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September 27, 2021, 01:22:48 pm

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Author Topic: A Partner to Walk the Wastes  (Read 481 times)

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A Partner to Walk the Wastes
« on: March 31, 2016, 03:15:27 pm »
Before you read any further I need to make a few things clear about this roleplay. I created this Fallout world sometime last year. It didn't take off well as a group game but, I still am deeply attached to it. I worked hard and I think it's cool.

1) If you come to me because you want to try this out please be ready for questions. Quite a few of them.

2) You HAVE to be able to play multiple characters. I don't mean just 2, this idea won't work if we both can't handle quite a few. We can discuss it further.

3) I need sustenance with each post. They might take awhile, I know mine might, but they'll enrapture you!

4) Please don't think me rude if I ask for a writing example totally original.

5) I'll work with you and your likes and dislikes if you work with me! It's all about give and take. That goes for posts as well. Now on to the good stuff.

New York City, the headquarters of the United Nations before it became disbanded in 2063 is all but an untouchable myth to many of those who call the wasteland home. Too many buildings close together, places for Feral Ghouls to hide. Beacons of radiation some of them, the glow attracting Ghouls, feral and ‘normal’ alike for miles around. Much like the Underworld, in D.C a city of Ghoul’s has arisen. They keep their feral brothers and sisters locked safely in the basement, walking aimlessly, continuously, providing power to the small city with the treadmills they are tied to. Dozens maybe a little over 70, another one or two caught a week. Better to be doing good, than out there killing humans to trade with the Mayor of Ghoul City says.

Across the ways a bit from Ghoul City. Boarded up tighter than a clam with security detail at every entrance lies the ‘Vegas’ of the East. Luna Park, in what used to be Coney Island, has been taken over by what used to be a small time raider, now a prolific entrepreneur that’s taken Robert House’s securitrons and turned them into his own programs has created an amusement park/casino haven for those willing to travel to New New York and visit the wonder that is Luna Park. Along with the securitrons roaming the outside, protecting the perimeter from Deathclaws, and other creatures of the wasteland, what used to be petty fiends run the rides, and casino loving their lives of money, sex, and drugs.

Outside of Luna Park, a small city of those not able to live the high life has settled. Little Luna, much like the city of Megaton, Freeside, or Rivet City. This is just a touch of what New York has to offer to those, including the Courier, who has traveled to New New York. With only a few camps of the NCR, barely touching the edges of New New York, the small towns, and big towns, make their own laws and enforce them.

No one says anything to the slave trading in Statue of Liberty, or the Whores of Luna Park. The drug abuse, or anything. That's not where the fun begins, or where it ends. There are many different places to visit and see within the New York Wastes. There are many whores to be had, bottle caps to win, and drugs to try. Though many do not venture past Ghoul City, deep into the ruined City building's and Super Mutant's have overrun, taking the building's for their own away from the Masters influence.

The World Building page has a more descriptive section for each of the areas of interest.