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Author Topic: Kitty's Fantastical Games (F seeking M partners)  (Read 3150 times)

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Kitty's Fantastical Games (F seeking M partners)
« on: April 06, 2016, 02:55:45 AM »
Have attempted to tidy up my threads a bit and have separated them into three different threads. Fantasy/ Games and Books and Real Life. This is Fantasy.


Another dystopian tale. As for some reason they seem to facinate me as of late.

Men have long outnumbered woman. Since a disease in the early 2100s targeted the fairer sex. As a result 500 years ago the rights that woman had fought for were stripped from the remaining woman. And every female child born since had been registered at birth.
Four classifications one each rare then the following.

Breeder: this woman is young. Often in her late teens to mid thirties. She spends her days in "pleasure centers" tending to the sexual needs of local men between pregnancies the government owns thier registration

Freewoman: A woman retired from the Breeder position. Weather due to age or infertility. Rare as many die due to exhaustion after birthing one child after another. Can work a man's job. But for less pay and no benifits. These woman often turn to sex work. Darker kinks that wouldnt be tolerated in pleasure centres. Thier specialty. Owns her own registration

Wife: this woman. Belongs to one man. Usually a wealthy man. His tool for sex and breading. By far the best treated of these woman. As the only man allowed to touch her is the man who owns her registration.

Unregistered: Rarely seen. Female births missed by the government. Woman with no registration. One hasnt been seen for almost 100 years.

You are not a particularly powerful man.As a security enforcer, you aren't poor. But certainly not wealthy enough to afford a woman with "Wife" classification. Perhaps you have grown bored with pleasure centres andhave begun to indulge in FreeWoman but. They can quickly drain resources. One day while on the job. You are chasing down a shoplifter. And upon catching the hooded figure you discover its a woman. Not much more then a girl. After requesting her registration. You lift her hair and are shocked to find the back of her neck bare. The registration tattoo isnt there.


Potential themes:
Forced Pregnancy
Light-rough bondage
Rough sex
Phycological conditioning


They were compatible in every way. Raised together, knowing that they were meant for each other. That was the way it was. The way it had been for generations. And they knew each other with an intimacy only time could create. He was her greatest friend but there was someone else.
He’d lost his match early on. Because of it he was alone. And her compassion drew her to him. Innocently at first but before long she knew it was something else.
It wasn’t done. People didn’t just choose their lovers.
In this game I picture a sort of dystopian future. Government controls everything, even small abnormalities  can be seen as great infractions and acts of terrorism.
Two men, one who feels entitled to her affections, may even get angry when he doesn’t receive them. Possessive even. Beyond that, his appearance a circumstance up to you.
The other, his competition would perhaps feel guilt. For his own loss and for what he is asking her to give up which, depending on the world we create, could mean everything.

Potential themes
Rape, forced unwilling.
Heavy storytelling/worldbuilding
Psychological conditioning
Light body/style modification(hair color changed to suit tastes, dress style )
Potential pregnancy
Open to other themes, so long as they fit with the tale.

Locked Away

She was the daughter of the kings mistress, beautiful like her mother and even though she was bore before her mothers liaison with the king, his queen still hated the girl. So she sentenced the girl to a solitary life, far away from court.  Though he sweet little girl left behind a friend in the crown prince and sympathetic servants ushered letters between them for years until, upon catching wind of it, the king decided that this girl, will be  his sons bride. A woman his son hasn't seen since childhood. The queen is furious and sends her second son to fetch the girl from her prison, in hopes that he will also ruin her in their travels so that she can't possibly be wed to his brother.

The Favorite

He was a powerful young man, she, a whore. Though she'd been had by men other then him, and there were woman far lovelier in the brothel, she was his favorite, and though he tried, he never chose anyone other then her. Every girl dreams of a wealthy man coming to their rescue when they go into this line of business, but it isn't long before those hopes are dashed, and they settle into their fate. She was lucky, blessed with a lovely face and a sweet temper, She'd been paid well until now and for that she was blessed. In a world where new faces arrived daily and a career is ended by a child or a man too vivacious in his affections, or illness. Is it possible to find love. She is convinced no. Can he convince her otherwise?

