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Author Topic: Looking for some new players for new one on ones  (Read 1056 times)

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Offline BrandonTopic starter

Looking for some new players for new one on ones
« on: November 27, 2008, 04:43:32 am »
Hey thanks for stopping in. What follows here are a few 1 on 1 game ideas that Ild like to find writing partners for. For those of you who dont know me I dont take partners on a first come first serve basis. Instead I prefer the interested person to contact me via PM and tell me why they like the idea and if they have any ideas they would like to extrapolate on for the game. From there we can discuss some of the finer points of the game

1. Studio B

Michael (my character) is a young man who makes his living as an erotic photographer. One day he gets a lucrative opportunity from one of the many sex toy companies. The job is simple enough, just get some models together and take pictures of their products while in use. Not knowing anyone who's into bondage he turns to some of the popular womens magazines and places an add, explaining what the job entails and the starting pay is almost to good to pass up. Not long after the ad is placed a young woman decides to take the job and after the photoshoot the young woman finds out how much she likes being dominated and before she can even suggest it Michael decides to keep her 

2. Mystery of Sliepner

In the distant future mankind has traversed the stars and colonized much of the galaxy. However goverments tend to keep military and police forces in their home systems which has created huge areas in space where Pirates are free to do as they please and private citizens without a goverment over them have become outlaws.

Risa Starwing and her partner/lover were just two ordinary women trying to make a living in the world. Their choice of business was selling solutions to almost any problem that an outlaw had. What they didnt bargain on was coming into possession of a starship that became a complete mystery. Its not a model that is built by any military, company, or pirate group but they soon find out that several goverments want the ship for an unknown reason. Can they uncover the ships history and purpose while fending off corrupt politicians, military officers, Pirate lords, and greedy outlaws?

Notes: In case you didnt notice I prefer this one to be a female/female duo and would prefer Risa to be the submissive one in their relationship. Risa is an expert on technology and probably the brains of the duo as well so a partner with a domineering personality and experience in security/military/front line situations would be ideal

3. A shy young man (my character) from a wealthy family returns home after having spent several years in an all boys school overseas. Now he has only one semester left till graduation and has enrolled in the city's most well respected co-ed private school. However before the first day of the semester can even end a female classmate takes a liking to him, lures him away and takes advantage of him. Her desire isnt a one time thing though and soon it turns into an obsession with wanting to make him her personal pet

Notes: This would be me playing a submissive character again but a male one this time. Ild prefer lots of bondage to go along with it, including collaring, chains/ties, whips, strap ons, etc

4. Stealing her heart

A wealthy woman comes across a rare piece of art (a painting, small statue, or whatever seems aestheticly pleasing) thats worth a ton of money and she intends to keep it in her home. However not long after a female theif comes to take the piece away from her. The night she comes to the woman's home she catches the owner off guard, subdues her, and leaves her bound, blindfolded and gagged on the bed while she goes to work on stealing the piece.

While she gets her prize easily instead of just leaving the theif instead decides to take advantage of the owner which leads to a night of lesbian sex which is so good that the owner begins to desire more even after the theif has left. After only a few days the theif returns but rather then coming to steal another piece of art she begins to come back night after night to pay her new lover long and erotic visits. The theif always keeps her identity secret, shows up in different disguises, and can always seem to slip through the heaviest security with ease. Can the owner catch this expert of her trade to stop her or does she want to catch the woman just to experience much more of her touch.

Notes: I want to play the theif in this one. Im hoping that I can find a writing partner thats intersted in telling an unrequited love story between the pair.
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Offline orangeredsun

Re: Looking for some new players for new one on ones
« Reply #1 on: November 27, 2008, 01:52:23 pm »
it looks like you didn't finish cause number 4 just has the title. :D

Offline BrandonTopic starter

Re: Looking for some new players for new one on ones
« Reply #2 on: November 27, 2008, 06:42:40 pm »
You're right about that. I originally was going to take stealing her heart out because the last player I had for it disappeared on me and stopped answering PMs so I didnt want to start any drama. However after thinking about it some more it was a story that I never really got to play to an interesting point so Im going to throw it out there. So now Ive posted the original idea

Offline BrandonTopic starter

Re: Looking for some new players for new one on ones
« Reply #3 on: November 30, 2008, 07:18:09 pm »
Well studio B has been taken but the other three still remain open and as always Im always willing to listen to ideas as well. Dont be shy people, I dont bite...unless you like it when I do  :D

Offline Gnomez

Re: Looking for some new players for new one on ones
« Reply #4 on: December 01, 2008, 02:33:03 pm »
For Idea #2, I have a rather interesting character that might fit rather well. She's an old favorite of mine.
For Idea #3, I positively love being a dom over any male/female characters. Would be open to character synthesis for that as well.
For Idea #4, I could use the change of pace and play a sub. Being rich is always a plus!  ;)

So...Yeah. Send me a PM if you'd like to play, or would like a writing sample.