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July 27, 2021, 11:46:38 pm

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Author Topic: A Stranger In A Strange Land (Looking for M character)  (Read 1087 times)

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A Stranger In A Strange Land (Looking for M character)
« on: March 27, 2016, 08:52:33 am »

I am a very creative person and am looking for partners who are equally as creative. When you contact me, I will prod for ideas and if I don't get the vibe that you will be contributing as much as I do, I might not give it a shot. This story pitch is not very developed to give a lot of wiggle room whether we go for a fandom or a completely original world. I have included my O&O in the spoiler below, please make sure to give them a look.

~~~ O&O ~~~

Orientation: I write only the F in a F/M pairing, though I could probably do F in a F/Futa

Dominance: I write 85% dominant, 15% submissive. It takes a special something for me to willingly write submissive.

Experience: I've been writing stories ever since I've known enough written vocabulary. I wrote my first fanfic by hand, in second grade, where Sarah remained with the goblin king Jareth at the end of the movie Labyrinth, because  let's get real: who could resist David Bowie in tights? I've never really stopped since. I also did a lot of RP, starting on table top, moving to mIRC, MUDs, and then Forum.

Language: My main language is French, though as you can see I am quite fluent in English.

Tomezone: I live in the EST timezone.

RP Medium: I RP on Forum only. I plot in PM or on IM, but I never RP anywhere else than on the forum. If you reach me on IM, be sure to let me know that you are from E.

Keeping my interests up, avoiding dealbreakers

Be Creative: Important! If you don't feel that you can actively contribute to the story, please move on. It is the first thing I will ask of a potential partner contacting me. Have some ideas of your own, don't spit my story blurb back to me in your own words.

Minimum Post Length: I need content, but do not require a novel. A minimum of three solid paragraphs is a must. I will never give you less than this myself.

Minimum Post Frequency: must post within a week of my post, and I will return the favor. The more time passes, the more my interests wanes.

Detailed Post: My character has 5 senses, help me explore them.

Player Gender: I play only F in a F/M pairing. Your gender does not bother me as long as the male character is well-written.

Ploting and Communicating: I am goal-oriented. Without goal, I have no drive to write. I don't need everything to be plotted to the letter, but I need a sense of direction. I like to think that I am easy to work with, if something doesn't work for you in my post, let me know. Chances that I bite your head off are next to none.

Story Is Needed: Even in one shots, I will request some content other than smut. Build tension, build chemistry, make it more than fit tab A into slot B.
Godmodding: I am territorial. In under no condition should you give my character thoughts, actions, reactions, or have her speak. You write your own, I write my own. If you need input from her, either it is time to stop the post and let me write, or send me a PM asking me about it.

Closed Post: Give me time to react. Don't cover so much ground in a post that my character's actions or reactions don't influence the story. (Example: Unlock the door, enter, slap my character, walk out, lock the door. All in one post). Exception to that is if we agreed to, so we can move on with the story.

Vulgar or Strange Sexual Vocabulary: Write erotica tastefully, avoid things like titmeat or cucumber. Using fuck once in a while to describe having sex is fine. Using it systematically each time, no. It doesn't have to be so prominent that my brain catches it as repetitive. (Using it as a swear word doesn't apply). Also keep the amount of fluids realistic unless the story calls for something more.

Love At First Sight: Unless there's some reason for it, feelings will build over time.

No Respect Of O&O: Unless stated otherwise in my ad, the O&O below always apply.

The Ons & The Offs

Public sex: Especially where one of the characters isn’t at ease (mine or yours) during the scene. It's the risk of being caught that is a turn on, not exhibitionism.

Taken out of comfort zone: My character being taken somewhere where they have no knowledge about like a different world, or be abducted to a place she has no idea where and no way to know, etc.

Oral sex: Giving and receiving, details more than welcome.

Bondage: Light as in no body part turning an odd shade of purple. Can tie or be tied.

Submissive male: But not in every story.

Vanilla sex: Normal sex, between equals

Foreplay: Long drawn foreplay that make the final release all more intense.

Athletic, muscular guys: Personal preference. They don't have to be Vin Diesel big, just well defined muscles will do.

Size difference: Ties in with the one above, and a petite-size female.

Dubious con/Reluctant: Mild as in she might agree to sex but not out of desire, or she might not agree completely right away but would be convinced and accepting after some insistence from him.

*** = Being on the receiving end is an off, being on the giving end is fine.

Pain***: I don’t mind discomfort, but pain for the sake of pain/pleasure I do. Includes Spanking my character.

Anal sex***: Never on the receiving end. Not against pegging another character though.

Big Age gap: 15 years max. Immortal characters excluded.

Incest: No blood relative. Step-dad, step-brother is fine.

Excessive Fluids: Loads and loads of cum or dripping pussies, it all gross me out. Keep it realistic.

Scat & co.: What belongs in a toilet, not erotic.

Blood, gore and vore: Not in an erotic setting, please. Blood is limit in the case of a vampire.

Feet: They gross me out.

Long/unkempt facial hair: Keep it trimmed. None is better

Bestiality: Hairy, non-human sex, that will make me ashamed to look my cat in the eye... no thanks. Centaurs and Werewolves are fine

Dirty Talk, degrading talk: An unwelcome distraction,and the latter is disrespectful and a mood-killer.

No total mind control: I don't like mindless puppets.

Fully non-consensual***: The real thing or with the use of drugs, magic, etc.

Cuckhold plots & Adultery: Just not interested.

What it is, writing it with me

I define myself as switch, but definitely dominant. It could be considered irrelevant since in RP I am not playing myself, but I think it allows me get into both mindset to write my character. That being said, writing D/s with me can be tricky. I am not into excessive pain (not at all receiving, mild giving), into humiliation or degradation. I do not like a spineless sub to submit to me, nor do I like to wrestle the character into submission constantly.

To me, submitting isn't about giving up all control and being ordered around like a dog. I will never write that kind of submissive, which I consider more of a slave than a sub. Mine will have spine and a sense of self-worth. She will tell your guy to go to hell if he treats her like crap. So a cruel, sadistic dom will kill the thread fast, unless the goal is for him to realize the error of his ways. Submission is a privilege, a gift. Under the care of the right kind of dom, my girl will bend and serve but she will also use her own brains to try to anticipate and to please even more and give the Dom what he wants or needs before he requests it.

Incidentally, this is also the kind of sub I like to dominate. I play a more kind and caring domme than a forceful one. I have RPied using a switch before to correct some behavior, for training, and I could do it again. As long as the RP isn't all about needing the switch all the time. If She has to coerce the male all the time to get what she wants, it is not interesting to me.
Stranger In A Strange Land

Human/Elf or Elf/elf
Possible Wheel of Time or Lord of the Rings fandom (specifically Haldir or Faramir from the movies), but can be original.
Story-focused, Culture clash, romance.

She has no clue how that happened. One minute she's sitting there reading a book, the next she is in the book. She wasn't far along, not far enough to know about the content of the book, just barely enough to know that she is in the book. With her in the story, the fate of the world changes.

He's a native, he's an elf. She appears during a chapter about the elves and so she is in the middle of the elven village, lost. She doesn't know the language, barely knows where she is. At first, he doesn't believe her. No one does. As they spend time together, not only does he begins to believe her, but the attraction between them is growing more and more irresistible. Romance is in the air.
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