Once more looking for a superhero story F for M

Started by Cathreen Dawinter, April 04, 2016, 11:56:04 PM

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Cathreen Dawinter

Some where born to be heroes. Others where born to be villains. Then there where those who had no choice but to be the villain. To be the one that everyone needed to hate. For her being the villain simply made dealing with all the things she had to do easier. After all its easy to think yourself a monster when you have to do horrible things. All those horrible choices are what lead her to a small back water planet called earth. When she arrived mankind was hadn't yet discovered electricity and the different country’s where just starting to colonize the Americas. It didn't take her long to learn though that her skill set could come in hand. After all there was always someone willing pay to remove a problem. So over the years she grew richer and richer always adopting a new personality after every life time of man. Now with every passing it day its seems more and more meta humans are revealed. More and more stories in the news papers about heroes. Watching them on TV was enough to make her wonder if one could change. Was it possible to wash so much blood and evil deeds?

This would be more a story of her moving from the role of villain to hero and the joining of two very different hearts. How much smut takes place before that I really don't care just as long as it isn't just all smut. After all smut and no story gets boring after a while. Kinks are open to discussion. This is an oc character of mine and there is more to her back story then what is written here. A lot more but it would be a bit much when looking for a writing partner. I do have some canon superheroes I would LOVE to rp this story with. Of course I love story planing with my partner since its only a rough outline that I have in mind.

DC superheroes

J'onn J'onzz (I have tried this a few times but my partners always end up leaving on me which really sucks. I would almost kill for someone to rp as him)
Maybe the newer Aquaman

Captain America
Loki (Though it would probably be a far different story)

Open to suggestions

I do hope to hear from someone and if you are interested please send me a pm