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Author Topic: November cell (Spy themed) [Selectively seeking characters]  (Read 2664 times)

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Offline LyndseyTopic starter

November cell (Spy themed) [Selectively seeking characters]
« on: March 29, 2016, 02:42:24 pm »
November Cell

Update 04 - Game started,  currently selectively seeking one more male character and/or antagonistic peripheral characters. Feel free to Pm for discussion or register interest on thread.

The plot:

November cell is a group of agents under a wider government initiative known as Odyssey that was formed to take on the tasks that no one else is able to do, ranging from assassinations and data theft, to protection and extraction of high value targets and everything in between. The organization recruits individuals deemed 'expendable', to operate as if they are independent contractors, with the government denying any knowledge of their existence should any of the agents be caught or captured. This plot would revolve around the various missions that the team would undertake, as well as their lives off the job and the dynamics between the various members of the group. The story would be set in modern-day United States, though the missions certainly and, and will take the team to various locales around the globe.

Group concept:

Inspired by the many films in the spy/action genre, I envision this to be a small group, of four to no more than six competent writers capable of writing interesting, multi-faceted characters and contributing their own spins to a constantly evolving story. Ideally, I'd like there to be an equal mix of male/female characters. I'll be writing a character myself, while taking on light GM duties as and when needed, but I would like this to be more of a collaboration between all parties involved, and everyone can and should bring their own ideas to the table when it comes to story direction. In the interest of keeping the group small and as compatible as possible, I'd like to partner with the writers I feel most comfortable with, and would prefer quality over quantity in terms of posts. Should this get off the ground, there would ideally be a diverse cast of characters involved, with different skillsets/backgrounds, so on so forth.

There could also be some very basic dice rolls where applicable for things such as combat, to introduce an occasional random element into writing. (For example, your character takes a shot at an assailant, and based on the factors involved in the shot he/she would have say an 80% chance of making it, thus you roll a ten sided die and 3-8 would be a hit, and so on so forth.) This is all up for discussion of course, and can be skipped entirely in favor of a completely freeform game, where trust is placed in the individual writers to keep things along a more realistic line.

Current Mission:

01 Kill order: Francis Cameron

Character sheet:

Code: [Select]
[floatright][img]http://(Character image code here)[/img][/floatright]
[b]Player:[/b] (Elliquiy user name)
[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Place of Birth:[/b]
[b]Former Occupation:[/b] (What your character did before being recruited)
[b]Personality:[/b] (Your character's personality traits)
[b]Physical Traits[/b]: (General description of your character's physical traits)
[b]Skills:[/b] (Specific skills your character possesses)
[b]Agent Profile:[/b] (A brief history of your character's background leading up to how they were recruited, either in bullet points or traditional paragraphs)
[b]On/Offs:[/b](Specific O/O's for this character or a link to your on/off page)

Game threads (Main):

Code: (Posting format) [Select]
[floatright]Character Image Code Here[/floatright]

November cell character sheets

November cell OOC thread

November Cell Main thread: Mission 01


Game Rules :

  • All the stuff of basic RP etiquette and god-modding applies, do ask if you are unclear what this entails. My inbox is always open to suggestions/ideas/critiques and so on.
  • To keep the game moving along, please try to adhere to a posting rate of at least once-twice a week. Should you need to be absent for an extended period of time, please let the group know so your character can be written for/out. Be sure to inform the group of any sub-threads so they can be added to the main post.
  • Should you end a post on a note that allows a dice roll to be applied (Example: Taking a shot), one will be performed for you and the results posted in the OOC thread. If you do not want the random element involved in your writing or wish to perform the roll yourself, do let me know.
  • Most importantly, have fun!

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Offline MissFire

I'm interested.

Offline GnothiSeauton

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Tentatively interested here.

Offline Kokaine

I'm interested.

Offline Praxis

I could do this.

Offline LyndseyTopic starter

Thanks for the interest so far. I'd like to give it till the weekend to see if we can rustle up a couple more. A character sheet has been added to the initial post, feel free to fill it up so I can get a better feel of the characters everyone is looking to play.

Below you'll find an example sheet of a character I am likely using to write, you are not obligated to do your character sheet in the same style of course, a more traditional description would work fine as well.

