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Author Topic: The Hungry Wolf Enjoys Particular Flavors. (Actively Searching)  (Read 2651 times)

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Hello Elliquiy, my name is Daltin. I have attempted roleplaying on many forums before this one, and a few great partners were found. However, they never last. I have to imagine that I am the issue, but I can't help my "enthusiasm," as one described it. I usually have a lot of time, unless I start working on a project. In any case, I will always let people know when I have time or not. So, I suppose I will get started on my request now.

Alright, so, to start, I enjoy roles that are more smut focused. You bring an eager spirit, and it can charge some incredible stories. Don't get me wrong, I need emotions, some romance, and development as well. However, most of my roles start with some very taboo, smutty themes. As a writer, I tend to write anywhere from 600 to 2000 word posts. In rare instances I have expanded into 3000 words. These are much rarer. However, you get the idea. I don't write small posts, ever. I never play only one character and I can fill roles for male, female, or whatever gender needed.

Before I get into what I really want, I want to emphasize that I am a give and take kind of person. I will give pretty much anything your heart desires, from being a dom, to gore and vore if that is what you are into, if you can enter my world and appreciate the things I enjoy.

I have written down specific ideas in the past, mostly hit or miss. Instead, this time I am considering simply describing the world we would be playing in, and allow an idea to flow more organically from your knowledge of the worlds and the kinks I really enjoy. So, lets start off with one of my favorite worlds.

 So, I would really love this role being a furry role, but I can definitely discuss other options for it. I would suggest checking my on's and off's before contacting me as well.

The major themes of this craving are my usual kinks, but the story involves witchcraft, catholics, and even an atheist character. It is very smut focused but I can never go full smut, I enjoy emotions and drama too much.

I hope this idea doesn't sound to controlling. But honestly, I am mostly excited at the idea of finding someone to fuel me because I want to make this into a comic story. So, the meat of how things start in this role is this. We start with three central characters, a high school couple, and a mature, but still fertile, catholic milf. My young male, has been ditching his Wiccan girl friend a little too much recently and she has begun to worry. Now, before we go any further, I understand this angle of witchery is not what a normal Wiccan would be involved in, it is not an assumption on Wiccans or real witches.

However, she doesn't know the reason is because he is trying to do odd jobs in a wealthy gated community in order to earn enough money to buy an engagement ring he things is beautiful enough for her. In her fear that they are drifting, she casts a spell to insure his love, but she is young, she misunderstands/mistranslates the text and the effects on her boy friend are very different than she intended. All of this while he is meeting with the catholic milf, one of a group of females hopefully.

If you are interested in where this role could go, message me.

Future based.
 Main focus here is on furries. This role will start and mostly focus on an enormous star ship that is actually a pleasure cruise. Instead of needing to travel across the galaxy to experience the most unique and interesting natural and cultural wonders the planets can offer, one company worked effortlessly to create a massive ship the size of a moon to house the most fascinating features of the planets. These features range from a Fuscia, bio luminescent ocean, and a culture from a planet who's breathable air causes females to be extremely horny especially when in heat. This unique feature has been pumped into a sealed off area for adults only, because such an environment has produced a planet where sex is the currency, law, and entertainment.

This role opens up especially fun kinks with robotic toys and anything else you might possible imagine.

Future Based, but on one planet. Post apocalypse. This world can vary. I am familiar with games such as fallout which can be the basis for the world we are in. However, an idea I had is a world where furries are hunted down by humans, blamed for the state of the world. No where is safe for them except for one location that is a challenge to get to. The Farm. Here, furries are kept safe from all threats of the outside world, a pact that had been signed offering supplies to nearby humans, mostly food from the rich land they possessed and in turn, they get sanctuary. However, even in a place that offers protection from violent death has its own corruption and inner disturbances.

Modern world.
Being that this is a world based on our own, I don't have any direct details for this, but I might offer a range of ideas here. Incest is welcome, though I prefer mother/son in that instance. School scenes are also welcome. This is a role that most definitely focuses more on interactions with humans and the culture around them and is open to humans and furries.

Modern World.
This idea is a bit rougher then my other roles. The central idea here is a bit more story focused. Here, my character is an immortal, cursed with longevity for defying the gods in his duty to slay an ancient evil. Instead, he banished the beast to a realm outside of mortals, but this would not remove his threat permanently. Thus, he was cursed to live as long as the evil, so that when he returned, he would be there to finish what should have been completed ages ago. This evil, has not forgotten his face and all of its ire was focused on destroying his life. Upon its return, it has a vile fate for all of his descendants, one that will haunt the hero, but there might be a light in the darkness.

Here, kings, queens, dragons, beasts, enormous threats. Those are the things that lie in wait in this world. We can take this anywhere your imagination might soar. I have ideas I would enjoy exploring of course, but I tend to leave things more open so that I am not constrained to a single idea that someone is willing to try.

Nympho  GF/Fiance's Mom (Human only)
 Title says most of it. This idea has two basic paths I offer, but looking for people who can develop the ideas even further. The first role would involve a scheme focused around a mother stealing her daughter's incredibly hung boyfriend. Idea two is similar, but more emotionally intense, as the mother has been away from her family for sometime due to her inability to control herself. She checked her in to a place with only women to prevent her temptation. However, her daughter is getting married and she is going to be there, damn it. If only she knew her daughter's fiance was hung like a horse with the balls of a bull.

