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Author Topic: Kitty's Real Life Games(F seeking M partners)  (Read 2139 times)

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Kitty's Real Life Games(F seeking M partners)
« on: April 06, 2016, 03:05:11 AM »
Have attempted to tidy up my threads a bit and have separated them into three different threads. Fantasy/ Games and Books and Real Life. This is Real Life, though I’ve expanded it to include games with historical aspects that do not have any fantasy feel.

She  was your fiancée. The whole romance, a battle, convincing your best friend and her older brother that you really cared for her, fending off her lecherous boss and her Father's wealthy protégé. Though she chose you, and the chemistry in the bedroom was phenomenal. The two of you couldn't get enough of each other. Then the accident. She was fine, or so  they thought, until a day later, you came home to your shared apartment with her passed out on the floor. The doctors said she was hemorrhaging. Though days later she wakes up, and she really is fine, they stopped the bleeding. Problem is. You go in to see her, and she has no clue who you are.

Daddy's Little Girl
 Her father is a well known Gynecologist, the best in the country, and the only one in town, wealthy but opinionated and outwardly racist. In fact he speaks about it like there is nothing wrong with what he says. His perfect family all Japanese American's with strong Christian values, right? The wife, a homemaker and a member of the high schools PTA. The son, A model student at a local university, deans list. And their daughter, gorgeous, intelligent, honor student. Though she's a penchant for hanging around the type of boys that Daddy doesn't like, and would certainly not approve of.

Little Sister
Your family only has boys, its been that way for years, indulging your mother, after having three son's your father agreed to adopting, you and your brothers were delighted to get a little sister, but perhaps, not all for innocent reasons.

Can go many directions, would need to discuss further, am open to a lot of interpretations on their relationships. I would like a partner who could play all three brothers
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She looked at the picture and smiled. An unwanted child from a country that valued male children over female. She was so lucky to have found her home, a place where she was loved, by so many. She lifted the frame and  flopped on her bed while looking at it. Her big brothers, each only a year or two apart from each other, but all older then her 17 years. One artistic, creative, such a beautiful outlook on things.Then there was the eldest, smart, determined, destined to be successful in anything, and her youngest but biggest brother, athletic, strong. He could still lift her like she was light as air.

Each one was special too her and she treasured each and every one of them, she would do anything for them. When they had insisted she put an end to her relationship with a high school boyfriend, she never even questioned it. When she got it in her head she wanted to model, they attended each and every shoot, if the clothing or concept was inappropriate, and they said so, she declined the job. After all, they were just looking out for her.

They had all chipped in this year, to get their parents the trip for their anniversary, a whole two weeks, of just the four of them. She rolled over, and sat up leaving the  frame on the bed as she bounded downstairs to wish her parents  goodbye and a nice trip.

Revenge, Really Is Sweet

You, your twin brother and she were the best of friends as kids, she was that awkward little tomboy who was growing into a gorgeous woman and the three of you played on every summer baseball team together.  When a divorce had you move away with your father and your brother stay behind with your mother, it was easy for her to fall in love with your brother. After all he was there. That was the first time you felt betrayed by her, she was your first love and she had chosen him. Then she took him away from you, your brother going on and on about her and getting upset and jealous when  you said anything about her. Then, he died, A year ago, suddenly while rushing home to propose to her  and she still is wounded, in fact she reportedly hasn't left there little shared apartment since, and the one time she did, after having been dolled up and dragged out by her friends, drinks poorer down her throat, she walks right into you on the dance floor and passes out in your arms.

Beautiful Disaster

Shes a good little college freshman whos best friend is dating your cousin andyour mma fight coach. You have some classes with her but thats about it. Shes small. Fragile and unlike other woman addicted to your bad boy charm, shes not throwing herself all over you. You like that, still hiding demons of her own she holds you at arms length, just friends.

( im thinkihg a bad boy turn around whereby you toss aside your bedhopping ways and strive to win her over. But there will be people and talk and things just waiting for thier chance to help you fail. Heavily based on a novel i read with the same title)

A Lovely Child

Home children. Orphans sent from england to work as farm and house hands in the rural areas of the US.
She was different. A wealthy hieress sent to the orphanage by her gardian in a bid for her inhierited money. A child of royalty. She was sent to your home. A farm with nothing but boys. To help your mother around the house. When she was eight. Now shes a beautiful young woman. But you arent the only one with your eye on her, she has half the town vying for her... And now. A royal prince from across the sea.

Not quite Hannah Montanna
They were tearing up the charts. Dragging even the most strait laced and genre bound music lovers into thier punk rock fan base. Though no one knew who they were. A lead singer with a voice dreams were made of.  Though equally on par of that singer as far as fan base was her. The rare natural pinkette wearing a lace mask on guitar. She was beautiful and wild and every male fans guilty pleasure. Though the question on every fans mind... Who are these people?  They always appear in masks and change their appearance on stage ( Though she hid her strange locks everyday) and that proved enough to fool the media. How long can they  keep this secret though?( In this you can be a fellow band member. A nosey fan. The headliner for a rival band. A reporter or blogger)

Your Brothers Wife.