And last but not least, suggestions, queries and/or ideas can always be directed to my inbox.  :-)

Example character sheet
Player: Lyndsey
Character Name: Evelyn Jane Rose
Age: 29
Sex: MtF Transsexual
Place of Birth: Jersey City, New Jersey
Former Occupation: ER Nurse
Personality: Initially comes across as cold and aloof. Quick-witted and intelligent, Evelyn takes awhile to warm up to others but can be fiercely loyal to those she cares about
Physical Traits: Evelyn stands at about 5'8' tall, with shoulder-length blonde hair and green doe eyes. Slightly broad-shouldered her frame would nevertheless be seen by most as unimposing. She has a scar several inches long running up her right forearm from a broken arm suffered in her teenage years. She possesses the lean, toned legs of a runner from a regular fitness regiment, and prefers comfort over form when it comes to attire. Mildly short-sighted, she either wears a pair of large-rimmed glasses or contacts.
Skills: First aid and ER medicine training, Proficient marksman, Limited knowledge of mechanical engineering.
Agent Profile:
  • Born Evan Rose, was raised by her father. Mother deceased 1993 in unsolved murder. Grew up helping out around her father's garage in Jersey city, possesses limited knowledge of mechanical engineering and vehicle repair.
  • Had difficulty fitting in during high school, a frequent visitor to the principal's office for various 'problem' behaviors, most commonly for fighting back against bullies.
  • Possesses a keen sense of right and wrong, strongly motivated by her mother's death to make a difference in the world. Proclivity towards rash decision making and reckless behavior. Slow to warm-up to strangers and prefers to keep her social circle small. Does not trust easily.
  • Possible capacity for undercover work, exhibits the capability to lie and keep her true feelings hidden from others. Adept at putting on a front.
  • Spurned several scholarship offers in favor of signing up with the military,trained as a combat medic but was never deployed. Top scores in marksmanship and proficient in Krav Maga.
  • Found work as a nurse upon leaving the military, currently working in the emergency room of one of New York's busiest hospitals.
  • Sources indicate subject is unsatisfied with current career path, approved for preliminary recruitment.

Offline MissFire

Player: MissFire
Character Name: Mona Temple
Age: 30
Sex: Female
Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York
Former Occupation: Homicide Detective

Personality: Blunt, straightforward, about as subtle as a sledgehammer to the face. Mona plays the 'tomboy' card all day, every day. She acts like she wants to be thought of as the 'cool, lone-wolf' type but is in actuality the 'cool big sister' type of personality; she's the kind of hardass that will give everyone a rough time but will also be the first one to just sit down and listen to someone pour their heart out. Her brash attitude can sometimes cause her to take unnecessary risks, which can endanger the people around her, but she's competent enough to get away with her bravado most of the time.

Physical Traits: Athletic and toned, with short brown hair and brown eyes. Numerous scars including: a jagged, z-shaped scar crossing her right cheek and the bridge of her nose, a faint neck scar, and two old gunshot wounds around the abdomen. Her left eye is missing (gunshot) and replaced with a blank whiite glass eye - she keeps her eyes covered behind rounded sunglasses. Her left arm is a veritable jigsaw puzzle of scar tissue.

-Decent marksman
-Excellent hand-to-hand combatant
-Excellent driver
-Plenty of connections in and around the New York City area
-Extremely durable

Agent Profile:
Mona and her sister April were orphaned at a young age when their parents died in a car accident. April, at that point still very much young and innocent, was more despondant and terrified at having to live in an orphanage. Mona, on the other hand, was angry. As far as she was concerned nothing and no one would take the place of her mother and father. She lashed out at the nuns that ran the orphanage and they, in turn, struck back. Subjected to daily punishment and the occasional beating, Mona was one of the reasons no one ever came to adopt her and April. Eventually, she realized this. Still a child, she did something impossibly rash and ran away. The nuns, sick of Mona, did not try overmuch to find her.

Eventually, April was adopted. Meanwhile, Mona lived much of her teens on the streets as a vagrant. She fell in with a gang called The Kings and they became sort of a second family to her.

The Kings, as far as gangs go, were mostly harmless. Drugs, vandalism, grand theft auto, one or two small protection rackets. Things went south when they finally grew some balls and planned their first (and last, it would turn out) bank robbery. It was not as easy as it seemed from TV and the movies. Things went south in a hurry and The Kings fled, leaving Mona behind. She was furious. Also arrested, but mostly furious. Seeing her anger, the police made a deal; wear a wire, pretend like she'd evaded capture, get the gang to talk about the crime. Mona agreed, but when shit starts to roll downhill momentum can take it pretty far. The wire was soon discovered and a shootout followed. Mona versus The Kings. Somewhere in the midst of the shootout, a fire started. Again, Mona was the only survivor. The police were happy with the results. They had scum off the streets and could easily blame it on 'gang-on-gang violence'. At sixteen Mona had lost another family and she'd pulled the trigger.

But at least she was free.

Two years later, the police contacted her again. This time, no wires.

"Gang-on-gang violence. It's all over the news. It would be a shame if.."