Can include
Vanilla sex
Rough Sex
Light Bondage
Unexpected Pregnancy

The Last Of The Species

The human race has become extinct(Plague, invasion, medical/genetic manipulation, war, we can discus reason later)The world(or worlds) now occupied by a new breed( Alien, Genetically modified, advanced animals, something supernatural).  The last human having died years ago, or so the world believed. Until recently when at a function of some sort a girl is presented as entertainment by one of the guests, half naked and terrified. She  must be beautiful for what she is. He mentioned that she was for sale. A prize to be had for any who could afford her. A welcome addition to any collection , especially one that has the last known male of the species.

*Was thinking two partners, one the owner, and the other the male.

Would like to include
Age/Size play
Forced/Unwilling sex
Pregnancy play

The Prince’s Whore

The tale of a palace maid, taken advantage of continually by a young prince. Used and ruined for any prospective matches and threatened with the welfare of her family again and again.  But perhaps the young prince delved to deep in the realm of sex and woman when he set about breaking this little maid in and making her his whore, because even when his agitates wander, he can't stop thinking of her, could he perhaps have feelings for this little waif?
 Would like to include:
Forced/ Unwilling sex
Unexpected pregnancy
Pregnancy play
(Also thought perhaps could play this in a sort of harem like fashion with the girl being one of the princes " brides" it would certainly be a more romantic spin on the tale)


Recently watched planet of the apes again and thought it would be fun to play a game where humans are enslaved in service of some bipedal animal. Ape/Wolf/Cat, or it could involve more fantastical creatures, whatever suits your  fantasies.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
She gasped as she felt the clothing ripped from her, the fabric biting  into her skin  before giving way.  Suddenly she was very naked. Then the cold water hit splashing against her skin. Bucket after bucket slammed into her until her joints ached and her small frame was wracked with shivers, her teeth chattered and she could hear a gruff chuckle. She flung her  arm back to stop it, only for that arm to be grabbed in it's gigantic paw. Yanking it back  caused her to cry out, it's  grip didn't loosen and her own action had tugged on her shoulder painfully. Another laugh and the click of metal. Shocked her eyes widened and she withdrew her hand,this time the arm was released as  she wildly inspected the metal collar. She tugged, once, twice. Fingers finding the link that attached the collar too the chain.


"Don't worry. In my experience the males sell a lot faster, so you will have plenty of time to get used to it." The cage door slamming drew her attention, and the number on her cage,  she'd been taught to read by her mother. A talent that was rare nowadays. ' Lot 6'?? She was going to be auctioned off?


A tale where there is a town in one of the hot southern states,  surrounded by wild forest on one side and a large lake on the other, isolated, with one road going in, and one road oing out, where wolves live freely. No need to hide who they are, what they are. Humans living in this town are rare, and often brought in by their mates, one has never just moved into town, at least. Not until now.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
She came into town quietly. Though in a town like this, even those who don’t cause any ripples, cause ripples. Her scent, like fresh rain on cut grass and sun warmed skin. Had all the men, even those taken, out of sorts for weeks before her battered old ford pulled into town. Though her silence did not stop the gossips, there’s not much else to do, unless you like fishing. Which, apparently she does.Given the number of times she has visited your family's store for supplies.
She lives in a small cabin. The kind that cityfolk rent when they want a “weekend away from it all” though, the little blonde waif has been there so much longer then a single weekend.
“An ex husband we think.” The old waitress at the café commented as she filled your cup. “ Though she looks a bit young to be a runner.”
The older woman watches as the girl is pestered by two  men over your shoulder.
“Still pretty things like her, tend to get gobbled up. Even in Everly. Wolves are hungry.”

In Their Dreams

Two lovers having never met in person, purely by chance, considering how nearly identical their lives are. Living in the same building, visiting the same coffee shop, both working in fashion, she a designer, he a photographer. Yet the days go by, and they never  even set eyes on the other  but meeting each night in their dreams. Both young and single, both  trying to navigate through their day to day lives, regular relationships, all the while haunted by their nightly sleep. Will they ever actually meet?

