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September 28, 2023, 02:28:04 am

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Author Topic: The Biker Queen | A Roleplay {Seeking longterm M or F writers!}  (Read 1306 times)

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Chapter One: “Hard Lines”

It was just past 9:45 on Friday evening when I walked into the Tin Hall — a raucous little honky-tonk half a mile off the main drag. A few heads turned in my direction, but most people were enjoying their Friday night mixing it up with friends and their significant others.

I was dressed in black denim jeans, knee-high leather boots, with three and a half inch spike heels, a gray, lacy tiered tank top, and a black leather jacket. I had long, layered raven-haired locks that went down to the middle of my back, and side-swept bangs that I pushed out of my eyes with glossy, violet nails. In my pierced ears were silver hoop earrings and a thread of mixed silver bangles adorned my left wrist. I’d done a 180 from earlier in the day when I’d been suffocating under a shirt and tie and dockers.

I lived — as Elliot Whelan — a few towns over in Burton Peak. A cozy little suburb where all the houses looked the same and everyone drove luxury SUV’s while sipping on Starbucks. I leased a two-bedroom condo there with my fiancée Gretchen. I was happy. I had a good life and a job as a financial consultant that while it wasn’t the most stimulating or challenging it still afforded me a good living.

But … there was a side of myself that no one — not even Gretchen — knew about. When the timing allowed I liked to become someone else altogether. More specifically, a female persona by the name of Paige Devereaux. I can’t tell you where she came from or how it happened. It’s a persona that I’ve been portraying and perfecting since high school. She’s gone through many iterations. And like most crossdressers there was the guilt, the confusion, the alienation, the isolation, and of course, the purging of the female wardrobe. However, every time I pushed Paige away, the pull to become her again would be too strong and I’d fold.

Tonight, though, was going to have to be the last time … at least for awhile. Gretchen had been on me about finally looking at houses and getting serious about the wedding. Since she was out of town at her parents this weekend I figured it was an opportune time to enjoy one last evening out as Paige.

My outings as Paige were very few and far between to begin with. When you work 9-5 and live with your significant other you can’t always slip away for long periods of time. Often my outings were as simple as getting a coffee and other times they were as complex as stopping in at the Tin Hall. The honky-tonk had been one of my early places to venture out to as it allowed me the anonymity that I required. I felt confident in my ability to pass. After all I’d been working on my look for years now, but a darkened bar helped hide any flaws I felt I might have in my overall look.

“Hey there, sugar,” Melinda said as I sidled up onto the barstool. “Haven’t seen you in this haunt for a bit.”

“Life’s been a little hectic,” I replied in my practiced female voice.

“I know how that goes.”

She poured me a beer off tap and set it in front of me. Melinda was one of my favorite bartenders. She was young, with short blonde hair and a cute little southern accent. As Elliot I’d have been mush just talking to her. She always had a nice compliment on something Paige was wearing and I loved when she’d share local gossip with me too. It made me feel like one of the girls.

I took a pack of parliament lights from my leather clutch, shook one out, lit it, then exhaled smoke softly from my painted lips. I didn’t smoke as Elliot. In fact, I hated it, but for some reason it was a part of who Paige was. I stopped trying to figure all the nuances out awhile ago. I looked around the bar. It was a full house tonight. I liked the atmosphere of the Tin Hall. These were good, hardworking people, and miles apart from the yuppies I knew with their Nordstrom’s and restaurants that only served brunch over in Burton Peak.

I'm seeking a longterm partner on this for a couple of reasons. First, I like stories that have diverse and realistic characters with a plot and events that change over time. Second, I really want to build a believable journey for Paige and the man she'll eventually settle down with. It's a little sappy I know, but there will still be sensual and steamy moments as well.

When you message me let's work on some backstory and figure out who your character is. Maybe flesh out some details. Plot. World build. All that fun stuff. My favorite thing is stories that are fully immersive to me and my partner. I want this story to really get us excited to work on and collaborate. I'm open to a blackmail storyline that maybe progresses into something more real for my character and yours.

I'm a pretty old school. I like guys who are more conservative and believe in clear gender roles. I'm definitely not a feminist. I like guys who enjoy very guy-ish things (sports, beer, cars, etc). I'm very girlie and love the idea of cooking for my man and being pretty for him. I like smart, confident men who take charge and are respectful of women. I like straight macho guys who make me feel like a natural born female

For kinks I enjoy dominance, emasculation, big cocks, muscles, men in uniform/suits, older studs, being treated like a woman, girly pet names, feminization, etc. My limits are incest, scat, urine, animals, anything really extreme. Not looking for abuse or bondage.

That's it! Let's have some fun!