And so when the War on Drugs started, Mona Temple became a frontline soldier. She'd spent much of her life on the streets at that point, had connections, had the look, knew the lingo, had proven she could kill. Dirty cops paid her good money to do terrible things to criminals. "Bounty Hunter" was her prefered terminology, but there were nastier words for it. Hitwoman. Trigger woman. Assassin. Traitor. Bitch. Mona started raking in money and living a life of excess; expensive cars, alcoholism, a penthouse apartment. A paper trail left by a careless kid spending ill-gotten gains. But when you kill enough low-level drug pushers, the men higher up the chain start to notice. Three crime families took the saying "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" to heart and banded together with one goal in mind; kill Mona Temple.


The note had been succinct. It contained an address to a dockside warehouse. There she met three men; Jack Lupino, mob enforcer. Sergei Radinov, Russian mob drug kingpin. Xiao Xiao Long, leader of the Mountain Cloud Boys triad. There were no terms to discuss. Lupino had April and he had a gun to her head. They told Mona not to do anything stupid, to put her hands up.

She did something stupid.

She won't talk about the mistake that got April killed, but Lupino put a bullet in her head and then one in Mona's eye. The trio left both for dead. April passed but Mona, driven by seething primal fury, managed to survive a gunshot to the head and crawled until she passed out. She awoke in the hospital missing an eye and, without spending much time in recovery, did another stupid thing; she ran away. Just like the orphanage all over again. She'd hurt April again and it was her fault. Again. What followed was a violent rampage that took place over the course of three days. She stalked and killed the wolf, pulled him bodily through a car window and did to the animal what he'd done to April. The bear was coked up when she caught him. He fought hard, but a long fall put him into premanent hibernation. The dragon caught wind of the hunter and tried to flee during the calamity created on Chinese New Year. Fireworks framed the sky as the dragon was consumed by fire on his own boat.

Just gang-on-gang violence. Nobody would look into it too hard.

At home, Mona picked up a pistol and put it to her head. She closed her eye. She put her finger on the trigger. Something stopped her. She couldn't. Wouldn't. What happened to April couldn't be allowed to happen again. Mona vowed to atone for the mistakes she'd made. She'd take her troubled life and turn it around. She cashed in favors with her dirty cop friends and soon became an official officer of the law. She rose through the ranks to homicide detective and these days she's got a decent career behind her. Most of the men at the station hate her with a passion, but that's alright, because one day a recruiter comes to pay her a visit.

On/Offs: Non-Sexual
Other: Additional Image, Theme: The Real Folk Blues

Offline Kokaine

Player: Kokaine
Character Name: Danika Quinn
Age: 26
Sex: Female
Place of Birth: Las Vegas, Nevada
Former Occupation: Professional Poker Player / Hacker

Personality: Dani is a fun loving rebel type, the sort who likes to break the rules just because they're there. She enjoys the thrill of complex challenges and the adrenaline rush that comes with working to best an opponent to the point that it genuinely seems like her only motivation. Sure, she spends a large amount of her time behind a computer screen but she isn't your typical geek. She's loud, quirky, and juuuust awkward enough to let her real thoughts out maybe more than she should--especially when you make her angry. She isn't afraid of a fight if it comes to that but for the most part likes to pretend nothing really matters.

Physical Traits: Dani is a woman of mixed ethnicity with a deep tan complexion, brown eyes, full lips, and a slim but athletic build that's stronger than one would assume. Standing 5'7" tall she has long dark hair that is now kept shaved on the sides (undercut). Her style is kind of funky but generally comfy, unless tailored for a specific event.

  • Hacking and general tech proficiency + ability to modify existing hardware. Is especially good at copycatting other hacker signatures.
  • Freerunning/Parkour + Riding Bikes/Skates/Boards | Down side is that girlie actually doesn't know how to drive
  • Is an adequate street fighter but not a true hand to hand combatant due to lack of professional training. Is better at simply running/escaping.
  • Highly proficient at reading people, situations, and probabilities though not always good enough at acting to pull off the necessary manipulation (poker face is easy but full out pulling off a con is not)
  • Sharp memory though not quite eidetic
Agent Profile:
  • Raised by a single mother who worked as a show girl. The way her mother tells it, her father was some good for nothing that wanted nothing to with her or Dani after she got knocked up. Dani suspects its not the truth, at least not all of it, but she never had enough info to go digging herself.
  • School was too easy for Dani and often left her bored. In an effort to stave off that boredom she took to doing things like charging for test answers, slipping into the system and changing grades, forging fake IDs, and other pranks, which got her suspended and then expelled from three different high schools before she just quit going altogether.
  • Eventually she cleaned up her act and got her GED, moving on to community college after that. During this period she really began to get into hacking and taking things apart, making a name for herself with the former and just making a mess with the latter. She'd of course end up using her skills to pay the rent, especially after the Feds came sniffing around the first time and her mother kicked her out.
  • Hooked up with a girl at 18 and the two started running scams. Two years later her girlfriend went missing and was never found. Dani assumes Tasha simply ditched her since a good chunk of their savings disappeared with her.
  • After that, Dani took what was left of her funds and hit the casinos. She played well enough to earn spots in bigger tournaments and essentially start a new bank roll. However, on the side she was contacted by a messenger from what she assumed was nothing more than a high level loan shark to begin working for him.
  • Dani found herself on the fast track to the high life but admittedly wasn't aware of who it was she was really working for until she intercepted a horrific message not meant for her eyes, a message that pretty much revealed she had been playing a part in sex trafficking, drug trafficking, and much more. Seeing the absolute brutality in that message was bad enough that it gave her nightmares and after debating for a while she decided to tip off the authorities--not by calling but by hacking into a protected network and leaving a trail of bread crumbs.
  • It took longer than she would have liked but for the sake of her mother Dani stayed put, going about her normal routine until one night her apartment was raided and she was arrested along with others in the organization. She went through booking locally but an error apparently had her transferred to a maximum security facility after only a few days. A facility she never arrived at.
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Offline GnothiSeauton

