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August 22, 2017, 12:53:04 AM
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Author Topic: Chi's List of Story Themes -- Major Revisions!  (Read 983 times)

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Chi's List of Story Themes -- Major Revisions!
« on: April 04, 2016, 12:45:20 PM »
Current Availability: Selectively Available(Updated September 10, 2016)

Post Frequency:
Right now I'm sure I could post at least several times a week (2-3), but given the time, energy and a tail wind, I could even manage one post a day some days if the volume is there from my partner.

Post Length:
I try to type at minimum 5-8 paragraphs but can, and usually will type much more if the story calls for it. I love lots of the tiny details people sometimes forget such as: strands of hair falling in front of her eyes, the smell of coffee and cologne, how the light cuts sharply across the planes of his strong chest. That kind of thing, things that accentuate the story but donít bog it down unnecessarily.

As long as you are giving me a few paragraphs and something I can work with I'm not too picky about post length. Keep in mind if you're giving me 3-4 paragraphs I won't be returning a novel for you to read, it will be a comparable post back. Quid pro quo and all that.

Talk Dirty To Me (heehee):
- Communication between writing partners is very important to me. Tell me how you feel about my post, if I need to tweak something or if Iíve shot the moon! I love to chat OOC with my partners about the roleplay or anything else really. If writing partners donít communicate, or take their partnerís comments to heart then a story will fail regardless of how good the initial premise is, itís a fait accompli.

- Our story is dying or we're just not clicking anymore for some reason. It happens. Been there done that, bought the tee shirt factory in Bangladesh. Please, please, please tell me if you feel weíve gone off the rails! Whether we let out creation die or spark some life back into it we need to discuss what weíre going to do. I don't take these things personally so please just let me know.

- I enjoy long term stories with lots of build up between the characters. If you're looking to get to smut right away it may be best to look elsewhere. That is of course, unless the story really calls for it.

Now for something completely different! (AKA Story Ideas)

Last Ditch Redemption? (Modern, SOL)

A young runaway thousands of miles from home, broke, cold, scared and desperate, with no one to turn to sees a man approaching and asks for change. At first he tries to ignore her, but then she says something that neither of them were ready for! Will he accept her offer and forget about her? Or will he see something there that with time could be saved?

The Takedown (Modern/ Near-Future, Action)

With their latest bounty order in hand this hunter knows that the pay-off from it will be rich, rich , rich! This particular bounty has slipped through the hunterís fingers numerous times, so thereís a point of pride for hunter to finally capture hunted. Close calls and near misses at every turn itís been a game of cat and mouse with them for ages. With other bounty hunters out for blood too will our hero(?) be able to grab their prize and get back to collect their score?

Being a Super Really Sucks (City of Heroes/Villains Inspired)

Weíve both just registered with the powers that be as a full blown Super (Hero or Villain)! Our names are starting to get known to Heroes and Villains both, and just our luck we both decide that the otherís head is getting just a little too big for their own good, so we've both decided to knock the other down a few pegs (at least thatís the plan). No matter where we go the other oneís always there to bust our chops, either verbally or quite literally. It doesnít help that the victor of that particular skirmish throws some heavy innuendo and teasing in just before running off into the nightÖ(Winning isnít fun if you canít rub it in just a little teeny bit!). Of course being new means neither of us is part of a Supergroup, but we always seem to get dragged into the battles between these bands of egomaniacs (okay we're not far off but we're not a gang of them for cryin' out loud!), and we almost always end up mask to mask with the one person whoís driving the other crazy!

    Possible Hooks/Plot Bunnies:
    • Neither one realizes that in their private lives they're actually boyfriend/girlfriend, best friends, or even siblings!
    • One of them DOES recognize the other as someone who's a rival in life (business, sports or over someone else?). How will they be able to use that against their arch nemesis in tights too?
    • One or the other or both try to bring their nemesis over to the other team! --- ka-POW! "Listen, you really do need to understand that what you're doing is wrong on so many levels!" FOOM! "No you listen! All the sunshine and lollipops and rainbows isn't going to hide that.." BLAMMO! "...only the strong survive, and the world needs strong people to control the plebs!"

