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Author Topic: Looking for Creative Female  (Read 547 times)

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Looking for Creative Female
« on: March 30, 2016, 02:53:33 PM »
Any one up for RPing the Police song scenario of "Don't Stand so Close to Me?"

PM if interested

Rival Warrior Romance
A male warrior captures his rival female warrior and has her subdued to interrogate.  They used to work for the same side, and both had feelings for each other, but now they are on opposite sides.  He tries to interrogate her but his passions get the best of him.  She goes with it just long enough to gain advantage and escape.  They both begin thinking about the other and he sends her a coded message revealing his feelings for her.  They decide to meet secretly, but don’t completely trust the other.  I am open to plot ideas and setting ideas.

Also craving forced sibling RP and opened to ideas if anyone is interested.

Demon In Discussion
A grad student finds a ancient text that provides a spell to influence events in her favor.  She decides to try it to help get a job after graduation.  She gets the job but it also summons a demon who tells her how she can get more of what she wants by corrupting others.  He also reward her with incredible demon sex.  At first it is simple things like seducing a married man or corrupting a priest, but then it begins to get darker and darker and she begins to fear where all this is going and tries to figure a way out the demon’s grasp.  I am open to how this goes.

A powerful dictator is the target of a  young spy who is ambitious.  Her orders as a spy are to just gather information and stay low, but she takes it on herself when presented with an opportunity to start an affair with him.  Despite his ruthless persona she finds something more fragile underneath and also more deviant in his sexual taste.  She finds herself having feeling for him and enjoys what they do with each other, but struggles with her role as a spy and a lover.  I am open to plot ideas.

Escape from Servitude Taken
A young woman was kidnapped from a wealthy family and sold off into servitude and a high end sex club.  A special mercenary was paid to come find her and has infiltrated the club to help her escape.  He has to posed as a patron and because everything is under close watch as to engage in services with her to make contact.  During their first meeting he falls for her and suddenly he begins to change his objective. 

Failing Start Up
A recent startup company is going through layoffs and a female employee fears to lose her job.  She just bought a place and worries she won’t make her mortgage payment.  She has heard rumors that one of the managers has given promotions to a couple of women for sexual favors.  Each told her in confidence it that it was a one time thing.  He is attractive, but married.  She is not normally this kind of person, but she feels desperate to keep her job. It starts out as one time thing, but the stress of the job he starts making more demands as more people get laid off. They begin a kinky affair wherein she becomes his personal assistant, but then the company gets into more trouble and he wants her to help save it by convincing clients to stay.  I am open to how this goes.

The Neighbor’s Window
Two Neighbors who are unhappily married flirt with each other through the window.  It could start out one catches the other watching and then build from there.  Eventually turning into a perverted affair.  I am open to ideas

Cyber Blackmail
A female Hacker is caught by an anonymous security guy, who blackmails her into following his exhibitionist instructions.  She follows his instruction, which get riskier and more perverted every week hoping that she might be able to track him down.  I am open to how this goes. 

Step Mom
Male College student’s dad marries a younger women.  He comes home for the summer.  He knows she married him for his money and he is pissed at her.  She makes several attempts to make nice with him but he is rude to her.  He finds that he also secretly attracted to her.   She later catches him masturbating to her (either pictures or her masturbating or something), but she is offended at first but later more flattered.  The sexual tension builds between as he stays longer until neither can take it.  I am open to ideas and how this goes.

other incest parings if interested:
Siblings / step-siblings
step father / daughter

PM if interested

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Re: Looking for Creative Female
« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2016, 12:27:46 PM »
Added Demon, Spy and Escape

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Re: Looking for Creative Female
« Reply #2 on: April 02, 2016, 12:00:52 PM »
Added additional incest pairings

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Re: Looking for Creative Female
« Reply #3 on: April 02, 2016, 03:23:17 PM »
added Warrior Rival Romance