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I'm going to try to work on a male character tonight.  Hope to have a sheet done after I finish up my writing project and do a few posts.

Offline Praxis

Player: Praxis
Character Name:David Oestreicher
Place of Birth: Las Vegas, Nevada
Former Occupation: Navy Seal - EOD (Explosive Ordnance) Operator - Significant exposure to black ops

Personality: Patient, OCD regarding "everything in it's place" , burgeoning alcoholic , fuelled by guilt , seeking atonement

Physical Traits: 6'3", 201 lbs.  Sandy blonde hair and blue eyes.  David has the physique of someone who trains daily covering both strength and cardiovascular areas.  He also does yoga daily; aside from the physical benefits he finds it allows him to "keep it together".  David has a series of scars from his time enlisted; all of which can be discovered over time should he be found in states of undress.  One scar of note however is a "burn" on his upper left shoulder and partially onto his shoulder blade.  It also reaches the left side of his neck and can be noticed when he wears a t-shirt.

Skills: Explosives of all kinds involving creation, placement of, disarming and destroying.  While not an actual engineer, he has trained through the military with both electrical and electronic engineers and is capable in the field, sidearm expertise, firearm expertise, hand to hand combat expertise. Some but not extensive exposure to tradecraft.

Agent Profile:

Mexico City had a sound all it's own.  There was least five entirely different songs by his count and people.  Too many people.  People yelling, talking, singing and even crying.  Beneath all of that was the sound of people living...people moving about in a sprawling city where life didn't really seem to mean that much and beneath all of that; the sound of cars and trucks honking. It was constant.  He wondered how people managed to even function in the chaos.  He'd been on a number of missions; too many missions in too many third world countries and all of them were chaotic with chaotic drivers that seemed to use their horn as often as they drew breath...but none of it compared to Mexico City.  The sound was maddening and he looked down at his empty beer; his fingers twitching momentarily as he struggled to keep from ordering a second from the skinny, but pretty waitress that couldn't have been more than sixteen.

"You hate it here."  Carroll, his old senior officer smiled.  The man was north of fifty years old and his body was not what it used to be but he was a good deal more than what his appearance might suggest to those with untrained eyes.  It was easy to see where Carroll had gotten soft but where he hadn't softened was his pale blue eyes.  Still hard.  Still unyielding.  Still capable of looking straight through you.  They were eyes that could look at you, see you were tired; more than tired.  A word had not been invented for the physical state that they would be left in at times so "tired" would have to suffice. So tired... and yet he could convince you that you were ready for another thirty-five kilometer slog through the jungle.  Carroll had smiled when he had spoken but the smile didn't reach his eyes...  Carroll was judging him even as he was judging Carroll.

He turned his head and the traffic moving past was caught in the reflection of his sunglasses as he offered his senior officer a smile that was forced.

"I hate it here." , he admitted.  Carroll gave him a look as if the words he spoke caused the older man pain.  Overacting as though he had been stabbed through the heart; mortally wounded...which elicited a small smile which was when Carroll lifted his hand, raising two fingers.

"Aw...c'mon David.  I live like a king down here on money that would get me anywhere back home.  The women are long as you make sure it's a woman and not a girl...and not a man...and if you use protection you won't catch something they don't even have a name for yet."  Carroll gave an absolutely fantastic smile to the girl that delivered them two more beer and the man took both from the girl's tray, stopping to place one down in front of the both of them.  "Listen...I didn't bring you here to sell you on the glory of Mexico.'re not ready for it but I have something.  Word has trickled out that there's something new being formed.  Something the books.  You might be interested...  Carroll left it hanging as he took a drink.