CLOSED Space Opera: Exploration, adventure and the wonders of the universe. Space police hunting a criminal across the galaxy? A pirate abducts a famous person for ransom? Soldiers fighting on the same side or opposite sides of a pointless world destroying war? These are a few ideas, if you have ones that would fit with this theme let me know.

Open Fantasy/Medieval: Swords & Sorcery, and Chicks in Chainmail. The damsel doesn't always have to be the one in distress. Maybe she saves the prince?

Open Pirates!: Not sure what to say here, I sort of envision someting along the lines of Pirates of the Caribbean-ish stories. Strong yet vulnerable woman, stronger man, who's the pirate though?

Open Western: This has a lot of options, too many to list I think, train and stagecoach robbers? Fun on the ranch with the rancher's wife or daughter? Lone girl hiding her sex and travelling alone?

Open Steampunk: I've rp'd this once, and had a blast with a friend, though I'm still not 100% on how it all works, we very much had our own custom world.

Stories that I'm currently writing with others:

Tangled in The Briar Patch (with TSE)

To Melt The Coldest Heart (with Haruchai) NEW!

Star Wars: Imperial Entanglements, The Gungan Slayer (with Galanthor)

Stories that are currently in limbo:

I Thought You Were A Lesbian (with CrownedSun)

Gunslingers & Wild Roses (with Ramblin_Man)

The Paradise - Hudson's Pass

Stories that have been abandoned:

The Watch (Group) - Tale Deceased
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Re: Chi's List of Story Themes
« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2016, 06:59:54 AM »
Looking for more writing partners at the moment, maybe two or three at the most for now.

Added Pirates, Western and Steampunk story themes.

If you've got your own idea and think I might be interested fire me a note please!


Chi <3

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Re: Chi's List of Story Themes -- Major Revisions (Aug 8, 2016)
« Reply #2 on: August 08, 2016, 01:42:41 PM »
Huge revisions of my requests page, actually have some story prompts up now! WOO HOO! I'll be adding more as I get more ideas floating around in my twisted little noggin.

Ciao for niao,

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Re: A question about writing with a Mentor and my heartfelt response
« Reply #3 on: August 30, 2016, 09:15:46 AM »
I happened to get a pm yesterday from a member asking if it was somehow inappropriate to ask a Mentor to write with them. This is the first time this has happened to me in my short time as a Mentor and I felt that I needed to explain to them that Mentors and even Staff I guess are here to write too. Here is my response:

Asking a Mentor, or even a Staff member if they'd be interested in writing with you is not a faux pas in any way. In some ways I guess some people seem to think that because we have a different tag we are 'unattainable' or would be uninterested in writing with other members here. That is very far from the truth. I'm a volunteer here, and as such my responsibility is to help welcome new applicants and members into the fold. But I'm not bound to do only that, I'm still a writer first and foremost, as are many of the other Mentors and Staff.

Like anyone else here I want to write, and aside from a possible incompatibility with someone, the only reason I would refuse to write with another member would be due to an over-abundance of current writing partners, or real life commitments that could possibly interfere with my writing time and availability. I'm supposing that those same situations would apply to other Mentors and Staff as well.

I'm no different from anyone else here when it comes to my desire to find writing partners who inspire me to put my best out there for them and other people. Writing is a pleasure and a passion of mine that I've allowed to lay dormant for too long. I wrote for three years at Literotica, and feel I had some success there, and then I crashed and was unable to write again until I found my new home here.

Please don't ever feel that I'm unapproachable for the possibility to write together, I know some folks have drifted after discussing story ideas, and I'm guilty as charged on that too. I don't really approach many people about writing together, and I chalk that up to my own inherent shyness, and even some uncertainty about my own writing skills and whether or not I can provide a good counterpoint to my partners. These are things that I have to work on myself, and have absolutely nothing to do with my being a Mentor, they're just my feelings, that's all.

Thank you,

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