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June 02, 2023, 08:47:50 pm

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Author Topic: The Dungeon of Desire (Futa Dom lf Sub F!) [Closed!]  (Read 2290 times)

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The Dungeon of Desire (Futa Dom lf Sub F!) [Closed!]
« on: March 28, 2016, 11:28:43 pm »
Hi all. This is Farfetched, coming to you with a quick, dirty and simple little number of an RP. I wanted to experiment with something I'm not really quite used to in RP: big, floppy donguses. In particular, big floppy donguses attached to women. Futa girls have long been an Off to me, but this time around I'd like to give them (quite literally) a fair shake.

Who I am looking for: For this RP, I'm looking for a submissive or sub-curious partner with a good grasp of English and a posting rate of at least one per week. Posts can be any length, though mine could end up at around 1-2 paragraphs per. The story length for this one will be fairly short, and overall I'm aiming for a story more simplistic than my norm.

General Setting and Content: The setting for this story will largely take place in a deep, underground, tainted dungeon. The genre is loosely fantasy-based, and ideally will mix elements of high and low fantasy. For this RP I'm taking characters of any race and background so long as they are, strictly speaking, female. Definite pluses are for characters with curvy, busty figures and exotic/creative origins. The length of this RP will likely be shorter than my usual, and consist almost entirely of smut. Kinks for this RP will likely include Non-Con, Heavy Bondage, Sexual Overstimulation, Non-fatal Starvation and Cum Drinking.

So, without further ado, here's the pitch:

The Plot:
Naked, she awakens in a cell. How did she get here? Where even was here? Her mind could only draw a blank, the memories supplanted by a splitting headache.

Her surroundings painted a bleak picture. Three of the cell's stone walls were adorned with menacing shackles. The forth was a line of spiked iron bars and a reinforced wooden doorway. Escape was out of the question, though her naked body would be fully exposed to whomever chanced along the hallway. The floor has little more than a small cot of straw, accompanied by a small midden for relieving oneself. A small reservoir of water was near the hole, held in a stone basin affixed to the ground.

The entire room, though clean, smelled of something akin cinnamon and cum. Breathing too much of it was dizzying. Her bare sex, exposed to the tainted dungeon air, gave a small throb of need when she moved. Her body felt more sensitive than it had ever been, and almost responded to the cries of pain and pleasure in the distance. It was tolerable for now, but the need was constant and unending.

It was impossible to tell how long they left her in there; there was no concept of time in this place. The reservoir of water refilled itself several hours after emptying. However, food never came. After some time, two - three periods of sleep later, the pangs of hunger were becoming hard to quell. The halls outside her cell were devoid of other prisoners, though the far-off wailing never seemed to cease. Even guards- if there were even any to begin with- never passed her cell. No matter how loudly she called out, no one ever came. She was utterly, totally alone.

Finally, when it seemed that she had been left there to simply die, when the hunger was beginning to persuade her towards more desperate means of survival, the sounds of heels could be heard from the dungeon corridor. She wasn't alone in this hellish dungeon of solitude, but what was coming was far from a friendly face. No, what had arrived for her was a demon straight out of fairy tales and horror stories. A succubus, who had captured her only to corrupt the girl into a whorish, misbegotten slave. This woman- no. This thing was far from her savior.


All this would be made clear as creature sauntered into view. Her pitch-black horns and razor-sharp pointed tail gave her away immediately. A demon. She wore little beyond stilletto heels and shoulder-length gloves, leaving the rest of her body bare, yet accentuated by hedonistic jewelry.

Most terrifying of all was the burden the succubus bore between her legs. A massive, foot-long dick stood erect from her pelvis, throbbing silently in the tainted dungeon air. Glowing, green tattoos were etched along the protruding shaft's length. The tattoos pulsated with each throb of the demoness's cock.

The succubus smiled a wide grin at her captive. The creature's teeth were dangerously sharp. She licked her sumptuous lips with a long, forked tongue before purring a question in a low tone. "My. Aren't we hungry? I think you're going to fit in just perfect around here, slut."

Feel free to send me a PM, or post here if interested. I'm very flexible, and would love to hear about any character you might have in mind for this story.
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