"So...they need a door-kicker?"  Carroll gave him an amused smile as a response and took a long drink from the bottle of beer.  The amber coloured beer danced around the of the bottle as he drank deeply and he let out a satisfied growl before placing the now half-full bottle down on the table with a resounding thud.  His smile had not left his lips as he replied.

"You are a little bit more than a door-kicker David.  That's like calling a tiger a house cat and that never works out well. " , both men shared a smile as they both knew how much shit Carroll was full of. 

David looked down at the open beer in front of him.  His nostrils flaring slightly as he breathed in the scent of it.  His hands, resting palm down on either side of the bottle pressed a little harder to the table.  "It tends to not work out well for the owner..." , David replied in a quiet, wry tone.

"It doesn't work out too well for the tiger either...", Carroll grinned.

David continued to look at his beer for a moment before looking up and catching Carroll giving him a look he had never seen before.  Carroll looked...concerned.
The look was gone as quickly as it had appeared and Carroll took another drink and offered what seemed like a perfectly normal smile.  "How are you doing with the drinking, David?" 

David didn't grimace at the question, he knew it was coming and even with all the time it had been, he didn't want to look Carroll in the eye when he lied to the older man. David's sunglasses hid his eyes as he looked out at the maelstrom of traffic and a small smile...a smile full of lies was on his lips as he spoke.

"I'm good, C."

"Well of course you're good.  I can see you're good.  I didn't ask that though now did I?"

"I'm bravo zulu C.  Who do I contact?"

"Come by tomorrow and I'll get you the information you need.

David nodded his head and gave his senior officer a smile that was more genuine and less deceptive.  He slid the bottle of beer in front of him across the table and left it in front of Carroll.

"Thanks C. will...the work will be good for me.  I need it."  Carroll smiled and nodded his head even as he finished off his first beer and then took a hold of the second that David had just given him.

"I know you do." , he replied in an affectionate tone before his eyes hardened.  Only a slight that most wouldn't notice but for David it was clear that his once senior officer had shifted gears entirely.  "And David...two things.  Do us proud operator..." David stood from where he had been seated and gave a short, sharp nod of his head in response before Carroll continued.  "...and David...get a shave.  You look like something out of a fuckin' videogame."

David laughed quietly a moment before looking away.  His eyes falling on the nearby steady stream of honking cars, people and all of the chaos that simply seemed to roll out of them.   Both men were quiet a moment, looking at the chaos arrayed before them and both pairs of eyes were clearly...seeing something else altogether.




"Yeah David?"



"You think we'll be forgiven for what we did?"



"I hope not. We sure as fuck don't deserve it."

On/Offs:Character reflects my own.  I'm not complicated.  Get in my ear if you think your character and mine will get that far.  Let's just go with "dominant" to start.
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Offline LyndseyTopic starter

Great characters so far! I've updated the thread to indicate that we'll be taking character sheets till this Sunday. I should also be posting details of the first mission in the next few days.

Offline GnothiSeauton

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If this concept doesn't work, or isn't acceptable, I am more than happy to scrap it and come up with something new...

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Player:  GnothiSeauton
Character Name:  Oscar Valdez
Age:  Thirty seven
Sex:  Male
Place of Birth:  Northeast Pennsylvania
Former Occupation:  Wetwork.  Hired Gun.
Personality:  Crass to a degree with off-hand remarks.  Professional when it comes to a job.  A bit of a slob in his personal space.  Laid back and relaxed.
Physical Traits:  Six feet, one inch tall.  Small collection of various tattoos upon his upper arms.  Long dark hair and facial hair.  Hazel eyes. 
Skills:  General automotive knowledge.  Proficient marksman.  Fluent in a variety of major languages.  Knowledgeable of various underworld and criminal connections.
Agent Profile:
  • Born to a single mother who died in childbirth.  Had a bit of a difficult upbringing, bouncing around various foster homes and orphanages.
  • Fell into a rough crowd at a young age.  From there, he began to become acquainted with various criminal organizations and began to become involved within them.
  • From a low-level enforcer, soon became a reliable hitman for the Garcetti Family.
  • Started taking more freelance jobs with the power struggle that engulfed the Garcetti Family in the spring of 2007.  Became connected with taking on various government contracts around this time.
  • Went “dark”, abandoning a job and falling off the radar in Shanghai, summer of 2011.  Reasons unknown to authorities.
  • Tracked down and captured by U.S. Law enforcement, early 2013.
  • Incarcerated for national security concerns.  Remained in solitary confinement until launch of November Cell initiative.  Agreement reached, exchanging limited freedom for work.
On/Offs:  Open to anything, except what is listed in my Off's.

