a WWII Idea (M for F)  (Read 713 times)

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Spy Ideas and a WWII Idea (M for F)
« on: April 06, 2016, 09:19:54 pm »
PM if interested.

Spy x Ingenue

We can set this in the modern day with a Western agent and a Middle Eastern girl. The dynamic I'm looking for here will be somewhat inspired by the James Bond movie "The Living Daylights". Her father can be an oilman with connections to an arms dealer. She can meet the agent at a social function. He will charm her and easily recruit her. She will be somewhat resentful of her oppressive society and be a somewhat "dreamy" type who wishes she could travel and see the world, which will make her quick conversion believable. They'll have a few covert "dead drops" where she shares with him the information she receives (simply through eavesdropping) and everything will be going as planned. However, at the final scheduled meeting she will be spotted in an incriminating situation. She will have to escape the country with the male agent, with him protecting her from a variety of dangerous situations, and her eventually falling in love with him. Elements of sexual repression would enter into her character too.

Spy x Former Colleague's Wife

My character's (a spy) older superior appears to be killed in an ambush during a botched operation. However, he has only faked his death, and is going to send his wife (your character) to seduce MC in order to steal important files off his computer which he will then sell to the highest bidder on the international black market to live in wealth in his newfound retirement.

Details on the dynamic I'm looking for: YC will already be familar with MC due to his professional relationship with her husband. She'll have a good deal of respect for him, but view him as very committed to his job and somewhat robotic and find it hard to believe that she'll be able to seduce him. Obviously her relationship with her husband is not good since he's pimping her out like that (maybe it's not the first time) and he'll be much older than her with her being his much younger trophy wife. I was thinking she'd be a classy, elegant, European brunette (like Audrey Hepburn or Marion Cotillard). Maybe she has more respect for MC than her actual husband going into the story and has briefly thought about what it would be like to be married to him in the past.

I want this to go a little slow before they have sex. It'll open with her finding him at his safe house, claiming that she's terrified she's going to be killed too and wanting him to protect her. He'll hold her while she cries crocodile tears (although she could be genuinely frightened about the risks of what she's doing). She'll melt his defenses with lots of subtle touching, first just running her hand along his arm, shoulder, and then rubbing his shoulders and neck. In the middle of the night she'll come to her room saying she's too scared to sleep on her own and when he agrees to let her sleep in his bed she'll slide out of her robe revealing her lace bra and panties and stockings. It could be good here if she plays it totally normal at first and just snuggles up to him in the bed, with things then taking off from there.

The way this makes the most sense for me is for her husband to know the file will be remotely sent to his computer at a certain time (he was his superior after all) and so the mission would be to try to have him distracted when the file arrives and then download it to deliver it to her husband. That could happen that night after they have sex or we could have another day in between. If there's a day in between there could maybe be an action sequence (maybe they leave the safe house during the day and he is ambushed as a result of his being compromised earlier resulting in a chase scene) and then another sex scene in the evening with her doing some extra special things to make sure he can't get out of bed when the file comes. For the climax I was thinking he would see the husband when he comes to get the file from her, at which point the two would get into a classic fist fight while YC watches in horror as two men she has feelings for beat each other to a pulp, before finally intervening on the behalf of MC.

Spy x Partner

For this one I want a reversal of the usual dynamic, with the woman being the "action girl" and the man being the more finesse one. He'll be her handler ad plan the operation and deal with things like disguises or technical stuff like dismantling bombs. She'll be an excellent fighter and provide the brute force. Her as the brawn and him as the brain. There will be some bickering but they will have a lot of respect for each other.

I'd want this to be set in a bit more of an over the top world like the older Bond movies, maybe even in the 60's. Her in a trench coat and boots and him in exquisitely tailored suits sounds fitting. My idea for this was for it to be a bit episodic, they have an adventure and defeat a villain and then meet afterward for casual sex to let off some steam before heading off on their next mission. We could already have the relationship be established when they start, or it could be their first mission together. One idea I had was for her to be hiding in a room while he is tortured by the villains and for him to endure it and not reveal her location while she accomplishes some kind of objective in the room. She could then visit him after the mission to see how he's doing leading to them having sex for the first time.

For YC she'd have to be a bit muscular or at least toned since she's a fighter and I'd like it if she wore old fashioned lingerie (garters, stockings, lacy panties, exc). I'm envisioning MC as tall, thin, and pale, but I could change that.


A small allied force is sent to blow up a bridge behind enemy lines in France. They are all killed except for the demolitionist of the group who is injured and presumed dead. He manages to crawl a bit through the French countryside before being rescued by a French girl who nurses him back to health at her cottage. She then helps him complete his mission by getting him to the bridge to blow it up in time.

For YC I am looking for a classy brunette. She can maybe give him a handjob to help him relax while she nurses him back to health and as she begins to develop feelings for him. She could climb into bed with him for full intercourse later. We can just have him stay with her afterward if they fall in love, or he can leave when he finds the rest of the army but then we can jump ahead to his coming to find her after the war.
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Re: Classic Hollywood Ideas (M for F)
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Re: Spy Ideas and a WWII Idea (M for F)
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