Interracial: White studs, Ebony goddesses

Trouble in the Jungle:

A visitor has arrived in Africa, encroaching on the land of nearby tribes. This man doesn't seem aggressive, but his wealth seems to catch the attention of the local tribes. With him he brings electricity, clean water, protection from the animals and heat. A life that is safer and perhaps better in the views of the locals. With wealth often comes power and the locals are not fools. Whoever gets in close with the visitor, whoever gains his favor is going to have a better life. One of the chiefs has noticed that this white man has been taking notice of certain women, most of them married and the curviest and least blemished skin. To these women, he always offers extra food and water, along with items of comfort. Of all the women, his wife, the queen of there tribe has gained the most attention. He has to make a hard choice, one that might mean his people surviving over the other tribes. To offer his wife and there women to him, send them over to seduce the white man, or ignore his obvious interests.

Option B: This role also has an option where MC saves the Chief's life and earns the right to take his wife. Without his actions, the woman would have been without a husband and he wouldn't sire more children anyways, so the savior earns the right to make her his mate.

Water Nympho Queen

This role is focused towards the first pic in my role, woman is gorgeous. Water Nymphs are fairly commonly known, but for this, a mythical creature that is tied to the water and has a large appetite for sex, taking any male she can seduce. In this role, I am not exactly sure how I want her to enter the role, but I know I want this to be a fantasy role, a lone warrior finding her little lake. Thinking his main profession is actually a blacksmith, his armor not just strong but elegant. He might be on a quest to reclaim his wife, or get something to impress a woman he loves. The one who informed him told he had to set out on a certain path, knowing he would eventually come across the Water Nymph Queen. Will she try to seduce him once she looks at his strong body and the enormous cock in his pants that could even challenge her ability to take a cock? If she does, will she go with him, hoping she can nuzzle, cuddle, and fuck him enough so he doesn't white the inferior woman he was trying to get and be with her?

White Knight Money Bags

This is actually a modern roleplay. It focuses on a black mom, single or married who isn't doing so well. She is living off the government, barely making it. Her life is hard enough, but her son is also causing trouble. The specifics of the problems she is keeping to herself but he has it in his head that if he doesn't get what he wants, he will make her life suffer by the way he acts. The son believing he directly reflects his mother's reputation. She lives in a rundown apartment complex, no one there has much so when a nice car pulls up one day, it catches everyone's attention. The tall, handsome, white man coming to her home. He is lean and fit, a sculpted body and though his clothing and car suggest someone from money, his stance is very down to earth. Coming to her, he addresses something her son did to his sister. The sister wants vengeance, however, it seems this handsome man has very different feelings about the gorgeous black woman standing before him.

The Parents Are Away:
My character and his sister's parents are taking off for a second honeymoon, trying to rekindle their marriage. Instead of leaving the kids alone the whole time, they ask close friends if their children could stay at their home for the time. This of course, is where things would start in the role. Not a huge, in-depth plot, but it is merely a sample to gauge interest.

The Power of Scent
A young male, high school age has a secret effect on certain women even he doesn't realize. It is passed down from family ever so many skipped generations and it appears that it is his time now. Unlike normal humans, he produces true pheromones and in dense enough qualities to effect women's sex drive. The potency can be so intense a woman must excuse herself to assault her pussy in an attempt to sate her lust. In this world, his effects seem to only effect incredibly curvy, black women. Hopefully all of these women have a profound impact in his sister's life, coach, teacher, things of that sort.

Give An Inch, Take a Mile
This role is a little is playing a bit more with stereotypes. Basic premise, my character's wife starts up a function, having her husband building homes to help black women, single moms to get out of dangerous neighborhoods. However, it ends up the incredibly curvy women who come to claim these wonderful homes for themselves and children find their is something else they want to make theirs. The woman's husband.

Step Daddy Turned Sugar daddy.
Okay, so this role might be a bit more cliche, but what the hell. As the role suggests, my character is dating or has married a beautiful woman. However, her enormously curvy daughters decide they want his money for themselves after seeing all the gifts being lavished on their mama. Personally, I kind of like it in the dating stage, something where my character could be shocked when he meets the child/children and their intense beauty and curves that seem almost impossible in size.

All pictures NSFW

Ebony 1
Ebony 2
Ebony 3
Ebony 4
Ebony 5
Ebony 6
Ebony 7

Again, I want to state here, I am happy and eager to give, when my partner is. http://Ons/Offs

So, now, the place that typically ends up being a deal breaker for most. I am about to post images of my preferred body types for furries and humans:

All images are NSFW!

Added named or titles to make it a bit cleaner and as identifiers. Females I am craving are marked with *.

Also looking for perverted Marvel, DC, and childhood things like Josie and the Pussycats.


Mares: My favorite species. Despite enormous curves, I just find them strikingly beautiful.

Feline: Second favorite, very close.

Black Wolf
Golden Retriever




Humans I really want right now
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Bumping with several new interracial roles and images.

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Bumping and still hoping for more roles. I am happy to give you anything if you are willing to join my world.

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Bumping for new partners, really aching for energetic people. I am willing to make modifications to ideas as well, I have new ideas but none posted. Also, willing to play female roles at times.

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Always lurking for females who can enjoy things a bit more taboo and drama. I would love to give back by asking anything you have ever wanted.

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bumping for huge, hyper breasts furry moms.

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Still craving furry moms.

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bump, I know it is a bit early, but has basically been a month.

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Bumping for horny, naughty, colossally breasted wives and mothers.

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Re: The Hungry Wolf Enjoys Particular Flavors.
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