Offline LyndseyTopic starter

If this concept doesn't work, or isn't acceptable, I am more than happy to scrap it and come up with something new...

He looks good. With all these outstanding characters I have decided to move ahead with things and am currently working on the first mission and initial post, which I hope to have up by Friday evening or Saturday at the latest, following which, we'll be open for business!

All parties have already been contacted, so feel free to post your characters sheets and mingle in the OOC.

Recruitment is till open for one more male character, and will remain so until the spot is filled.

Offline MistressofPen

Re: November cell (Spy themed) [Game starting, seeking one male character)
« Reply #13 on: April 01, 2016, 11:52:23 am »
Player: MistressofPen
Character Name: Stephanie Kane
Age: 28
Sex: Female
Place of Birth: San Jose, California, USA
Former Occupation: Novelist.
Personality:  Outgoing.  Seems possessed of too much energy at times.  Healthy sense of humor. Strong sense of right and wrong.
Physical Traits: Stephanie is 5’9” tall, has long, medium-brown hair and blue eyes.  She is fit without being bulky/muscular.  Attire of choice is casual. 
Skills: Air Force Basic Military Training (weapons, combat).  Learned on her own: Can fly a plane.  Hand-to-hand combat focused on disarming an attacker; defensive driving; research. Grew up riding horses, motorcycles, and off-road vehicles from quads to snowmobiles.

Agent Profile: The year Stephanie started college, when she was 17, her parents took a second honeymoon and were two of the 75 victims of a terrorist attack in Spain.

She took a year off to try to deal with her loss.  She researched terrorism and the particular cell who “claimed” the attack that took her parents’ lives.  Back in school, she was more focused on her research and justice than her education.  Feeling this wasn’t healthy, she decided to write it all out.  In her sophomore year, her tribute to her parents was published.  In the book were memories of her parents, interspersed with information she’d gathered about the terrorists.  She wanted to do more, to seek justice, but was not sure how to go about it.  Her education was suffering, so she looked for other options.

Stephanie enlisted in the Air Force and went through basic training.  Stephanie got her airman’s coin and then, very, very, quietly she was requested to leave.  No explanation was given.  Try as she might, she could not get any information out of the company.  All she learned was that it came from "higher up."  She wondered if her writing and research might be the culprit; had she poked something she shouldn't?

With her agent asking for another book, Stephanie returned to writing.  She decided to create a female spy somewhere between a Patricia Cornwell (cerebral) character and a Robert Ludlum (action) character. She wanted to be able to say that she could do anything that her character could do, so spent a lot of time in the gym to be fit and to learn how to fight, and elsewhere learning other skills.  When one of her novels was turned into a movie, she met a “consultant” for the movie who was ex-CIA, ex-military, but currently a mystery.  When she was recruited, she always thought it was because of this mystery man.
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Re: November cell (Spy themed) [Game starting, seeking one male character)
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Good news, we should be good to go soon, I've started work on the initial post and it should be up sometime tonight. In the meantime, do post your character sheets in the CS thread.

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Re: November cell (Spy themed) [Game starting, seeking one male character)
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Main thread is now live and open for posting, find it HERE.

OOC thread is up as well and can be found HERE.

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Re: November cell (Spy themed) [Game starting, seeking one male character)
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Player: Juggtacular
Character Name: Lucas "Luke" Kingsley
Age: 26
Sex: Male
Place of Birth: Atlanta, GA
Former Occupation: Black Ops Soldier/ Fixer
Personality: Luke's motivation? Well he's got the talent and the skill. Why not do what he's good at and enjoy overcoming the challenges that life brings? The money's great, but he's not in it for that. If he was he could just hack a bank or offshore account and no one would ever know it was him. No, he does it for the thrill his high risk, high reward lifestyle brings him. Another big motivation is his friend Basri Malik. He was the one who got him into this business, and his death only spurred Lucas on because Basri truly loved it and it's a way of honoring him. He somewhat enjoys the fact that a majority of people expect geniuses to be tiny, nerdy things. While they expect idiots to be huge and bulky. He gets doubly underestimated, and it works fine for him.

Lucas is a well put together person surprisingly, despite all the death he's caused and all the trauma he's been experienced to, as well as how differently his brain's wired.  He's kind, polite, witty, and quick with a joke. He also doesn't see the point in correcting people about small things or pointing out how smart he is. It's that sort of mentality he can't stand in other people, and he's not a hypocrite so he doesn't exercise it. Due to leading dozens of men in the military, he's used to command and is sort of a take charge guy, but he'll dial it back if people aren't with it. Being a genius comes with ups and downs, and interacting with people is one of those downs. He's not an introvert, but it does take him a while to fully open up(especially with men).