And Again

You and she are immortal beings.  You live your lives again and again, you die again and again different bodies, different lives, different parents. Though somehow you always find each other and each time you remember. The both of you have had your hearts broken by the other and by others. Each time, one of you die young, usually painfully. As a result you do your best to avoid one another. Alas, fate often has other things in mind.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The second she saw him it was like being burned all over again. Her pretty blue eyes  watered and felt dry all at once as she  took a step back. The group of touring students  continued on without her and there she stood trying to catch her breath.

It was like this every time though there were often lives when she managed to avoid him at least until much later. The last, they had both  been married, she'd had a child, a beautiful girl child, and she had woke up screaming from night terrors until she was twelve,in this life, as she recalled  how she'd been forced to watch that child burn, before being burned herself.
 Her head hurt. Her fingertips running through  her red hair as she stared in horror at the bare  back  she'd been pressed against. What had she done? She remembered drinking, and not much else

The Descendent
 A story of the offspring of a fallen angel and his human lover. Would she find love as easily As her strange father had? Or would she be hunted by forces good and evil?

Kiss The Queen's Hand

The royal family was dead. A carriage accident had taken the young pregnant queen and her king. The throne  passed on to the kings cousin. A madman.

The same day. Knowing your mother had just given birth to you. A screaming baby covered in blood and wrapped only in purple silk, also coated with blood, was brought to your mother. Speaking in hushed tones the stranger said that no one should know where the child came from or the king would have her killed.

Over the years  you noticed strange things about your " twin sister". She was small and dainty, where you had always towered over her. She was also dark. With long gorgeous inky black curls, where you and your mother were fair. She also had wild eyes. Such a light shade of brown they looked golden. Still you doted on her in spite of your mother's warnings of proprietary. It wasn't until your twentieth birthday, when you were finally old enough to join the resistance and come across an image of the formal royal family, the eyes of the pregnant Queen's painted portrait staring back at you, identical to those you had been unable to say no too your whole life. What though. Do you do with this knowledge?

  Blurred Lines
With kind of an X men feel, Post apocalyptic. An opposites attract sort of scenario. Because my character controls fire, badly, she spends a lot of time naked.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The water steamed around her in swirling tendrils that rose to the dark starlit sky above. The grief she had felt still burned in her skin like a white hot fury of coals, refusing to go out. She had very little memory before the blond busty woman had taken her in as her own, and the loss of that woman through some stupid thing as an infected cut, was enough to turn the strange powers she possessed, the strange powers she was trying to learn to control, into a frenzied fury. As her emotions ran hot, so did her skin, her touch disintegrating anything it came into contact with.  Her clothing was the first to go. After was the dead body of her beloved mother.

 They had been traveling, having heard word of a settlement just over the mountain, where science and medicine had begun to re-create a society that it had destroyed.  Eager as young woman who had been doing their best to survive in a world of radiation and death. Her mother was about 20 years her senior and still so full of life.

Maya hopped the cool water would calm her, usually it fought against the fire in her until she felt so drained she slept for days. However as she turned only to see a primitive dam a short ways up river and a walled compound atop it at a higher elevation. The fire erupted in her. Evaporating the water within her immediate vicinity about a meter wide. As the waves rushed in to fill the gap wind began to blow at the trees on the river’s edge, as she stepped from the clear waves, her feet charring the grass below them. She knew she couldn’t go there without clothing on, so she willed the fire in her to calm, and let the air rage about. Pulling a spare set of clothing she had stolen from an abandoned shop a while back and smiling content when it went on. However, one of the embers remaining from the fire fed by her destructive wake her, was picked up by the wind and began to spread. Grabbing her pack Maya ran for
the compound, throwing her body against the door. Clothing falling off in cinders until all that was covered where her most intimate parts and the large wooden door erupted in flames around her. She fell through the gap between the wood, crawling away from the destruction as she heard people, call out .

