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September 27, 2021, 09:44:27 pm

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Author Topic: Something new, come and take a look. (seeking male)  (Read 720 times)

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Something new, come and take a look. (seeking male)
« on: April 06, 2016, 07:07:14 pm »
Welcome ladies and gentlemen!

Thank you for taking the time to read through my thread. This will be a all new thread. I hope that you enjoy your time reading through it.

First off I would like to tell you a little bit about myself. I have been roleplaying for the last 10 plus years. I have enjoyed. I have played D and D 3.5, there is none better then that. I have worked my way through all manner of rp, games and books. I do work, but I try my best to reply as soon as I can. But sometimes life gets in the way of things.

What to expect from me:
I write anywhere between 3 plus para's post. If I'm really into the roleplay, I can go upwards of 7 para's.I will never do a one liner. Because I, myself don't like them. I can be very detailed, but I do enjoy casual roleplay's as well. I will tell you if something comes up and I can't post. I won't leave you hanging at all, because I hate to be left hanging. And I won't press you for a post. If you haven't heard from me in a week. Please poke me, I might have gotten busy with life and I haven't gotten on. I will always respect you as a person. If we don't get along, we can just go our different ways. There will be no hard feelings at all. I like to have smut and story. But I like more story. If it is all smut, I lose interest very quickly.

What I expect from you:
Please give me something to work with when you reply. I can't work from one line. As you have read from above. Talk with me, I don't bite. I'm actually a nice person. And I would like to keep in touch. While the rp is going. And who knows we might become great friends. If you have any ideas about the rp we are doing. Please tell me, I love to work with someone. To make an amazing story for both of us to enjoy. Throw surprises in there. I love to see them, it's like a present on your birthday. If you aren't able to reply for more then a week. Please tell me, like you. I don't want to be left hanging. Be respectful of me, as I have said above. I will do the same for you.

Sci-Fi (some)
End of The World
Fandoms (only ones I know well)

Age play
Light bondage
Hair Pulling (not to the point of pain)
Breath Control
Abuse ( for the darker themes)
Gore (For darker themes)
Blood play (For darker themes)
(more will be added as time goes on)

Toilet play

Added note: Any likes don't have to be added. They are just some of things that I like. The dislikes are a no go. But if you don't see it in the dislikes. Please ask. I'm a open minded person.

Vampire X Human
Vampire Prince X Vampire Noble
Vampire King X Vampire/human
Werewolf X Werewolf
Werewolf X Human
Witch X Demon
Wizard X Human
Demon X Human
Angel X Warrior
Fallen Angel X Human
Warrior Angel X Witch
Angel X Death
Dragon X Human
Dragon X Dragon
God X Human
Immortal X Special Human (Some special magic or something)
Assassin X Target
Killer X Victim
Mental Patient X Nurse
Doctor X Nurse
Father's best friend X Daugther
Best friend's Father X Best friend
Brother's best friend X Best friend's sister
Room mates
Beauty and the Beast
Knight X Princess
Bodyguard X Singer
Bodyguard X Weathly Girl
Cyborg X CEO
Soldier X Civilian
Soldier X Soldier
Supernatural Soldier (could be vampire, werewolf or any supernatural creature) X Human
Boss X Secretary
Kidnapped X Kidnapper

(More will be added as time goes by. If you see any that you would like to do. Let me know and I might just like the idea and want to do it.)

Black dagger brotherhood (books)
supernatural (the tv show)
Vampire Knight (anime)
The Lords of the Underworld (Books, still reading them)
(More will be added as I think of them)


1. To Save Him or the World
Violence, having been locked away in Pandora's box. To be watched over by the Goddess herself. To keep the demon Violence from being let lose on the world. But one powerful Immortal, (YC) Thought that he should be the one to watch over the box. He was pissed that he couldn't look over the box. After getting some other Immortal's together. They came up with a plan to take the box. But what (YC) didn't know. Is it was the demon Violence that called to (YC). Wanting to be let lose on the world. (YC) Answered the call, with murder in his mind. They stormed where the box was being held. Killing all that stood in their way. (YC) Was blinded by violence. To the point that he blackout, until the life of Pandora flickered out of her eyes. (YC) Opened the bone box. Letting lose all the sins of the world. The God's were angered, by what (YC) and his friends did. They were given the demons of the box. To live with in their bodies, to fight with them for the rest of their lives. (YC) was forced to carry around violence. Carrying around the burden of the demon. (YC) is easy to anger, and go into a blind killing spree if pushed to it. Having to fight it every moment of his life.

(MC) having worked with a paranormal psychology institute, for the last 15 years. It had been her home, for a very long time. She didn't know any life outside of the PPI. Working for them, with her special..talents. That is what the CEO of the PPI always called them. Most didn't know about what she could do. Not that she was treated any different. The CEO, didn't want everyone to know just how special she was. She is able to hear everything, no matter when things were said. Able to hear all times where ever she stood. Even able to hear the voices for as long as she could remember. It didn't make it any easier to hear them. Not even safe from the voices when she was asleep. There was no time where she didn't hear them. Nothing saved her from the voices, they would always be with her. Hard for her to accpect it, always looking for some way to stop them.