Beyond that, sometimes he suffers from social anxiety as he spent so much time following his pursuits that he didn't have much time for a social life. He's trying to fix it, but old habits die hard. When it comes to women he's weird. He loves the ladies and flirts all the time(he's had a few one night stands). But often during that flirting he comes off as the "nervous/shy" type, which is true; he's absolutely terrified of rejection and it tears him up every time a girl shoots him down. However, he's smart enough to realize that "there are more fish in the sea, and it's okay to get turned down. It makes him stronger in the long run, but it still hurts, and it hurts a lot more than it would the average guy because he picks apart every single thing that went wrong every single time.

Physical Traits: Luke's not the tallest guy in the world, but at 6'4 and weighing a solid, muscular 2350lbs...well he's okay with that. He exercises all the time so he's in excellent shape, and he's got strong, handsome features like a powerful jawline and perfect white teeth. His eyes are a sharp shade of hazel and he always makes sure he's groomed well. He usually shaves his head. He found a fascination with tattoos when he joined the Marines, and most of the ones he has are military related. He has a scar dead center on his chest, running from his collar bone down to his solar plexus(knife fight). He also has a thin scar over his right eye from frag shrapnel. This one starts just over his eyebrow and trails down, stopping slightly below his cheek bone.

  • Genius Level IQ[200]
  • Deadly Martial Artist
  • Expert Marskman
  • Engineering/Hacking
  • Manipulation
  • Environmental Mastery[Can use his environment to help himself and hinder others]
  • Massive Size & Strength
Agent Profile:

Luke's family has been military for a long time, and when he was born, his father was actually on the fast track for making general. His uncle was a lieutenant as well and his mom had been a triage nurse. Even his grandparents had served. All of them expected him to follow in the family tradition, and even when he was younger they were preparing him for what they thought he would want(but it was really what they wanted for him). As it turned out, he was a child prodigy, and all of his aptitude tests scored through the roof. Some of the tests were even labeled inconclusive because his answers broke the grading chart. He even started to take a large interest in computers and technology, finding that he just felt at home with electronics. He absorbed every lesson with astonishing speed, and ended up finishing high school by the time he was thirteen. On top of that, his family were fond of teaching him things about the Marines where they traditionally served.

 How to fight, ROTC for how to act and behave, marksmanship training. The works. Funny enough, he hit puberty right after he got done with high school, and he had one helluva growth spurt that turned him into the muscular giant he is today. He finished college by seventeen with a dual major in engineering and computer programming, as well as a minor in economics. He'd even hacked NASA once on a dare to prove the moon landing was real.(He got in some serious trouble with that one)

Unsurprisingly, he didn't go out into the workforce though; instead he followed in his families footsteps. He joined the Marines and enlisted in the OCS(Officer Candidates School) so he could become commissioned as soon as he enlisted. As a college graduate, he was placed into OCC(Officer Candidates Course). Not only did he pass the grueling 10 week course, he graduated as one of the top candidates. Everyone who passes OCS is automatically commissioned as 2nd Lt. and shipped off to TBS(The Basic School) at Quantico for six months.  He went through the process same as everyone else(although he did sort of hack the sleeping roster so he could get away from Jenkins, a guy with massive BO problems)When he finished TBS, he was given his first command and shipped out to active duty.

You'd think an eighteen year old genius in the military would fold under the pressure of leading men in actual combat. Lucas sort of did. Soldiers always tended to give fresh Officer's a hard time, thinking they hadn't earned their command like the grunts who work their way up. So Luke had to fight hard to get his men to follow his orders, and it was only made more difficult due to the fact that he wasn't the best people person. Sometimes they wouldn't even address him as Lieutenant, which is about as disrespectful as a soldier can be to his CO. Dumb luck seemed to be the only reason none of them ended up dead. It wasn't until a mission where his unit was charged with infiltrating a munitions dump in Bosnia and blowing it sky high did he finally earn the respect of his soldiers. Up until then, they thought he was just a brain who took the easy way out so he could join the military, get decent pay and not actually risk his life.

He proved them wrong though. The intel on the facility and supposed op-for numbers was outdated, and as they worked their way through the facility, they got overrun. He'd memorized the entire facility layout though, and instructed his squad to stay and defend their location while he took a few men through the air ducts. The most rebellious soldier in his squad, Henry Fairbanks tried to give him shit, but with everyone's lives on the line, he couldn't stand it anymore. He butted him in the stomach, then across the chin with his rifle, knocking him down but not out, and putting him in his place. There wasn't an impassioned speech like in the movies to get them to follow his orders; he just used cold, hard facts. The truth was they were outnumbered and would die there if they didn't hold that position, and follow his plan, the only plan anyone had come up with.