 Then a rush of water, cool and refreshing, rose up in a wave and crashed around her. If she hadn’t of held on she would have been swept away, out the charred remains of the door with it. People crouded around her, some fussing, other’s  keeping their distance. One woman reached down and helped her to her to sit  up. Just as she did however, Maya felt ill. She’d had too much exposure to water. She knew it the moment the dizziness made  her vision blur, how else could she be seeing a boy controlling the water’s movements, just before she passed out.

Yikes! Zombies!

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The virus spread quickly,  mutating on it's own to travel not only through  bodily fluids but becoming airborne.  The military base locked down to protect those inside from the infected and it wasn't the only place, through the very limited communication they had learned of other areas that had been locked down, schools, businesses. They'd also heard the tales of the virus's spread through the radio communication. Her father , though  he was part of the team that created the virus, also came up with a vaccine that put a stop to the airborne strain of the virus.
She was covered in blood as she stormed past the medic team rushing towards those who had been injured.  She lifted the  bat she'd been using  to club the rotting corps like creatures that had surrounded their gathering part and  moved forward. So several of her friends had been injured,  but the small horde separating them from the stash of food and weapons was dwindled to just a few, and if they didn't come back with the stash. It would have all been for nothing.  Corpses in several different stages of de-comp littered the ground around them.  She moved forward with the few soldiers that hadn't been injured  pausing when she heard a sound from ahead.

There wasn't much to do day to day on the base and she'd never really been like most of the female children brought up on base. So she  trained with the soldiers, she hand to hand, target practice, she got better and better but it wasn't until after her twenty first birthday that she'd finally been allowed to join the trained professionals in the field.

"Mari! Get back here!" She heard  one of her superiors call and she relaxed a bit before she pushed forward. dismissing the noise as coming from them. She was going to get those supplies, even if it killed her, which it just might as a gargled growl  sounded and she was knocked aside by  the force of a human body colliding with her own. The infected trying to bite her, it's saliva falling onto her face as she closed her mouth and eyes. She swung the weapon  smiling as the satisfying thunk sent her attacker crumbling to the side. She stood slowly and used the back of her hand to wipe the drool off her face. Disgusted and making a note to ensure she showered when they returned to the base as with a grin she pushed aside several boxes with a grin. They'd done it.
* recently thought up another way to play my character for this one and am eager to give it a shot. Normally she is a strong  female lead but what if  she was weakened? Perhaps by the desperate experiments of doctors trying to find a cure for  the  virus?

Oh To Be A Woman

The human race is dying off (details to be ironed out later) and what’s left of the human populace is  holed up in compounds. Soldiers and farmers and men from all walks of life struggling to survive together and for a while it seems to have succeeded. But with the world dying off  and a threat of extinction ever looming one particular compound decided to take drastic measures and woman were once again reduced to tools for breeding. Girls were raised believe that their purpose in life was to submit to men and carry their children. But one day, a scouting group stumbles upon a small farmhouse shelter  in search for food. A few people living there,containing several girls without round bellies. Some of which have been untouched….. And that is where the story begins.

* I have a starter already for this one, made for a partner who disappeared, its perfect for a quick start! And has made this sort of a craving of sorts

And The Fire Burns*** Starter prepared for a quick start*

 Two factions at war. Two tribes with very different beliefs/ ways/ languages. When a battle is lost a settlement of one tribe is overtaken with woman looking about in absolute confusion. When realization occurs they all try to run, for fear of death, but  the winning tribe does not kill woman and children, they assimilate them into their own tribe, to prevent the strengthening of enemy forces  and to strengthen their own. But before this can be done. The woman need to be caught.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
She'd been told as a child how all of this had begun, stories of the wars begining had  been passed down for two generations now, and it seemed tonight, in the flaming inferno, that was the destruction of their village that it would be the end.She  hid in a cave, just outside the village with the other woman and children and thier companions. While the men, and boys old enough to fight, could be heared wailing in defeat

In the distance, just beyond the trees, the glow of the mess of flames that was once thier home. In her arms, the wolf cub, who had chosen her as it's companion  whimpered as it's big blue eyes looked on. she watched the pup's ears perk up at the sound of people aproaching and turned to the others gathered there, for hiding.