You and your brother, twins, a rare occurrence in the royal line were born in the forbidden city, you the crown prince and he, the second son.
As the crown prince, you were groomed to one day become the Emperor. Where he was just the second prince, a position of power, but forever under yours. unfortunately this gave him a privilege you didn't have, he got to marry for love, where as your bride, as tradition states, was chosen by your mother, from a slew of eligible woman at the time, and groomed to be your perfect match.
So you married and were expecting a child, when your brother announced his engagement to the adoptive daughter, of one of your father's favourite concubines.  Rumour has it that she is the illegitimate child of a high ranking royal figure, but no one has ever been able to prove it.
Then everything changes, a revolt of your father's trusted council, kills him, your mother, your expecting wife and your brother. Months later, the nation still in mourning, you have taken a position of absolute power, when a member of your new council makes a suggestion. A Wedding. To lift the spirits of a kingdom in mourning. Even more ridiculous is the woman they suggest you take as your bride. Your brother's intended fiancée. Though well mannered and lovely, she was raised in the forbidden city as well after all. She was also educated and opinionated, not afraid to put you in your place. Certainly not the kind of woman your mother would have chosen to be your queen. But while arrangements are being made, neither one of you quite able to refuse, you cannot help but keep looking at her. This strange woman who had ensnared your brother's heart so securely that he gave his life to protect her.

Opposites AttractIncomplete , needs work, bit of a craving
So I created a character for a game similar to this, getting a bit ahead of myself and now, I can't wait to play her.

Late high school early collage age maybe, where cliques and friends seem like your whole world. Looking for a jock, confident. The type of guy who would be sure of himself around the opposite sex. The kind of guy who would be used to using woman, and would be taken back by actually having feelings for one.

Maybe a hookup at a party becomes something more, the characters having to deal with societal/familial pressures about appearances, about their future along with rivals and their own conflicting feelings.

Child Of Nature

She was young, when her parents private plane crashed in the wooded area, the plane was never found, and she was assumed dead. However, a clause in the will stated that she had to be gone for 15 years before the fortune went to the next person to inherit it, her father’s partner, your father. They found her though, a young lady of 19 now, she was nearly wild when they first found her, having been just four when she was  isolated. She lacks the social skills that a lady of her position would normally have. Your father wants her money, so  he tells you to get close to her, act like you love her, trick her into marrying you, and signing her fortune over. What you and your father don’t bank on. Is nature being such a good teacher.

-For this I picture a lady who is very practical and animalistic in the way of her passions. A deliberate thinker with a very simplistic manor. Hungry for learning of all kinds maybe.  I'd need a patient man who is not afraid to loose his temper and won't balk at a temper being lost at him.

Pretty Little Dancer

She’s a dancer, classically trained in ballet and jazz and a splash of ballroom, but when she fails to get a scholarship she was counting on and her savings run out, she loses her apartment and is close to getting kicked out for being late on her tuition payments. Then a friend of hers drags her into your father’s strip club and she ends up subbing for an ill dancer, she’s an instant hit. A pretty little thing, shockingly innocent one that any man would love to corrupt.

Not Your Everyday Thief

It's not often that people get the better of you, but she did. That impudent little thief that managed to slip past all your security only to take several items, that weren't really all that valuable, and steal a kiss just as you had her cornered. A kiss that distracted you long enough for her to escape. You are at a galla weeks later, and on the arm of one of your associates is this lovely little thing. With dark hair, his daughter it seems, as he introduces the two of you, but there’s no need, you've already met. You'd know those startling golden eyes anywhere. What now? What do you do with her secret? (Inspired by Lady Thief, written by Kay Hooper)

A Lover's Child

You were a high school student having an affair  with one of your married teachers. During the affair, you got to know her  young child, three at the time you were 16. Then her mother died, suddenly and even though you weren't a family refashion of any sort, you stuck around. All because of that little girl. Her father never really approved and approves even less now that sixteen years have passed and she's grown into a lovely beauty rivalling her mother. Her father is afraid she will fall down the same  path her mother had taken with you, what he doesn't know is that if she had her own way, she would have stumbled down that path long before now.

Long Live The Queen

The story of a princess, and the only heir to the crown of a small  kingdom. She  has lived through several assassination attempts, most of which were orchestrated by the very woman who sat next to her father, the queen. All because her  mother was the kings mistress and the queen's best friend. She is doted on by her father, as his only heir. And you, a man hired by the Queen, to ruin her, with any means necessary at your disposal. Will you succeed, or will you be foiled by her charm?

In Hatred
The bad boys. Both of you, thick as thieves, until one day you aren't, instead of trolling the bar at your side or hitting on every willing lass to cross his path he abstains. Its her fault. That little medical student with the big doe eyes. You have no idea what he sees in her, she's not his usual type. All of a sudden he's dates and romantic gestures. She's sweet and gentle but the two of you always seem to butt heads and when he move's her in, now its like you can't get rid of her.
(Can take many routes, more then willing to discuss)

Pairings with no real plot
Twins ( FxM)
Twins ( FFxM)
Cousins ( FxM)
Volunteer/ Local (FxM)
Single Mother/Wealthy businessman
Master's Daughter/Slave
New arrival/Trainer
Rich boy/ Poor girl(reverse as well)

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Re: Kitty's Real Life Games(F seeking M partners)
« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2017, 10:04:52 AM »
Opposites Attract

Removed some old games

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Re: Kitty's Real Life Games(F seeking M partners)
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Added plotless pairings.
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