They did their job that day. He took three men with him, and wrote down specific instructions on how to get through the vent system. All four of them would emerge at different points, and work their way back to the contested area. Every Marine a Rifleman, well four rifleman laying down cover fire from four different positions would certainly throw the enemy off and give the rest of the boys time to actually set up and fight back. The plan was sound in theory, but the facility was old and poorly maintained. Everyone has bad luck now and then. Luke's came when he was in the ducts, as he was the one who fell through and landed in a room a full level below where he needed to be.

He was clearing his head when three men burst into the room. Twitch reflexes saved his life and he held the trigger on his rifle for dear life, mowing them down one after the other. But there had actually been four of them and the last one didn't make it into the room before he'd fired. He didn't get a chance to reload before the last one came in either. He would have died right then and there when the soldier opened fire, but he stumbled over the bodies of his friends and his shots went wide. Luke was no longer thinking at this point, which was a first for him. He was running off adrenaline and instinct when he threw his rifle as hard as he could at the soldier and ran after it.

The rifle hit him, and while it didn't do much damage, the point was to take his focus away from the guy running at him full speed. The brawl with the man he'd never seen before but wanted him dead as bad as Luke wanted to live was the most intense thing he'd ever done. He almost died several times during the struggle, especially when the guy pulled a knife and tried to stab him in the chest. Somehow he survived though, they executed the plan, and his men turned the battle around. They completed the mission, they all made it home, and his men started looking at him with respect. From then on, things started going a lot better.

His men trusted him, listened to him, followed his orders. As his platoon became a more cohesive unit, more like a band of brothers than a bunch of guys working together, Command started to give them more crucial missions. And thanks to the work of everyone in his unit, they got them done. Luke's platoon(46th Advanced Operations Unit) started to be known as the "Mad Dog's", due to the fact that they took crazy assignments and not only succeeded, but would go right back out and do another one. They even got their own motto, "Win or Die, Semper Fi". In a year and a half he was promoted to 1st Lt., six months earlier than standard from his squads extremely high success rate. Although aside from a pay bump and a slightly higher clearance level, nothing really changed. They did offer him a few more men for his platoon, and he accepted.

More Mad Dogs meant better combat capability after all. He served the remained of his four years as a 1st Lt, and while he could have re-enlisted and come back as a Captain, Command couldn't guarantee he'd get his Platoon drawn into the new Company he'd lead. He wanted to come back, but something in him told him no. He'd served his country dutifully for four years, so it was time for a change. He was twenty-two and still had his life ahead of him. He still had that fight in him, but the marines wasn't where he wanted to stay all his life.  He had made a number of contacts during his stint, and a friend of his from Istanbul, Basri Malik, did some private 'consulting' work after leaving a PMC called Black Arrow. He was both freelance and government contracted, giving them a large range of options on work.

Luke phoned him one day and after a long talk, he booked a flight to Istanbul to see what that life was all about. With all of Luke's skills, he took to it like a fish to water. Soon his friend Basri saw he was a natural and they started working together. Basri had the know how of the type of work, and Luke had the smarts and raw talent to get the tougher assignments done. It was a very lucrative business partnership for two years, but then one day Basri was killed in a car accident.

 The two had dodged bullets together, fought small armies, assassinated cartel drug lords and toppled regimes for whichever government paid the most. But getting t-boned by a drunk driver is what took him out. Luke cried for his brother, paid for the funeral and mourned with his family who had become like his own in the two years they worked together. Then he went back to work, taking over the business the two had crafted and grown together and turning it into a solo act until he could find a decent replacement for Basri. He never did though, not before he was approached by the sort of people who usually hire him for a job. This time the offer was different though. This time they talked to him about "November Cell".


Ons: Vanilla Sex, Oral, Anal, Foreplay, Seduction, Public Sex, Risky Sex, Roleplay, etc...
Offs: Gore, Vore, Blood, Watersports, Scat, etc...
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Re: November cell (Spy themed) [Game starting, seeking one male character)
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Are you still looking for one more male character?

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Re: November cell (Spy themed) [Game starting, seeking one male character)
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My apologies for the late reply, have been away from the computer for most of today!

Anyway, the game has just started and while I would not mind one more male character, he should be different and distinct enough from the others in play.

Alternatively, I am open to having the presence of antagonistic and/or more peripheral characters in the game as well if anyone should be interested.

In either case, any interested parties can register their interest here, or PM me for further discussions. Thanks !  ^-^

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I was thinking of a security specialist and gadget guy rather than a combat focused character. But if you need/want antagonistic characters, I loe playing guest villains  >:)

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Re: November cell (Spy themed) [Selectively seeking characters]
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Updated thread to reflect current recruitment and game status.