" Run, we must run!"She shouted  lifting the pup in her arms and running.  Her bare feet  moving  quickly against the ground. All she could think of was her father, perishing in a skirmish a year ago, and her brother surly heading  towards his death now, if not already dead, she refused to follow them down that path. She would run forever if she needed too. She felt the hands close around her arms and the pain as she was jerked to the stop and she dropped the pup. It whelped and she growled , protective instincts kicking in, she bit one of her attackers and felt something slam into the back of her head.... She fell forward into the dirt and warm ash, feeling the warm breath and soft licks of the pup as it tried to rouse her and her world faded to black

The Flip Of A Coin

A tale of a young model and the man who was supposed to protect her. The bond between them and what could be.
 Two people and the story of their dueling realities as they meet. One, where though attracted to one another they fight off these feelings  due to propriety, and the other, where they give in. Separated clearly at first. These two reality  connected only when each of the parties dream. However when these two worlds begin to merge, will these two be able to cope with two different possibilities, becoming one reality? And which one will win out?

But The Blood Runs Cold

 A tale of a girl, damned without the choice, the choice that was not her's to make. A woman, the first female of their kind. and a boy, young, but at the  same time, not quite so young, who had made the mistake of letting their secret slip in a brothel house, while propositioning another man. join  me in telling a vampiric romance in a way it has not been told before.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
She was dying, disease wreaking havoc on her body and hunger  joining in like a sick  twisted  game of cards, any day now she would have to fold. to give up and let death take her. Her mother, was a whore, and at seventeen, the only reason she too hadn't been made into one is because with a slim waist and a small bosom, she wasn't exactly the kind of girl men  of the time desired, mal nutrition had lead to her obtaining an almost skeletal appearance. Still she was strong, determined, to continue living, and perhaps that was why, she worked hard every evening in the very same whore house that had given her life, to make ends meet. a roof over her head, food in her belly.

it was this that had lead her to overhear,  a young boy being recruited into some sort of society, one of which promised eternal life. Derelict in her duties, and fearing the death, that with every bright splash of blood on her palm , after a coughing fit, announced was drawing nearer and nearer each day. She took a chance. following the shoreline to the cave that had been forbidden  years ago by the church,  passing through to what seemed to be a lake, enclosed on all sides by steep terrain, and in the lakes  centre, the reminiscent structure of a stone hut, and yet another passage of sorts, a staircase,  leading down into a pit.

 she followed that path, stumbling about in darkness and she was asked if she wanted this by a voice, a voice with no form, that she could make out in the inky black that surrounded her. She agreed, agreed that she was willing to die, so that she may live.

upon awaking hours later, she discovered she could now see,  even in the ever present dark, and she was alone. at least for now. as she rose from the floor of the pit she could hear voices above her at the staircase that marked it's entrance. Male voices.The men  and boy she had overheard!

200 years later

Liza Webb sat down on the carnival ride. She loved carnivals. Mostly because the people, much like herself were travellers, never really belonging in one place. never really safe in one place. She worked in senior homes. the elderly, perfect, undetectable victims for her feeding and , so long as she never took enough to kill, she usually was alight. occasionally though, her lack of paperwork or identity mean she had too move on, and find another town, another place to start fresh. she'd done just that today, the first thing she had stumbled on when  walking into the town was this carnival. lighting up an entire half of the small village like town with it's bright lights. she thought as the  ride began to spin , that this boded well.