PPI traveled to Italy, (MC) in tow. To listen for anything that would lead them to demon's or other paranormal. It was the least she could do the CEO, after he took her in and cared for her. Every one of her needs met. But it was driving her crazy. The need to make the voices stop, looking high and low. Picking up some talk from long ago. About some angels that live high atop the mountain, that loomed high above the village. Some called them angel's others called them demons. Most didn't go upon the mountain. To scared that they wouldn't come back. Just keeping their distance, it was always safer that way. (MC) jumped on the chance to make her way to house high above the village. When she told the CEO, her boss about it. He was none to happy about it. He didn't want her to go. So he was sending her home. All of her stuff was packed and ready to go when the car came for her. She had to try, this was the first good lead that she had in a very long time. She had to take it. When the car to came to pick her up. Instead of going to the airport, telling the drive to head back to the village. Dropping her off, with none of her things. Not able to carry any of it.

In the dead of night, starting the long hike up the mountain. The wind freezing her to the bone, making the hike up the side. The castle like place, never seemed to get any closer to her. One step closer, two steps away. No matter how hard she pushed herself. It never seemed to help. Stopping to take a little rest, which she never should have done. Because it made her want to stop, not to go on anymore. This was her only chance to ask for the demons, angels or whatever they were. To have them help her with the voice's she heard.

What (MC) didn't know, she was being followed, by five huge hunter's where on her heels. They were after the Immortal's that lived here. They had looked for many years for them. Their father's hunted the Immortal's, only ever killed one of the Immortal's that carry the demon's. That was Mistrust, and he was blindsided by the bait that they had for him. (MC) and the hunter's are being watched by the two of the immortal's of the house. (YC) takes it into his own hands, killing the five men that followed her, but he doesn't know weather or not if (MC) is bait or not. After he kills the five men, he finds her leaning on tree. Wanting deal with her, kill her. But there was something about her. The voice's went away as soon as he was near her. And she sagged in relief, as he questioned her. She didn't answer, she actually tried to get him to hush. So she could enjoy the first time in her life not having the voice's. Wanting to know if she was a hunter or even bait. But she had no tattoo like the hunter's. Telling her to leave, she doesn't want to. Begging for help. (YC) runs off, but (MC) follows and end's up falling on hurting her ankle. She cries out for his help. He can't help but want to help for some reason. Carrying her back to the house, the other immortal's of the house. Don't like that she is there. And they try to get her out of the house. But (YC) won't have it. When a fight starts between two of them, she tries and stops it. To protect him, for saving her life and saving her from the voices. They are all shocked, none more then (YC). (this is where we pick up.)

What I would like with this rp. Is that he struggles to understand why he is drawn to her. And she has the same problem. Not knowing why they are both drawn to each other. That they would do anything just to be with the other. Or to safe the other. There will be times he has to save her. But at some point she will die. Just to let you know that is not the end of her though. It is a twist that I want to surprise me partner with. This will be a dark theme rp. If you have triggers you might not want to do with me.

2. Fate in Time
(MC) is one of the fate's. That watch over the world, since the first light of day touched the waters and land of the earth. They watched over man, to know when it was time for them to go to the afterlife. For reasons that the fates them selfs don't know. They each wake up on earth. To be apart from their other sisters is not something they can handle. Each one becomes a different supernatural creature. One a vampire, one a werewolf and they other fye. They work to try and find each other. But that is proving to be harder then they thought.

The one that we will follow, is the one that is becomes the vampire. She is lost in the world in the humans. Never having walked among them. In this new body she doesn't know what to do. But she has this overwhelming need for blood. That is when she smells, blood so close. The heart beat in her ears. Running off to the sound of the rushing blood. The forest going past her in blur. Stopping dead in her tracks. There lays (YC). He is fast asleep, he is a warlord. His men sleeping in their own tents. But his blood and heart are what call out to her. Making her way silently over to you. Watching (YC) sleep, leaning down to him. Smelling the sweet smell of (YC) blood's. Her mouth starts to water. But (YC) sleeps light, knowing that something is close. Opening his eyes, there she stands. And he draws his weapon on her. Which she holds back easy. (And our story starts)

What I would like this rp. She would ask him for help, though she isn't very nice about it. Because she needs blood. I would like for there to be some kind of romance. But the main part would be trying to find her sisters. When he finds out what she truely is. He tries to use her to help with the war. He doesn't want to help her. But he will if that means that the war would be won. There would be smut at some point in the rp. Just not as soon as the first two pages of the rp. I want to see the war and how she finds her sisters. If she ever finds them at all. I figure since the fates aren't together. The world is thrown of balance. (I can do all three of these. if the vampire one doesn't tickle your fancy.)

(more plots will be added as I think of them.)

Please don't reply to the thread. Pm me and can work things out.

Thank you for taking the time to read my thread. I hope that I hear from you all.