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Author Topic: Kitty's OCS And Original Character Games(F seeking M partners)  (Read 906 times)

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Offline MissKitty19Topic starter

Have attempted to tidy up my threads a bit and have separated them into three different threads. Fantasy/ Games and Books and Real Life. This is the Games and Books and recently updated to include Movies thread I will be bumping according to site rules and as it's updated.

Harvest Moon

More Friends of Mineral Town+Ds Cute
Claire + Grey
Claire + Kai
Claire + Skye
Claire + Cliff
Tale of Two Towns
Lillian(female character from tale of two towns she's not been given an actual name but this is what she's being called over forums)+Ash
Lillian+ Hiro
Lillian+ Kana
Animal Parade+ Tree Of Tranquillity
Angela+ Chase
Angela+ Jin
Angela+ Harvest King
A New Begining
Rachel+ Neil
Rachel+ Allen

For these characters I'd like to roughly follow the story line of the games, what with the female character coming to town and in many cases starting the ball rolling on fixing whatever is wrong, though I'd like the male to play a larger role A wide array of sexual fun can be explored here  so feel free to ask.

OCs For Anime / Games and Book Based Roleplays

Hyumi Siewa ( Inuyasha)

( Do not own Inuyasha or any of it's characters)
A child of the great  Siewa clan, cursed at birth with an almost unearthly beauty and a scent said to attract demon's from far and wide. Was sacrificed to the bone eaters well as a small child, to keep her from this fate. However, she was instead found by a family(  surname-Juna) visiting the shrine in our  time, and adopted by this family in secret. She attends the same school as the lovely Kagome and one day while visiting the shrine she stumbles and falls down the well in her school uniform. Any other plot bunnies to be discussed.
( Allows for you to play an OC or a Cannon character .A person from the preasent or  the Fudal era)

Black hair, cropped in a strait line at the  shoulders.
White/pale blue eyes
Short and thin figure and a small bust.
Played at age 17

Popular with the boys in a school setting, but naive.

Hana Hyuuga (Naruto)
19 years old

Appearance: Waist length black hair with a reddish sheen in the sunlight, pale skin, marred only by a large scar  That  circles around  the  black ANBU tattoo on her arm. Big eyes, a deep  crimson clouded over with a milky white. Tall lean  toned figure with a proportionate bust  almost always bound  by a layer of bandages. When on a mission she is either  found in an ANBU uniform with a completely blank mask ( No Animal Features)  Or in whatever garb is required for her cover. When not on a mission she is  either training or attending to clan duties, so she's almost always found in a Kimono. Though she will wear a  pair of  shorts and  a fishnet  shirt underneath  in case something calls for her to be in battle quickly.

History. Raised by her mother, a woman of the Hyuuga Branch family who was pushed into a marriage with a member of the Uchiha clan in an attempt to recombine the two  bloodline limits. Her Father was visiting  his family at the time of the Massacre and unfortunately did not survive but her mother, who was  ill with the early staged of the pregnancy did and thus so did she. Hana was raised to be a lady first and a Nin second. Her mother has no patience for her training at all. When she was  a chunin the sharrigan activated through the already evident presence of the byakugan and broke the curse mark seal of the branch house on her forehead. The once greenish blue marking now shining a brilliant blood red. She keeps this  covered whenever possible.

Jutsu-Strong  in taijutsu thanks to her  Hyuuga upbringing and good at  Genjutsu  because of her Uchiha heritage. Focuses on medical  jutsu however and is weak at most simple nijutsu. Excellent at wielding  her signature weapons, a pair of Kodachi blades

Fears- Water
Dislikes- Talk of Marriages, Weddings and Children, salty foods like Miso.
Likes- Cherries and Honey.

I enjoy playing this character immensely and will play either with cannons or ocs

Sky Moira Calls (Harry Potter)

Eyes: Grey/blue almost clear
Hair : blond
Body type : Thin but healthy hourglass figure
Height; 5'5
Parents:Victor and Louise Calls
Blood: Pure
Favorite saying; "I am not bound to please thee with my answers"
age: 17
House; Ravenclaw
Status : Single/ Nearly  forcibly engaged
Orientation: Strait

  Sky's parents are old fashioned Pure Blood's who believe in retaining the purity of their magic, Thus they  must ensure that their little girl marries a nice, Purebred Wizard. If this was what Sky wanted then she would just go along with it but seeing as she is a smart girl, she has a dream of her own. she wants so much to use her knowledge for the good of others. Sky is usually  quiet and rarely strays from her group of friends, but she will befriend the underdog, which often gets her in trouble with those who target the underdog, Slytherin bullies.

She wants to be a doctor, both in the wizarding world and in  the muggle one. So she studies hard. Learning comes easily to Sky, but her parents are more interested in socializing her with ' the right sort.' Hogwarts is the one place where she has the freedom to be herself. They will go to rather extream lengths to ensure their lovely little girl does as they wish.

Plays well with Draco Malfoy or an Oc of similar temperament, have toyed with the idea of playing her with an underdog character, as she is kind to a fault.

(More to come, as my interests expand. So do my threads)

XVI(a searies by Julia Karr)

Nadia Graham

Name: Nadia Graham

Shes the daughter of a man who works in the media. Her mother went"missing" shortly after she was born and was later acused of being an anti Gov terrorist.

They are tier 8 wealthy and priviledged.

She was raised in money and in priveledge. Shes 17... The tattoo on her wrist marking her with the XVI that all girls past the age of 16 are forced to wear, the ink will fade eventually when she turns 18. Like they do with all woman.

Shes lovely. Small and petite. Her father insisiting she behave like a proper young lady even though the Media would have her dress provacativly. She does her best to cover up modestly though the labels on all her clothes marked her clearly as a top tier.

Her father didnt like it but she was also skilled in martial arts. She needed to be... What with woman having so few rights.

She likes cherries and lemons

Hates tofu

My idea for this is she meets a guy from a lower tier. Maybe one hoping to open her eyes about the reality of the world she lives in. And perhaps her own father's curruption.


Movie Based


Inspired by the movie Avatar.

The human race has been at war with them for so long and they have almost won. The natives too this planet were just trying to stop the human race from destroying it, but we're quickly getting wiped out. Though there was significant loss of life on both sides.

The human race  had found a temporary solution too Thiers however. If a human was close too or recently deceased their loved ones could pay to have their consciousness placed into the body of a cadaver so they could live. Soon though, due too the war and high demand the number of bodies that they had run out of bodies in good repair.

The solution The bodies of the natives, it had never  been done too a child  and this is where my character comes in ,when cancer destroyed her body as a four year old  her desperate  parents had taken a risk. She had grown up seeing her reflection in the mirror, so different in comparison to the privileged settlers that surrounded her. One day looking for a good place to sketch she wandered off too far into a wooded area and was spotted by a similar set of golden eyes.
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