Kitten In A Wolves's Den

 She'd spent all her life looking for a home, and now, in her early 20s. She'd found it.   In Serindipity, a small town  secluded on one side by thick woods and  the other by treacherous mountains. This  place was perfect for the world's largest pack of wolfkin shape shifters. Here she was less of a freak. Less meaning that even though she was with fellow shape shifters,  her other form still managed to isolate her. Being the  only  lynx in a wolfpack is hard enough. Though when the elders decide that she will be the mate to the future Alpha and her strange  Other form is not the only thing that isolates her. Now she has to choose between taking you and one of your brothers as her  lover and has every un mated woman in the pack hating her for it, but the elders are firm in their decision and if she were to run, the pack would remain without the leadership it so desperately needs.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Lilith jumped off the broad tree limb she'd been sitting on and hit the ground running. She'd thought she'd run far enough from them before she'd climbed up the tree, but the sound of Wolven paws against the soft forest floor told her otherwise. Had her scent given her away? She'd made sure the winds were blowing in the direction opposite from the gathering place, but perhaps she'd misjudged. Or maybe her pursuers had a keener sense of smell than she'd assumed Why did they have to choose her out all the other pack females? She wasn't cut for this kind of responsibility. They knew that about her. They shouldn't have even considered her for it. Plus, unlike the others, she didn't want it. Why the hell had they chosen the one female in the entire town of who didn't want it? She needed to get away, but one thing was for sure, she'd never outrun them in this form. For a moment, she closed her eyes and concentrated on her other self. Silken tendrils of  magick curled around her body, seductive and sensual. In a flash, they tightened hard and painfully, as they did every time she shifted. Lilith  gasped, but as soon as the pain lanced through her, it was gone. Like slipping on a glove that fit perfectly, her  form consumed her human shape, burning most of her clothing up in the change. The tattered remnants of fabric that had survived the shift fell to the leaf strewn ground. Her strides grew longer, more balanced, more sure. She reveled in the feel of the earth and grass beneath her paws. In this form she was easily more fleet of foot than the two males pursuing her, and had the advantages of being both lighter and more flexible.
A linx was faster than wolves. Stretching her muscles and taking joy in the hard contact her paws made as they hit the forest floor, she ran as fast as her sleek body could travel. Even now, when she ran from those that would force her to do something against her will, she exulted in the fit and the freedom of her  form. Was she a human playing cat, or a cat playing human? Lilith wasn't sure anymore. The line blurred further with every passing day. She made a turn around a tree trunk, her paws slipping in the fallen leaves, and stopped up short as a rock wall blocked her way. Glancing around her, she saw no clear way around. She'd managed to run herself into thick undergrowth, boulders and fallen trees. The only sure way to freedom was to go back the way she'd come...but her pursuers were too close for that. Inwardly cursing, she peered up at the flat rock wall in front of her. She wasn't familiar yet with these forests and hadn't known her pursuers had been stealthily herding her here. The wind from the gathering storm gusted, bringing with it the scents of her pursuers. They were close...way too close. The choice made for her, she bolted into the thicket and hoped for a way through. Before she could conceal herself in the thick undergrowth, she felt strong jaws close firmly yet gently enough not to break her skin around her back foot and yank. Taken off guard, she stumbled forward. Knowing better than to struggle, since that would only cause the wolf that held her to tear her flesh, she went limp. Carefully, yet with great strength, those jaws bore her backward until she lay sprawled in the clearing. She rolled to her feet, flattened her ears close to her head and hissed. Two great wolves blocked her path to freedom, one huge black male with molten silver eyes and a hulking white with light gold eyes. They were both massive beasts, easily twice her weight.
 The elders have made their choice Lil said the white wolf, in her mind.
The elders have made an error, she shot back. I don't know if you've noticed or not, but I don't exactly howl at the moon. What are they thinking?
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Re: Kitty's Fantastical Games (F seeking M partners)
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Updated "And The Fire Burns"
- Starter prepared and it has moved to the TOP of my cravings list.

Starter here. Do not reply here though, I will make us a new thread

Looking for one more game to fill my roster. So this one would be preferable. Though am open to others. If they suit my fancy.

Unregistered added
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Re: Kitty's Fantastical Games (F seeking M partners)
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In Light the Dark Dawns
Witchhunter's Weakness

More to come as i tidy and consolodate threads/ideas